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170th Assault Helicopter Company

Supported MACV-SOG in cross-border ("over-the-fence") operations

See history below for partial explanation of the change in Platoon names/callsigns.
- - - -
170th AHC 'BIKINIS' and 'BUCCANEER' Guns

Both from a Veteran of the 170th AHC, circa 1968 in Pleiku (405th also from this Veteran)

pre-January 1970, "BUCACANEER" patch

Bikinis, UnUsed.......inquire

Buccaneer, UnUsed......(sold)

- - - -
pre-January 1970 "BUCACANEER" patch

170th AHC "Bikinis".......(sold)

1st Lift Platoon (Blue Bikinis) of the 170th ("The Dog"), Viet HE.......(sold)

GUN Platoon BUCCANEER patch made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

( see the 170th Assault Helicopter Company's Insignia at: http://www.170thahc dot org/Patches/patches.html )

( good site  http://www.170th dot org/Html/Bikinis.html  )
- - - -
Hand-Embroidered 170th AHC: Bikini & Stayloose

From a Veteran of the 170th, circa 1968:
The Stay Loose patch was worn by the 170th Special Cross-Border Operations Group flying missions into Cambodia in 1967-1968.  If our Huey's crashed in Cambodia a team would go in and remove all serial numbers from the aircraft before it was destroyed so no one could say the Americans were in Cambodia.

170th Assault Helicopter Compnay "Bikinis", she wears both Platoon colors "Red and Blue", Hand-Embroidered (HE), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

170th "cross-border" operations patch, "STAYLOOSE" hand-embroidered in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
Hand-embroidered 1st Lift Platoon


"Blue Bikinis" (1st Lift PLT) of the 170th AHC, Viet HE, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
Hand-embroidered 1st Lift Platoon Variation


"Blue Bikinis" (1st Lift PLT) of the 170th AHC, Viet HE, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
170th AHC 2nd LIFT Platoon "RED BARON"


2nd Flight Platoon, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
170th AHC 2nd Flight Platoon

( The "RED BARON" patch is sometimes mis-identified as a 201st CAC patch )


hand-embroidered in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
Patch and Beercan DI made in Vietnam

"BUCCANEER" Gunship Platoon, ID on reverse, UnUsed.......inquire

Beercan comes with the original brass clutchbacks-from the Veteran, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
405th Transportation Detachment(CHFM)


supported the 170th AHC Bikinis

( CHFM = Cargo Helicopter Field Maintenance )

From a Veteran of the unit - circa 1968 at Pleiku

405th TD (CHFM) embroidered on twill, thumb tack hole and shadow from being dispalyed on a board, UnUsed.....(sold)
- - - -
From a Veteran of the unit - circa 1968 at Pleiku


405th TD (CHFM), UnUsed.......inquire

( link on 405th section )
- - - -
partial History
Unit Activated September 1, 1965 as the 170th Aviation Company (Airmobile Light) at Fort Bennning, Georgia
Attached Units: 405th TC(DET - CHFM), 448th Signal Detachment(SD), & 755th Medical Detachment(MD)
Company = Bikinis
1st Flight Platoon = Bikini Blue
2nd Flight Platoon = Bikini Red
3rd "GUN" Platoon = Buccaneer

Relocated to the RVN circa November-December 1965; Assigned 10th Aviation Battalion  
Redesignated 170th Assault Helicopter Company January 10, 1966 and Assigned to 52nd Aviation Battalion ("Flying Dragons")

52nd AVN BN was stationed at Camp Holloway AAF, Pleiku and consisted of the following units:
57th AHC
119th AHC
155th AHC(stationed at Bam Me Thout)
179th ASHC a CH-47 unit,
189th AHC
219th Aviation Company(Fixed-wing)
361st Aerial Weapons Company(COBRA GUNS supporting the 170th in cross-border ops)

The 170th supported the MACV-SOG Mission (and later trained the 57th AHC in that mission) running cross-border operations into Cambodia/Laos.
Also supported: 4th ID, 25th ID, 22nd ARVN ID, & other units in the Highlands

Important for Patch Collectors
The 170th AHC moved to Kontum AAF in January 1970 replacing the  57th AHC
HQS Section renamed = Bikini Dropouts
1st FLT PLT = Blue Snoopy
2nd FLT PLT = Red Baron
3rd FLT PLT name did not change  =  Buccaneers
Maintenance Platoon = Dry Dock
Tech Supply Section = Instant Parts
Motor Pool = Bikini Wheels
154th MED DET = 154th Mad Medics
Security Platoon = 52nd Security Force

