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Large 8" (vertical) patch on Felt


remains of GEMSCO stamp below the "S.", UnUsed......inquire

age unknown - estimations run from WWII to 1950s
United States Coast Guard


Still on point-of-sale card, card has been folded while in storage, UnUsed.......inquire

GEMSCO mate to the left patch, UnUsed........inquire
Explosive Loading Detachment

combined USCG/ARVN Operation

Beercan made in Vietnam, Unused....(sold)

Patch made in Vietnam, glue residue on back where yellow paper is located, UnUsed......inquire

USCG "A.S.R." rescue patch

ASR = Air Sea Rescue

From a USCGAS San Francisco Veteran circa 1972-76, during his time in the USCG Rescue the acronym "SAR" was being used so his information coincides with the construction of the patch...it is from the 1960s, at least.


Saint Bernard with a Whiskey barrel ready for a rescue, 3 7/8"(V), circa late-1950s into early-1960s, UnUsed.....inquire
(stored in gray cabinet)
United States Coast Guard Search and Rescue Dogs

I was told this design was originally known as the "West Coast SAR DOGS" as he had no balls.

This could be some of the partial History for the "SAR DOGS" without Testicles:
"Possibly designed by Station Gloucester, Massachusetts with pink genitals.
The next batch got toned down a bit with brown genitals(later Gloucester adopted another design).
Meanwhile, the design was picked up by a West Coast producer in California who put the patch out as a generic, non-unit specific, patch with no genitalia; possibly to make it politically palatable to sell to a broad range of Coast Guardsmen (and women).   It's been a consistent seller for about 15 years.  
It was picked up by Station Noyo River, California also (maybe that's where the 'West Coast no balls' came from).
The CG Auxiliary has a version also, in a couple of sizes.

SAR Dogs, older plastic back, Unused......inuire

Large K-9, modern, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Coast Guard Qualification Badges


Worn on the lower-left sleeve, Qualification Badge for the HU-16 Albatross Amphibian, UnUsed.....inquire
( Originally designated UF-1G; redesignated HU-16E )

Larger cloth badge, probably a HUEY, UnUsed....inquire

Name & USCG Tapes

RFU, Used........Inquire for availability
USCG Training Center Yorktown, Virginia



older style plastic backing, Unused.......inquire


Large 5 1/8", came with other 1960s era CG patches from a Vietnam Veteran, UnUsed.....inquire


USCG Air Station Annette Island, Alaska


Large patch, UnUsed......(sold)
USCG Radio Station Argentia, Newfoundland

"INTICEPAT" = Internaional Ice Patrol

"NJN" and "NIK" are callsigns taken from the USN's "N-Block" of callsigns allocated to them in 1928 by the International Telecommunication Union(ITU) (Union internationale des télécommunications).  In some U.S. Military operations the ITU's Call sign lists are known as "Berne Books" named for the city of Berne, Switzerland.


large insignia, made in Japan, UnUsed.......(sold)
USCG Station Cape Disappointment Ilwaco, Washington


Large patch, UnUsed.......inquire

( stored in Gray Cabinet )


with pigtail, UnUsed......inquire
USCG Station Humbolt Bay

USCG Motion Pictures and Television

"SAR LE", Japan made, UnUsed.....inquire

Hollywood Liaison Office, Unused.....(sold)

Kodiak Coast Guard Air Station, Alaska

 Search & Rescue (SAR), UnUsed......inquire
Salem Air Station

older insignia with a HU-16E Albatross Flying Boat


large "SEARCH AND RESCUE" for the Salem, MA amphibious station, residue on back, RFU, damage to the right border at 3:00, Used......inquire
- - - -
Miami Beach Station


USCG Miami Beach, UnUsed........inquire

( from same Veteran as the Vietnam era Squadron-3, Cutter White Holly, & USCG Cutter Laurel (WLB-291), "Rockland, Maine" Patches )
- - - -

United States Coast Guard Air Station North Bend, Oregon, Guardians of the Pacific Northwest, UnUsed......inquire

