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New Arrivals

Listed on 130604

ATTACKRON-66 made by ACE of Tokyo, Japan
RARE to find an ACE patch with the orignal envelope and 1964-65 Calendar

Listed on 130518

China Lake Weapons Systems Test
TA-7 is a twin-seat Trainer made by Ling-TEMPCO-Vought (LTV)

New Arrivals - 130514

Will be listed later on their Respective Pages/Sections

USN_Cruise Patches_130514

USN_CVS-12 & TECH TRNG CMD  Patches_130514

USN_CVW-14 & TF-77 Patches_130514

USN_NAVSUPPOT SADEC & 7th Fleet  Patches_130514

USN_SUB BULK Scan_130514-1

USN_SUB BULK Scan_130514-2

USN_SUB BULK Scan_130514-3

Listed on 130514

These picfiles are listed on the AIRCRAFT page/F-14 section

F-14 Pic 87
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-1

F-14 Pic 88
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-2

F-14 Pic 89
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-3

F-14 Pic 90
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-4

F-14 Pic 91
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-5

F-14 Pic 92
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-6

F-14 Pic 93
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-7

F-14 Pic 94
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130514-8

Listed on 130429

RVAH-7 Listed on VA page

CV-41 'WESTPAC 1991' with CVW-15 onboard, PI made

Hard to find Japan made RAD-112
Lisdted on Brown Water page

Listed on Helicopter Page/HAL Section

Helicopter Utility Squadron-773 (HS-773)
Naval Reserve Squadron at Los Alamitos, CA merged into HS-84 circa 1969; flew SH-34Js and SH-3As

( Bullion thread patch on medium-Blue Felt, made in Iwakuni, Japan (maybe the  'REX' shop) (see stamp on reverse )

VAH-10, DET-42

Arabian Sea circa 1984

VA-165 Large Japan made patch

Older Fighter Training unit for pilots that had been "Badged" and needed fighter training.
Red Fire-Breathing Dragon standing on Top-of-the-World
Listed on the VF Page

VF-114 AARDVARKS' Triangle

Electronic Countermeasures Squadron ONE (VQ-1) (1955 - 1960)

VQ-1 Crew-34

Fleet Logistic Air Squadron-51 (VR-51) (circa 1950s)
I am not sure this is the correct noun Designator for this patch - anyone know for sure what it was called when this patch was used?

Sea Control Squadron-31 (VS-31)

China Lake Weapons Systems Test
TA-7 is a twin-seat Trainer made by Ling-TEMPCO-Vought (LTV)

F-14 Pic 85
"TOMCAT ON THE PROWL"  -  Tom's cap reads 'NAVY'  -  unusual that Tom has his six-shooter drawn

F-14 Pic 86
"LAST TIME, BABY!", Tom heading into the Sunset

Listed on 130424

Carrier Air Group One (CVG-1)
A cruise book of the USS Roosevelt (CVA-42) from January - July 1960 shows this CVG-1 design on a Wall Plaque

USS Intrepid, "200" TRAPS
UnUsual design and Well-constructed, made in Taiwan in the early days

DET-61, VAH-2 and VAW-13 onboard USS Ranger, CVW-2
VAW-13 & VAH-2, DET-61, USS Ranger Cruise with CVW-2 circa 1967-1968
Listed in the VAH-2 section

Composite Squadron-Three (VC-3)
According to the ID written on the reverse side....this patch is from the late-1940s into the early-1950s.

Depicting a Revolutionary War Infantryman carrying a Musket and wearing his Powder Horn

Patrol Squadron-9 (VP-9)
"AVIATOR'S EQUIPMENT" patch circa 1966-67 for "JIM" an Aviation Metalsmith

Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Combat Systems
"CODE 100" is supposedly the Yard Commander's callsign or etc.(?).

