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3506CB - DET-1, 428th TFS
 Navy Warrant's HARVEST REAPER Jungle SHIRT
USAF F-111A, First Test Project in Combat in SEA


3506CB - Warrant Officer’s OG POPLIN Jungle SHIRT (M/R dated 1967) with “HARVEST REAPER” patch for the USAF F-111 Test Project in Thailand, Left SSI is a DET-1, 428th TFS and right breast has a Large TAC patch, White on Blue Name and “U.S. NAVY” Tapes, CWO Color Rank sewn-on collar, Excellent color, Used........inquire

(Listed on the USAF Squadrons page, 428th TFS Section)


I researched these and I have not found anyone who has owned one - uncommon or ?
Anyone know if this is solely for the Naval Forces or did the USAF use these?

made in Japan, UnUsed.....inquire

Thailand made, UnUsed......inquire

( also on USN Novelty page )

- - - -

2 Red Stars ( = 2 kills?), if so this would be an early-RVN Era patch, probably made in Germany;  F-8s achieved 4 x MIG Kill in Summer of 1966.  

Two Stars, background cloth has a reddish tint(?), Unused....inquire

Pebble backing material (my first ID of this material is circa 1968), scrpbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

( also on Aircraft page, F-8 section )

Fighter Weapons School


"TOP GUN SCHOOL" at Miramar Naval Air Station, California

"Top Gun" FWS School Insignia, Miramar NAS, CA

FIRST Design and Manufacturer - Hard to find Patch


Original USN-FWS insigna, plastic backing with pigtail, UnUsed......inquire
Fighter Weapons School & F-14 "Flight Test"

Sold as a Grouping as I have his Black Leather Name TAG with: Pilot's Wing, "CAPT.", and Name on it.

Items removed from a CWU-27/P Flight Suit (No date as the DPSC had the contract)

FWS with plastic backing,  TOMCAT "FLIGHT TEST", RFU, washed, Used......inquire

(O-6 Pilot's Black Leather Name TAG on black VELCRO comes with the patches)

 FTR WPNS School without the term "TOP GUN"
- - - -

older style plastic backing, possibly early-1970s, Used.....inquire
( the USAF started using this type of plastic-backing circa 1965-66 )


Pelon backing, 3 7/8", Used.......inquire

- - - -
patches with "TOP GUN"

I classify these as a Base Exchange items

aircraft is probably the F-16N, made on Taiwan, Used.....inquire

probably an F-14 on this patch, 3 7/8", Taiwan made, Used.........inquire

could be one of the training aircraft the FWS flew, Used.....inquire

- - - -
From a VF-101 "Grim Reapers" Pilot


probably a 1980s era patch, 3 7/8", UnUsed......inquire
Navy Fighter Weapons School "TOPSCOPE" patch

Training for Naval Flying Officers at Miramar NAS


White "pebble-cloth" style backing material which came-out in the early-1970s, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
partial History for TOPSCOPE
TOPSCOPE training was to sharpen the skills of the "GIB" (guy in back) and probably the Pilots.  
One reference found on this training is "Maritime Air Superiority syllabus (TOPSCOPE)" as taken by select F-4 Phantom crews from squadrons headed to Vietnam.  
Patch probably worn by those NFO's (naval flight officers) who completed the TOPSCOPE syllabus at Miramar.
This patch design can be seen on this link  http://flitetime dot net/tg.html but no explanationis given, just an F-14 class picture from 1977.
USN - Blue Angels 1974 Show Pamphlet

Not sure if the signatures were put on this pamphlet or printed on the whole batch

folds down to 3 5/8" x 8 3/8", has thumbtack holes, it has had rough usage, about 5-6 unreadable words, rest is okay but "well-used", Used....(sold)

( stored with VF patches )
Patch for Grumman Aerospace Corporation's "Tomcat" era  Fire Unit at the Calverton, NY Facility
(see details on the AIRCRAFT Page/F-14 Section)

For more (150+/-) F-14 patches, click  TOMCAT

 Composite Squadron(Night )-1 (VCN-1) (1946-48)

Flying: Grumman F8F-1 Bearcats, F7F-3 Tigercats, and Ryan FR-1 Fireballs out of Barbers Point, HI

Larger VCN-1 patch, UnUsed.........inquire

- - - -
partial History
VF(AW)-3 Established August 22, 1944 as the "Navy Air Training Unit-Pacific (NATUPAC)" at Naval Air Station Barbers Point, Hawaii
Redesignated "Night Defense Squadron Pacific" April 6, 1946
Redesignated Composite Squadron (Night)-1 (VCN-1) August 1, 1946
Circa 1948 Renamed "Fighter All Weather Training Unit Pacific (FAWTUPAC)"
Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat 1946 - 1948
Grumman F7F-3 Tigercat 1946 - 1948
Ryan FR-1 Fireball 1946 - 1949
 Fighting One (VF-1)

Callsign: "Wichita"    
- - - -
VF-1 Plane Captain's Tour jacket Grouping

- - - - Group has Sold - - - -

Very unusual for a NAVAL Grouping to have a "callsign" patch

several patches made in the PI

RFU "bagged-out" Tour jacket, threads still present, Used........(sold)

- - - - Group has Sold - - - -
- - - -

VF-1 "Wolfpack", older gauze backing, UnUsed........(sold)

4 1/8", UnUsed.........(sold)

- - - -

"WOLFPACK", older 3-pigtail ME, residue on back ( been in 3 x scrapbooks ), UnUsed.......inquire

Tomcat VF-1, PI made, UnUsed......inquire

"WOLFPACK", 5 3/4" PI made with PELON backing, UnUsed........(sold)

- - - -

5 3/4", older plastic backing with gauze, residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

paper backing, UnUsed.......inquire

3 x pigtails, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -

white border, plastic backing, UnUsed.......inquire

3.5" disc, UnUsed.......inquire

red border, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

VF-1, 6", UnUsed.......inquire

"WOLFPACK", UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
De-Commissioning Commemorative patch

plastic backing, Unused.......inquire

De-Comm inisignia, 1972-1993, CV-61, 64, and 65 Wolfpack, Unused.......inquire

residue on back, Unused.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
VF - 1 Wolfpack (1973 - 1993)
Callsign: Wichita    
First squadron to fly the F-14 ( with VF-2 ), Combat in Vietnam and Desert Storm
Fighting Squadron Two (VF-2)
 "Bounty Hunters"
- - - -

"VF-2 BOUNTY HUNTERS", UnUsed........inquire

FIGHTING TWO", 4 3/8", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
VF-2 Fighting Two Bullet's Last Tomcat Cruise

Bullet's last TOMCAT Cruise

4 1/4" x 5 7/8", Bounty Hunter, USS Constellation (CV-64) Final WESTPAC Cruise, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
VF-2 Pilot's Grouping 1980 - 1982

Patches can be sold individually

never sewn-on

VF-2 TOMCAT Triangle, UnUsed......inquire

U. S. Naval Air Station "North Island", UnUsed.....inquire

BOUNTY TIME, BABY!, Pelon backing, UnUsed......inquire

TOP GUN West-Pac 80-81 "IS A 10" USS RANGER CV-61, 5.25" PI Made, UnUsed.....(sold)

USS Ranger (CV-61), gauze backing, UnUsed......inquire

TOP GUN of the Pacific Fleet WEST-PAC 1982 "AUSTRALIA HAWAII SINGAPORE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS,  6 1/4", plastic backing, UnUsed......inquire

"WEST-PAC 1982" Indian Ocean "CENTURION", UnUsed......(sold)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
VF-2 Bounty Hunters

RFU tour jacket, Used......inquire

4 3/8", UnUsed......inquire

VF-2 F-14 triangle, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
VF-2 Re-Established in October 1972 to receive the First F-14A Tomcats  
VF-2 paired with VF-1 "Wolfpack" deployed aboard USS Ranger (CV-61) as part of CVW-2 in September 1980
Fighter Training Squadron-Two (VFT-2)

The patch looks 1950s but I cannot find any information on it - if you know some history, send it.

Red Fire-Breathing Dragon standing on Top-of-the-World


Large patch, UnUsed........inquire
Composite Squadron-Three (VC-3)

According to the ID written on the reverse side....this patch is from the late-1940s into the early-1950s.

I think "CHUKAR PUPS" is the correct nickname for this insignia.

( VC-3 listed below is another squadron )


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Flew F4U-5Ns during the Korean War
Home based at Moffett Field, CA from 1949 to 1954 (maybe longer?)
Tail Code "NP"
A small detachment on loan to the USAF flew from K-16 to kill slow-flying commie aircraft; only Navy Ace in the KW was a Pilot in VC-3
Composite Squadron Three (VC-3)

( This is a later VC-3 squadron )


VC-3, Japan made, patch construction looks 1960s, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Established in the late-1950s(?); DisEstablished in the 1980s
Stationed at North Island
Flew: JDs, SNBs, C-130s
Missions: C-130s carried Target Drones for Fleet Activities
VF-5, Japan made


I DO NOT know the Vintage of this patch

made in Japan, Yellow-Mouse in the cat's paws is not clearly defined on this design, UnUsed.......inquire

( I have seen the pictures of a similar patch that was removed from an old G-1 Brown Leather Flyer's Jacket but the Yellow Mouse was clearly defined on that patch)
- - - -

Screaming Eagle (?Striking Eagle?) insignia design(?) - possibly a Morale patch for VF-51

This design was approved in 1946 and the drawing is in the NavAir Historian's Office(see Download #65)

These patches have been removed from clothing(RFU) - could be as old as the 1960s(?)

small, RFU, Used....inquire

small patch, PELON backing, RFU, Used......inquire

( see VF-51 patches below with the similar design )

(formerly labeled UI#2)
- - - -
Not sure of the exact lineage progression but here it goes - partial History
Originally Commissioned VF-3S "STRIKING EAGLES" in the 1920s possibly flying Curtiss F6C-4 Biplanes
Designator changed to VF-3B in 1929 flying FB-5 AND F3B-1; switching to the Grumman F2F-1 in 1935
Around 1937 the Designator changed to VF-5
VF-5 was flying the F4F-3 "WILDCAT" when WWII started for the U.S. and fought at Guadalcanl
VF-5 transitioned to the Grumman F6F "HELLCATS" and changed it's name to "FIGHTING HELLCATS" and fought at Wake, the Marshalls, and the Marianas
Switched to the Vaught F4U "CORSAIR" in February 1945; Ending the War onboard the USS Franklin when it was hit by a Kamikaze;
Transitioned to the Grumman F8F-1 "BEARCAT"; ReDesignated VF-5A in 1946 and the "Screaming Eagle" VF-5A patch design was approved;
Redesignated VF-51 ("SCREAMING EAGLES")  and received the FJ-1 "FURY".
Fleet Composite Squadron Seven (VC-7)

Designated VU-7 prior to mid-1965

Stationed at NAS Miramar, CA circa 1964-80 with its Primary function of Training aviators in attacking and shooting down enemy aircraft.
Some duties were: Towing targets and engaging Trainees in aerial dogfights.


