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 Brown Water Navy

52 River Assault Division

RAD-52 "TUAN GIANG", Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

514th River Assault Division ( RIVDIV-514 ), Vietnam made, Unused.....(sold)

River Assault Division One Eleven (RAD-111)



Made in USA, UnUsed........(sold)
RAD-112, River Assault Division 112


UnCommon patch - Made in USA


USA made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Hard to find Japan made RAD-112


Japan made River Raiders
Task Force-117 

 TF-117, multicolor Vietnam made Pocket patch, Unused.....(sold)

TF-117, Vietnamese made Beret Flash, UnUsed.....inquire

River Division 513


RIVDIV 513, Vietnam made, UnUsed........(sold)
515th River Assault Division

521st River Assault Division

RAD-515, Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire

RAD-521, "DELTA TUAN GIANG", Vietnam made, UnUsed.....(sold)
522nd River Section, "PBR NUMBER ONE"


 made in Japan, liquid stain in the upper-right of shield, UnUsed........inquire
River Assault Division 532


532nd River Division "PBR", Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire
543rd River Division Grouping


From a Veteran's Estate - the  543rd RIVDIV was made in Japan

 543rd RIVDIV made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire

Vietnam made Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam (NAGV), black spot on the flag under the "G", other black spots are threads, UnUsed.......inquire

Vietnam Cambodia War Games Participant, made in the RVN, UnUsed.......inquire

551st River Assault Division



 RAD-551, Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire
River Assault Division 554

RIVDIV-554, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

571st & 572nd River Assault Divisions

RAD-571 "PBR NUMBER ONE", Vietnam made, UnUsed.........(sold)

River Assault Division 572, Vietnamese made, UnUsed.........(sold)

River Assault Division 573

593 River Assault Division

RAD-573, Vietnam made, UnUsed..(sold)

RAD-593 "PBR USN", Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

594 River Assault Division


RAD-594 "VIET NAM  PBR  RIVER RIDERS", Japan made, UnUsed......inquire
 15th River Assault Squadron

15th River Squadron "QUAERITATIS PORTAMUS  RIVRON XV  MEDKONG DELTA", Japan made, UnUsed........inquire

15th RAS-15, Japan made, UnUsed......inquire



I think this is an uncommon patch


made in USA, depicts an Octopus doing many jobs, UnUsed.....inquire
Operation Sea Float

Tran Hung Dao III

( Operation Sea Float name changed to "Solid Anchor" and based ashore at Nam Can )

small Beret Flash

Operation "SEA FLOAT" "Trun Hung Dao III" beret Flash made in Vietnam, UnUsed...inquire

(  check this link for more info   http://www.history.navy  dot  mil/seairland/chap4.htm  )
 "Giant Sling Shot" Operation

Rare hand-embroidered Brown Water Navy Patch

Task Group 194.9, Tran Hung Dao II  Giant Sling Shot, Vietnamese made, UnUsed........inquire


partial History
(Operation Sea Lords (Southeast Asia Lake, Ocean, River and Delta Strategy) was initiated in October 1968 using the assets of: Market Time, Game Warden, & Mobile Riverine Force.  Codename Tran Hung Dao for operating along the waterway complex of the Cambodian Border and Codename Giant Slingshot for operating on the waterways around the Parrot's Beak)  

( see  RAS-15 Beret   above )
- - - -

Task Group 1949, Tran Hung Dao II  Giant Sling Shot, Vietnamese Beercan, 90% Condition...(Sold)
USS Garrett County (AGP-786) (formerly LST-786)

"TOUJOURS FIDELE" = Always Faithful

Helicopter Attack Squadron(Light)-3 (HAL-3) SEAWOLFs, DETs 3 and 6 (UH-1B Huey gunships) Assigned to the Garrett County.