C-131 Samaritan, The Flying Classroom
( May also have been known as: "AT-29", "CC-109 Cosmopolitan", and "T-32" )
Listed on the AIRCRAFT page.....C-131 section

USS Tutuila (ARG-4), Master-at-Arms with a Whip
"Big Daddy Roth" style patch - made in Vietnam
Listed on BROWN WATER Page/Section

USS Croaker (SS-246), "8000 DIVES"
Served in the Pacific during WW2: she sank the Cruiser Nagara and 4 x Freighters, made in Japan


USS GURNARD (SSN-662) "254"


USS Ronquil (SS-396)
Was in the movie "ICE STATION ZEBRA"


USS Tullibee (SSN-597)
"VENATOR-NECATOR" = Hunter-Killer
Left patch came in an opened-clear-plastic-bag which I believe is the original "point-of-sale" container.

Listed on 130417

3 x Variations of the CVW-11 insignia

CVW-11 WESTPAC 1996-1997 & "BORN IN THE USA"

Carrier Air Wing-13 (CVW-11)

Carrier Air Wing-14 (CVW-14)

VA-195 Beret Flash, Japan made
Small patch worn as a Beret "FLASH"


Patuxent Naval Air Training Center (NATC)
Short Haul Interstate Transport Service (SHITS)
 I doubt if this patch was approved by the Ivory Tower boys in DC.
"WST" = probably means Weapons Systems Test"?
Anyone know the meaning of "M/E LINE"?
Listed on the AIRCRAFT Page/BASES section

Listed on 130409

see in VF-154 section

Listed on 130409

These BULK F-14 SCANs are listed on the Navy AIRCRAFT Page

PIC - 73
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-1

PIC - 74
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-2

PIC - 75
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-3

PIC - 76
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-4

PIC - 77
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-5

PIC - 78
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-6

PIC - 79
F-14 TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-7

These BULK F-14 SCANs are listed on the Navy AIRCRAFT Page
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

BULK F-14 VF Squadron Scans

These BULK F-14 SCANs are listed on the Navy AIRCRAFT Page

PIC - 80
VF F-14 Squadron  TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-1

PIC - 81
VF F-14 Squadron  TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-2

PIC - 82
VF F-14 Squadron  TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-3

PIC - 83
VF F-14 Squadron  TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-4

PIC - 84
VF F-14 Squadron  TOMCAT Bulk Scan_130409-5

These BULK F-14 SCANs are listed on the Navy AIRCRAFT Page

Listed on 130402

VC-35(N) DET-E
Hard to find Detachment Easy patch
Listed on VC/VF page
Carrier Air Group Nineteen
Larger Japan made Insignia
Listed on AIR WING/GROUP page

Listed on 130319

USN Advisory Group, Vietnam
RVN Naval HQS plaque PLATES

(The colors show-up faded - I had to use a thick plastic sheet to protect my scanner bed - colors are bright)

Listed on the Brown Water Navy page/ADVISORS Section

New Arrivals - 130319

Will be listed on their Respective Pages/Sections later

USN Bulk SCAN_130317-1

USN Bulk SCAN_130317-2

Anyone know the meaning of "SSN-TUFF"?

USN Bulk SCAN_130317-3

USS TRIGGER (SS-564) - USA made = harder to find

USS TINOSA (SSN-606), RFU, Older USA made patch, Used

USN Bulk SCAN_130317-4

USNAS Key West, Florida, Older USA made patch with 2 x pigtails and cheesecloth backing, UnUsed

Listed on 130318

3506CB - DET-1, 428th TFS
 Navy Warrant's HARVEST REAPER Jungle SHIRT
USAF F-111A, First Test Project in Combat in SEA

(Listed on the USAF Squadrons page, 428th TFS Section)
(Also a Link on Navy VF at TOP of Page)

NEW Arrivals on 121015

Some have been Listed on their Respective Page

Gudgeon patches are from the same Veteran
very large USS Gudgeon (SS-567) Backpatch "Around the World Cruise 1957 - 1958", made in Japan
small Gudgeon patch made in the PI

NEW Arrivals on 121002

May have these listed by 130601(?)

Will be listed later on their respective pages

USCGC Polar Sea (WAGB-11)
"ECMRON ONE" (VQ-1), Japan made.......listed
HS-773, Japan made.......listed  

"62 WETSU GANG"(WETSU = We Eat This S..t Up!")
(Is this patch for CV-62, Division 3 or ?)
(Should the "62" read "G2"?)