VC-7, RFU, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
VJ-1 Established December 4, 1942
Redesignated VU-7 circa 1946
Redesignated Fleet Composite Squadron 7 (VC-7) July 2, 1965
Disestablished September 30, 1980
pre-August 1948 "Bearcat" VF-8A


VF-8A (SQDN handle was "Bearcats" 1945 - 1950), 5 5/8", heavy-mothing, UnUsed.........(sold)

(VBF-18 redesignated VF-8A in November 1946; VF-8A redesignated VF-72 in July 1948)
Fighting Eleven (VF-11)

VF-11, PI made, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-11 Tomcat, PI made, UnUsed......inquire

"THE RED RIPPERS" (VF-11), 3 1/2", Asian made, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
VF-11 Red Rippers Boar's Head Insignia

VF-11 variation with Red/White bottom on patch vs. Red/Yellow, 3" (vertical), Japan made, UnUsed......inquire

VF-11 Boar's Head, 3 7/8" (horizontal), cheesecloth backing, Used....inquire

- - - -

Name Tag on VELCRO, Used......inquire

4", "The Red Rippers", merrowed-edge with pigtail, UnUsed......inquire

circa September 16 1949 - October 2 1952

Not for Sale - information only
- - - -
partial History
VAW-2 established July 6 1948; redesignated VC-12 October 1 1948; Redesignated VAW-12 July 2 1956
  VC-12 insignia designed by AD2 G. Vojnovich in November 1948; winged dome represented the Airborne Electronics; LSO Paddles denoted it as a Fleet Squadron
This Rare patch is from the estate of Aviation Electrician Kenneth Lee through permission of his Son
Adversary Squadron at NAS Oceana

"Professionals Preference"

flew Douglas A-4 Skyhawks out of NAS Oceana, circa 1988 - 1994

Composite Fighter Squadron-12 (VFC-12), 4.25",  UnUsed........inquire  
 FIGHTING 14 (VF-14)


5", UnUsed..........(sold)

Philippine made, UnUsed.....inquire

Tom in a Tux, PI made, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -

Tom in a Tuxedo, UnUsed.......inquire

Tom leaning on a cane in front of a Tophat, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

merrowed-edge with pigtail, UnUsed........inquire

4 1/2", UnUsed........inquire

cut-edge, UnUsed........inquire

First Navy Squadron equipped with Jet Aircraft

 insignia worn from November 15, 1946 to August 11, 1948


4 5/8", UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
VF-82 Redesignated VF-17A
VF-17A was the first Carrier Qualified Jet Squadron - USS Saipan (CVL-48) in May 1948
VF-17A  Redesignated VF-171
Flew the McDonnell "FD/FH Phantom Jet"  -  that explains the design of the Insignia
VF-21 (Fighting 21)

- - - -
"FREELANCRES" made in Japan


Large patch, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -


VF-21 "FREELANCERS" with Lance, 5.5" F-14 Triangle, UnUsed.....inquire

VF-21 "FREELANCERS BABY!", Tom with Black Cat, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

VF-21 Tomcat Triangle, UnUsed.....inquire

VF-21, PI made, UnUsed........inquire

VF-21 "FREELANCERS", UnUsed......inquire


sewn-on motto ADORIMINI = "Up and AT EM"


Roughly removed from a jacket (damage to lower-end of swallow-tail was field-repaired & border seperated near the left-end of the lightning bolt), my research turns up no other VF-22 patches with the motto sewn-on the disc, I would think this is an UnCommon patch, Used.....(sold)
- - - -
partial History
VF-22 Established as VF-22 30 Sep 1942
Disestablished 19 Sep 1945
2nd VF-22 Established as VBF-74A 1 May 1945
Redesignated VBF-74 1 Aug 1945
Redesignated VF-2B 15 Nov 1946
Redesignated VF-22 1 Sep 1948
Disestablished 6 Jun 1958
VFA-22 "Fighting Redcocks" claim lineage from VF-22 Strike Fighter Squadron 22 was originally commissioned as Fighter Squadron 63 at Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia in 1948, the squadron was re-designated as Attack Squadron 22 in July 1959 after the decomissioning of VF-22 in 1958. The first Redcock aviators flew the F8F Bearcat. Later, Redcocks flew the F4U Corsair, F9F Panther, F9F Cougar, FJ4 Fury, A-4 Skyhawk, A-7 Corsair II, and the FA-18C Hornet. Today, the 220 enlisted men and women and 40 officers of VFA-22 are based in NAS Lemoore,California, and has completed the transition from the F/A-18E to the F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Korean War -- Lake Champlain (CVA 39) with CVG-4 (26 Apr 1953 - 4 Dec 1953) VF-22 flew F2H-2 with tail code F
Fighting Squadron 24 (VF-24)

"CORSAIRS" - WW2 to post-WWII

(Probably not the same VF-24 as the later one listed below)

Large patch, UnUsed.........inquire
 Fighting Squadron-24 (VF-24) (1959 - 1996)

"Fighting Renegades"

( Probably not the same Heritage as VF-24 "CORSAIRS" listed above )
- - - -
Larger VF-24, Japan made


Made in Japan, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

Large VF-24, Unused.......inquire
- - - -

Large VF-24, UnUsed.......(sold)

VF-24 Tom on a Red Checkered Shield, PI made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
VF-24 Fighting Renegades, Tom on a shield

large 6"(V) patch made in Thailand


Unusual patch, Used......(sold)
- - - -

VF-24, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-24, white-border, UnUsed...(sold)
- - - -

VF-24 "RENEGADES  1955 1996  LAST RAGE", (De-Commissioning patch(?)), UnUsed.......inquire

VF-24 "RENEGADES" F-14 Tomcat triangle, UnUsed......(sold)

VF-24, 4 7/8", UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Fighting "Renegades" F-14 Tomcat Triangle

- - - -
partial History
VF-24 was Commissioned as VF-211 in June 1955 while stationed at NAS Moffett Field, California
VF-211 was Redesignated VF-24 in 1959; Disestablished August 31, 1996
FJ-3 Fury 1955 – 1957
F-8 Crusader 1957 – 1975
F-14 Tomcat 1975–1996
Fighting Squadron-31 (VF-31)
- - - -

Fighting 31, UnUsed.....inquire

Fighting 31, UnUsed.....inquire

F-14 Trianlge, UnUsed.....inquire

F-14D TOMCATTERS, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

TOMCATTERS TARPS, UnUsed.....inquire

TARPS in the Persian Gulf, UnUsed.....inquire

Fighting 31, Desert subdued, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

TOMCATTERS, UnUsed.....(sold)

TOMCATTERS, printed patch, "TIDEWATER Emblems Virginia Beach, VA" stamped on back, UnUsed.....(sold)

TOMCATTERS, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -

Yellow Triangle, UnUsed.......(sold)

PI made Orange Triangle, UnUsed....inquire

Red Triangle, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -

Red TOMCATTERS, UnUsed......inquire

printed TOMCATTERS, UnUsed.....(sold)

Inquire by Picture Number and the short verbage

Flew Avengers & Skyraiders on antisubmarine warfare missions, circa 1949 - 1952


Composite Squadron Thirty-Three patch embroidered on felt, Used.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Commissioned VC-33 in 1943 flying F4F Wildcats & TBF Avengers in the Pacific; Decommissioned late-1945
A new VC-33 was Established May 31, 1949 with an antisubmarine warfare mission flying TBM Avengers and later Skyraiders.
Squadron changed mission to "Night Attack" and insignia from the "steel gauntlet crushing a submarine" as shown above to an insignia depicting a: shield, chess knight, & hawk and adopted the nickname Knight Hawks. Squadron DETs were active in Korean War during deployments on the USS: Leyte, Bon Homme Richard, & Lake Champlain.
Redesignated VA(AW)-33 July 2, 1956 still flying the AD Skyraider
Redesignated VAW-33 (Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron Thirty-Three) June 30, 1959 still flying ADs
Redesignated VAQ-33 (Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron Thirty-Three) February 1, 1968
Nickname changed to "Firebirds" with the insignia depicting a red bird astride a lightning bolt in September 1970; Disestablished October 1, 1993

VAQ-33 has one of the better Veteran's sites I have seen, check it out:   http://www.reenactor dot net/vaq-33/vaq-33_history.html
Fighting Thirty-Three (VF-33)

"TARSIERS" (possibly last used on a 1980-81 cruise, flying F-4s)

"STARFIGHTERS" (first used on a 1980-81 cruise, flyhing F-4s)

Early design with Bug-eyed Tarsier with short teeth, circa 1949; later designs had the slanted-eyes with long-teeth

The Tarsier is a small, ferocious, noctural animal from the PI and Indonesia  

- - - -
VF-33, Korean War Era

Large Insignia, disc = 4 7/8" and at widest point = 6"


VF-33 "FIGHTING 33" Tarsiers, 6" to tip-of-wing, fine-mesh gauze backing material, VF-33 was re-established on 11 October 1948, UnUsed.........(sold)
- - - -
Korean War Era, Large Round eyes and Short teeth

6"(horizontal to tip-of-wing - disc is 4 5/8"(vertical)), gauze backing material, RFU (torn below the "G" while being removed from the jacket), lots of harness rub on the white border, Used.......inquire