Coast Guard Group North Bend, Oregon, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

USCG Chetco River Lifeboat Station, 'Guardian of Oregon's South Coast Gateway to the 13th District', UnUsed......inquire


USCG miscellaneous information

"W" = denotes a Coast Guard vessel
"HEC" = High Endurance Cutter

Vessels assigned to Vietnam Duty:
Fourth Deployment Cutters:
USCGC Spencer (WHEC 36) - February 1969 to September 1969
USCGC Mendota(WHEC 69) - February 1969 to November 1969
USCGC Sebago (WHEC 42) - March 1969 to November 1969
USCGC Taney(WHEC 37) - May 1969 to April 1970
USCGC Klamath(WHEC 66) - July 1969 to April 1970
Older Coast Guard Grouping
- - - -
USCGC Courier (WTR-410)

USCGC Yakutat (WAVP-380)


5" disc, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
USCG Seventeenth Coast Guard District Alaska


6", "SAFETY SERVICE SECURITY", UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
U.S. Coast Guard Base Ketchikan, Alaska


6" made in Japan, "SEARCH RESCUE MAINTENANCE NAVIGATION", UnUsed.......(sold)

All patches from the same Veteran

"SEMPER PARATUS", mid-to-late-1970s, UnUsed.......(sold)

( USCGC Campbell served from 1936 - 1982; sunk by a missile off Hawaii in 1984 )
USCGC Dallas (WHEC-716)


small stain near the top-left star, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Commissioned March 1, 1968; SEA combat included 161 gunfire support missions resulting in 58 sampans destroyed and 29 Viet-Cong supply routes, bases, camps, or rest areas damaged or destroyed.
USCGC East Wind (WAGB-279)


The USA Made and Japan made versions of the East Wind are both UnCommon finds.

Large Ice Breaker patch, UnUsed.......inquire

Made in Japan, RFU, Used......inquire


Supposedly nicknamed the "Wandering Arctic Garbage Barge"
(any old crewmembers out there? let me know if this was the nickname)
( also, anyone know what "OOTAW" means? )

Originally the USS Glacier (AGB-4) 1955 - 1966; then Operated by the USCG 1966 to 1987

Long pigtail, Unused.....inquire
USCGC Naushon (WPB-1311)

Pink girl patch, outline of the State of Alaska, UnUsed.....inquire


Callsign = "NRFJ"
 - - - -
Polar Bear looking at the Northwind's Forward Turret

Older 1950s insignia, UnCommon to find.


Polar Bear staring at the Northwind's Forward Gun Turret, UnUsed.......(sold)
 - - - -


USCG North Wind, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Commissioned June 28, 1945 - DeCommissioned January 1, 1989
Polar Sea (WAGB-11)


large 1980 patch "AWS", does not lay flat (puckered at the top by the factory), UnUsed.....inquire


"AWS 1984", UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Commissioned in 1978; designed to operate in both Polar Regions


All insignia removed from a 1965 dated A-2 OG Deck Jacket (old catalog #6782E)


Sebago patch & Coast Guard sleeve shield,  RFU, ship's patch puckered from washing, Used......(sold)

Philippine Islands Luzon Straits Subic Bay Manila 1969, RFU, puckered from washing, Used.......(sold)

Kaohsiung Taiwan 1969, RFU, puckered from washing, Used......(sold)

Tonkin Gulf Yatch Club, RFU,  puckered from washing, Used......(sold)

Hong Kong, RFU,  puckered from washing, Used......(sold)

( old catalog number 6782E )
- - - -
partial History
USCGCSebago was assigned to USCG Squadron-3 in the RVN circa March - November 1969 supporting Operation Market Time plus Gun support for ground units.
Named after Sebago Lake, Maine; Commissioned WPG-42 September 20, 1945; Redesignated WHEC-42
USCGC Tahoma (WMEC-908)



USCGC Taney (WHEC-37)