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From the U.S. Navy site (partially Edited)

Note that some of the listings are outdated; such as the VA and VF squadrons now superseded by the VFA

Designator          Full Squadron Designation                    Circa
HAL or HA(L)          Helicopter Attack Squadron Light               1967-72, 1976-88
HC               Helicopter Combat Support Squadron          1965 -
HCS               Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron     1988 -
HCT               Helicopter Combat Support Training Squadron     1974-1977
HM               Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron        1971 -
HS                    Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron                     1951 -
HSL               Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (Light)          1972 -
HT               Helicopter Training Squadron                          1960 -
HTU               Helicopter Training Unit                              1950-1957
HU                    Helicopter Utility Squadron                           1948-1965
RVAH                  Reconnaissance Attack Squadron                        1964-1979
RVAW                  Carrier Airborne Early Warning Training Squadron      1967-1983
STAGRON              Special Air Task Force Squadron (VK)                   1943-1944
TACRON                Tactical Squadron or Tactical Air Control Squadron
               or Tactical Control Squadron                       1946 -
VA                    Attack Squadron                                             1946 -
VA(AW)                All-Weather Attack Squadron                            1956-1959
placeVAH or VA(H)           Heavy Attack Squadron                                 1955-1971
VA(HM)                Attack Mining Squadron                                 1956-1959
VAK                   Tactical Aerial Refueling Squadron                     1979-1989
VAL or VA(L)           Light Attack Squadron                                 1969-1972
VAP or VA(P)            Heavy Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron
               or Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy)
               or Heavy Photographic Squadron                          1956-1971
VAQ                   Carrier Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron
               or Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron                  1968 -  
VAW                   Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron                1948, 1956 -
VAW                 Carrier Tactical Electronics Warfare Squadron       1968
VB                    Bombing Squadron Squadron
               or Light Bombing Plane Squadron                                 1928-1946
VBF                   Bombing Fighting Squadron                              1945-1946
VC                    Composite Squadron                                     1943-45, 1948-56
VC                    Fleet Composite Squadron                               1965 -
VCN                   Night Composite Squadron                               1946-1948
VCP                    Photographic Composite Squadron                       1959-1961
VCS                   Cruiser Scouting Squadron                              1937-1945
VD                        Photographic Squadron                                  1943-1946
VE                    Evacuation Squadron                                    1944-1945
VF                    Combat Squadron                                        1922
VF                        Fighting Plane Squadron or Fighting Squadron       1922-1948
VF                    Fighter Squadron                                            1948 -
VFA                   Fighter Attack Squadron                                1980-1983
VFA                   Strike Fighter Squadron                                1983 -  
VF(AW)                All-Weather Fighter Squadron
                          or Fighter (All-Weather) Squadron                      1956-1963
VFN or VF(N)           Night Fighting Squadron                              1944-1946
VFP or VF(P)           Light Photographic Reconnaissance
                             or Squadron or Photographic
                             or Reconnaissance Squadron
               or Photographic Reconnaissance
                             or Squadron (Light)
               or Light Photographic Squadron                           1956-1987
VGF                   Escort-Fighter Squadron                               1942-1943
VGS                  Escort-Scouting Squadron                              1942-1943
VH                        Rescue Squadron                                        1944-1946
VJ                         Utility Squadron or General Utility Squadron          1925-1946
VJ                         Weather Squadron
               or Weather Reconnaissance Squadron                 1952-1953
VJ                         Photographic Squadron                                  1952-1956
VK                    Special Air Task Force Squadron (STAGRON)         1943-1944
VN                        Training Squadron                                      1927-1947
VO                    Spotting Squadron                                      1922
VO                    Observation Plane Squadron
               or Observation Squadron                                   1923-45, 1947-49
VOC                  Composite Spotting Squadron                            1944-1945
VOF                   Observation Fighter Squadron                           1942-1945
VP                    Seaplane Patrol Squadron                               1922
VP                    Patrol Squadron                                             1924-1944