- - - -
VF-33, 5" Japan made


5" at widest point (disc = 4 1/4"), UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
VF-33, Last F-4 Deployment Group

"Tarsiers" name changed to "Starfighters" in the very early-1980s
(Probably 1981 while on this cruise as 2 patches bear both the Tarsier symbol and the Starfighters name)

VF-33 "Tarsiers" 1980-81" last F-4 deployment (received F-14s in late-1981), UnUsed.....(sold)

USS Independence (CV-62), 6.5", coffee stains on the bottom section, UnUsed......inquire

VF-33 "STARFIGHTERS" 1980-81 Indian Ocean & MED Cruise on CV-61, UnUsed....(sold)

CVW SIX (CVW-6), UnUsed...inquire
- - - -
Tarsiers to Starfighters

Name change-over occurred circa 1986 while flying F-14 Tomcats


older plastic back with pigtail, UnUsed......inquire

cut-edge, UnUsed......inquire

plastic backing, UnUsed......inquire

F-14 Starfighters, 3 7/8", UnUsed......inquire
VC-35(N) DET-E

Hard to find Detachment Easy patch


Composite Squadron-35, DET-E, made in Japan, UnUsed..........inquire  
VF-41 "The Black Aces"

VF-41, 4.75", UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
From an "INDY" Cruise in the 1960s to WESTPAC

Lots of wear, soiling, puckering, & etc., RFU Jacket, circa 1960s, after all the washing/etc. it is still 4 3/8"(vertical), Used......(sold)

partial History for the 1960s
In February 1962 VF-41 transitioned to the McDonnell F-4B Phantom II and made a special deployment to Key West, Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis. In May 1965, the Black Aces deployed to the western Pacific for seven months of combat operations in Vietnam. They flew a wide range of missions: fighter cover, reconnaissance escort, flak suppression and day/night interdiction.
- - - -

VF-41 Black Aces, F-14 era, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-41 Black Aces, F-14 era, RFU, Used.......inquire

VF-41 Black Aces, F-14 era, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -

Older Cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.......inquire

Older Green Gauze backing, UnUsed........inquire

Larger, Older, Black Aces, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -

ACES-2 LIBYA-0, commemorating the downing of 2 x Sukhois on August 18 1981, UnUsed....(sold)

 Fighting 41 "Name your Weapon", UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

ACE's BABY!, F-4 era from the airplane silouettes, UnUsed.......inquire

Black ACES, F-14 TOMCAT era (post-1975), UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
Unusual Printed patch


Fighting 41, Philippine made, Unused......inquire

Black Aces rectangular patch, Made in Japan, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
Black Aces, F-14 Tomcat Triangle patch

4 1/2" paper backing, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Flew F-4Ns; started receiving F-14A Tomcats in April 1977

- - - -
Mailed fist holding a MIG-21

may be from the 1970s with the old MIG and Polyester Twill red base cloth


4 3/4" patch with fuselage number 30, RFU, been washed=puckered, border is a little ragged, Used......inquire

I was told this is a MIG-21 due to the nose protrusion and the "bubble" on the top of the tail.
However, I was told VF-43 never owned a MIG for it's aggressor role??
- - - -

FITRON 43, 5 7/8" with cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.........(sold)

VF-43 Challengers, F-5E or F Tiger II triangle patch, circa 1980-94(?), UnUsed..(sold)

VF-43, mailed fist clutching a MIG-29(?), UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
Adversary Squadron at Oceana; flew many types of aircraft
Unit was DeCommissioned in July 1994(?)
VF-45 "Blackbirds"

4 and 20, older design post-1985, UnUsed.......inquire

Red Star seen in 1989(Tailhook Mag), last design, with plastic backing, UnUsed......inquire

Fleet Combat Training Unit at NAS Key West, flew many types of aircraft
VF-51 (Fighting 51)

"Screaming Eagles"
- - - -
Japan made


Callsign "Eagles", Large patch, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

Fighting Fifty One, 5.25", early Tomcat era circa 1978-79, UnUsed......(sold)

VF-51, 1980s - 1995, Unused......inquire

- - - -
DeCommissioning Patch

"Scream, Baby!", older plastic back, 1978 - 1985(?), UnUsed......inquire

"FLY FIGHT WIN" 1927 - 1995 The Last Scream, dated 1995, Unused.......inquire
- - - -
1980s - made in the Philippine Islands

VF-51 Scream, Baby!, PI made, UnUsed.........inquire

USS Carl Vinson Cruise of 1986-1987 in NORTHPAC WESTPAC Indian Ocean, PI made, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Screaming Eagles first established as VF-1 February 1, 1943; ReDesignated VF-5 July 15, 1943; Redesignated VF- 5A November 15, 1946; Redesignated VF-51 August 16, 1948; Flew F-14As from NAS Miramar, California; did flying scenes for the "Top Gun" flick in 1991; DisEstablished in March 1995
 Composite Squadron-61 (VC-61) (1949 - 1956)

Photographic Composite Squadron-61 (VCP-61) (1959 - 1961)
Composite Photographic Squadron-61 (VCP-61) (1959 - 1961)
( see DET ZULU patch for this 2nd designator )
- - - -
VC-61 Detachment Baker( = Bravo )


Flying F9F-5Ps onboard USS Valley Forge (CVA-45) in 1952; may have been active from 1949 to 1956.


Tom and his rodent Buddy, large Japan made patch, does not lay flat (looks like it was folded during storage), UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
VC-61 DET-KING, USS Yorktown (CVA-10) circa 1956


Large Japan made patch, Tail Code "PP", must have had an accident on this cruise, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
Photographic Composite Squadron-61

( DET ZULU patch below is from the same Aviator )


PHOTOCOMPRON-61, made in Japan, RFU, minor stains on right side, Used......inquire
- - - -
VCP-61 Detachment ZULU, RNZAF OHAKEA, New Zealand

very-large Composite Photographic Squadron-61, patch made in Japan

( from the same Aviator who had the above Squadron patch and some VAH-4 patches )

Lots of wear but would still make a good "filler patch" in your collection until you found a MINT one.


Photographic Composite Squadron-61 (PHOTOCOMPRON-61), RFU, soiled, lots of border wear/fraying, border tear on bottom-right in the red-zone, must have been on a work jacket, Used......(sold)
- - - -
partial History ( I think there are some "holes" in this )
Photographic Squadron-5 (VD-5) Commissioned June, 1944
??Composite Squadron-61 (VC-61) Organized in January, 1949??
Onboard the USS Yorktown (CVA-10) circa 1956 and was still known as VC-61 (see DET-King patch)
Designated Heavy Photographic Squadron-61 (VAP-61) on July 2, 1956; flew AJ-2Ps
Redesignated Photographic Composite Squadron-61 (VCP-61) July 1,1959; later Transitioned to F8U-1Ps and A3D-2Ps
ReDesignated VAP-61 circa 1961
VAP-61 had RA-3B DETs at DaNang, RVN and aboard CTF-77 carriers for SEA Operations
Established Detachments through-out the  Pacific, CONUS, and Bermuda
VAP-61 Decommissioned July 1, 1971
Fighting Squadron-61 (VF-61)


circa 1950s


Older "JOLLY ROGERS" patch, this design seen in a USS Intrepid 1956 Cruise Book, UnUsed.......inquire

RFU (was handsewn), never washed, a fabric blemish runs vertical to the right of the skull/bones, Used.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Established as VF-17 January 1, 1943
Redesignated VF-5B November 15, 1946
Redesignated VF-61 July 28, 1948
Disestablished April 15, 1959
VF-84 took-over the JOLLY ROGERS name on April 1, 1960; VFA-103 currently has the name
Light Photographic Squadron Six One (VFP-61)

VFP-61 (not to be confused with VCP-61(see above)) based at NAS Miramar, California; Equipped with its first F8U-1Ps in September 1957.
VFP-61 Flew Photographic Missions in the Pacific with Detachments onboard carriers.
Redesignated VCP-63 July 1, 1959.
Tailcode "PP"
- - - -
VFP-61 DET-Charlie, CVG-11, "FAR EAST CRUISE 1958"


Patch made in Japan - the City of Matsushima, Japan is written on a portion of the newspaper backing.


Light Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron Sixty-One, made in Japan, UnUsed.......(sold)
Fighting Squadron Sixty-Two (VF-62)

- - - -
Pilot's Grouping - very clean patches - were displayed underglass


I also have the USS Essex (CVA-9) Cruise Book for this deployment
( catalog #3507CA-C, listed on Naval Aviation Main Page in BOOK Section )

( See VF-173 and VA-153 for other patches from this Grouping )

VF-62, scrapbook residue on back UnUsed.......inquire

CAG-10, scrapbook residue on back UnUsed.......inquire

( also linked from the CAG-10 page )
VC-62 Fleet Photo RECON Squadron


This 5" design was used from 1949 - 1953 (patch discontinued in 1953 as a New Insignia was approved), looks like it was sewn-on something, probably the cleanest one from that era I have seen, remarkable condition, Used..(sold)

(redesignated VFP-62 in July 1956; disestablished January 1968)

(The "Shutter-Bug" is standing on 2 x Carriers to denote a Composite Aerial Squadron delivering Photographic Servies
to several Carriers of the Fleet. He is holding 3 cameras indicating "trimetrogon" camera installation in the aircraft)  
(You can look-up trimetrogon for yourself, use  www.copernic dot com)  
Light Photographic Squadron-63 (VFP-63)

"Eyes of the Fleet"

"GATOR" is a nickname for the RF-8 Crusader
- - - -

made in Japan


Japan made "ALFA GATORS" patch, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
"MASTER GATORS" MED Cruise in 1975

VFP-63 DET TWO, flying RF-8Gs, made in PI, UnUsed......inquire

VFP-63 Decal, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -

( anyone know what "SUPER" Detachment means, extra aircraft or ? )

5" (vertical) patch, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

partial History of SUPER DET-3
Super DET-3 onboard USS MIDWAY (CV-41) September 1973 on a Cruise to Japan
DET-3  circa 1970 - 1972, one SEA cruise aboard USS MIDWAY in 1971 flying RF-8Gs
Super DET-3 circa 1976 - 1979, a 1977 cruise on the USS Coral Sea
- - - -
partial History for VFP-63 "Eyes of the Fleet"
Light Photographic Squadron-63 established at NAS Miramar, California July 1, 1961
Disestablished June 30, 1982 as the last fleet F-8 squadron

Patch designed with a flying Billy Goat snorting Fire and ready to fight with Bombs or Machine Guns.