Served as a Patrol Craft Tender in the Brown Water Navy in the Mekong Delta, UnUsed.......inquire

( link on SHIPS page )
- - - -
Later partial History
Transferred to the Vietnamese Navy, Renamed "RVNS Can Tho (HQ-801)"; sailed to the Philippines after the fall of Saigon
Transferred to the PI Navy, Renamed "BRP Kalinga Apayao (LT-516)"
Command and Communications Boat


CCB-151 1  "RAT PAC #15"  "LIQUIDATORS  MEKONG DELTA  SOC-MAW", Vietnam made, UnUsed.....inquire  

( Boat assigned to: Task Force-117, River Assault Squadron-15, River Assault Division-151 )
( Soc-Maw probably equals "Sac Mau" with accents over the "As" )  
 USS Advance (MSO-510)

"Packard Power", 5 5/8", UnUsed......Inquire

( purchased from a Navy Lieutenant's estate who had served in the 1968-71 Era )
- - - -
partial History
USS Advance (AM-510/MSO-510) was an Acme-class minesweeper
The sixth ship to be named Advance by the Navy, MSO-510 was laid down  28 June 1955 at Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Launched 12 July 1956;
Commissioned 16 June 1958
  Decommissioned In December 1970
Struck from the Navy list before 31 December 1976

 USS Advance did 5 Combat  tours in Vietnam Waters, starting in 1965 and ending in 1970
Participated in 4 x Operation Market Time Patrols
Advance (MSO-510) earned five battle stars during the Vietnam War
Delta Queen (YFR-890)

I found one reference that it was a "Refrigerated Covered Lighter (S-P)", I assume the "S-P" means self-propelled(?).

Ran supplies in the Delta up to Vinh Long, Can Tho, My Tho, and etc.


small 2 13/16"(V) (Disc = 2 1/2"), made in Vietnam, possibly a beret Flash(?), UnUsed......inquire
USS Sumter (LST-1181)

"The Gamecock"
- - - -
Large 6 1/4"

Fully-embroidered, UnUsed......inquire

partially embroidered on white twill, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
partial History
Brown Water Navy Support ship; earned 2 Battle Stars for Vietnam Service
APL-55 (later YRBM-18)

Flags read: "Coast Guard WPB-11" and "Swift Boats Coastal Division-11"


I see references that it was aka "Apple-55"


Made in Japan, light soiling from storage, UnUsed.......inquire
USS Tutuila (ARG-4), Master-at-Arms with a Whip

"Big Daddy Roth" style patch - made in Vietnam

Supported Operation Market Time and other jobs in the RVN

He must be a "Junior MAA as he only has 4 tails on his "cat-o-nine-tails".


"MAA"(Master-at-Arms), the 2nd "A" is not finished, maker's blemish near that "A" in the base twill material, maker's black spots on red band near the border, border-pucker near bottom of patch, UnUsed.......inquire

( also a link from the SHIPS page )
 3506BA - "Purple" Utility Cap

Cap issued by the RVN Navy


Navy "Purple Material" Cap, stamped size 57, New-with-storage-marks......(sold)

( I am told that some "Brown Water" Navy personnel wore a cap like this )

( also on RVN and Headgear pages )
Brown Water Navy Veteran's Liberty Cuffs

minor wear on the left cuff(on the pressed-seam), metallic-looking thread, high-quality (Japan or Hong Kong?), cuffs are still on the jumper material as is the owner's label, Used.....(sold)

( stored in Brown Water Navy box )

 Coastal Items

I am not sure who ran these outfits - some of them have very little info on the web.

You might check the Coast Guard page for other Coastal units

USCG Squadron-3
- - - -
 1967 Grouping from Vietnam Service

their First Deployment to Vietnam

United States Coast Guard Squadron Three , Japan made, 1967 deployment to Vietnam, UnUsed.....(sold)


"69" "BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS", Japan made, found with USCG Squadron-3 Vets Grouping, UnUsed.........inquire
( the good-old-days....cost 300 Yen )

( from same Veteran as the Miami Beach Station, Cutter White Holly,
& USCG Cutter Laurel (WLB-291), "Rockland, Maine" Patches )
  - - - -
USCG Squadron Three from a USCGC Rush (WHEC-723) Grouping

Made in Japan


"VIETNAM 1967" Japan made, UnUsed......inquire
Coastal Flotilla IV


Coastal Flotilla IV, AT-159, Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

No solid History on this patch
Very minor references to either of these descriptors.  
AT-159 is mentioned 4-5 times on the net but it is not identified.
AT-159 is associated with a Naval Advisory Group, possibly working out of An Thoi?
"Coastal Flotilla IV" may be "4th Coastal Zone"?
Coastal Division 13



"Cat-lo, Vietnam", made in Vietnam, glue residue under yellow paper, UnUsed.....inquire
PCF Division-105, 'WE CAN HACK IT'

50-foot Swift Fast Patrol Craft(PCF) formed the backbone of the Navy's Coastal Surveillance Force in Operation Market Time patrols armed with .50-caliber machine guns and an 81mm.