( see Company patches on this link  http://www.170th dot org/Html/Bikinis.html )
 171st Transportation Detachment


"FIGHTING" 171st TD "CHECKED AND FOUND  OK", Vietnamese Hand-embroidered, UnUsed.....inquire

( stored with the 147th ASHC patches )
- - - -
partial History
171st Maintenance Detachment (AVIM) attached to 147th Aviation Company  "Hill Climbers" in 1966
171st Maint DET was absorbed by the 147th AVN CO, circa January 1969   
173rd Airborne Brigade, Aviation Platoon
Callsigns = "Casper the Ghost" and "Casper"
- - - -
Casper Platoon, 173rd Airborne Brigade - Japan made


"CASPER PLT 173rd ABN BDE", scrapebook residue on back, larger size Japan made patch, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Aviation (Casper) Platoon, 173rd Airborne Brigade

"VIET CONG HUNTING CLUB" made in Vietnam


arc has damage to the black cloth(looks like it was done at the tailor's shop), red cloth has stitch lines(cloth was sewn but then recycled), UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
173rd Airborne Brigade Aviation Platoon Beercan DI

scanned at 300dpi = all blemishes show

 made in the RVN, Used......inquire
- - - -

"CASPER PLT" (Casper Platoon), "173d ABN. BDN.",  Vietnam made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History for 173rd CASPER Aviation Platoon (1965 - 68)
The 173d Airborne Brigade was formed on Okinawa March 26, 1963
Deployed to the RVN May 5 1965
A Company, 82nd AVN BN attached to the 173rd and re-designated 335th AHC in September 1966
Casper PLT placed under Operational Control (OPCON) of   335th AHC  to fly in support of the 173rd BDE
OPCON of Casper PLT removed from the 335th and returned to 173rd BDE AVN Officer in May 1967
The 335th Cowboys were reassigned from 145th to the 268th Combat AVN BN, 17th AVN GP, 1st AVN BDE December 31 1967
The Cowboys were reassigned to the 214th Combat AVN BN, 164th Combat AVN GP, 1st AVN BDE in March 1968

( excellent Unit site:  http://www.casperplatoon dot com/index.htm  )
173rd Assault Helicopter Company

- - - -
173rd AHC Beercan DI

scanned at 300dpi = all blemishes show

made in Vietnam, Used.....inquire
- - - -
173rd AHC Robin Hoods


collector ID'd on back, staple mark at top above feather, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
173rd AHC Pocket Hanger, made in Vietnam


- - - -
UnCommon 173rd AHC Scroll


173rd AHC "Robin Hood" scroll, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
Gun Platoon's "Hales Angels"
callsign = "Crossbow"


Personalized patch for the Gun Platoon, Vietnam made, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
173rd AHC, Gun Platoon of the "Robin Hood" Company


173rd AHC, 4" Vietnamese made, "GUNS" "CROSSBOWS", UnUsed........inquire

173rd AHC "CROSS BOW", Viet made, unusual patch, UnUsed.....(sold)

- - - -
173rd Assault Helicopter Company "GUNS"


173rd AHC "CROSS BOW" without the long arrow and "GUNS", made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
173rd ASLT. HEL. CO. "Gun Platoon" - made in USA


merrowed-edge with pigtail, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
173rd Assault Helicopter Company

"Crossbows" Gun Platoon

UnCommon patch


made in Germany, UnCommon insignia, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
formerly the 173rd Air Mobile Light Company, based at Lai Khe, assigned to  11th CAB
173rd Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) activated at Fort Benning, Georgia September 1 1965
173rd Aviation Company (Aslt Hel) consisted of: Headquarters PLT, 2 x Flight platoons, Gunship PLT, & Service PLT
Attached units: 408th TD, 451st Signal Detachment, & 759th Medical Detachment
Deployed to Vung Tau, Vietnam in March 1966 and then to Lai Khe ("Sherwood Forest")
Maintenance section designated as "Friar Tuck" and the Avionics section was dubbed "Little John"
 Unit was committed heavily in Operation Birmingham beginning 29 April 1966

During the reporting period of 1 January 1969, through 31 December 1969, the Robin Hoods of the 173rd Aviation Company (Aslt Hel) participated in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th phases of Operation "Toan Thang" (Complete Victory) which encompassed the entire III Corps area of operations. The operation for the year netted 6,533 enemy killed and tons of enemy arms and equipment captured. During this period, normal operations consisted of company and battalion size combat assaults during both daylight and night hours, with gunship support and direct combat support roles of medical evacuation, re-supply, and "Sniffer Missions". The Robin Hoods flew a total of 31,100 hours and carried 194,734 passengers during the year.