Information from a Collector's data on back of patch:
Squadron Active from August 20, 1944 - October 6, 1945 flying TBMs and TBFs from the USS Manila Bay (CVE-61)

The note on the back of the patch says TBM/TBF but records show that VC-71 had the FM fighter and the TBM bomber.
The FM is the F4F only made by General Motors instead of Grumman; same applies to the TBM.


Embroidered on felt, gauze backing with collector's ID on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
VC-71 and onboard the USS Manila Bay (CVE-61) entered WW2 in 1944
VC-71 was a Composite squadron with F6F, F4F, & FM Fighters and SBD, TBM, & TBF Bombers

The Major campaign for the USS Manila Bay was the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
Admiral Halsey took off north with his big carrier force chasing an IJN force and hoping for the knockout blow.
He left the beach defense to a handful of small escort carriers (CVE's) and destroyers who sacrificed themselves to save the day when the second prong of the IJN attack came after the transports landing troops and supplies.
VF-74 "The Bedevilers"

Callsign "DEVIL"
- - - -
Fighting-74, made in Japan


Japan made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

VF-74 with scrapbook residue, UnUsed......inquire

PI made "Be-Devilers", circa 1980s, UnUsed......inquire

VF-74, Blue Face, Unused.......(sold)
- - - -
"Fighting 74"

blue-face devil, Unused.....inquired
- - - -

VF-74 with Tomcat, 4 5/8" older plastic backing, Unused.......inquire

VF-74 plastic backing, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

VF-74 Triangle, Unused.......inquire

Tomcat 74, UnUsed......(sold)

PI made triangle, circa 1980s, UnUsed......inquire

F-14A & Bs starting in 1983; combat in Desert Storm; based at NAS Oceana
Fighting-82 (VF-82)


partial History of the 3rd VF-82
Reserve squadron VF-742 called to active duty February 2, 1951; ReDesignated VF-82 February 4, 1953; DisEstablished April 15, 1959

Flew F9F-5 and F2H-3/4 aircraft


Depicts a silver ROBOT on a cloud, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History

1st VF-82 = see VF-171 history below

2nd VF-82 = Established as VF-3E April 21, 1947; Redesignated VF-82 September 15, 1948; Disestablished November 29, 1949

3rd VF-82 = Reserve squadron VF-742 called to active duty 2 Feb 1951; Redesignated VF-82 4 Feb 1953; Disestablished 15 A pr 1959

VF-171 partial History
Established as VF-82 1 Apr 1944
Redesignated VF-17A 15 Nov 1946
Redesignated VF-171 11 Aug 1948
Disestablished 15 Mar 1958
 Fighting Squadron-84 (VF-84)


The Vagabonds were the THIRD Squadron to carry the "84" designator (see below for more history)
- - - -

Fighting Squadron-84 flying the FJ Fury from the USS Champlain (CVA-34) later became VF-84 Jolly Rogers circa 1960

Collector's ID and data on reverse = I believe some of it is incorrect


- - - -
Partial History for the "84" Designator number

FIRST: The "WOLF GANG" Established May 1, 1944 flying F4U-1D and F6F-5N/5 onboard the USS Bunker Hill; Disestablished October 8, 1945
(Patch was Green with a Cartoon Wolf facing left)

SECOND: The "SIDEWINDERS" Established February 1, 1953 flying F9F-5 and F7U-3M onboard the USS Lake Champlain

THIRD: The "VAGABONDS" July 1, 1955  to October 1, 1955

see more history at bottom of this section
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

NOW we switch to the "JOLLY ROGERS" era

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

VF-84 "Jolly Rogers"

Callsign "VICTORY"

See VF-61 above for the predecessor "Jolly Rogers"

VF-84, cheesecloth backing, Unused.....(sold)

VF-84, 4" (wide), plastic back, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -

Fighting Squadron 84, pre-1995 insignia, black backing, UnUsed.....(sold)

VF-84. pre-1995 insignia, paper backing, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
"JOLLY ROGERS" with Skull and Crossbones


Black backing, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

Large Tomcat triangle, pre-1995 insignia, Unused......inquire

"TOP GUN" F-14 patch, pre-1995 insignia, UnUsed........inquire

 Small Tomcat triangle, Philippine made, pre-1991-2 insignia, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Large size insignia

Jolly Rogers Tomcat, pre-1995, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-84 Tomcat, pre-1995, removed from jacket, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
Medium size insignia

UnUsual Felt patch with white Pelon backing, UnUsed........inquire

Tomcat with plastic backing, Unused.......inquire

Jolly Rogers, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
VF-84 large Tomcat F-14 triangle

Large 5 15/16" with paper backing, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Established as VA-86 on July 1 1955 and then on the same day was Re-Designated VF-84
 VF-84 was Established July 1 1955 at NAS Oceana, Virginia and were known as the Vagabonds flying FJ-3 Furies
"Jolly Rogers" originated with Fighting Seventeen in WWII,  VF-17 flew F-4U Corsairs
(VF-17 incorporated the Pirate ("Corsairs") Skull-and-Crossbones Insignia into their unit Patch)
VF-17 was Disestablished in April 1944; VF-61 took-up the Jolly Rogers and was Disestablished in 1959
VF-84 Vagabonds received the Jolly Rogers Name in April 1960
VF-84 transitioned to F-4Bs in 1964 and later into F-4J & F-4N Phantoms
Transitioned to F-14A Tomcats in early-1976 & joined CVW-8 embarking on the USS Nitmitz (CVN-68) December 1977

Downsizing of the Navy caught-up with VF-84 on October 1 1995 and it was Disestablished
 VF-103 (the "Sluggers") adopted the name and insignia and received the "Bones"
Fighting Squadron-92 (VF-92)

- - - -
FITRON-92, Japan made


"FIGHTING-92", larger Japan made insignia depicting a snake coiled around a sceptre/scepter superposed on a spade, small brownish spects (near lower-left border) are in the thread used to embroider the patch, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
VF-92 Modern Insignia

Must be re-union patches - no history available

made in Taiwan, circa 1980s - early-1990s, Unused......inquire

circa 1980s - early 1990s, UnUsed.....inquire


Flying Tiger Shark insignia Approved April 14, 1954 and Discontinued in 1957 after Squadron was Redesignated VA-93
Original patch had a light-blue disc(see below)


- - - -
partial History
VF-93 Established March 26, 1952; Redesignated VA-93 March 26, 1956

similar VF-93 insignia have a blue background - if you have an extra, email.
Fighting Squadron Ninety-Six (VF-96)



Made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

"Grim Reapers"
- - - -
F-4J era Patch with Pilot's Brass name plate dated 1966 - 1967

removed from a wooden Plaque


5 1/4" (vertical), it had been removed from a jacket/shirt and glued onto a woooden plaque circa 1967, I removed it from the plaque, has white glue residue permeating the patch but still pliable, has border damage from harness rub or etc., Used.....inquire
- - - -
Probably F-4J era

Fighting Squadron-101, cheesecloth backing, Unused.......inquire

5 1/2", cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.........(sold)

- - - -
Older "GRIM REAPERS" with fine-gauze backing


Larger VF-101 on twill, UnUsed......inquire
VF-101, Older Fully-embroidered


probably F-4J era, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
F-14 Tomcat Era

full-embroidered, plastic backing, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....(sold)

 plastic backing, UnUsed.....inquire

paper backing, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
F-14 Tomcat era

paper backing, UnUsed.....inquire

NAS MIRAMAR, D model, paper backing, UnUsed.........inquire
 - - - -

paper back Triangle, UnUsed.....(sold)

- - - -
VF-101 'GRIM REAPERS' F-14 Triangle

paperback, with pigtail, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

probably late-1980s to early 1990s, UnUsed......inquire

4 1/4" older  plastic backing with pigtail, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Fighter Squadron-101 established May 1 1952 at Cecil Field flying CORSAIRs, saw Korean War service;
Re-equipped: with F2H-2 BANSHEEs in late-1952, F4D-1 SKYRAYs in 1956, F-4Js in 1967, F-14s in 1976
continued to fly F-4Js until ?

- - - -
Japan made


made in Japan patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
"Diamonbacks", F-4 Era


1960-70s F-4 Phantom era, 4 5/8", UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

1980s SMILE, BABY!, UnUsed..........(sold)

5 7/8" F-14 Triangle, plastic backing, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Philippine Islands Made

1980s Fighting Squadron-102 "VF-102", 3.5" PI made triangle, UnUsed.....inquire

1980s VF-102 "DIAMONDBACKS!", PI made triangle, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
Partial History
VF-102 DIAMONDBACKS established July 1 1955 Jacksonville, Florida.
Flew McDonnell F2H BANSHEE; 1st cruise was on USS RANDOLPH July 1956.
Transitioned to Douglas F-4D-1 Skyray then to F-4B Phantom IIs in 1960.,
Transitioned to the F-14-A  TOMCATs in June 1981 (both the "vanilla" & TARPS models)
( TARPS = Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System ) fighter squadron performing both roles.
Served in Desert Storm
Transitioned to F/A-18s and Redesignated VFA-102 in 2002; now at Atsugi NAS, Japan
Fighting Squadron-103 (VF-103)

"Sluggers" & "Jolly Rodgers"
- - - -
Fighting Squadron One-Zero-Three by ACE Novelty w/label on back


VF-103 made in Japan, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Most web Sites state the "Sluggers" got F-4 Phantoms near the end of the the Vietnam Era; this "1967 MED Cruise" Spook patch seems to quash that theory.  Plus - I received information from a Veteran, circa 1968-69, that worked on transferring the "nose RADAR gear" from their F-4Bs to the F-4Js.  