Division-105 was based at Qui-Nhon, I believe they were part of Coastal Flotilla-1.


Made in Japan, UnUsed......inquire
WWII & Other Units
 WWII Naval Amphibious Force - First Design

1st Pattern of Naval AMPHIB Force patch, UnUsed......inquire

poster-board residue on back, came from the "Green Collection", UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
WWII Seabee Radioman's Rank

for his Khaki Marine Dress Uniform

WW2 era Wool Chevrons on Khaki cotton material, UnUsed......(sold)

( also on USMC Divisional patch page )
- - - -
WWII Navy Corpsman's Rank for Marine Forest Green Uniform

Mirrored Pair of Navy Rank for wear while serving with the USMC as a Medic

Original "Ceiling" price tag from Harry S. Wosk's store in San Diego, California dated 1-45

Pair of mirrored 2nd Class Petty Officer's Rank, UnUsed.........inquire

Pair of mirrored 1st Class Petty Officer's Rank, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on USMC Divisional patch page )
- - - -
WWII Naval Amphibious Force - 2nd Design

- - - -
Lighter-than-Air (Dirigible) Sleeve Patch


Air Ship "Qualification" insignia embroidered on wool, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
Parachute Riggers Sleeve badge


white, older badge, RFU, Used.......inquire

blue wool, older badge, UnUsed.......inquire

white, UnUsed.......inquire

blue wool, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
3506BD - WWII Japanese Navy Doily

21"+ wide X 12 1/2" vertical

3506BD - WWII Japanese DOILY, minor-foxing (= small brown spots), I don’t think it was ever used, New-with-storage-marks, NWSM......(sold)

see below for a  translation of the above poem
( I have done some changing but I think the general meaning is there )

The origin to three flows.
The origin means The true spirits.
The three flows are Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
The blood (a symbol of sacrificing your own life to the country) for the country.
The sweat (a symbol of hard work) for your family.
The tears (a symbol of Mercy and Kindness) for your comrades and friends.

This poem was a motto of the JIGEN-Ryu Samurais.
Also a Navy officer, Murakami Arashi, (8th Chief Commander of Yokosuka Navy Engineer School) wrote this poem to Yokosuka Navy Base. Since then this poem has became a very Patriotic motto for Navy students.

USN WWII Distinguishing Mark for Minesweeper Personnel


"cuff insignia" for Minesweeper Personnel, never authorized for wear, embridered on black wool(felt), UnUsed.....inquire

(was listed as part of UI#305)
Naval Aerial Gunnery School (NAGS) in Hollywood, Florida
A Walt Disney WW2 design
see on Navy Aircraft/Schools page

Naval Construction Units
WWII Construction Battalions (CB) Insignia


Seabees, UnUsed......inquire
3506BR - WWII SEABEE Sweetheart Pillow Cases

 from one family, includes a 48-star U. S. Flag

3506BR - WWII Seabee Grouping of 3 x PILLOW COVERS & small U.S. FLAG:  
printed 48-Star Flag
Embroidered with CB bee with rope edge
Camp Rousseau Port Hueneme, California
Camp Thomas NABD, Davisville, RI
All in New Condition (probably the cleanest Pillow cases I have ever owned), UnUsed....inquire

6724C - SEABEE Veteran's WW2 Navy Fatigue Shirt


partial History
CBMU-517 was assigmed tp the 5th Naval Construction Brigade
CBMU-517 formed at Camp Peary; transferred to Gulf Port, Mississippi; Shipped Overseas October 1, 1943 arriving in Funafuti December 30, 1943.
Arrived at Tillotson Cove, Russell Islands October 1, 1944; Departed the Russells Islands October 21, 1944; Arrived at Leyte, Philipines Islands December 22, 1944; Moving on to Guiuan, Samar, via small craft December 24 1944. The 517th sailed from Samar April 27, 1945 arriving at Ulithi on May 3, 1945.

