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240th Assault Helicopter Company

- - - -
240th ASLT HEL CO, made in Vietnam


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -


240th AHC, larger patch made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
240th AHC, 2nd Lift Platoon, Hand-embroidered in Vietnam


"PABST BLUE FLIGHT", Unused........inquire
- - - -

3rd PLT ("Guns"), 240th AHC GUNS, Vietnam Made, UnUsed.......inquire

"MAD DOG" 240th AHC, Vietnam made, UnUsed...(Sold)

- - - -
3rd Gunship Platoon


made in Vietnam, Unused.....inquire
- - - -
240th AHC Maintenance with OG Burlap Backing


- - - -
partial History
Supported Special Forces in cross-border operations

( one of the better Unit web sites:   http://www.valorremembered dot org/240_Intro.htm  )
241st Transportation Company


241st TC, Vietnam made, RFU, 2 x pin size holes, UnUsed.....inquire

scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company



242nd ASHC "Muleskinners", CH-47 unit, UnUsed........inquire

Redesignated 242nd Aviation Company September 27 1966; Activated October 25 1966 at Fort Benning, Georgia
Received CH-47A "Chinooks" & OH-23G "Ravens" in April 1967
Arrived Bien Hoa AFB, RVN August 11 1967; Assigned to 269th CAB providing support for the 25th ID
Relocated to 25th Infantry Division's base camp at Cu Chi
When the 25th ID stood down, circa October-November 1970, the 242nd moved to Phu Loi
supporting III Corps operations until October 1971

After Vietnam Service, the 242nd was stood up in Alaska, replacing the 236th ASHC
( "and then came the name fiasco..." )
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Veterans of the 242nd ASHC can contact this man for a Modern Veteran's patch

I have NO connection with the Veteran's Site except for being a facilitator!

( http://www.homeofheroes dot com/myhero/The_Muleskinners.html )
- - - -
another chapter goes into the "Muleskinner" history book in 2006
The "MULESKINNERS" have been adopted effective April 20, 2006
The callsign and a modified/updated patch will grace the aircraft and soldiers of
B Company, 2nd Battalion, 135th Aviation Regiment (GSAB), Nebraska Army National Guard.
One of the first Chinooks assigned to the new Company (aircraft # 82-23769), a "D" model ,
was refurbished from an earlier "A" model (# 65-08005).  This aircraft served with the 'Vietnam era' Muleskinners from February 1970 to August 1971.
243rd Aviation Company (Assault)

Callsign "FREIGHT TRAIN" in the "RVN"

Present day unit is still using this Callsign


240th AVN CO(ASH), "HOOK IT", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
244th Aviation Company (Aerial Surveillance)
callsign = "DELTA HAWKS"
- - - -
Hand-embroidered with Company designator "244"


scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

244th AVN CO(AS) , Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to the 307th Combat Aviation (Phantom) Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade
Flew OV-1 Mohawks out of Can Tho Army Air Field, callsign Night Hawks,
Activated on 15 September, 1966 at Fort Lewis; 537th Signal Detachment & 502nd Transportation Detachment attached,
arrived in Vietnam July 29 1967 -  departed in 1970(?)

( see this site for some well-written Info  http://www.ov-1mohawk  dot  org/244thHis.htm )
 245th Aviation Company (Aerial Surveillance) (1966 - 1969)

245th Surveillance Airplane Company (1969 - 1970)

"SUPREMUS VIDERE" = To see the Best

callsign "RED EYE"

Flew OV-1 Mohawks on missions for the Marines in Military Region 1 (MR1)
- - - -
USA made patch

245th AVN CO (SAC), U. S. made, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
245th Surveillance Airplane Company, made in Vietnam

The 245th usually wore USA made patches (see above patch)


245th SAC, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Redesignated 2484th Transportation Corps Truck Company (Aviation) (Inactive) effective August 1, 1946
Redesignated 245th Aviation Company (Aerial Surveillance); Assigned to the Sixth US Army; Activated at Ft. Lewis, Washington on September 15, 1966
Relocated to Marble Mountain, Vietnam circa October 1967 equipped with OV-1 Mohawk aircraft; Assigned 212th Combat Support Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade
Units Assigned to the 245th: 538th Signal DET and 647th TRANS MAINT DET
Worked in I Corps under Operational control of the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF)
Redesignated 245th Surveillance Airplane Company May 15 1969
Began Standing-down circa May 1970; Inactivated October 15, 1970
254th Helicopter Ambulance DUST-OFF


High-Quality embroidery


254th Medical Detachment (RA), hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed...inquire
269th Combat Aviation Battalion
- - - -
269th CAB DI

maker is DENMARK "D22", Used......inquiire
- - - -

244th AVN CO "Delta Hawks",  Vietnam made, UnUsed.....(sold)

269th CBT AVN BN "The Black Barons", CE, UnUsed........inquire

269th CAB "AIM HIGH", older ME, UnUsed...(Sold)

- - - -
partial History
Relocated to Cu Chi, RVN circa early 1967 primarily operated in MR3 supporting: 1st, 9th, & 25th IDs, 199th LIB, and 5th SF
Some of the Companies Assigned: 21st, 116th, 187th, 188th, 242nd
Left Vietnam circa April 1971
 271st Assault Support Helicopter Company

- - - -
271st ASHC w/"361" denoting the old Maintenance Detachment


Hand embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

271st ASHC, Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
271st ASHC Flight Platoon


made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
"INNKEEPER" Maintenance Platoon


"Fix that Aircraft", made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
271st AVN CO (ASH)

pre-1988 Korean made Innkeepers

271st Aviation Company (Assault), UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Arrived RVN February 26 1968; stationed at Can Tho
Flew CH-47Bs for the 307th CAB, 164th Group, 1st AVN BDE
Had a "LOACH" (LOH) Platoon called the "Bartenders"

Relocated to Korea
Probably known as the 271st AVN CO (ASH) (see above patch) after arriving in Korea
Became B/2/501st Aviation Regiment at Camp Humphrey, ROK
The 501st Aviation Regiment may have been Redesignated the 52nd Aviation Regiment (??).

Anyone know the History of this unit?

273rd Aviation Company(Heavy Helicopter)


Flew CH-54A TARHEs in Vietnam
- - - -


RFU, scrapbook residue on back, Used......inquire
- - - -
273rd AVN CO (HH)


Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, tiny pin holes near the top border, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
273rd Aviation Company

"SKYCRANES" Beercan made in Vietnam, Used.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
273rd AVN CO(HH) flew Sikorsky CH-54A "SKYCRANES" in Vietnam for the 222nd CAB
 281st Assault Helicopter Company


The US Army's First Special Operations Helicopter Company
Attached to Project Delta and were Quartered with the 5th SFGA
Nha Trang, Vietnam - 1965 to 1970
- - - -
 281st Assault Helicopter Company


281st AHC, "HELL FROM ABOVE", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
 "RAT PACK" 1st Lift Platoon of the 281st AHC

emblem in lower left corner is similar to insignia shown on the DET B-52 "Project Delta" web site
( shows a Green Beret & Dagger superposed on a Yellow "DELTA" - yellow might be for the Vietnamese National Flag color??)