VF-103 "FIGHTING 103" "SLUGGERS", 1960s era, RFU, Used.......inquire

Fighting Squadron-103, "SLUGGERS" "MED CRUISE 67" "FIGHT'N 103", F-4 era, Japan made, Unused.......(sold)

- - - -
VF-103 'SLUGGERS' Phantom Phixer


I removed this patch from the pocket of a Blue Deck Jacket dated 1961


- - - -
Asian Made

Left - "SLUGGERS, BABY!", Philippine Islands made, UnUsed.......inquire

2nd - "SLUGGERS, BABY!", Philippine Islands made with sticker on back, UnUsed......inquire

Left - "VF-103!" triangle, PI made, UnUsed.......inquire

Left - "SLUGGERS", PI made, Pelon backing, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
late-1980s to Desert Storm Era

4.5" SLUGGERS, BABY!", plastic back, UnUsed.........inquire

"SLUGGERS", UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
Printed "VF-103" Sluggers

VF-103 "SLUGGERS", printed patch, UnUsed.....(sold)

"SLUGGERS, BABY!", UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
VF-103 Jolly Rodgers

VF-103 TOMCAT, post-1995, UnUsed....inquire

( minor differences from VF-84: Yellow Stars and Tom has a Pirate's Hat )
- - - -
partial History
VF-103 was called Sluggers before it adopted the Jolly Rogers name and symbol in late 1995
First squadron known as the "Jolly Rogers" was VF-17 established January 1 1943 flying Vought F4U Corsairs; VF-17 Disestablished in 1944 (many VF-17 members transferred to VF-84); on April 1 1960 VF-84 was renamed the Jolly Rogers; VF-84 operated until October 1995

VF-103 Sluggers was established in 1952 flying F4U Corsair; transitioned to F9F Cougars; After transitioning to F8U Crusaders the Sluggers teamed-up with VF-102 as part of CVG-10 aboard USS Forrestal; The Sluggers were flying F-4J Phantom IIs by 1967 (see patch above); VF-103 was among the Navy's last fighter squadrons to transition to the Tomcat in January 1983; in 1989 VF-103 transitioned to the F-14B (then the F-14A+);  Flew missions in Desert Storm.
VF-111 (Fighting 111)

- - - -

ID on reverse, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

Arictic Time, Baby!, UnUsed.......inquire

Sundowners, 4 1/2", UnUsed....(sold)

Bombcat, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

short pigtail, UnUsed........inquire

PI made with PELON backing, UnUsed....inquire

short pigtail, 4", UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -

pigtail, UnUsed.....inquire

older plastic back, UnUsed.....inquire

Orange sky, 4", pigtail, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

3 7/8", pigtail, UnUsed.....inquire

PI made, UnUsed.....inquire

short-pigtail, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
VF-111 DeCommissioned in 1995
Fighting Squadron-114 (VF-114)

Greek Motto is "First to Attack"

I spent several hours trying to sort-out the history of the Squadron and the patches they used - I give up!
- - - -
VF-114 (Fighting 114)

 The image is Bellerophon riding the winged horse Pegasus.  


Large patch made in Japan, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

VF-114 "FIGHTING 114", F-4 Phantom II era, 5.25" Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire

"AARDVARKS" F-14 triangle, PI made, UnUsed.......(sold)

         - - - -
Made in Japan, F-4 Phantom II Era

Fighting 114 "TTPWTOL "ET TIHEY", F-4 Phantom II era, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire
VF-114, Large 7" "Vark" from a 1967 Vietnam Cruise aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, F-4 era, UnUsed....(sold)

( see CVA-63  USS Kitty Hawk  patch that came with the "Vark" )

- - - -


- - - -
F-14 Tomcat Era

VF-114 Aardvark, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-114 "ZOTT, BABY!, PI made, Unused.......inquire

VF-114 "ZOTT, BABY!, PI made, right-border puckered at the tailor shop, Unused......inquire

VF-114 Aardvark, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

Pelon backing, UnUsed..........(sold)

Fighting 114, UnUsed....(sold)

Persian Excursion 91  Vark of Arabia (Desert Storm era), UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
End of the line - 1993

VF-114 "Fighting Aardvarks", "Clean Sweep 1987", "Battle E", "CNO S", Admiral Joseph Clifton  Fightertown "MUTHA", UnUsed....(sold)

F-14 Triangle "AARDVARKS", UnUsed.....(sold)

Stand-Down patch, "1942 AARDVARKS 1993", UnUsed...(sold)
- - - -
"1942 AARDVARKS 1993", Aardvark is flying up-side-down

An F-14 Tomcat has it's eye on a pile of burning skulls, UnUsed........inquire

plastic backing, Unused........inquire
- - - -
VF-114, Aardvarks F-14 Tomcat Triangle

- - - -
partial History
VF-192 Redesignated VF-114 ("Executioners") in February 1950
In 1963 VF-114 started using the Aardvark Name and Insignia(I don't know if this was approved)
In 1961 VF-114 transitioned to the McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II
Between 1961 - 1976 VF-114 made a total of five combat cruises to Vietnam, gaining five MiG kills
VF-114 started transitioning to the F-14A Tomcat December 15, 1975
VF-114 Disestablished in April 1993
Fighting Squadron-121 (VF-121)


Established the "TOP GUN" School at Miramar in 1969
- - - -
Older patch

Found with an old TF-77 VF-154 patch


- - - -
Japan made, with "PACEMAKER" on patch


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
VF-121 "PACEMAKER", made in Japan

F-4 Phantom II era in late-1960s


Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

Fighting Squadron One-Twenty-One, circa mid-1950s to early 1960s, dark mark on border around 5:00 o'clock, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Reserve squadron VF-781 Established August 2, 1950
VF-781 served on board USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) with Air Group 102 flying F9F-2B Panthers from May 10, 1951 to December 17, 1951
VF-781's next cruise was on board USS Oriskany (CVA-34) flying with Air Group 102. The Pacemakers flew F9F-5 in Korea from September 15, 1952 to May 18, 1953
VF-781 Re-designated VF-121 on February 4, 1953; flew F9F-6 Cougars and FJ-3 Furys making 3 x cruises to WESTPAC circa mid-1950s
Switched duty to a Fleet Replacement Squadron April 11, 1958
VF-121 started the Naval Fighter Weapons School (TOP GUN) at NAS Miramar, circa early-1969
 Disestablished September 30, 1980
Grumman F6F Hellcat
 Chance-Vought F4U Corsair
 Grumman F9F-2/-5 Panther
 Grumman F9F-6/-8 Cougar, tailcode D
 North American FJ-3 Fury, tailcode D
 McDonnell F3H Demon, tailcode NJ
 Grumman F11F Tiger, tailcode NJ
McDonnell F-4A Phantom II (formerly known as F4H-1, & F4H-1F) December 1960 -
McDonnell F-4B Phantom II, tailcode NJ
 Fighting Squadron-122 (VF-122) (1953 - 1958)

- - - -
VA-122, made in Japan, circa 1954-58

The VF-122 patch without the designator on the bottom border was observed in a 1954 USS Boxer Cruise Book
Last two Cruises were onboard the USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) in 1958


VF-122, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-122 "DEMON DOCTOR", McDonnell F3H-2Ns

Belonged to the same CPO as above VA-122 patch

VF-122 flew the McDonnell F3H-2N Demons


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Other patches in the VF-122 Grouping are Listed on their Respective Pages/Sections:

(Patches/Decals/Drawing sold seperately)

USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) patches

USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) patch and decal

VFP-63 patch and decal

Color drawing of a VAQ-130, DET-4 insignia - anyone know if this design was ever worn?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

partial History for VF-122
Circa 1946 VF-55L (Reserve) was based at North Island NAS, San Diego, California
Circa 1947 VF-55L moved to Los Alamitos, CA
Redesignated VF-783 July 20, 1950
 Called to Active Duty August 2, 1950 and served on the USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) MAY, 1951 - December 1951 flying F4UF-CORSAIRS in CVG-102
Send cruise to Korean Waters was with CVG-102 onboard USS Oriskany (CVA-34) September 1952 - May 1953 flying F9F-F Panthers
VF-783 Redesignated VF-122 (Black Angels) February 4, 1953 and CVG-102 was Redesignated CVG-12 on the same date
VF-122 equipped with McDonnell F3H-2N Demons, date unknow
Short local EASTPAC Cruise onboard CVA-14/CVG-9(NG) August of 1957
WESTPAC Cruise onboard CVA-14/CVG-9(NG) September 16, 1957 - April 25, 1958
VF-122 DisEstablished April 10, 1958 or May 1, 1958

(anyone know more of their history or when VF-122 received their Demon aircraft?)


Fighting Squadron One Twenty Four, 1960s F-8 Crusader era, large 5.75" Japan made, RFU, near-new, Used......(sold)
- - - -
Circa early-1970s to mid-1970s

VF-124 "Gunfighters", 4 5/8" with cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.....(sold)

VF-124 "Gunfighters", cheesecloth backing, Used.......inquire

- - - -

circa early to mid-1970s, gauze backing, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -

Fully-embroidered "Gunfigjhters", similar manufacture to the 1970s patches for the Army and USMC, made by a company in North Carolina(?), UnUsed.......inquire  

VF-124 with plastic-back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

VF-124, 4 1/8" with dark-blue background, paper-backing, UnUsed.........inquire

"Gunfighters" with medium-blue background, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -

VF-124 medium size Triangle, dark-blue background, Taiwan made, UnUsed........(sold)

VF-124 medium size Triangle, medium-blue background, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

VF-124 "F-14" Triangle, Large Yellow-Border 6 1/8", UnUsed........inquire

VF-124 "F-14" Triangle, Large Gray-Border 6", UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
DeCommisioning Patches - 1994

"LAST TIME, BABY...!" "SEPTEMBER 30, 1994", DeCommissioning patch, UnUsed.....inquire

"LAST GUNFIGHTER" "SEPTEMBER 30, 1994", dark-blue, DisEstablishment patch, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -


- - - -
Commissioned VF-53 August 16 1948;
ReDesignated VF-124 at NAS Moffet Field April 11 1958;
Moved to NAS Miramar circa 1971 and received their first F-14A October 8 1972
DisEstablished September 30 1994

- - - -
Made in Japan


blemish below the sword arm along the border, ID'd on reverse, made in Japan, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

VF-142, F-4J Phantom II era, Large 6.75" Japan made, UnUsed........(sold)