CBMU-517 = Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit - 517

6724C - 38, WWII USN HBT 3-pocket Utility shirt stamped "U.S.N." on Pocket, Stamped in Nack: “38 CONTRACT NO. NXSX-40878” (From data I have collected on NXSX contract numbers I would put this shirt circa late-1943), back neatly stencilled in large Yellow letters: "RATLEYS RANGERS CBMU 517", rust/etc. stains(see picfiles), Excellent Color (washed 2-3 times?), minor wear, Used.......inquire

Chest = 42+
Shoulder seam to seam = 20 ½+
Sleeve = 33+
Back = 28+

Navy Contract number stamped in neck = late-1943

Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit -101

CBMU-101 was located at K-3 airfield near Pohang-dong, Korea (see history below)
(another source states that K-3 was at Yongil-man (Geijitsu-wan))

Partial "Bullion" patch made by New Itami Studio in Japan

Korean(1st and 4th) and Chinese(2nd and 3rd) characters = "Republic of Korea"


"F. M. A. W." (First Marine Air Wing), "C.B.M.U. No. 101",  Bullion style thread: bullets, his cap and wings, Japan made, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
CBD-1804 (Construction Battalion Detachment-1804) Organized in 1951 at Atsugi, Japan, where MCB-2 was at the time (I assume MCB-2 provided the personnel?).
CBD-1804 Deployed to K-3, Pohang-dong, Republic of Korea(ROK or South Korea) in October 1951 by ship; then flown to K-3 via USMC aircraft.
CBD-1804 Redesignated CBMU-1 in July 1952; Re-designated CBMU-101 in 1953
CBMU-101 detachments were stationed at other "K" airfields.

First Marine Air Wing(1st MAW or F.M.A.W.) flying Corsairs and AD's was located at K-13 at Suwon, Korea
SEABEE Tape with SeaBee insignia, made in Japan

small stain on top-left border, well made insignia, UnUsed.......inquire

"SEABEES" with 'Picasso' style Face


UnUsual Bee, Japan made, UnUsed.......inquire
Navy Construction Action Team-12, Naval Forces Vietnam

All items removed from an OG-107 Utility Shirt - rescued from a rag-mill many years ago.

Sold as a GROUP ONLY

scanned at 240dpi

NAVCAT-12 patch, "CBMU 302" arc (scrapbook residue on back), and "U. S. Navy", Patch & Tape made in Vietnam, RFU, Used.......inquire

Navy Amphibious Construction Battalion Two (CB-2)


Seabee patch with gauze backing, RFU, puckered from washing, Used......inquire
Petty Officer 3rd Class - Construction Mechanic

Specialty existed from 1948 -1958

I am assuming this was a Seabee rating(?)

scanned at 300dpi

PO3 metal rating pin, 1 3/16" wide, pinback with roll-lock, Used........inquire
( also on UI/Mystery page )
Assault Craft Unit 1 - Grouping



All items from the same Veteran


ACU-1 upper-sleeve ARC with pigtail, RFU, Used.......(sold)

"SURFING", black PELON backing, Used.......(sold)

made in the Philippines, the current Official patch is different from this one, I would guess this was made for a WESTPAC-DET member stationed at Subic Bay(?),  UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
ACU-1 was Established in 1947
On May 1, 1968 Assault Craft Squadron ONE and its Assault Craft Division Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen were Disestablished & Reestablished as "Assault Craft Unit ONE". The overseas division became ACU-1 "WESTPAC Detachment" Headquartered at placeSubic Bay, Philippine Islands.
At times there was a DET at Sasebo, Japan
Beach Jumper Unit 1, Team-13


made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......(sold)
Naval Cargo Handling Battalion ONE, United States Navy