1st PLT, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
281st AHC FIRST FLIGHT PLT "Rat Pack" hand-embroidered in Vietnam


larger 1st FLT PLT, 281st ASLT HEL CO. patch, supported 5th SF Gp, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
"Wolf Pack" Gun Platoon


281st AHC "DEATH ON CALL", Vietnamese partial hand-embroidered, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
Veteran's Grouping of 281st AHC Patches/Blood Chit

SOLD as a Group ONLY, Don't ask!

scanned at 300dpi

Veteran's Grouping, SOLD as a Group ONLY, Used........inquire

Blood Chit marked: "XM-61-1 APRIL 1961 (ACIC), Lithographed by WHG JUNE 1967"
( linked from: Ground Forces NA and SF pages )

- - - -
partial History
The 171st Aviation Company (later the 281st AHC) flew missions for the 5th SFGp(Abn) in: Vietnam, Cambodia, & Laos.
By July of 1966, the 281st AHC had assumed the assets of the 171st and attached to Project Delta for support and were Quartered with the 5th SFGA in Nha Trang.

Platoons: "Rat Pack", "Bandits" & "Wolf Pack"
Operational callsign "INTRUDERS"
282nd Aviation Company (AML)

282nd Assault Helicopter Company

1st and 2nd Platoon "BLACK CATS"
3rd Platoon "ALLEY CATS"

2 units used the "Black Cat" Callsign:
"BLACK CAT".............213th ASHC (CH-47s)
"BLACK CAT"..............282nd AHC(UH-1s)

282nd Aviation Company (AML), original Unit designation, Used.........inquire

282nd AVN CO(AML), RFU, Used.......inquire

- - - -
282nd Assault Helicopter Company


282nd AHC "BLACK CATS", with pigtail, Unused.....inquire
- - - -
Black Alley Cat riding a Rocket Pod firing a machine gun

It took many years to find this one.

larger insignia, disc puckered (common), made in Vietnam, Unused......(sold)
- - - -
I need a 282nd AHC 3rd Platoon "Alley Cats"
( If you have an extra patch send: pics & price (or will trade) to: Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )
- - - -
484th Transportation Company Maintenance Detachment

This patch shown for reference purposes only

(ref: email in 282nd AHC patch slot)

partial History for wearing of the 484th TC patch from a Veteran of the 282nd AHC
"The 484th T.C. Maint. Det. was with us at Marble Mt. Airfield. (east of DaNang); they were maintenance for all of our Hueys and shared our Company area.
The 282nd Aviation Company (AML) patches(as pictured above) were probably from 1967-68 as all wore Black Cat pocket patches during my (2nd) tour in 1969."
- - - -
partial History for the 282nd
The 282nd Aviation Company (AML) with 3 DETs: 105th MED DET, 484th TC DET (Cargo Helicopter, Field Maintenance), & 504th Signal DET (Radio Repair and Avionics) were Activated at Fort Benning, GA October 7, 1965 and Equipped with UH-1 (HUEYs).   Relocated to Marble Mountain Airfield Da Nang, RVN circa May-June, 1966.

Missions flown in I & II Corps in support of:  MACV, SF, LRRP, ARVN Rangers(Hac Bao), and other units.

1st and 2nd FLT PLTs flew Lift (Slick) HUEYs armed with a door-mounted M-60s.
3rd FLT PLT flew UH-1B's, C's, & AH-1 Cobra Gunships

departed the RVN circa 1972

( see this link for more information: http://home.earthlink dot net/~blackcat27/ )
283rd Medical Detachment(RA) (Helicopter Ambulance)

"DUST OFF"', patch hand embroidered in Vietnam


pin-hole above the "B", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Redesignated 283rd MED DET(RA) October 18, 1963; Activated at Fort Lewis, WA December 1, 1963
Arrived in Vietnam August 1965; support ARVN & U.S. Units in III & IV CTZs; Relocated to Pleiku area August 1967; Stood-down April 23, 1972
284th ATC Company & Battalion Insignia
( Korean made due to the construction and newspaper on the back )

USA Air Controller Battalion(unknown) "FOXTROT HOTEL CONTROLLER" "W FOC NORTH" "GUARDIAN", Used..(sold)

( both patches removed from a winter-type jacket made by Oscar's Tailor Shop )

294th Aviation Company


Flew Gunships in Korea


294th AVN CO, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Unit was stationed in Korea flying UH-1 Armed Helicolpters circa April 1970 - January 1972
295th Aviation Company (HH)

CH-54A Sky Crane Heavy Helicopter (HH) Unit


295th AVN CO (Heavy Helicopter), "TRRHF" should read "Tarhe", Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire
 - - - -
partial History
Raised at Ft. Sill; transferred to Germany;  some unit patches were made in Vietnam

Many Sky Crane units used the word "Tarhe" on their insignia; Tarhe was a Wyandotte Indian Chief from the
present day Detroit area; being tall and slender he had been given the nickname "The Crane"
300th Aviation Company

"TO" symbol ("Tough Hombres") on the HUEY door is for the 90th ARCOM(formerly 90th ID)


300th AVN CO, large patch from the late-1970s into 1980s, UnUsed.....inquire
307th Aviation Company (Heavy Helicopter)


Alabama Army National Guard unit flying CH-54s, UnUsed.......inquire

 307th Combat Aviation Battalion


The "Phantoms" were stationed at Can Tho AAF
- - - -
307th CAB DI, made in USA

made by N.S. MEYER with double shields, Used.....inquire
- - - -

307th CAB, Vietnam made, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Organized/Formed in the RVN circa December 1967; Assigned to 164th Aviation Group (Combat); worked MR4 until circa June 1971
Some Companies Assigned: 147th ASHC, 191st AHC, 199th RAC, 221st RAC, 235th AWC, 244th SAC, and 271st ASHC
308th Combat Aviation Battalion

"BLACK ADLER" = German for Black "Eagle"

Patch depicts a Black Eagle flying through a "V" done in the Republic of Vietnam's National colors of Yellow and Red.