VF-142, F-4J Phantom II era, White Border, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
F-14 Tomcat Era

"Ghostriders, Baby!", large 5.25", possibly Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire

VF-142 Battle "E", UnUsed........inquire
( first F-14 Tomcat squadron to win the Battle "E", circa late-1970's )

"Ghostriders, Baby!", older plastic backing, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -

Paper backing F-14 Triangle, 5 1/8", UnUsed......inquire

"Ghostriders" diamond, Unused...(one pictured has sold but I have it's mate)........inquire

VF-142, bullion type thread, paper backing, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History of the “GHOSTRIDERSname
VF-142 “Ghostriders”
Originally Designated VF-193 on August 24, 1948 flying the Grumman F8F Bearcat; first assigned to the USS Yorktown (CVA-10); Re-Equipped with F4U-4 Corsairs in 1950
Deployed twice during the Korean War aboard the USS Princeton (CV-37); Transitioned to the F2H-3 Banshee circa 1953
VF-193 Deployed to WESTPAC aboard the USS Oriskany (CVA-34) from 1953-1955; did another WESTPAC Cruise on the USS Yorktown in 1957
Circa 1957 VF-193 received the McDonnell F3H-2/3 Demon and flew from the USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) for 4 cruises

=============== First VF-142 partial History ================
In October 1953 the first VF-142 was formed from Reserve Squadron VF-791 “FIGHTING REBELS”; squadron's name changed to "FIGHTING FALCONS"
VF-142 flew F9F-6 Cougars and later the F-8A/C Crusaders
June 1, 1962 VF-142 "Fighting Falcons" Re-designated VF-96 "Fighting Falcons"; VF-96 Disestablished December 1, 1975

In October 1963 VF-193 Re-designated VF-142 "GHOST RIDERS"; McDonnell F3H Demons Replaced by McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom IIs
Between May 1964 and May 1968, the VF-142 Ghost Riders made seven deployments to the Pacific in support of the Vietnam War
First 4 tours aboard USS Ranger (CV-61); 3 more Deployments aboard the USS Constellation (CV-64)
In 1969 they transitioned from the F-4B to the F-4J and started cruise onboard the USS Constellation August 11, 1969
In September 1972 the Ghostriders deployed for their 7th, and last, combat deployment to Asia
During the RVN Era the Ghostriders downed two Mig-21’s, one Mig-17 and one AN-2 Colt
Transitioned to the F-14A Tomcat in 1974; Disestablished April 30, 1995
VF-143 (Fighting 143)

"Pukin' Dogs"
  - - - -
Phantom II era

VF-143, F-4 Phantom era, Large (4.75" x 6.5") Japan made patch, UnUsed........(sold)

Fighting 143, F-4 Phantom era, UnUsed.........inquire

  - - - -
Large Fighting-143 "Pukin' Dogs" made in Japan


F-4 era, Unused.......inquire
  - - - -
Tomcat era

Large ( 6" x 4 3/8" = top of wing to bottom of arc ), "Sans Reproache", UnUsed.....inquire

White eye, ( 4 9/16" x 4 13/16" = top of wing to bottom of arc ) UnUsed.....inquire

Fighting 143, ( 4 1/8" x 3" = top of wing to bottom of arc ), UnUsed.....inquire
 - - - -
Tomcat era

4" Pukin' Dogs, UnUsed.....(sold)

Philippine Made "Sans Reproache, Baby!", Unused......inquire

VF-143 with bottom-arc,white-PELON backing, UnUsed.......(sold)

Larger VF-143 with bottom-arc, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

4" Pukin' Dogs, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
VF-143 started out as VF-871 (reserve F-4U-4 Corsair squadron) at NAS Alameda in 1949
VF-781 was redesignated VF-123 and received F9F-2 Panthers in 1953
VF-123 was redesignated VF-53 and transitioned to the F3H Demon in 1958
circa 1958, VF-53 adopted the Winged Black Lion on a Blue Shield
(as squadron lore has it....the design is actually a mythological "Griffin")
In 1962 VF-53 was redesignated VF-143 and transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II
VF-143 did 7 x Vietnam cruises along with sister squadron VF-142 Ghostriders
In 1974 VF-143 transitioned from F-4Js to F-14As

- - - -


Large (6 3/4"), made in Japan, "LINE" "PAUL" "NEVER DULL A-C POLISH", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
F-3B Demons to F-4B Phantom II Era

VF-151, large 5 5/8" Japan made - early to mid-1960s, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

VF-151, Japan made - early to mid-1960s, UnUsed..........inquire

- - - -
Mid-1970s to 1986 era

( F-4N, F-4J, & F-4S eras )

VF-151 (very similar construction to the 1975 era SS Mayaguez patches), does not lay flat(puckered at the maker's shop), UnUsed.......inquire

VF-151, pre-1986, does not lay flat(puckered at the maker's shop), UnUsed.......inquire

ReDesignated VFA-151 June 1 1986 flying F/A-18A Hornets

This design First used by VF-837 and then VF-154; worn by VF-154 until the Black Knight Insignia was designed.
- - - -
See this Patch in the VF-837 Section below
- - - -
Fighting Squadron-154 (VF-154)


Navy records states VF-154 was in CVG-15 onboard the USS Princeton's Korean Cruise circa January 1953 - September 1953


VF-154, Japan made, UnUsed.....inquire
VF-154 (Fighting 154)


"The First Tomcat Squadron in WESTPAC"

( Formerly designated VBF-718, VF-68A, & VF-837 )   
- - - -
Large Japan made VF-154


"Fighting ONE FIVE FOUR", made in Japan, collector ID'd on reverse, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
VBF-718 VF-68A VF-837 VF-154

"1 July 1946 and into the Future"


- - - -
History of the Black Knights, Backpatch

( embroidery is not fuzzy - bad camera work )

9 7/8" (horizontal) "any knight baby", F-14 Tomcat, F-8D Crusader, F-4B/J Phantom, UnUsed....(sold)

( stored in Site-done box )
- - - -
Naval Air Force "E For Battle Readiness"

"The Final Cruise" on USS Independence CV-62 1991-1998

VF-154 Black "Nikons" Multi-Role RECON FIGHTER

4 15/16" (vertical) "E" patch, UnUsed......inquire

The Final Cruise, UnUsed.....inquire

Black Nikon, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

"ANY KNIGHT BABY", UnUsed......inquire

"Black Knights" PI made, UnUsed.....(sold)

"ANY KNIGHT BABY", PI made, UnUsed....inquire

"BLACK KNIGHTS", PI made, UnUsed......inquire

"Black Knights", UnUsed......inquire

"VF 154", PI made, UnUsed.....inquire

"STRIKE FIGHTER", circa 1992, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
VF-154 Black Knights, Persian Gulf & Indian Ocean CRUISE 1992

Ports of Call: "THAILAND, SINGAPORE, ABUOMASI, JAPAN,AUSTRALIA, DUBAI, and HONG KONG", Made in the Philippines Islands, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

"FINAL WESTPAC 2003" "SAYONARA JAPAN 1991-2003", UnUsed......inquire

VF-154 RED F-14 triangle, UnUsed........inquire

"VF-154 TARPS" "CLICK ASS TAKE FRAMES", UnUsed.......inquire

"ANY KNIGHT BABY", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
( see VF-837 below for early history )
VF-154 flew F-4s until transitioning to F-14As starting in October 1983
In September of 2003 the Squadron left Atsugi ending 13 years in Japan and 20 years in the Tomcat
In October 2003 it was redesignated VFA-154 at their new home in Lemoore, California and began transitioning to the F/A-18F Super Hornet


Callsign "Rock River"

( flying F-4s out of Japan )

Fighting One Six One, 4 5/8" Japan made, UnUsed...(sold)

( pre-1986 Atsugi NAS, Japan insignia )

Fighting 161, Phantom II era, Pelon backing, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
pre-1986 era

VF-161 "CHARGERS", (orange lightning bolt), F-4 era, UnUsed.......(sold)

VF-161 "FIGHTING 161", Phantom II era, 5 1/8", UnUsed....(sold)

"LAST PHANTOMS" VF-161 "ROCK RIVERS", UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
VF-161 Recommissioned in 1960 at NAS Cecil Field, Florida flying the McDonnell F3H Demon
moved to NAS Key West in 1961 to stand alert during the Cuban Missile Crisis
transferred again to NAS Miramar, California and Carrier Air Wing Sixteen in 1961
The Chargers transitioned to the McDonnell F-4B Phantom II and transferred to CVW-15
Squadron did 6-7 SEA tours and downed several MIGs
On 11 September 1973 they left NAS Alameda with the Midway and CVW-5 for their new homeport of Yokosuka, Japan.
In summer of 1977 the squadron exchanged their F-4N's for the F-4J
The squadron transitioned to the F-4S between December 1980 and February 1981
VF-161 flew off the Midway for the last time on 24 March 1986
This marked the end of an era as this was the last time an F-4 Unit was to operate from a carrier
The Chargers reported to NAS Lemoore for transitioning to the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet
ReDesignated VFA-161 and Reassigned to COMLATWINGPAC July 1 1986
Fighting Squadron One-Six-Two (VF-162)



Made in Japan, UnUsed.....inquire


( flew F-4Js from 1977 to 1984 )

Fighting One Seven One, 1970s F-4 Phantom II era, UnUsed.......inquire

( F-4 Phantom IIs from 1977 to 1984 )

Fighting-171, pre-1984, 5" Taiwan made, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
In January 1976, VF-101 assumed the additional role of training F-14 aircrews and maintenance personnel
while concurrently maintaining its traditional role as the Atlantic Fleet F-4J Readiness Squadron
In support of this requirement VF-101's ranks increased to over 1,200 personnel
In June, VF101 started it's first class in support of VF-41/84's Transition from F-4N PHANTOM II to the F-14A TOMCAT

VF-101 split into two Readiness Squadrons on August 5 1977:
VF-101 was designated as the East Coast F-14 FRS
VF-171 was designated as the F-4 Fighter Readiness Squadron (FRS)
VF-171 was Disestablished in June 1984
Fighting Squadron One-Seven-Three (VF-173)

- - - -
Pilot's Grouping - very clean patches - were displayed underglass

FITRON-173 & COMCARAIRGRU-17 onboard the USS Roosevelt circa mid-to-late 1950s

Other Squadrons on the Group patch are the VA-173 "THUNDERBOLTS" and VF-13 "NIGHT CAPPERS"
The Road Runner looks like VA-36 but it is not listed on the 3 cruises of the Roosevelt in the late-1950s.