"1" Queen of the Pacific

 The United States Coast Guard Cutter Taney was called the Queen of the Pacific while serving as the unofficial flagship of the Coast Guard's Pacific Area commander in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  I was told this honor goes to the oldest Commissioned ship in the area; the Taney served from 1936 until 1986.
- - - -

large patch, UnUsed...(sold)
- - - -

Scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
 USCGC Wachusett (WPG-44)

( know the meaning? )


 "OSN", with short pigtail, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Commissioned in 1946, the Wachusett was originally named Huron. Throughout 1946, she was stationed at Port Angeles, WA, and used for law enforcement, ocean station, and search and rescue operations in the Pacific. For the next two years, she was homeported at Juneau, AK, and added Bering Sea Patrol to the list of her duties.
From 1949 to 30 August 1973, she was stationed at Seattle, WA, and returned to her initial three major areas of operations.
On 12 May 1957, she rescued two crew members from a USAF B-57 when they bailed out between Honolulu and San Francisco. On 11 February 1958, she assisted the tug USS Yuma in towing the USS Tinian 10 miles west-southwest of Cape Flattery. On 14 April 1964, the Wachusett rescued four persons from F/V Mary Carol east of Chiniak Bay, AK.
She stood by the disabled Chinese M/V Taihsing in the North Pacific from 18 to 22 May 1964 until a commercial tug arrived.
On 19 August 1964, she located the barge Lumberjack adrift off California. On 5 June 1965, she seized the Japanese F/V Wakashio Maru for violation of the 1953 International Fishing Convention east of 175°W.
DeCommissioned 1973
Combat Service
Korean War
USCG Squadron Three, Vietnam, from 10 September 1968 to 1 June 1969
USCGC White Holly WLM-543

Ketchikan, Alaska - Japan made


5 15/16", a circular object was stored on top of this patch(see the indented-circle around the "HO"), UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
USCGC White Holly (WLM-543)


5 7/8", Japan made, "Ketchikan, Alaska", UnUsed......inquire
USCGC Yeaton (WMEC-156)

large 6 1/8"(V) patch from the 1960s


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed...........inquire
- - - -
partial History
U. S. Coast Guard Cutter Yeaton (WMEC-156) completed in 1927 at Camden, NJ  by the American Brown Boveri Electric Corporation
Commissioned circa 1927-28 and stationed at Norfolk, VA.;
Later relocated to: St. Petersburg, FL circa 1929 to 1931; Pascagoula, MS circa 1932-33; Saint Petersburg in 1934;
Gulfport, MS circa 1935 to 1938; Stapleton, NY in 1939; Gallups Island, MA in 1940.
Reclassified in 1942 as a Patrol craft with Hull Number ( WPC-156)
 Post-WWII she resumed operation with the Coast Guard stationed at New London, CT
Reclassified in the 1960s as a Medium Endurance Cutterwith Hull number (WMEC-156)
Decommissioned 1970

 Arctic & Antarctic Items

Bryd Station, Antarctica

patch depicts the Original Above Ground Station used circa 1957-1960


old style "thick" patch with short pigtail, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Byrd Station Established by the United States by a joint: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine operation out of Little America V circa late-1956.
The station consisted of four, above ground, prefabricated buildings and was Commissioned January 1, 1957.
After about 4 years the Original Buildings began to deteriorate and a 2nd, Underground, Station was started in 1960.
The Underground Station was operated until 1972; it was then converted into a summer-only field camp and finally closed in 2004-05.

USCG International Ice patrol, Unused......inquire

Aviation Detachment-131, "ARCTIC '93 East IF I COULD CATCH A DAUPHIN I'D EAT IT TO", UnUsed......inuqire

"Dauphin" is probably a reference to the Eurocopter Dauphin Helicopter(HH-65A) the U.S. Coast Guard flies
DF '91 "SOUTHERN COMFORT", McMurdo Station, & Old Antarctic Explorer

( The gray character may be symbolic of a USCG "Dauphin" Helicopter protecting/airlifting/etc. Penquins(?) )

McMurdo STN, Antarctica, Latitude 70 51 S Longitude 166 37 E, Unused......inquire