308th CAB, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
315th AviationSupport Detachment, Bear Cat, RVN

NOT for Sale - Pocket Hanger belongs to a Veteran who served at Bear Cat circa June 1968 - April 1970


You can contact Gene ( Bear Cat Tower name "Running Bear”) at Eugene.hansen@gmail dot com

Short summary of his experience at the 315th ASD
"The 315th Aviation Support Detachment was located at Camp Bear Cat, RVN, which was approximately 7 miles East of Long Binh and 16 miles north of Saigon. It was adjacent to Long Thanh North. I read somewhere that prior to our arrival the tower was manned by American civilian contractors. I had thought they were regular Army. Command transitioned to the Army on the 8th of August 1968.
We arrived on 28 June, 1968 and worked with the departing controllers for a short period of time before they shipped out. During that week or two I was in the tower with the departing Tower Chief when we received incoming rockets and had shrapnel bounce off the tower windows to land on the cat-walk. We called in support fire and gunships.
Another time we received incoming and the gunships saw a lot of VC setting up out in the jungle. They called in and we got a visit from “Puff” to shower them with some Red Rain from their Gatlin Guns. It sounded like an angry beehive and the falling brass sounded like wind chimes blowing in the breeze. What a symphony. What an awesome display of firepower. What a big pile of toothpicks that were left.
I can’t remember exactly how many controllers were assigned to the 315th on a regular basis. Maybe 4 or 5 at any one time, and maybe a couple Avionics Techs. I extended for a 2nd tour and left Bear Cat on 21 April, 1970 to process out of the Army.
We made friends with a group of Aussies while we were there. They shared some of their beer from home called XXX. Many years later I was reminded of the taste when I tasted Foster’s here in the States. When we first got there our barracks (hooch) was an open design. When the Aussies left, they told us we could have anything we wanted out of their building. We stripped it to the bare studs, dragged it all back over to the 315th and Charles Fletcher, who had been a carpenter before getting drafted, designed and built us one-man rooms with storage. Beautiful job.
We also built a Club on the other side of our building. We all pooled our ration cards and financial contributions from each of us to buy an opening inventory of sodas, beer and booze at the PX in Long Binh to start up our “BAR”. I ran the place while I was there. I remember that everything was really inexpensive, like $0.25 or $0.50 per shot or can of beer. We STILL made so much profit that I had to throw a BBQ once a month or so with free rib-eyes or hamburgers and drinks, in order to use up the extra money. Every time someone would go on R&R we would send money with them and a shopping list of things to bring back for the Detachment.
We had periodic rocket & mortar attacks. One time we lost our hearing for a while when a rocket exploded on the other side of the wall protecting the entrance to the bomb shelter. The resulting concussion that reverberated inside the metal container just destroyed our ear drums. It took 20 or 30 minutes for our hearing to return to any semblance of normalcy. The resulting crater from the explosion was about three feet across and a foot deep. All I can say is, Thank God for the wall. The sand bags on that side were all torn up."
Air Ambulance Platoon, 326th Medical Battalion


"Eagle Dustoff" 326th MED BN, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile), Asian made, Used......inquire
( good chance it was purchased in Taiwan while on R & R )

( stored in gray cabinet )
- - - -
 326th Air Ambulance Platoon Tab

supported the 101st Airborne Division


 Vietnam made "Dustoff" arc for the Air Ambulance Platoon of the 326th Medical Battalion,  Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Unit activated July 1 1968 from assets of the 50th Medical Detachment with 12 Ships
Stood-down December 23 1971 and relocated to Fort Campbell, KY January 1972
326th Transportation Detachment

see details on 61st AVN CO page
327th Transportation Detachment (Aircraft Maintenance)

Supported Charlie Company, 159th AVN BN

( see details in C/159th AVN BN section)
330th Transportation Company (AAHM&S and GS)

Relocated to Vung Tau, RVN April 1963; left Vietnam April 1972

First Design had "AAHM&S" (Army Aircraft Heavy Maintenance and Service)
The Red patch is the unit's 2nd Design circa 1964 - 1967 with "G&S" (General Support)

Performed 4th Echelon Maintenance on Rotary and Fixed-Wing aricraft

330th TC(GS) with Basic Pilot's Badge, made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

"CHECKMATE" with Senior Pilot's Wing, Vietnam made, UnUsed......inquire

330th TC (GS), hand embroidered in Vietnam, tiny pin-hole on right side UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
330th Transportation Company (AAHM&S) arrived at Vung Tau, RVN in April 1963; designator changed to 330th TC(GS) in 1964
Assigned to 765th Transportation Battalion (Straight Arrows) along with: 56th(DS), 317th LEM(GS), 388th(DS), and 611th(DS)
Recovery Platoon flew CH-37 Mojave aircraft until receiving CH-47s circa September 1966
Departed Vietnam in April 1972
- - - -
More History on the 330th TC
(email 111101)
Information is from Flight Engineer Rodney Brown of the 330th TC Recovery Platoon from October 1966 to August 1967

Their Recovery CH-47 Helicopter(s) had this design and colors painted on the nose (see Flight Crew Picture below)

 330th Recovery Platoon, December 1966
( photo is the property of CWO Ernest Wells and may not be copied without his permission )
CWO Ernest Wells (Back Row - 2nd from viewer's right)
 Flight Engineer Rodney Brown who volunteered this information of the 330th TC (Back Row - 3rd from viewer's right)

The Pocket Hangers on many of the Recovery Platoon are from their Assigned (or formerly assigned) Units (NOT the 330th TC)
"The pilots for the Recovery Platoon came from all over the 765th TB. We (330th TC) only had about five pilots for two and sometimes three aircraft and they were not all assigned to the 330th TC. Some, like the Major standing on the far right next to Ernie(CWO Wells) came directly from the 765th Transportation Battalion staff. Two or three Recovery Platoon personnel in this picture had been involuntarily reassigned from the 147th ASHC down at the other end of the airfield. They were there to add some real Chinook experience to the Recovery Platoon.  The reason for this was that "all" of us had graduated from Chinook school about three months before this picture was taken and had no real field experience. The Hillclimbers, all of them, were extremely upset at the transfer and wanted nothing to do with the 330th. As a result some of them continued to wear their Hillclimber patches regardless of being told to discard them."
330th Army Security Agency Company (Aviation)
- - - -
330th ASA CO(AVN) GUARDRAIL at Ramstein, Germany


Label on back with Pilot's Name/Rank, RFU, Used........inquire
- - - -
330th ASA (AVN)


with white lettering, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

330th ASA CO. (AVN) "GUARD RAIL"......(sold)
- - - -

( not sure what unit wore this patch - very similar to the 330th insignia and it came from the same collection as the Ramstein ID'd patch above )

with short-pigtail, RFU, Used.......inquire
- - - -

"GUARDRAIL", made in Korea, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
GUARDRAIL II, made in Korea