( His USNA Lucky Bag 1954 Class Book (#3507CA-A) is listed on the Navy Main Page, BOOK Section )

( See VF-62 and VA-153 for other patches from this Grouping )

VF-173, made in Japan, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

CVG-17 "SEMPER LOOSE", made in Japan, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

( also linked from the CVG-17 page )
VF-191 (Fighter Squadron 191),

"Satan's Kittens"
- - - -

Older Japan made insignia, I think they were onboard the USS Princeton in CVG-19 on a Korean Cruise circa 1950 -1952 flying F9F-2s.

Maybe used as a novelty patch for Night Fighters with the dark blue disc and the full moon(?).

Anyone know what the broken brick wall and the arrow with the enlisted chevrons used as fletching signify?


RFU, Used....inquire
- - - -
"Fighting-191", circa early 1950s

The Blue Angels Display Team was incorporated into VF-191 at start of the Korean War

patch came from the "BURNS" collection, UnUsed......(sold)
( mis-ID'd on the back - I can find no evidence that this unit was ever associated with a "VF-797" squadron )
- - - -
Large VF-191 made in Japan

the yellow colors are darker then depicted in this scan, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
VF-191 Satan's Kittens last Cruise

CVW-15's Cruise onboard USS Coral Sea (CV-43) circa 1977 flying Phantoms

VF-191 was disestablished March 1, 1978


U.S. made patch, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

( several patches ( see list below )  from this Aviator's Grouping are listed on the site )
- - - -
partial History for the Korean War era
The Blue Angels Display Team formed-up with VF-191 to form a Jet Squadron at the outbreak of the Korean War.
The Blue Angels flew F9F-2Bs(I don't know what aircraft VF-191 was flying-I assume it was F9F-2Bs(?))
VF-191 joined Task Force-77 onboard the USS Princeton (CV-37)
After Korea, CVG-19 flying the F9F-6 (Panthers) Cruised onboard USS Oriskany (CV-34) circa 1953 - 1956

Now we jump to 1977 for more partial History of VF-191
CV-15's WESTPAC Cruise from February 15, 1977 to October 5, 1977 onboard the USS CORAL SEA (CV-43) with these Squadrons:
VF-191 (*) Satan's Kittens............F-4J........listed
 VF-194 (*) Red Lightnings...........F-4J........listed
VA-22 Fighting Redcocks...........A-7E........listed
VA-94 Shrikes...........A-7E........listed
VA-95 Green Lizards...........A-6E/KA-6D........listed
VAW-114 Hormel Hogs...........E-2B........listed
VFP-63 DET-3 Eyes of the Fleet...........RF-8G........listed
 HC-1 DET-4 Pacific Fleet Angels...........SH-3G........listed
VQ-1 Detachment World Watchers...........EA-3B
(*) disestablished March 1, 1978

"Golden Dragons"

and later know as the "World Famous Golden Dragons" (see below verbage for reason)
- - - -
VF-192 Korean War era

Fighting-192 made in Japan circa early-1950s


A Rare, LARGE, "Golden Dragons" patch in New Condition, UnUsed.....(sold)

- - - -
Modern Reproduction of the 1950 - 1955 insignia of VF-192

5.75" Reproduction of the 1950 - 1955 Korean War era design, UnUsed.....inquire
( could be a ReUnion or Party Patch for the current VA/VFA-192 aircrews on Friday Night at the club )
- - - -
partial History of VF-192
 VF-151 Redesignated VF-192 August 8, 1950; a Dragon and Aircraft Carrier insignia design was Adopted in 1950
In 1953 VF-192 gained world fame by being featured in two films: "The Bridges of Toko Ri" and "Men of the Fighting Lady" onboard  USS ORISKANY (CVA 34)
VF-192 Redesignated VA-192 June 21, 1956; a revised Dragon patch was Adopted ( see  VA-192  )
VA-192 Redesignated VFA-192 January 10, 1985

Air Group, Carrier, Aircraft, and Cruises:
CVG-19 onboard CV-21 flying F8F-2 (Bearcats) on a 1950 WESTPAC Cruise
CVG-19 onboard CV-37 flying F4U-4 (Corsairs) on a 1950 - 1951 WESTPAC/Korea Cruise
CVG-19 onboard CV-37 flying  F4U-4 (Corsairs) on a 1952 WESTPAC/Korea Cruise
CVG-19 onboard CVA-34 flying F9F-5 (Panthers) on a 1953 - 1954  WESTPAC Cruise
03-02-55 to 09-21-55 - CVG-19 onboard CVA-34 flying F9F-5 (Panthers) on a 1955 WESTPAC Cruise
Fighting 193 (VF-193)


See VF-142 for post-October 1963 yellow-patch era "GHOSTRIDERS" - - Blue GHOSTRIDERS patches correspond to VF-193's BLUE Aircraft markings


VF-193, 6 3/4", (mis-identified "VF 142" on back), UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History of the VF-193 “Ghostriders”
Designated VF-193 August 24, 1948 flying the Grumman F8F Bearcat; first assigned to the USS Yorktown (CVA-10)
Re-Equipped with F4U-4 Corsairs in 1950
Deployed twice during the Korean War aboard the USS Princeton (CV-37)
Transitioned to the F2H-3 Banshee circa 1953
Deployed to WESTPAC aboard the USS Oriskany (CVA-34) from 1953-1955; did another WESTPAC Cruise on the USS Yorktown in 1957
Circa 1957 VF-193 received the McDonnell F3H-2/3 Demon and flew from the USS Bon Homme Richard (CVA-31) for 4 cruises
In October 1963 VF-193 Re-designated VF-142 "GHOST RIDERS"

see above for VF-142 "GHOST RIDERS" partial History
Fighting 194 (VF-194)

- - - -
made in Japan

lightning bolt measures 7 3/8", Japan made, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -

6 3/4" across lightning bolt, made in PI, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
VF-194 post-November 1986 era flying F-14s

Tomcat "Red Lightning Dictum Factum, Baby!", 4 1/8", UnUsed......(sold)

VF-194, F-14A squadron, Taiwan made, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
 flying F-14 Tomcats


older plastic backing, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

Fighting Squadron One Nine Four, 6.75", UnUsed.......(sold)

VF-194 "RED LIGHTNING" "DICTUM FACTUM", UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial VF-194 History
VF-194 and sister squadron VF-191 were the two shortest lived F-14 squadrons in history (16 months(?))
Dis-established March 1, 1978
ReEstablished December 1, 1986 flying F-14As; DisEstablished 1988 ( Month of disestablishment unknown )

Information from a Veteran of the Squadron:
"I was in VF-194 from the pre-commissioning period until I was transfered  in May 1988. I don't know the actual disestablishment date but most everyone was gone by May-June. " (email 100228)

( Month of disestablishment uncertain......if you know the date, let me know and I will add it )


"TOMCAT", UnUsed.......inquire

Fighter Squadron 201, the changeover from F-4s to F-14s, circa 1987, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
planes look like F-4s(?)

Larger VF-201, UnUsed.....(sold)

Merrowed-edge, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -

"HUNTERS" F-14 triangle, UnUsed.....(sold)


VF-202 says Goodbye to the F-4 Phantom II, UnUsed......inquire

5 x Variations of the "FIGHTING 202", UnUsed.....inquire
Fighting Squadron-211 (VF-211)


VF-211's Heritage is intermingled with VF-24
ReDesignated VFA-211 in 2005 and Transitioned to the F/A-18F Super Hornets
( see VA/VFA page for patches )
- - - -
Larger Fighting 211, made in Japan


Japan made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

A+, UnUsed.......inquire

"Fighting Checkmates", 3 3/4", UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

Operation Southern Watch, WESTPAC 1993, USS Nimitz, CVW-9, UnUsed.......inquire

larger,  4 1/2", UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

cut-edge, UnUsed.......inquire

merrowed-edge with 2 x pigtails, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -


50th Anniversary 1945 - 1995, 4 1/2", UnUsed.......inquire

Fighting Squadron 213 (VF-213)
- - - -
Admiral's VF-213 patch

The Veteran was the Commander of the WESTPAC Cruise on the USS Kitty Hawk in 1966-1967.
I saw his Flight Suit with Name Tag and CAG patch.


Large Japan made, minor dark stain to the left of his tail, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

4 1/2", UnUsed.....inquire

blue/yellow "VF-213" "TOMCAT", UnUsed....inquire

Yellow trimmed Black Lion, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -

older plastic back F-14 with pigtail, UnUsed........inquire

5 1/8" silver F-14 triangle, UnUsed.....inquire

early "F-14" patch, was handsewn to a jacket (never washed), Used....(sold)

Yellow/Black F-14 triangle, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
Unusual higher-quality PI made patch

Philippine Islands made, UnUsed.....inquire

3 7/8", was handsewn to a jacket (probably washed once?), Used....inquire
- - - -

large PI made VF-213, CVW-11, USS Enterprise 1989 - 1990 World Tour, must have earned an "E" award on the cruise, one of the better PI patches I have seen, UnUsed......(sold)

F-14 "BLACKLIONS" triangle, PI made, UnUsed......inquire

"Devil's Disciples"

Medium size, maybe one of the early 1970s insignia, F-8 or F-4 era(?), North Asian made(?), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........(sold)

VF-301 Red Devil, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

Large Devil insignia, UnUsed.....(sold)

"VF-301" "GIV'EM HELL BABY", F-14 era, PI made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

Medium "GIV'EM HELL BABY", UnUsed......(sold)

DeCommissioning patch, October 1970 to October 1994, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
VF-301 Stood-Up in the USNR October 1, 1970 flying the F-8 Crusader, at NAS Miramar;
re-equipped with F-4Bs in 1974, then received F-4Ns in February 1975;
Got the F-4S model in 1980; equipped with F-14As in October 1984
Disestablished September 11, 1994
Fighting Squadron 302 (VF-302)