Multi-tasking Octopus


NCHB-1, minor amount of rubber cement above the head(hard to see), Unused......inquire
Detector Dog Unit

UnCommon K-9 patch

scanned at 300dpi

RFU, made in Vietnam, Used.......(sold)
USS Winnemuca (YTB-785)

PBR Pier

YTB-785 "SOUTH VIETNAM  MEKONG DELTA  SERVICE CRAFT", Vietnam made, UnUsed...inquire
( see this link for a picture of YTB-785  in Vietnam - http://brownwater-navy  dot  com/vietnam/TugBoats.htm )


 Naval Advisors

Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam

NAGV, Vietnam made, Yellow Flag, UnUsed........inquire

Naval Advisory Group Vietnam,  Vietnam made, Gold Flag, UnUsed.......(sold)


RVN Naval HQS plaque PLATES

(The colors show-up faded - I had to use a thick plastic sheet to protect my scanner bed - colors are bright)

All pieces lay-flat (they were glued-on, not nailed), Used........inquire
Naval Advisory Support Team Alpha Unit

U. S. Navy Support Activity

Naval Advisory Support Team Alpha Unit "NONCOITAMATE NOBISCUM", Hand-embroidered  Viet made, UnUsed.......(sold)

NSA "NAVSUPPACT  FIRE DEPARTMENT  FUEL HEAT D2", Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

( If anyone knows the mission of the "Alpha Unit" contact  Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
3506BE - Warrant Officer's Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam - Grouping

3506BE - Warrant Officer Naval Advisor in Vietnam Grouping: Black BERET and 3 x OG badged SHIRTS, All 3 shirts with local made Name and USN Tapes:

3506BE-A, Short Sleeve OG-107 Cotton SHIRT, dated 1966(DSA 100-2175), chest = 45, shoulder seam-to-seam 19 ½, back = 30 ½, Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam patch, Excellent color, neck label missing, stamped inside collar with his last name, Used........(sold)

3506BE-B, Short Sleeve Ripstop Jungle SHIRT, dated 1969, size M/L,  color Naval Advisory Group, Vietnam, subdued Warrant Rank and direct-embroidered “Propeller”, Excellent color (washed 3-4 times), EC+, Used.......(sold)

3506BE-C, Long Sleeve Ripstop Jungle shirt, dated 1970, size M/R, It does not have a patch, NO Value assigned, will be given to the first purchaser of shirt “A” or “B”
(you will have to ask for it)........(gone)

3506BE-D, Black BERET, size 59 by Luong-Tan, 91 rue Catinat, Saigon, has had a pinback device on the right-side(not worn much as the device impression is hard to see), near-new condition, Used......(sold)

3506BE-A, OG-107 short-sleeve cotton shirt

3506BE-B, RIPSTOP short-sleeve Jungle Shirt

3506BE - D, Black Beret
( The white at the bottom of the picture is LINT - I have brushed it off )


MILPHAT = Military Provincial Hospital Advisory Program-Team; their job was to improve medical care in their AOs



MILPHAT-4 in Quang Tri Province, Viet-Nam, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

MILPHAP-19 (Military Provincial Hospital Advisory Program-Team 19), Viet made, UnUsed......inquire

LtCmdr's Insignia Grouping

Air & Surface Warfare and US Navy Tapes removed from left side of Blue Coveralls, Used......inquire  
 Navy's East Coast Sky Diving Team


"NAVY CHUTING STARS", Team started late 1960s to mid-1970s(?), UnUsed......(sold)

- - - -
Navy's Sky Diving Teams

West Coast Leap Frogs Parachutre Team with SEAL Trident, 5 1/4" with plastic backing, UnUsed.....inquire

East Coast Chuting Stars, been in 2 x scrapbooks, maker's glue has bled through onto the parabadge, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial Navy Sky Diving Teams History
The West Coast Team "Leap Frogs" were unofficially organized in 1969 and Commissioned in 1974
Only info on the East Coast Team "Chuting Stars" is:  probably not recognized by the DOD

( Know some background on these Teams,  send to     Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )
Explosive Ordnance Disposal

United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Large (7 5/8") Back Patch, Japan made