                                                                                       1948 -
VP-AM                 Amphibian Patrol Squadron                              1946-1948
VPB                  Patrol Bombing Squadron                                1944-1946
VP-HL                 Heavy Patrol Squadron (landplane)                      1946-1948
VPM                   Meteorological Squadron                                1946-1947
VP-ML                 Medium Patrol Squadron (landplane)                     1946-1948
VP-MS                Medium Patrol Squadron (seaplane)                      1946-1948
VPP or VP(P)            Photographic Squadron
               or Patrol Squadron (photographic)                         1946-1948
VPU                   Patrol Squadron Special Unit                           1982 -
VPW                   Weather Reconnaissance Squadron                        1945-1948
VPW                   Air Early Warning Squadron                             1948
VQ                    Electronic Countermeasures Squadron               1955-1960
VQ                    Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron                      1961 -
VR                        Transport Squadron
               or Air Transport Squadron
               or Fleet Logistic Air Squadron                     1942-1958
VR                    Fleet Tactical Support Squadron                       1958-1976
VR                    Fleet Logistics Support Squadron                       1976-present
VRC or VR(C)               Fleet Tactical Support Squadron                   1960-1976
VRC                   Fleet Logistics Support Squadron                       1976-present
VRE                   Air Transport Evacuation Squadron                      1945
VRF                   Transport Ferry and Service Squadron                   1943-1946
VRF                   Air Ferry Transport Squadron or Air Ferry Squadron     1943-1948
VRF or VR(F)            Aircraft Ferry Squadron                                   1957-1986
VRJ                  Utility Transport Squadron                             1945-1946
VRS                   Air Ferry Service Squadron
               or Ferry Command Service Squadron                          1943-1946
VRU                   Transport Utility Squadron                             1946-1948
VS                    Scouting Plane Squadron or Scouting Squadron     1922-1946
VS                    Anti-Submarine Squadron
               or Air Anti-Submarine Squadron
               or Carrier Air Anti-Submarine Squadron                       1950-1993
VS                    Sea Control Squadron                                  1993 -
VSF                   Anti-Submarine Fighter Squadron                        1965-1973
VT                        Torpedo Bombing Plane Squadron
               or Torpedo Bombing Squadron                               1922-1930
VT                    Torpedo Plane Squadron                                 1921
VT                    Torpedo Squadron                                       1930-1946
VT                        Training Squadron                                      1960 -
VTN                   Night Torpedo Squadron                                 1944-1946
VU                    Utility Squadron                                            1946-1965
VW                    Air Early Warning Squadron
               or Airborne Early Warning Squadron
               or Fleet Early Warning Squadron                            1952-1971
VW                    Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
               or Fleet Weather Reconnaissance Squadron            1967-1975
VX                    Experimental Squadron                                  1927- to circa 1943
VX                    Experimental and Development Squadron
               or Operational Development Squadron
               or Air Operational Development Squadron
               or Air Development Squadron                              1946-1968
VX                    Air Test and Evaluation Squadron                       1969 -
VXE                   Antarctic Development Squadron                         1969 -  
VXN                   Oceanographic Development Squadron                1969-1993
ZJ                         Blimp Utility Squadron                                 1944-1945
ZK                    Kite Balloon Squadron                                 1922-1924
ZKN                   Kite Balloon Training Squadron*
ZKO                   Kite Balloon Observation Squadron*
ZNN                   Non-rigid Airship Training Squadron*
ZNO                   Non-rigid Airship Observation Squadron*
ZNP                  Non-rigid Airship Patrol Squadron*
ZNS                   Non-rigid Airship Scouting Squadron*
ZP                    Airship Patrol Squadron                                1942-1961
ZP                    Blimp Squadron                                              1942-1961
ZP                        Airship Patrol Squadron (All-Weather Anti-Submarine)
               or Airship Squadron
                           or LTA Patrol Squadron                                 1942-1961
ZRN                   Rigid Airship Training Squadron*
ZRP                   Rigid Airship Patrol Squadron*
ZRS                   Rigid Airship Scouting Squadron*
ZS                    Airship Anti-Submarine Squadron*
ZW                    Airship Early Warning Squadron                         1956-1961
ZX                    Airship Operational Development Squadron
               or Airship Development Squadron               1950-1957
* Squadron Designators developed but never established; NO squadrons used these designators.