( the patch is darker than the picture - scanner was going-South )

came from the same collection as the Ramstein ID'd patch above, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Stationed at Fort Wolters, moved circa 1966 to Pleiku, RVN as a Ground Intercept Unit and Control Management Authority for the 313th RR BN(at Nha Trang).
Stood-down circa 1972 (+/-?)
ReActivated November 5, 1973 at Ramstein, Germany; received aircraft in 1974; GUARDRAIL II missions flown.
ASA Reorganized as part of the U. S. Intellegence and Security Command circa 1976
GUARDRAIL V equipment replaced the GUARDRAIL II circa November 1978

anyone with more, or different, info....email
 334th Aviation Company (Armed Helicopter)

334th Armed Helicopter Company

334th Aerial Weapons Company

( successor unit to the Original  UTT Company )

This unit was referred to by many names - I think I have listed all of them(?)
- - - -
Uncommon 334th AHC, Hand-embroidered patch


334th Armed-Helicopter Company, made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, Unused.......inquire
- - - -
334th AWC Command and Control HUEY (LIFT)

"PEACE MAKER" = Callsign

"C+C" = Command & Control

Hand-embroidered pink "PEACE MAKER" w/bottom arc, UnUsed......(sold)

Hand-embroidered in Vietnam on 'pebble cloth', collector ID'd on reverse, staple rust marks, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -


334th Armed Helicopter, Vietnam made, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
pre-Cobra days

All Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam

HE in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

White Sabres and Silver Huey, Yellow Panel are Velvet, made in Vietnam, RFU, Used.......inquire

HE Subdued, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -


Red disc with green helicopter made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
1st Platoon


"13 PLAY BOYS", made in Vietnam, Unused......inquire
- - - -
2nd Platoon, UTT Armed Helicopter Company Beercan


click on picture
- - - -
3rd Platoon

 334th Armed Helicopter Company (Weapons) "DRAGONS",  Vietnam made, UnUsed......inquire

334th Armed Helicopter Company, Vietnam made, discoloration above the "UTT" (probably from the maker's shop), UnUsed......inquire

   - - - -
".....the First Design......"

click on picture for details of the UTT

see   UTT   for additional details, Callsigns, and Unit History
- - - -
partial History
 197th AHC was Unofficially Redesignated 334th Armed Helicopter Company September 1966
( the 197th AHC designation was moved to the 197th LIB at Ft. Benning )

Redesignated 334th Aerial Weapons Company  November 1966
( received AH-1 Cobras - never had "Lift" Platoons )

334th AWC (who had been supporting 3/17th Air CAV) was Re-designated E/3/17th circa December 5, 1970 to January 17, 1971
E/3/17th or a successor(?) unit, Departed Vietnam March-April 1972 and Deactivated: Reactivated in 1988 and assigned to the 10th Mountain Division

Headquarters Platoon - Sabre(Sabers)
 1st Platoon - Playboys
2nd Platoon - Raider
3rd Platoon - Dragon
4th Platoon - Gangbusters Lift PLT, flew SF support from 1966-68

I found another list of their callsigns:
334th AHC : "Sabres", "Playboys", "Raiders", "Dragons", "Gangbusters" & "Peacemakers

Excellent sources for information is Ralph B. Young's two books: Army AVN in RVN 1963-1966 Books 1 and 2
- - - -
WANTED:  571st TD insignia

items can vary in design and color

571st Transportation Detachment (Aircraft Maintenance) assigned to the UTT

(  If you have extra items, contact    Jack@LJMilitaria.com )

( also on Main page, "WANT" section )
335th Assault Helicopter Company


Supported the 173rd Airborne Brigade and other units

335th Company callsign was "Dallas Cowboys" then changed to "Cowboys"
1st Airlift Platoon was "Ramrods"
2nd Airlift Platoon was "Mustangs"
3rd Armed Helicopter Platoon (Gunships) was the "Falcons"
- - - -
UnCommon post-RVN, USA made "COWBOYS" patch

This patch was obtained directly from the Company, by a collector, after their return to CONUS.
Notice the design was toned-down from stretching a Commie's Neck to a Cowboy on a Helicopter.

335th AHC, American made, dbl-pigtail with UnUsed.......inquire

Center patch, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Vietnam made, puckered from maker's shop, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

335th AHC "COWBOYS", Viet MM, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed............(sold)

1st Platoon, 335th AHC "RAMRODS", Viet MM, UnUsed......inquire

2nd Platoon, 335th AHC "MUSTANGS", UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
3rd PLT Gunships

Insignia worn from September - December 1966


Hand-embroidered in Vietnam,  335th AVN "ARMED HELICOPTER", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
 3rd Platoon "Falcons", Gunships

design was borrowed from the Atlanta Falcons Team logo circa 1967


made in Vietnam, RFU, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Made in USA


US made, minor stain in lower-left, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
see the 166th TD - click on 166th patch
Support the 335th AHC "COWBOYS"
- - - -
partial History
"A" Company, 82nd Aviation Battalion(AML), 82nd Airborne Division arrived in the RVN May 1, 1965
Redesignated 335th Aviation Company (Airmobile, Light) September 1, 1966 assigned to the 173rd ABN BDE
Redesignated 335th Assault Helicopter Company January 1, 1967 and Assigned to 1st AVN BDE
Cowboys were Reassigned from 145th to the 268th Combat AVN BN, 17th AVN GP, 1st AVN BDE December 31 1967
Reassigned to the 214th CAB, 164th Combat AVN GP, 1st AVN BDE in March 1968
Relocated to Fort Riley, Kansas; Deactivated 1976

(  173rd ABN BDE Casper Aviation Platoon assigned to the 335th at one time; see 173rd ABN BDE  Casper PLT  for details  )
335th Transportation Company (Direct Support)


supported the 23rd AMERICALDivision
- - - -
335th TC (DS)


made in Vietnam, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
335th made in Vietnam

bad picfile - the colors are as dark as the above patch - scanner going South

Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

335th TC(DS), made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 14 December 1943 in the Army of the United States as the 335th Harbor Craft Company, Transportation Corps
Activated 20 December 1943 at Camp Gordon Johnston, Florida; Redesignated 21 April 1945 as the 335th Transportation Corps Harbor Craft Company
Inactivated 3 December 1945 at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey
Redesignated 18 August 1947 as the 501st Transportation Harbor Craft Detachment; Activated 9 September 1947 at Fort Worden, Washington
Reorganized and redesignated 15 April 1949 as the 501st Transportation Harbor Craft Platoon and allotted to the Regular Army
Reorganized and redesignated 7 January 1951 as the 501st Transportation Harbor Craft Company
Redesignated 20 March 1953 as the 501st Transportation Harbor Craft and Marine Maintenance Company; Inactivated 20 May 1955 in Korea
Redesignated 8 December 1961 as the 335th Transportation Company (Direct Support)
Activated 23 March 1962 at Fort Benning, Georgia; Inactivated 11 February 1963
Activated 20 September 1963 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Relocated to RVN; Assigned to 16th Combat Aviation Group, 14th CAB ; Transferred to the 58th CAB in 1968; Inactivated November 25, 1971
Redesignated/Activated November 16, 1987 as the 335th Transportation Detachment at Fort Eustis, VA