USN EOD, made in Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
USN EOD Group Pacific



Underwater Demolition Team

Frog with a lighted stick of dynamite/Seal with a knife in it's mouth


made in Japan, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -

Mad Frog with dynamite stick and a Cloak and Dagger Seal


large backpatch, minor brownish stains by the Frog's right-heel, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
Underwater Demolition Team One (UDT-1)

 circa 1940s Japan Occupation


small Japan made patch (ask for size), UDT-1, UnUsed.......(sold)

partial History
UDT-1 was Recommissioned circa 1947; Info from a Veteran stated he was stationed at "Mekel", Japan from 1947 - 1953
From Navy documents: in August 1950 a RECON element of the 1st MARDIV with UDT-1 embarked on the USS Bass and this Group was named "Special Operations Group"(SOG) of the Navy's Amphibious Group One. This SOG unit conducted raids on North Korean railroads. Also conducted other operations in Korea in 1950.
Conducted operations for the Inchon Landing in January 1951
- - - -
Underwater Demolition Teams Pacific (UDT-11)

Large (10 3/8"(V)) Japan made Back Patch


Made in Japan larger backpatch, UnUsed........(sold)

( stored in Site-done box )
- - - -
 Underwater Demolitions Team 12 (UDT-12)

Japan made - Outstanding Quality


Large UDT-12 "UNITED STATES NAVY", Japan made, UnUsed.......(sold)

Can anyone see, or surmise, what his tatoos read or the explosive sticks have written on them?

scanned at 600dpi
- - - -
UDT 21

UDT 21 tape, pre-1983, UnUsed.....34.00

- - - -
partial History
Underwater Demolition Teams (UDT) organized in 1943 from Seabee Volunteers
Special teams called "Navy Combat Demolition Units" (NCDU) were tasked with RECON and Beach Clearing.
These Teams were later renamed Combat Swimmer Reconnaissance Units.
In 1947 first Underwater Offensive Strike Units (UDT) Organized and took part in the landing at Inchon;
plus other missions to include: demolition of bridges/tunnels & minesweeping OPs in harbors and rivers.

In the 1960s UDT personnel formed units called SEAL teams.
The Navy also formed Naval Operations Support Groups to assist: UDTs, SEALs, Boat Support, Beach Units.
During the Vietnam War, UDTs performed reconnaissance missions.
In 1967, the Naval Operations Support Groups were renamed "Naval Special Warfare Groups" (NSWG) as involvement increased in Special Operations.
 The end of the name "UDT" came in 1983, when UDTs were Re-Designated "SEAL Teams" or "SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams".
Mobile Support Team

Mobile Support Team Three (MST-3), made in the Philippines, Unit supported SEAL Teams in SEA, "The Silent Ones", UnUsed..............inquire
Diving and Harbor Units

US Navy Deep Sea Rescue Vehicle (DSRV)

 Rescue Unit Home Port
(San Diego?)


6 1/4", probably washed, I can see no stitch marks, Used(?).................inquire
Harbor Clearance Unit ONE


ZIPPO dated 1966, Used.......(sold)

HCU-1, RFU, Used........inquire  

partial History(?)
I think this unit was formerly the Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One (MDSU-1)
May have been Commissioned HCU-1 in February 1966 at Subic Bay, PI
Went to RVN, after Vietnam relocated to Pearl Harbor
Renamed in 1982
Take the above info with a grain of salt

any Veterans with better, or more, info....contact me and I will add/etc. to the history
- - - -
Harbor Clearance Unit 1419

I can find no record of this unit's existance....if you have some history for this patch = send it!


HCU-1419, United States Navy, double pigtail, UnUsed......inquire
 7860DX - Experimental Diving Unit

click on picrture for details
- - - -
Experimental Diving Unit


4", PELON backing, Unused.....(sold)
- - - -


Naval Support Activity, Danang Base Police Chu Lai

I believe this is an UnCommon patch


NSAD Base Police Chu Lai, RVN, embroidered in Japan on a blue-felt material, UnUsed......inquire
Naval Harbor Defense Unit, DANANG

Patch depicts an American Buffalo(Bison) on the USA colors, made in USA




Commando TEAM 1 patch came from the same small-collection as the above listed: "Danang Harbor Defense UNIT" and the the 552nd River Section.