All Novices STOP and read this information as written by the U. S. Navy

"The U.S. Navy does not issue or provide the funds for squadron or other aviation unit insignia patches.
A naval aviation squadron or aviation command is not required to have an insignia. If a unit chooses to have an official insignia, the unit must have the insignia approved by the Office of Chief of Naval Operations, Director, Air Warfare (N88H). After approval, the individual unit has the responsibility of ordering the patches from a private company or organization that makes this type of item. Below is a list of companies involved in making patches. Individual aviation commands sell their patches to cover the cost of producing them. Patches of active duty aviation squadrons or units can only be obtained by writing directly to each squadron. Addresses for active duty commands may be obtained by writing to the Chief of Naval Operations, Code N09B22, 2000 Navy Pentagon, Washington, DC 20350-2000.

Insignia approval records, for naval aviation units only, are maintained by the History Center's Aviation History Office. The insignia records usually include a drawing or photograph of the insignia. However, the office does not have custody of the actual patches. Patches for units that have been disestablished can be obtained from private collections, from military goods dealers, and by ordering a patch prepared by a private company or organization, as listed below. The American Society of Military Insignia Collectors may be able to assist personnel in obtaining patches on units no longer active. Their address is 1331 Bradley Avenue, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania 17036.

Many World War II squadrons and Naval Air Reserve Squadrons prior to 1970 did not get their insignia officially approved even though the squadrons may have used an insignia. The Aviation History Office does not have any records for commands that did not obtain official approval of their insignia. The office only maintains insignia for naval aviation commands. It does not approve or maintain insignia records for any other Navy commands, including ships that are aviation related, such as aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, seaplane tenders, etc..."

The above verbage was copied from this Official Navy web page  http://www.history.navy dot mil/faqs/faq5-1.htm

I receive many inquiries about "is this an Issue Navy patch", the above should clear-up that misconception!

VFP & VC  patches are listed on Fighting Squadrons page

Modern Patches Available for some: VA, VF, VFA, Rotary, CVW, and CVs  -  e-mail  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

Terms used in the Patch Pages

CE = Cut-Edge (No embroidered Border)
Cheesecloth  =  Gauze
FE = Fully Embroidered by machine
 HE = Hand Embroidered
ME = Machine Embroidery (by Computer or done  "freehand" by the "little-old-man")
ME = also will mean Merrowed-Edge (you should be able to discern which "ME" applies)
PI Made = item was made in the Philippine Islands
Pocket Patch = usually worn on the front of a shirt/jacket, many Aviation/Regimental patches are of this type
Residue = from glue/paper/etc. that was used to display a patch in/on a: scrapbook or board
(I will forget to state this on some patches!)
RFU = Removed From Uniform
SEA = Southeast Asia
Scroll = examples: WWII Ranger, many USAF patches, Modern Rangers/LRRPs and others
SSI = Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Tab or Arc = examples: "Airborne", "Thailand", "Guam", "Wolfhounds", "8th Army Band", or etc.

All Patch measurements are approximate!
Naval Pilot's Badges, Balfour Salesman's Sample Board


( also on Main USMC patch page )

 Naval Aviation Observer's Wing for Navigators

authorized from 31 March, 1945 to 18 March, 1947
Worn by Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and WAVE Navigators

scanned at 300dpi

NAO 3 3/16" Bullion-on-felt, applied metalic compass rose on disc (see reverse picture for tabs that attach it), Used....inquire

( was hand-sewn to a "bagged-out" 4-Pocket khaki jacket )

( stored in 1st Carrier box )

( also on: VA, VF, CAG, Carriers, CG, other flying, USMC main pages )

( see Willis & Carmichael's "Wings of Gold" book, pages 97/98 )
- - - -
WWII Combat Aircrew Bullion Badge

scanned at 300dpi

metallic thread, "AIRCREW" with 3 x Combat Stars, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
Surface Warfare Bullion type Badge
scanned at 300dpi

well made wire badge, it has Gold-tone and Silver-tone wire, Officer or Enlisted(?), UnUsed......inquire

 Naval Aviation Police Hat Badge

probably an UnCommon hat device

Aviator's wing was applied to the shield in the field

scanned at 300dpi

2 3/8" badge, screw post bent, top nail bent over(prevents rotation), Used......inquire