Campaigns in Vietnam:
Defense, Counteroffensive, Counteroffensive, Phase II, Counteroffensive, Phase III, Tet Counteroffensive, Counteroffensive, Phase IV, Counteroffensive, Phase V, Counteroffensive, Phase VI, Tet 69/Counteroffensive, Summer-Fall 1969, Winter-Spring 1970, Sanctuary Counteroffensive, Counteroffensive, Phase VII, Consolidation I

335th TC's Recovery Team callsign was "Gunsmoke Recovery"
 336th Air Mobile Company(AML)

336th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter)

336th Assault Helicopter Company
- - - -

336th AVN CO "WARRIORS" "T-BIRDS", Vietnam Hand Embroidered, UnUsed.......inquire

( see  167th TD  which helped form the 336th AHC )
- - - -
"Thunderbird" GUNSHIPS


"SOC-TRANG" Thunderbirds, Vietnam made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
336th AHC at SOC-TRANG, Gunships


made in Vietnam, gauze backing, Unused.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Originally designated A/101st Aviation Battalion/101st ABD and stationed in Soc-Trang, Vietnam  circa April 1965 - September 1966
In September 1966, the 336th Air Mobile Company(AML) was activated and remained in Soc Trang until departing Vietnam in October 1971
Redesignated 336th Assault Helicopter Company (336th AHC) circa 1967-68
Assigned to 13th Combat Aviation Battalion "Guardian", 1st AVN BDE

I think the lineage is a little fuzzy; if anyone knows the dates for the different designators let me know
 339th Transportation Company (Direct Support)


UnCommon Vietnamese woven Insignia


RFU, heavy scrapbook residue on back, edges can be glued under to present a clean-edge, Used.......inquire
344th Aviation Support Detachment

Air Traffic Control at Camp Holloway near Pleiku, Vietnam


344th ASD hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Arrived in Vietnam circa April 1968

345th Aviation Detachment (OP) and (DIV)

Left - 345th AVN DET(OP), Operation Detachment of the 345th, Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

Right - 345th Aviation Detachment(DIB) (should read "DIV" for Divisional(?)).......(sold)

346th Aviation Detachment (Division)


346th AVN DET "DIV", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire

( very little info on this unit  )
350th Aviation Company

- - - -
Supported the V CORPS in Germany


Older patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
350th AVN CO was located in Hanau, Germany in the 1960s Assigned to the 18th Aviation Battalion, V Corps
Redesignated 173rd Assault Helicopter Company (circa 1973)
Later Redesignated 334th Attack Helicopter Company
Flew: CH-34, UH-1D/E/H, AH-1G Cobras, and OH 58A
355th Aviation Company(Heavy Helicopter)

- - - -
Black Lettering and CH-54 Sky Crane were worn while in Vietnam

( note on thread color: Silver Lettering/Sky Crane on insignia was worn post-RVN while at Fort Benning, Georgia


355th AVN CO(HH) flew CH-54As in Vietnam, RFU, Used....inquire
- - - -
355th Aviation Company "TARHE"

dark-blue, USA made, worn on uniform in Vietnam, Used......inquire

light-blue, USA made, Pilot received this patch in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
355th Aviation Company

post-RVN era at Fort Benning


- - - -
partial History
CH-54As were operated in Vietnam by these units: 273rd, 355th, and 478th Aviation Companies (Heavy Helicopter)
Post-Vietnam: Company Relocated to Fort Benning, Georgia; then all their aircraft were farmed-out the National Guard.  
357th Transportation Company (Aircraft Direct Support)


Great Workmanship


357th TC(ADS), larger hand-embroidered patch, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
357th Transportation Company (ADS) was Activated in May 1968 and processed for Overseas deployment at Fort Benning
Advance party arrived at Bien Hoa Air Base September 27, 1968 with the main body following on 11 October
Unit supported aircraft in III Corps
Assigned to the 520th Transportation Battalion (AM&S)(GS) from 1967 - 1969

Believed to have been Re-Designated 165th Transportation Company (?)

361st Aerial Weapons Company

361st Aerial Weapons Company "PINK PANTHERS", Vietnam MM, UnUsed...(sold)
362nd Aviation Company(Assault)

Callsign "Fly United"

( supported 3rd BDE of the 1st Cavalry Division, then TF Garry Owen )
- - - -

362nd AVN CO(ASH),  Vietnam made, last unit in Vietnam to fly CH-47 Chinooks; turned the aircraft over to the VNAF in August 1972 and stood-down, short-lived Comapny (was active for 1 year), UnUsed....inquire

- - - -


362nd AVN CO(ASH),  Vietnam made, unit used "FLY UNITED" as it's Callsign, last unit in Vietnam to fly CH-47 Chinooks; turned the aircraft over to the ARVN in August 1972,
 stood-down, was active for 1 year, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire

- - - -
partial History
On June 30, 1971 at Camp Martin Cox (Bearcat) B Company, 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion,
1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) was Reorganized and Designated the 362nd Aviation Company (ASH)
It was assigned to the 229th AHB, 3rd BDE(Separate), 1st CAV DIV (Airmobile)
After the 3rd Brigade stood-down, Task Force Garry Owen remained in the RVN supported by the 362nd
In August 1972 the 362nd AVN CO(ASH) ceased operations
The 362nd Aviation Company was the last American CH-47 Combat unit to serve in Viet Nam

( see 407th Maintenance Detachment for  support unit patch )
362nd Aviation Detachment(DIV) Chu Lai Air Field Vietnam

"(DIV)" = assigned to a Division


Viet made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed............(sold)
- - - -
partial History
I believe this unit was assigned to the 165th AVN GP
 371st Radio Research Company

"Project Left-Bank"

"Left-Bank Mission" was the Airborne Intercept & Location of Enemy transmitters threatening 1st CAVALRY DIVISION Units; flew EH-1Hs.