Callsign "STALLIONS"
- - - -

- - - -

Fighting 302, pre-1994, UnUsed......inquire

VF-302, pre-1994, Unused.....inquire
- - - -
Established May 21, 1971 with F-8L Crusaders; Assigned to Reserve Carrier Air Wing 30 (CVWR-30, tail code "ND")
transitioned to F-4B Phantom IIs in November 1973
transitioned to F-4N Phantom IIs in January 1975
transitioned to F-4S Phantom IIs in 1981
 transitioned to F-14As in February 1985
Disestablished September 11, 1994
Fighting Seven Two Five

circa 1964 - 1968

 pre-July 1964 design

VF-725 (widest point 3 7/8", disc is 3"), UnUsed......inquire

VF-725, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

Redesignated VA-725, July 1964
Redesignated VA-8, July 1968
VF-837/154, flew F9Fs Panthers in Korean War

Formerly Designated VFB-718 & VF-68A; Later Redesignated VF-154

UnCommon - Large Patch

Black Panther with a flaming-butt, UnUsed.......(SOLD)

- - - -
partial History
Designated VFB-718 July 1, 1946 based at NAS New York flying F6F Hellcats in the Naval Reserve.
Transitioned to F4U Corsairs; Redesignated VF-68A and then VF-837.
 Relocated to NAS Moffett Field, California.
Re-Equipped with F9F-2 Panthers they boarded the USS Antietam (CV-36) for their first Combat Cruise to Korea.
On February 4, 1953 while enroute to Korea again onboard the USS Princeton (CV-37) VF-837 was ReDesignated VF-154.
Patch Design was later changed to the "Black Knight".
Fighting Squadron 1485 (VF-1485)

"Fighting FUBIJARs"

- - - -


VF-1485, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
Merrowed-edge VF-1485


F-14 superposed on Flag, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
I assume VF-1485 was Established in 1984(?)
VF-1485 was an augment unit at NAS Miramar under the control of NARDET, Miramar in the 1980s (maybe early '90s(?)).
VF-1485 consisted of pilots, NFOs and possible some maintenance troops that provided support to VF-124

( NOTE: until 1984 there was a VF-1285 at Miramar that flew with VF-301 and VF-302 in their F-4s;
VF-1285 was disbanded when VF-301 & VF-302 Transitioned to the F-14 Tomcats in 1984 )

Another version of their History
VF-1285 flew VF-301 or VF-302 aircraft; DisEstablished prior to VF-301/VF-302's stand-downs; Assets of VF-301/302/1285 used to form VF-1485
Related Items
- - - -
CVLG-58 (later CVLG-1)
The Navy site indicates this design was approved for VT-58 on July 1, 1946 (I have doubts on this ID?)
CVLG-58 served aboard the USS Saipan (CVL-58) with 2 squadrons:
VF-58 (later VF-1L) flying Grumann Hellcats and Bearcats
VT-58 (later VA-1L) flying Grumann Avengers
This could be one of the first Combo/Gaggle patches(??)
listed on GROUP/WING page
- - - -
Naval Aviation Observer's Wing for Navigators

authorized from 31 March, 1945 to 18 March, 1947
Worn by Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and WAVE Navigators

click on picture for details


Flying: Jackets, Caps (with/without Insignia), Helmets, Caps, Survival Maps/Kits, & etc.

WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam to 1975 Eras: Many items = ask


If you have an extra jacket or cap contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

UI/Mystery items

- - - -
235.  "TIGERS III", Japan made, maybe for a F11F(F11 after 1961), VA-165, Blue Angels, or ?

( for additional details - see UI/Mystery Item page )
- - - -
Know the ID of this patch?


Great looking patch - anyone know what unit or system used it?

click on picture for details
- - - -
If you know some info on the above items, contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  

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Viewers disregard this section:
VF-154, "Black Knights", 5.75", very-thin construction, thread and backing are "pinkish", Used...(sold)
VF (N)-77
Fighting Squadron (Night) 77, 1960s era Japan made, Stained and puckered, UnUsed..(sold)
Fighting 92
"Silver Kings"

VF-92, Japan made, 1960s F-4 Phantom Era, removed from a "shiny" Indian Orange Flight Suit,  Used.......(sold)
(neck label had been removed from the suit so I don't know the nomenclature;
looked similar to a MIL-C-5390 Flight Suit, had Velcro waist adjusters and everything else was zippered)
Vietnam Era VF-92 Grouping (sold)
Left three Tabs are Cut-edge: GUAM, PHILIPPINES, & WAKE, RFU, Used..
VF-92 Silver Kings 20th Anniversary patch "1952 Korea  1972 Vietnam", RFU, Used
  right 3 Tabs are Merrowed-edge: VIET NAM, OKINAWA, HONG KONG, & HAWAII, RFU, Used
7 3/4" x 9" Japan made, "SCOTCH" "VODKA" "SAN MIQUEL", Removed from Uniform(RFU), Used
( Grouping has SOLD )
F-8 Crusader and F-4 Phantom II Eras
Fighting Three One Two, large 5.75", UnUsed......(sold)
1960-70s F-4 Phantom era, 4 5/8", UnUsed........(sold)
1980s F-14 era, UnUsed........(sold)
Callsign  "Hellcat"
( circa December 1986 to April 1988 )
Bottom left - VF-191 "FIGHTER SQUADRON 191", cut-edge, gauze backing, UnUsed...(sold)
Top center - Fighting-191, plastic back with pigtail, UnUsed......(sold)
Large patch - Fighting One Nine One, 6.25", minor stain by his right foot, UnUsed........(sold)- - - -
VF-191 History
VF-191 and sister squadron VF-194 were the two shortest lived F-14 squadrons in history (16 months(?))
The original VF-191 took part in: WWII, Korea, & Vietnam
After Vietnam VF-191 continued operations with the F-8 Crusader until 1976; then Transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II
 VF-191 was Disestablished in 1978
ReEstablished December 4 1986; after training with VF-124 and readied to deploy onboard the USS Independence
(as part of CVW-10) VF-191 was DisEstablished, before the cruise could take place, in April 30, 1988
from a Veteran:
"Decommissioned April 30, 1988.  I left VF-191 May 7, 1988 and there were about 10 others in the squadron at the time.  Cdr Sears was the C.O. of the only period of 191 F-14 era."
( Month of disestablishment uncertain......let me know the history and I will add it )
"Be-Devilers", older twill with cheesecloth backing, probable F-4N era, UnUsed.......(sold)
VF-74, 4 5/8" with gauze backing, UnUsed.......(sold)
Blue Angels Factory Presentation Mug
Naval Air Training Command
McDonnell Douglas - Northrup - General Electric - Hughes Aircraft
Frosted Beer Mug 5.5" tall, UnUsed.....(All have Sold)
( several patches (see list below)  from this Aviator's Grouping are listed on this site )
partial History for the Cruise of 1977
CV-15's  WESTPAC Cruise from February 15, 1977 to October 5, 1977 onboard the USS CORAL SEA (CV-43) with these Squadrons:
VF-191 (*) Satan's Kittens............F-4J........listed
 VF-194 (*) Red Lightnings...........F-4J........listed
VA-22 Fighting Redcocks...........A-7E........listed
VA-94 Shrikes...........A-7E........listed
VA-95 Green Lizards...........A-6E/KA-6D........listed
VAW-114 Hormel Hogs...........E-2B........listed
VFP-63 DET-3 Eyes of the Fleet...........RF-8G........listed
 HC-1 DET-4 Pacific Fleet Angels...........SH-3G........listed
VQ-1 Detachment World Watchers...........EA-3B
(*) disestablished March 1, 1978
CVW-15's Cruise onboard USS Coral Sea (CV-43) circa 1977 flying RF-8G Crusaders
Grand Slammers to Black Knights
"VBF-718 VF-68A VF-837 VF-154, 1 July 1946 and into the Future"
United States Navy Fighter Weapons School - Novelty Patch
"500 COMBAT FREE MISSIONS" "INSTRUCTOR", 1970s era Patch from Miramar, NAS's Top Gun School 4.25" U. S. made with cheescloth backing material, not-a-common patch, UnUsed.......(sold)
Possbile "B" DET or Section of VF-21 (?)
currently listed as UI#259 and on the UI/Mystery page
Possibile a 1950s "B" Section/DET of VF-21 (Fighter Squadron TWENTY-ONE) as they were known as the "Mach Busters" and "Mach Knockers"...(SOLD)
4 3/8", made in Vietnam in the 1990s,PELON backing with Vietnamese language newsprint underneath, UnUsed.......(sold)
probably made on Taiwan, 1980-90s, UnUsed......(sold)
"Approved" insignia circa late-1960s, United States Navy Fighter Weapons School.....(SOLD)
partial History for F-4J era
CV-15's  WESTPAC Cruise from February 15, 1977 to October 5, 1977 onboard the USS CORAL SEA (CV-43) with these Squadrons:
VF-191 (*) Satan's Kittens............F-4J........listed
 VF-194 (*) Red Lightnings...........F-4J........listed
VA-22 Fighting Redcocks...........A-7E........listed
VA-94 Shrikes...........A-7E........listed
VA-95 Green Lizards...........A-6E/KA-6D........listed
VAW-114 Hormel Hogs...........E-2B........listed
VFP-63 DET-3 Eyes of the Fleet...........RF-8G........listed
 HC-1 DET-4 Pacific Fleet Angels...........SH-3G........listed
VQ-1 Detachment World Watchers...........EA-3B
(*) disestablished March 1, 1978
VF-33, KW Era
Fighting Squadron-61 (VF-61) "JOLLY ROGERS"  circa 1950s
RFU (was handsewn), never washed, a fabric blemish runs vertical to the right of the skull/bones, Used......(relisted with the older VF-61)
VF-837 "BELLICOSE GATORS" ( later Redesignated VF-154 )
This is probably a Re-Union or a VF-154 "morale" patch as VF-837 was Redesignated VF-154 in 1953  (formerly UI#361)
This is NOT a pre-1953 patch in my estimation, long pigtail, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......(removed from site)