relocated to Germany after Vietnam, date unknown

( for 173rd AHC info see this site  http://users2.ev1 dot net/~jcporter1/rh/ )
174th Aviation Company (Air Mobile Light)

174th Assault Helicopter Company


Lift Platoons  =  "Dolphins"
Gunship Platoon  = "Sharks"
- - - -
3rd Platoon, 174th AVN CO (AML)


two sharks on the patch, Made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
3rd "Gunship" Platoon Viet made Beercan

scanned at 300dpi = all the nicks show

Two sharks on the DI, Vietnam made Beercan DI, Used.....inquire
- - - -
3rd PLT, 174th AHC GUNS


GunShip Platoon, made in the Chu Lai area, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
174th Aviation Company (Airmobile Light) formed at Fort Benning, Georgia October 1 1965; deployed to Qui Nhon, Vietnam 1966
Unit Redesignated 174th AHC in late-1967
Served in Laos during Operation Lam Son 719 in 1971
Deactivated circa September 1971
Lane Army Heliport near Qui Nhon in 1966
Duc Pho in Quang Ngai Province in 1967 to 1970
Chu Lai (Americal Division base camp) in 1971

Flew several models of UH-1s
 175th "Command Aviation Company"

175th Aviation Company (Airmobile Light)

175th Assault Helicopter Company

175th Aviation Company (Attack Helicopter) (post-RVN)
( Formerly the 62nd AVN CO and A/502nd AVN BN )
- - - -
HE Texas Longhorn's skull superposed on the RVN

Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam "'OUTLAWS", stain on the right side, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

machine embroidered (ME), puckered at bottom-left (typical for 175th patches=the border is too close to the map of the RVN). UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
"Used" subdued OUTLAWS patch, made in Vietnam

Vietnam made patch, maker's glue spot in upper-right corner, UnUsed.......inquire

RFU, border damage, nevfer washed, made in Vietnam, Used........inquire

- - - -
175th Outlaws

175th AHC, chain-stitched Vietnam made, uncommon subdued patch, UnUsed...(sold)
- - - -
1st Platoon, 175th AHC



unusual patch design for a fighting unit with the "peace sign"(?), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
2nd FLIGHT Platoon

 "TRANH-DAO  HOA-BINH" = "Fight for the Peace"(?)

2nd Platoon, 175th AHC "OUTLAWS", Viet made, scrapbook residue onback, UnUsed.......inquire

2nd PLT, 175th AHC, made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
2nd LIFT PLT variation with better quality embroidery


yellow backing material, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
2nd PLT, very-Large "DEUCE VIETNAM" patch

Unusual Hand-embroidered 2nd LIFT, made in Vietnam, ID on reverse side, UnUsed.......inquire

Probably the largest Army AVN patch I have owned, maker's glue on front, been in at least two scrapbooks, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
175th Gun Platoon, Cowboy riding a Helicopter


Orange, Gunship PLT, UnUsed......inquire

Yellow, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
3rd "Gun" Platoon, 175the AVN CO


175th Aviation Company "Sat Cong" (Kill Commie Bastards), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
175th Assault Helicopter Company Maintenance



175th AHC-MAINT, FLIGHT PLATOONS, small stains (probably from the tailor shop), Unused......inquire
- - - -
150th Transportation Company Detachment (CHFM)

The 150th TC DET supported the 175th AHC (formerly 62nd AVN CO), then the 11th AVN CO/1st CAVDIV


 150th TRANS CO DET, made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
150th TD(CHFM) Beercan

Beercan made in Vietnam,. Used....inquire

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - post-RVN era - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

175th Aviation Company (Attack Helicopter) (post-RVN)


German and Vietnam National colors, German made, RFU, Used......inquire

German made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
partial History
On July 16, 1965 the 175th "Command Aviation Company" was "Constituted by Congress"; Activated at Ft. Benning, Georgia October 1, 1965
Deployed to Vietnam circa March - April 1966.

 The 25th Aviation Battalion arrived in Vietnam 30 April 1966; "A" Company transferred to Vietnam less personnel and equipment.
Upon arrival Alpha Company was Organized/Manned/Equipped with UH-1 helicopters using the assets of the 175th Aviation Company(CAC?) arriving from Fort Benning.
The 175th was then Inactivated on May 5, 1966.