I think some of the EH-1Hs were used in the 4th ID AO, after the 1st CAVDIV departed Vietnam(?).
- - - -
Uncommon 371st RRC patch


puckered from the tailor shop, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
371st RRC (Army Security Agency Company supporting First CAVDIV)


small black marks by the talons are the original pencil sketch of the talons that was misplaced, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
371st RRC Left Bank "HUNTERS"


Hand-machine embroidered, Viet made, small snag below the "NT" (probably from a collector's staple), UnUsed....inquire

( anyone know why the "HUNTERS" was added to this patch? )

( also on RVN to 1975 and ASA pages )
- - - -


made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

( also on ASA page )
- - - -

scanned at 150dpi = all the nicks show

1st Cavalry Division's Army Security Agency Company's Airborne Direction Finding operation, made in Vietnam, Used...(sold)
- - - -
partial History
371st Radio Research Company originally designated as the 371st ASA Company
Company formed by the United States Army Security Agency in 1962 and was attached to the 1st Cavalry Division
Company deployed to Vietnam from 1966 to 1971 with the 1st CAV
Company's mission was to provide information on the Enemy's intentions and location
obtained through Intercept of Enemy Radio Communications

Unit earned: 2 x Presidential Unit Citations, 4 x Meritorious Unit Commendations, and one Valorous Unit Award
Company redeployed to Ft. Hood with the Division in 1971 serving until Company was Deactivated in 1981
Lineage and Colors are now carried by Company A, 312th MI Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas
- - - -
First ASA aircraft lost in Vietnam was a LEFT BANK EH-1H assigned to the 1st Cav Division
Loss took place on November 29 1969 near Landing Zone Buttons in Phuoc Long Province, III Corps
Helicopter was shot down by ground fire; 4 crewmembers were  killed on impact
Aircraft was destroyed by tactical air strikes to prevent compromise of on-board mission equipment
Another "SNOOPER" aircraft was lost on March 1 1971 near Dambe, Cambodia; all crewmember were lost
A/377th Artillery Aviation Maintenance

362nd Aviation Detachment(DIV) moved to 362nd section--above

A/377th ARA Aviation Maintenance,  Vietnam made, scrapbook residue, UnUsed.........inquire
( this may have been the "Aerial Artillery" in the 101st Airborne Division(?) )

 A/377th Aerial Rocket Artillery

101st Airborne Division support unit
- - - -
A/377th ARA Scout Platoon

callsign = "GUNNER"


"GUNNER LOH", made in Vietnam, Unused....inquire

LOH = pronounced Loach = Light Observation Helicopter
- - - -
A/377th ARA Gun Platoon

callsign = "GUNNER 97"

( Uncommon pocket patch with the callsign )


"A/377 ARTY 101 AIRBORNEDIV", RFU, Used.....(sold)

( also on 101st ABD patch page and Main page in "WANT" section )
- - - -
 A/377th ARA Gun Platoon

callsign "GUNNER"


A/377 ARTY, 101 AIRBORNE DIV, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
A/77th ARA served from 1968 - 1972 in the Hue, Phu Bai, and at Camp Eagle areas
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
a patch similar to this one, circa 1964-65 at Fort Benning

( also on Main page in "WANT" section )

( Have an extra patch?  contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )
- - - -
partial History
Worn by a Pilot in Headquarters Battery, 377th ARA (later redesignated 2/20th ARA)
in 1964-65 while assigned to the 11th Air Assault Division (Test), Fort Benning, Georgia
( other parts of the 377th ARA were redesignated and they used the "Griffin" call sign and patch )
393rd Transportation Detachment

"Medicine Men"

Supported the 128th AHC in Vietnam

see details on the 128th AHC section
 394th Aircraft Maintenance Transportation Detachment
(Field Maintenance)


( anyone know when the 394th was assigned to the 1st CAV? )


"394th TRAN DET 1st CAV DIV HANGAR RATS B Co", Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire
( assigned to B/227th AVN BN, 1st CavDiv, time frame unknown )

( also on: htm and 227th AVN BN sections )
- - - -
partial History
The 394th TD was part of the 129th Aviation Company, 10th Combat Aviation Battalion
established in July 1965 at Fort Campbell, KY

394th Aircraft Maintenance Transportation Detachment provided Direct Support and limited
General Support on Company UH-1B and UH-1D helicopters, Company moved to Vietnam in October 1965

Company located at Lane Army Airfield, Vietnam in 1967 - 1968

In March 1968 the 10th CAB was Re-designated 268th CAB Assigned to the 1st AVN BDE
Also, the 129th AVN CO was Redesignated 129th AHC and Assigned to the 268th CAB
At this time the 394th Maintenance Detachment was incorporated into the 129th Assault Helicopter Company

394th was assigned to B/227th Avn Bn of the 1stCav, time frame unknown

anyone know more/different history of the 394th TD

gleaned from the Web:
another name for this unit:  "394th Airmobile Transportation Detachment"
398th Transportation Detachment (Aircraft Maintenance) "NOMADS"

407th Maintenance Detachment "NUMBER ONE"

398th TD(ACFT MAINT), Vietnam Made, UnUsed.............(sold)
( supported 57th Helicopter Ambulance, 11th ACR and 2/17th CAV(?) )

407th Maintenance Detachment, hand-embroidered Vietnam made, UnUsed.........inquire
( supported the 362nd AHC, stood down in Fall of 1972 - see above for 362nd "Fly United" patches )

( early use of the "pebble" style cloth - this cloth was used on many SS Mayaguez Rescue patches )

405th Transportation Detachment(CHFM)
supported the 170th AHC Bikinis, who supported SOG units
Listed in the 170th AHC Page/Section
 426th Transportation Detachment


Got an extra Vintage patch that looks like this one?

If you have an extra, email  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

( also on  main Army Patch page, "WANT" section )
440th Transportation Company
moved to Ground Forces page, R VN to 1975-Transportation section
449th Aviation Company (Assault)


449th AVN Company (Assault), "MAD DOG" holding a 2.75 inch Air-to-Ground Rocket in it's mouth, North Carolina Army National Guard(ANG), glue residue on back, UnUsed........inquire
supported 1st Cavalry Division
478th Aviation Company (Heavy Helicopter)


"Heavy Lift"

Callsign "HURRICANE"
- - - -
UnCommon patch made in Vietnam

made in USA, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

478th AVN CO(HH), Vietnam made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

478th AVN CO (HVY HEL), RFU, minor stains from wear, never washed, Used......(sold)
- - - -
 3508BF - 478th XO's "HEAVY LIFT" Party Suit

HURRICANE "5" - belonged to the Company's XO

3508BF - made in Udorn, Thailand, "build-list" in pocket, uncommon 2nd Award SEA War Games Participant, Taxi patch reads "114?" so he must have been in Thailand on a lift-operation, minor wear, excellent color, Used.......inquire