OAE, UnUsed.......inquire
Operation DEEPFREEZE 1995 Eleven Patch SET

Sponsored by the USCG and U.S. State Department

This 11 patch Grouping will be sold together - NO parting-out

This paper outlines the purpose and content of the Grouping; paper has been folded-otherwise in good condition

Russia, Cobetckar

Chinese National Antarctic Research Expedition

France, Dumont D'urville Antarctique

United Kingdom, Signy Winter 1994 Antarctica

Germany, Deutsche Antarktisforschungsstation Neumayer Alfred-Wegener-Institut

Argentina, Base Orcadas, Arrdada Argentina, 1904 Presencia Permanente

Japan, Jares 36, 1994-1996

Australia, Antarctica Davis 1995

USCSC Polar Star (WAGB-10)

Airstation Polar Star DEST: MCMURDO DF-95 VIA AVDET-136 Crop Dusters INC. One Long Day Antarctic Airlines HONO SYDNEY HOBART VALPO ACLPO

This 11 patch Grouping will be sold together - NO parting-out

( Stored in Site Done )
Operation Deep Freeze Grouping

all were hand-sewn to a jacket

AIRDEVRON-6 Navy patch removed from a USCG jacket, Used.....inquire


NSF, "USARP", Used.....(sold)

William Field, Used......inquire
Operation Deep Freeze, Links
- - - -
15th Military Airlift Squadron
Operation DEEP FREEZE 1961-1962
( for details, see on USAF Transport page )

 Combined Task Force-43, Operation Deep Freeze
TF-43 was started circa 1955-56
( for details see Navy Task Force page )

National Science Foundation, R/V Hero Palmer Station, Holmes & Narver INC. - General Oceanographics INC., UnUsed.....inquire

Antarctic Exploration, M. S. Lindblad, UnUsed.....(sold)

( stored in gray cabinet )

- - - -

see more Arctic & Antarctica Items on the  Navy VX  page

Related Items
- - - -
Naval Aviation Observer's Wing for Navigators

authorized from 31 March, 1945 to 18 March, 1947
Worn by Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and WAVE Navigators

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Viewers disregard this section:
USS Staten Island (AGB-5)
patches found together - unknown if this is a Grouping or a Collection
If it can be done  We can do it", Polar Bear and Penquin, UnUsed........(sold)
"Polar Exploration", UnUsed.......(sold)
Kodiak, Alaska
Kodiak Alaska Coast Guard Air Station "Search and Rescue"......(sold)
USCG SAR, 6.25" Philippine made, Bear with teeth.........(sold)
United States Antarctic Research Program, Natioanl Science Foundation, UnUsed.....inquire
USCGC Westwind (WAGB-281)
Lend-Lease ship in WWII to the Russians
one site has this listed as a 1958 patch, UnUsed.......inquire
Argentia, Newfoundland
U. S. Coast Guard Air Detachment, Argentia, Newfoundland......(sold)
White Holly
USCG Cutter White Holly (WLM-543 or WAGL-543), I understand this patch may have been for doing a "Speedy" Mission and the Rod & Reel and Guns indicated the reward to the crew(?), Used......(Sold)
( from the same United States Coast Guard veteran as the Vietnam SQDN-3 & "69" novelty patch )
USCGC Sedge (WLB-402)
Buoy Tender
home-ported in Homer, Alaska, UnUsed.......(sold)
DECOMM in 2002
CGC Mellon Boutwell
Coast Guard Cutter Mellon Boutwell "ALPAT" "Lucky 7" "Summer 75"...(sold)
Rare Vietnam War era Grouping from Thailand
Removed from an old OG-107 Shirt, Thai made on Ripstop Jungle material, Thai writing reflects the English above, wear holes above the Crow, all other items in GOOD "Used" condition, Used......(sold)
USCGC Chincoteague (WAVP-375)
6 3/4", circa 1949 - 1966, "International Weather Patrol", UnUsed.......(sold)
see on Navy/Coast Guard Gear page