( stored in 1st Carrier box )


The Best Reference Material for Navy Aviation in One Book

( I have used a similar copy since 1992 - another example of Well Prepared material....not a haphazard grouping of facts )

232 pages of the Best Organized Navy Aviation Materials you can find, 99% Condition with DJ, Used.......86.00

U. S. Navy & Marine Corps Air Power Directory, World Air Power Journal  by Editors: David Donald & Jon Lake
Aerospace Publishing London  -  Airtime Publishing USA
Published in 1992, Aerospace ISBN: 1 874023 26 3 and Airtime ISBN: 1 880588 02 1


( also shown on USMC patch page )
3507CA-A, USNA 1954 Lucky Bag Class Book

3507CA-B, 2002 Supplement for the Class of 1954

3507CA-C, USS ESSEX (CVA-9) 1959-1960 Cruise Book

3507CA-D, USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) circa 1965 Cruise Book

Pilot’s Grouping - all books in Good Condition

3507CA-A, USNA 1954 Luck Bag, Used.......inquire

3507CA-B, USNA Class of 1954, Update 2002 “COLD WAR WARRIORS” listing some of his units and his death, Used.......inquire

3507CA-C, USS ESSEX (CVA-9) 1959-1960 Cruise Book,  Used.......inquire
3507CA-D, USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) circa 1965 Cruise Book “CARRIERWEST”, it is made so additions can be inserted(never seen one like it?), one picture shows Navy Pilots wearing Berets onboard ship, Pilot flew 132 Combat Missions over North Vietnam with VA-153 (Blue Tail Flies) in CVW-15, Used....inquire

47102K - USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), Desert Storm Combat Cruise

47102M - USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), WESTPAC 1967-68 Combat Cruise.JPG

47102K - USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), Named to Sailor, Unusual Fold-out page showing Planes, Air Unit Insignia, and the Ship's Lay-out, Good Photo of a VF-213 (F-14) flying past the burning Kuwaiti Oilfields, one page missing, one page loose, stains, scuffs, etc., (Extremely Well-Done Book), Used....inquire
47102M - USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), worn & been around moisture but no water stains, most Unit insignias are in color, Used......inquire
47106K - USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14), 1958-59, with Air Task Group 1

47106K - 1958-59 Cruise with Air Task Group 1, Used.....inquire
 3506AR - WWII Naval Photographer's Wing

Unofficial enlisted Badge from WWII

click on upper-picture for details

3506BU - Vice Admiral's Blue Party Suit
( see on the NAVY GEAR page )
3525 - SEA Survival Phrase Folder

click on picture for details

click on picture for details
6012K - Model "B" Naval GWEP Jacket

click on picture
9544 - USN Summer RVN Era Lime-Leaf ERDL Flying Suit

MIL-C-5390G (Weps), made of Cotton POPLIN ERDL Camo, with Sage Green VELCRO and Brass Zippers

UnCommon Flight Suit


see on Flight Gear page
9550F & J - USN MIL-5390 Summer Flying Suits

click on picture
for Generic Aircraft Company Patches and other items

( items that are for a "system" will be under "Aircraft or Weapons" sections )

click on picture

49010A, B, & C - Cotton Military Issue Tape for making Name Tags

Make your own Vintage Name Tape or Tag

Issue tape from the 1950s through 1960s

see details on Main Army Ground Forces Page
49412C and D - U.S. NAVY Gold on Blue Issue Tape

Uncommon find - circa 1960s Issue embroidered tapes with gauze(mesh) backing

49412C - RFU, was sewn-on with rigger’s thread, Used.....inquire

49412D - RFU, was sewn-on with rigger’s thread, Used.....inquire

( from the same Sailor's estate )
49428B - U. S. NAVY Name Tape

Subdued, 1 1/4" x 4 5/8", RFU, was handsewn on,  Used....inquire

Items Wanted

Vintage Patches I need are not limited to the ones depicted below

Items can vary in: design, color, where made, & etc.