( also on: htm, New arrivals, 1st CAV patch section pages )
- - - -
partial History
First unit to receive CH54A Tarhe "Skycranes"
Deployed to Vietnam with the lst Air Cavalry Division; used for recovery and re-supply
Returned to CONUS early-70s; re-activated at Fort Benning GA in 1973
478th deactivated in May 1979
498th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)



498th MED CO(AA), U. S. made, UnUsed......(sold)

( per Mark Hough's book, page 133,  patch number 498K...this pattern insignia may have been worn in Vietnam )
 501st Aviation Battalion


Vietnam Era

hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

B Company, 501st Aviation Battalion, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
501st Aviation Battalion

post-RVN era assigned to the 1st Armored Division in Europe


'501 BN', US made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
B Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Aviation

circa October 1988 to March 1996

B CO/1/501st AVN "RED BARONS", Korean made, Unused....inquire
partial History

201st AVN CO  redesignated B/1/501st AVN REGT while stationed in Korea
Redesignated 1st BN of the 52nd AVN REGT in March 1996
A Company, 502nd Aviation Battalion


circa 1964 - 66

( This "Outlaws" unit is the same as the 175th AVN CO's "Outlaws" )


made in USA, mid-1960s, stain below horn on left side, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
A/502nd AVN BN was activated from the assets of the 62nd AVN CO(AML) on December 14, 1964 at Vinh Long, RVN
Later the A/502nd's assets were assumed by the 175th AVN CO(AML)/175th AHC that was Reactivated in September 1966

62nd AVN CO partial History
62nd Aviation Company was Constituted April 3, 1962; Activated May 1, 1962 at Fort Benning; Inactivated February 11, 1963
Activated August 6, 1964 at Ft. Benning; Relocated to Vinh Long in September 1964 and assigned to the Delta Aviation Battalion(later the 13th AVN BN)
By this time the name "Outlaws" was being used by the unit
Company A, 502d Aviation Battalion (Fort Hood) designator was transferred to Vietnam to replace the 62nd AVN CO name on December 14, 1964
The "62nd" was deactivated on the same day, December 14, 1964
Co A/502nd was Redesignated 175th Aviation Company and the designator A/502nd was returned to the 1st Armored Division at Fort Hood, TX
The name "Outlaws" remained with the unit until the 175th was disbanded in 1972
507th Maintenance Detachment (CHINOOK)

UnCommon Patch - worn 1 year(+/-)

Attached to the 202nd Helicopter Company circa 1964 at Fort Benning
202nd HEL CO assigned to 1st CAVDIV circa 1965; 202nd Redesignated C/228th CAB; shipped to Vietnam

Supported the First Cavalry Division (Air Mobile) in Vietnam


507th MAINT DET "CHINOOK", UnUsed......(sold)

( also on C/228th CAB section )
507th Transportation Detachment

507th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)

507th TD assigned to the 94th Transportation Company, circa late 1950s to early 1960s, UnUsed...(choice)......Inquire

507th Medical Company/Air Ambulance "MAST" "TO SAVE A LIFE", circa1978 to 1989, UnUsed.......(sold)
( All Platoons wore this patch during this period except the 3rd platoon at Ft. Hood(?) )

- - - -
possible History for the 507th TD
(94th TC, a reference for this unit, from a Veteran: ".....Ft. Benning, GA during 1959-60. I was assigned to the 507th Detachment of the 94th Transportation Company (3rd U.S. Army), an H-34 helicopter company.  Sometime during late 1960, the 507th and 94th left Ft. Benning, to be sent to what we all thought was eventually Vietnam. We were all excited about it and I was devastated when I found that I didn't have enough time remaining on my two year draft hitch to be sent overseas. ......." )
( 507th TD, one reference for this Unit in Vietnam, during LAMSON 719 (Laotian Incursion) an OH-6A went down with 3 members of the "507th Transportation Detachment, 2nd Squadron (?) )
( anyone know the History of the 507th TD?,  e-mail  Jack@LJMilitaria.com  )
- - - -
partial History of the 507th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)
507th Medical Air Ambulance Company, 36th Medical Battalion, based at Fort Hood, TX
Unit had 4 x platoons at different Army Posts
509th TC


Got an extra Vintage patch similar to this drawing?

( this unit was absorded by the 3rd TC (Helicopter) which has a similar patch design )

If you have an extra, email  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

( also on  main Army Patch page, "WANT" section )
517th Transportation

582nd Transportation Company (ADS)

593rd TD (MCHFM) (from the BURNS Collection)

517th Transportation , pre-Vietnam, became the 90th Aviation Company, UnUsed.........(sold)

582nd Transportation Company, Aircraft Direct Support, early 1960s, UnUsed.....inquire

(see some history on the 593rd below)

- - - -
 partial History for the 593rd TD
The 593rd Trans DET MCHFM (Medium Cargo Helicopter Field Maintenance) was attached to the 19th TC and used the same patch design but jwith a different unit designation. The 19th TC went to Korea in May 1962, later Redesignated the 19th AVN CO in January 1966 and was Deactivated in October 1971 when the assets and personnel were transferred to the 271st ASHC.
Flew CH-37 Mojaves until January 1969 when they were replaced with Chinooks.
It sent less than a detachment of CH-37s to Vietnam TDY in 1963 but otherwise operated in Korea.
7926DK - USO Worker's 2nd Pattern Badged Jungle Shirt

Vietnamese made 520th Transportation BN patch on Left Pocket


click on a picture for details
540th Transportation Company (Aviation)
Back in the early days when Quality work was done in Vietnam

540th Trans Co "MIGHTY HAND OF SUPPORT", Vietnamese Hand-Embroidered, stationed at Qui Nhon, Unused.....inquire

( same Veteran had a  34th Support Group  HE patch )

( worked for the 14th Transportation Battalion and 34th Support Group )
 545th Transportation Company Detachment

UnCommon 2nd Design - circa 1964

supported the 119th Aviation Company(AML)
- - - -
545th TD (CHFM)


RFU, never washed, Used......inquire
- - - -

UnCommon U.S. made patch, UnUsed....(sold)

( also pictured on 119th AVN CO(AML) section )
Possible 548th Medical DET


"Health Record", Section probably kept Aircrew Medical Records in the 548th MED DET/Flight Surgeon's Office, UnUsed....inquire
551st Transportation Corps Detachment (Direct Support)

"DOCTOR DUST OFF" at Long Binh, Vietnam


551st TC DET(DS), made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Provided Direct Maintenance Support(DS) to the 45th Medical Company(AA) and attached units at Long Binh from May 1969 to August 1970  
568th Transportation Company Detachment
 Supported A Troop, 7th Squadron, 17th AIR CAV