Anyone know what unit wore this patch?


Patch depicts a Skull holding a Chinese style Flaming Sword in it's mouth, RFU (was sewn-on with OG Rigger's thread), Used......inquire
12290F - Bulova "Oceanographer 333 FEET", dated 1972

Anyone know if the Navy ever Issued the Bulova Oceanographer to it's Divers?

Face scanned at 600dpi - reverse at 300dpi

( Listed on the Equipment page )


3506BC - Original Stoner 63A MANUAL

for Doctor Eugene Stoner's Light Machinegun


3506BC - Stoner 63A 5.56mm Belt Fed Light Machinegun, Preliminary Operator’s & Organizational Maintenance MANUAL, published by Cadillac Gage Company, Small Arms Division, Warren, Michigan, 41 pages, no date, marked “This Publication is not available through Adjutant General Publication Channels”, minor usage, Used.....(sold)

( crisp pictures and print -- not a repro )

( also on Navy Gear page )
- - - -
3506BD - Stoner 63A Weapons System Brochure

 published by Cadillac Gage Company of Detroit, Warren, Michigan


3506BD - Stoner 63A Weapons System Brochure published by Cadillac Gage Company, Detroit, Warren, Michigan, has a center-foldout, Excellent Used Condition, minor usage, Used.....(sold)

The 63A Rifle has 6 x variations
- - - -
7087A - Stoner 63A LMG Cleaning Case

( shown in the Stoner 63A LMG Operator’s Maintenance Manual, page 32 listed above )

 5710V - SEAL Lime-Leaf Camouflage Beret

 SEAL Trident Badge, by KREW

Krew Incorporated of Attleboro, MA

scanned at 300dpi

Vintage of this SEAL Qualification Badge is not know, I have owned it since the 1990s, hallmarked "KREW", UnUsed........(sold)

Reverse scanned at 600dpi

Does anyone know the years that Krew Inc. made SEAL Qualification Badges, with 2-posts?
Krew also made Sterling Army CIBs with the "G-I" hallmark
I believe Krew was making military badges as far back as 1955 - anyone know the Krew Company's history?

Hallmarked "KREW"
SEAL Badge, by Lordship Industries

Hallmarked "L-22"

Gold-tone SEAL Qualification Badge, made by Lordship of Hauppage, NY, UnUsed.....(sold)

hallmarked "L-22"
SEAL teams 1 & 4

SEAL TEAM ONE ( SEAL Team-1 ) , almost 3/4" Beercan, Used.......inquire

SEAL TEAM FOUR ( SEAL Team-4 ), "MALADDSTED" on Red Scroll, Used......inquire
SEAL Team-5

circa 1970s into the 1980s

SEAL Team Five, 3 1/2"(horizontal), Philippine made, UnUsed.......(sold)

Team Five, 3 1/4"(horizontal), made in the PI, UnUsed.......Inqu(sold)ire


Coastal Surveillance Group, Vietnam

Navy Style sleeve arc, Vietnam made, removed from uniform, Used......inquire

( I assume this is a "sub-unit" of TF 115, the Coastal Surveillance Force that conducted Operation Market Time )

( if you have information let me known,  e-mail   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )

( also on UI page, #88 )

Naval Security Group

Naval Security Group Activity, Kamiseya, Japan

NSG-Kamiseya, patch made in Japan


RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -


NAVSECGRU Kami Seya, Japan, UnUsed.......inquire
 'Naval Security Group Activity, Naples, Italy

"DIRSUP NSGD NAPLES RMR", pebble-cloth, puckered from the maker's shop, Unused.....inquire

"U.S.NAVSECGRUDET NAPLES ITALY", above average workmanship/materials, UnUsed.....inquire

NAVDET Ramasun Station, Thailand

probably a tenant unit at the Army's Security Agency Field Station in Udorn, Thailand
aka 7th Radio Research Field Station

Thai made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Det Nine TYCO Tigers