- - - -
Fleet All Weather Training Unit, Pacific (FAWTUPAC)
circa 1951-54

circa 1955-56, flew F6Fs and PB4Y2s(?) as Drones for Live Fire and Missile Targets

(email 110314)
( also on the VX section )

Jackets and Caps with/without Insignia, Helmets, Caps, Survival Maps/Kits, Cloth and Metal Insignia, Flyer's Boots, & etc.

USS John F. Kennedy (CVA-67)
3" and 5" CVA patches wanted - older construction only

USS Rupertus (DD-851) items Needed for a Research Project

Wanted Badged: Caps, Coats, Shirts, Tour Jackets and etc.



"Noniacrimus Muacerus"

Project covers the Korean and Vietnam Wars

If you have Patches, or other items, for DD-851 contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

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Got an extra Vintage patch?

If you have a spare patch, email  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

Patches I need are not limited to the ones depicted above

UI/Mystery Items

If you can ID any of these items, email:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com
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UI#90 - Japan made in the 1950s - 1960s, unlucky at what?

( also on: UI, USAF, USMC pages )

UI#295 -11 TIGERS patch made in Japan, pair of dice 6 and 5, any ideas?
                Probably Navy, I understand this saying "SURE!! YOU'VE GOT THE NEXT GOOD DEAL" was used by the "Assignment Officer"( detailer in Navy Speak )
                Could be for: the Grumman F-11F Tiger(not plural though), Squadrons who flew the F-11Fs, VF-11, VT-11, an aircrew patch for a VP unit, or etc.???

UI#313 - RVN Survival Equipment patch (machine embroidered patches have also been seen), possibly an Aviation Rigger's shop?


I#315 - E-2 Hawkeye patch, 'FIRST IN EARLY WARNING', Japan made, possibly VAW-115?


UI#321 - Duck in Red Jockey Clothing with whip riding a Cloud on white Felt, maybe a weather squadron?

UI#326 - "67 NITE EYES", Anyone know the unit(individual) who designed this insignia? I was told the green symbol is for RADAR.
listed on USAF SQDNs page

UI#346 - ID'd as the WWII 401st FS - see on the USAAF page

UI#366 - a "Known" patch for many years but NO ID has been established, anyone know had to arrange the Numbers "437" or "7th SQ, class 43" or ?
                 ( from a Pilot of the 13th BS(T) and 81st FBS, he attended the 3506th PTS(probably 1950s), see the rest of his Grouping in the 13th BS(T) section )  

UI#367 - Hand-embroidered Mirror imaged Horse with RVN National Colors, SEA made
( also on: AVN, NAVY, SQ, WG, SOS, USMC, GRD pages )

UI#368 - Major Nebo's Crew 8, Howling Commandos, large patch probably made in WESTPAC(country unknown) with PELLON backing(introduced into the States in 1950), the "Howling Commandos" is a term from old Comics/etc., (resembles a PI made patch but no one I have talked to will go for that??)
( Also on: 1st SOS, SQs, Wings, Main Navy pages )

UI#377 - Horse's Head patch made in Japan/Okinawa, possibly the 319th TCS(Commando)?, anyone know an ID for the chess Knight?
( also on the USAF Squadrons, USAF Air Commando, USAF Transport, and USN Patch pages )
UI#378 - Little Red Devil with Trident standing in Flames, Tab reads 'HOT TO GO', made in Japan, may have been trimmed short on the bottom or it may have had a tab removed.....I think I have seen a disc with this Devil that was a Navy Novelty patch(?).    ID's as a Marine Rotary Squadron.
( also on the Navy patch page )

UI#382 - "Tactical Command", similar to the old USAF TAC design but missing "AIR", possibly made in Japan, large patch, anyone know the timeframe or unit?

UI#384 - Red/Yellow Owl, notice the red "vees" in all but one corner???, any ideas on who used this patch?
( also on: NA, USAF SQDNS, Navy Main Patch page

If you have Information on the Items,  e-mail:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com
I have NO Connection with this Artist

This section is provided to assist the Veterans and Collectors who ask me if I know where they can have a patch made

He has some decent leather patches from what I can see in the pictures he supplied - I have never physically seen any of his work

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email Johnny at: webeemblems@aol.com

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