( see on the 17th Cavalry page/section )
WANTED:  571st TD insignia

items can vary in design and color

571st Transportation Detachment (Aircraft Maintenance) assigned to the UTT

( also on Main page, "WANT" section )

(  If you have extra items, contact    Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
573rd Transportation Detachment

Supported the 33rd TC - Hard to find Early Insignia


see details on the 33rd TC page/section

Both of these patches

582nd Transportation Company

593rd MCHFM

are listed above with the 517th Transportation

604th Transportation Company

( 2nd Design Insignia for the unit )

"Angels" ( Hand-embroidered )
( The 'Angels' patch was the original 604th TC patch when they deployed to Vietnam in March 1966; patch used in Vietnam for about a year )

2nd design of the 604th Transportation Company (Direct Support) "MISSION FIRST  HIGHLANDERS" (604th TC (DS)), Vietnam made, minor soiling, Used.....inquire

The Original patch design of  "F" Troop's 604th TRANS Angels, Vietnam Hand-embroidered, UnUsed....inquire
( The colors were later changed )
( The unit held a contest for a new design and the badge design(above shield design) was chosen )  

partial History
Formed in 1965 at Fort Campbell; Deployed to Vietnam in March 1966

See photos of the 604th TC patches here:
 http://604th dot com/604thPhotos/nfpicturepro/thumbnails.php?album=11

604th Transportation Company Detachment "REPAIR TO FIGHT AGAIN", part of the 52nd Aviation BN..(Sold)

605th TC "ADS", very-neat Vietnam HE patch, UnUsed....inquire

610th Transportation Company
Aviation Maintenance & General Support


610th TRANS CO AM & GS (610th TC) "FAST AND SURE", circa 1966 - 72, UnUsed.....inquire

partial History
Assigned to 58th Transportation Battalion (Aircraft Maintenance and Supply) "VIKINGS"
in I Corps under the 34th General Support Group

"Fast and Sure" is the motto of the 610th Transportation Company providing general support to more than 1,000 aircraft,
as well as reassembling, test flying, and issuing all Army aircraft arriving in Vietnam through DaNang
611th Transportation Company(ADS)

"We Support the Delta"
- - - -
611th TRANSCO (DS)


embroidered by hand in Vietnam-Quilted(crosshatched) style, RFU, Used.....inquire
- - - -
611th TC(DS) and 611th Tail Board Beercans

made in Vietnam Beercan, Used.......inquire

Viet made Beercan, posts have been clipped-off, Used......inquire
- - - -


Vietnam made, Recovery Team insignia, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
611th Delta Riggers

"60th" should read "611th", small mistake at the tailor shop

did the Rigging and Recovery for IV Corps

callsign = "Tailboard Recovery"


"DELTA RIGGERS" "WHAT NEXT?", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....Inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to 756th Transportation Battalion(AM&S) (GS)  
( 611th TC(ADS) "Delta Riggers" patch ID was established by a Veteran who still had his 611th patch and sent details )
- - - -
More History for the 611th TC(AD)
Pictures & 611th TC(AD) patch sent by Frank L. Garcia, SP4, served with the 611th TC (DS), at Vung Tau from February 1964 - February 1965

Major Lund was the CO

"Big Nick", CH-37 recovery aircraft            SP4 Garcia & PFC Halpaus in the Supply Room
( Notice the 1st Pattern Shirt with 611st Pocket Patch )
641st Military Intellegence Battalion (AERIAL SURVEILLANCE)


641st MIB(AS), made in Korea, UnUsed.....inquire
652nd Transportation Detachment (Direct Support)

Heavy Helicopter Maintenance for CH-54 SKYCRANEs


652nd TRANS DET (DS) HVY HEL MAINT, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
supported 273rd HHC/222nd CAB/1st AVN BDE
704th Military Intelligence Detachment (Aerial Surveillance)

Formerly the 6th Aviation Platoon; this patch is dated 1977 by the Collector.


704th MI DET(AS), "SPECTRE" OV-1 MOHAWK, collector's ID on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
OV-1 aircraft arrived in Korea during July 1977 with the 6th Aviation Platoon (Aerial Surveillance) moving to Camp Humphreys. Concurrent with the move, the unit was redesignated the 704th Military Intelligence Detachment (Aerial Surveillance) and attached to the US Army Field Station Korea, 501st Military Intelligence Group.
758th Medical Detachment

see details on 162nd AHC page
 765th Transportation Battalion (AM & S)

HAY  DE  CHUNG  BAY   =  "Let Them Fly"

Early-Vietnam Aviation Unit  - when the Vietnamese made High-Quality Insignia

765th Trans BN, circa 1964 -  1966, Vietnam Hand-Embroidered, UnUsed......inquire

Patch shown in Army Aviation in Vietnam 1963-1966 Book, by Ralph Young, page 52
- - - -
partial History
Redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 765th Transportation Battalion & Reactivated 26 March, 1964
at Fort Benning, Georgia as an aircraft maintenance unit. Relocated to the RVN and participated in 17 campaigns and distinguished itself by earning: six Meritorious Unit Citations, the Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm and the Republic of Vietnam Civil Action Medal Unit Citation. In 1972 the 765th TB was Deactivated.

Units Assigned:
Recovery Platoon callsign = "Pipesmoke"
1112th Transportation Company (Aircraft Repair)


Variation on the right - NO TREE

I removed this one from the right-pocket of an old PX style OG-107 which had a CA ARNG "Bear" patch on the left-SSI, Used...(sold)

without the tree, area where the tree would be shows no stitch-holes, from the "Burns" Collection, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
1112th TC(AR) was a part of the California Army National Guard (CA ARNG) at Roseville, CA

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One of the Best "Fly United" patches..........(sold)
click on picture below for associated patch with Marine Corps
early Vietnam service - 1964-67
330th TC (GS), hand embroidered in Vietnam, tiny pin-hole on right side UnUsed......inquire
The 282nd AHC "ALLEY CATS" Patch has arrived but my scanner went South - waiting on a new scanner  to arrive.
Expensive - inquire
( another 405th TD (CHFM), 170th AHC....enroute 120422 )
240th AHC Lift Platoon
1st or 2nd Lift Platoon?
240th AHC "PABST BLUE FLIGHT",  Hand-embroidered Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, Unused........(sold)
240th Assault Helicopter Company "Greyhounds", Vietnam made, UnUsed...............(sold)
3rd Platoon (Gunships), 240th AHC "GUNS" "MAD DOG" "DEATH ON CALL", Vietnam made, UnUsed..........(sold)