Uncommon Navy Security Group Detachment-9 insignia


Large Japan made U. S. Naval Security Group DET-9 on CV-14 USS Ticonderoga, Not many of these patches were were ever made, UnUsed.......(sold)

No longer known as Communications Technicians; now called Cryptologic Technicians (Collection)

( also on htm and CV-14 section )
- - - -

5 1/2"  still on original SWISS-TEX card in the opened clear-paper seeve, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -


embroidered on felt, reverse covered with black cloth, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

Naval Security Group (NSG) 'NAVAL INTELLIGENCE' 'IN GOD WE TRUST  ALL OTHERS WE MONITOR', UnUsed.......inquire
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see associated Units:

( for associated:  USAFSS  or  ASA  or  Marine Radio Battalions  insignia )

Related items for Sale
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5214B - Navy Demolition Charge BAG

see on Equipment page
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7916A - Q, USN WWII Lightweight Jungle Shirts
Lightweight, 2-Pockets (NO pocket Flaps) with Button-Closure. "U.S.N." stencilled on Left Pocket, Button cuffs.

7917A - USN WWII Lightweight Jungle Trousers
Lightweight, 4-Pockets, Button Waist Tabs & Fly, Exposed Button rear-Pocket Flaps

see on Clothing page
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Novelty patches

click on picture for details
- - - -
TAM SET (HQ-331) Beercan DI

"PHAO NAM TAM SET LSIL-331" - anyone, .what does "PHAO NAM" mean?

Originally the U. S. Navy LCI(L)-871 (later LSIL-871) in WWII; loaned to the French Navy and Redesignated L9033; then given to the VNN in the mid-1950s

( details on: Vietnamese page, VNN section )
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Wanted Naval Gear:

Flying: Jackets, Caps (with/without Insignia), Helmets, Caps, Survival Maps/Kits, & etc.

WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam to 1975 Eras: Many items = ask


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100 Jump Test Parachutist
both patches removed from a jumpsuit
"CENTURION", Used.....(sold)
U. S. Navy Test Parachutist, Used....(sold)
( came with a Larger patch of similar design that was sewn-on VELCRO )
partial History
Test Parachutist School established at Lakehurst, N.J. in 1944; moved to El Centro, California in 1946;
relocated to China Lake, CA in 1979; disestablished 2005
Junk Force
edges folded under, then hand-basted and machine sewn, ready to be put on a uniform, UnUsed..(sold)
River Assault Division 153
"Delta Destroyers"
RAD-153, "A.S.P.B.", Japan made, UnUsed....(sold)
3506AV - 153 River Division “DELTA DESTROYERS” “A.S.P.B.” wooden PLAQUE, name plate missing, Used...(sold)
"ASPB" = expands to Assault Support Patrol Boat and known as an Alpha Boat or Alpha
partial History
RIVDIV 595 ( part of River Flotilla 5 ) transferred to River Assault Squadron 15 & Redesignated RIVDIV 153 in 1969
By the end of 1970 most U. S. Naval assets, in the Delta, had been turned-over to the Vietnamese
Underwater Demolition Team 12, scrapbook residue has bled-through to the front, Unused......(sold)
 3506AT - Junk Beret made in Vietnam
click on picfile for details
( Tridents stored in Brown Water Navy  patch box )
Navy Construction Action Team, Naval Forces Vietnam
All items removed from an OG-107 Utility Shirt - rescued from a rag-mill many years ago. sold as a GROUP ONLY  scanned at 240dpi
NAVCAT-12 patch, "CBMU 302" arc (scrapbook residue on back), and "U. S. Navy", Patch & Tape made in Vietnam, RFU, Used.
scanned at 300dpi
Vintage of this SEAL Qualification Badge is not know, I have owned it since the 1990s, hallmarked "KREW", UnUsed........(sold)
2 x Variations of UDT-12
thin backing material, UnUsed.....(sold)
heavyweight backing material was spliced under the Frog, UnUsed......(sold)
Underwater Demolition Team 12
Aggressive Frog in Sailor's Cap and carrying a stick of dynamite
UnTrimmed, UnUsed.......(sold)
has a stain on the right side, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)