The 175th was Reactivated using the assets of  A/502nd Battalion in September 1966.
Assigned to 13th CAB ("The Delta Battalion") and Later Redesignated 214th Combat Aviation Battalion, 1st AVN BDE
Located at Vinh Long AAF the 175th was comprised of UH-1B and UH-1D model "Huey" helicopters with the mission of providing Air Assault and C & C (command and control) to the Brigade(1st AVN BDE?).

Inactivated February 20, 1972; Reactivated and saw service in Germany; Inactivated December 20, 1977
176th Assault Helicopter Company
- - - -
176th AHC, 2nd Flight Platoon



2nd FLT PLT, Viet Machine Embroidered(ME), UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
176th AHC, 3rd GUNS Platoon



"GUNSHIPS", made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Probably Organized in 1965 and Activated in 1966 at Fort Benning
arrived in Vietnam circa February-March 1967
Unit operated out of Phu Hiep
 Stood down in 1971 or 1972

3rd "GUNS" Platoon callsign = "Musket(s)"
178th Aviation Company

178th Assault Support Helicopter Company


Medium-Lift Chinook Helicopter Company

Supported by the 400th TC DET and 744th MED DET
- - - - 
"CHINOOK BOX CARS", made in Vietnam

178th ASLT SUP HEL CO "BOX CARS" Vietnam Era insignia, Used....inquire

made in Vietnam, small hole below the "N" from the Tailor's shop, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam, Good Workmanship


178th ASHC "Chinook", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed...(sold)
- - - -

ME with long pigtail, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
400th Transportation Detachment (Medium Helicopter Field Maintenance)

This is probably the Original Design done in the Fall of 1966
(Their web site states there is a picture of the Original patch on the site but I cannot find it(?))


400th TD(FM), Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam, high-quality workmanship, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
The 178th Aviation Company was activated at Fort Benning, Georgia September 1, 1965
The 400th Transportation Detachment (Medium Helicopter Field Maintenance) providing Maintenance Support and 774th Medical Detachment were Attached
On January 1, 1966, the 178th Aviation Company, including the 400th TD & 774th MED DET, was Assigned to the 10th Aviation Group
In January 1966 the 178th started Relocating to Phu Loi, Republic of South Vietnam; movement completed in March 1966
Assets included: 16 x CH-47 Chinook and 2 x OH-13 Sioux Helicopters
Upon arrival at Phu Loi the 178th, with detachments, was assigned to the 11th Aviation Battalion, 12th Aviation Group
(774th Medical Detachment was Reassigned to the 145th Aviation Battalion as the 11th AVN BN's Medics furnished medical care)
On June 15, 1966 the unit was Redesignated the 178th Assault Support Helicopter Company Assigned to the Redesignated 11th Combat Aviation Battalion
On 1 September 1966 the unit observed its First Anniversary of Organization Day; Both the 178th and the 400th TD designed/adopted distinctive unit Patches.
The OH-13s were exchanged for HUEYs
In April 1967 the 178th ASHC was Assigned on a TDY status to Task Force Oregon at Chu Lai;  then Permanently Assigned TF Oregon (later the 23rd Infantry "AMERICAL" Division); 178th also placed under OPCON of 17th AVN GP on April 21, 1967
October 1, 1969 the 178th ASHC was placed under command of the 14th Aviation Battalion (Combat)
Probably remained with the AMERICAL until March 1972

If you know the history in the 1970s and post-RVN let me know and I will add it.
 179th Aviation Company (Medium Helicopter)

179th  Assault Support Helicopter Company (ASHC)

- - - -
179th Aviation Company (Medium Helicopter)
402d Transportation Detachment (Direct Support)

Early hand-embroidered "quilted" insignia, made in Vietnam


"179th 402nd HOOKS", UnUsed.....inquire

( Design also used on the aircraft, at least later on - see Nose Art below )
- - - -
picture Courtesty of SFC (Ret) Rodger D. Fetters

insignia painted on nose of a CH-47A circa 1967 - 1968, Pleiku RVN

( a pocket patch of this design was also made - see above )

If you have an extra patch, let me know
- - - -

179th ASHC & 402nd TD(MHFM) "HOOK'S", Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)

179th ASHC "HOOK'S", Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -


179th  ASHC  Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
The 179th Aviation Company (Medium Helicopter) was activated December 15, 1965 at Fort Benning, Georgia
The 402d Transportation Detachment was activated on the same order to provide direct maintenance support
Arrived in Vietnam June 1966
179th assigned to 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion, Camp Holloway, Pleiku to assist fighting Units in MR2
Redesignated 179th Assault Support Helicopter Company in July 1966
"departed RVN August 1971" = unknown if they stood-down or were relocated
180th Aviation Company (Medium Helicopter)

180th Assault Support Helicopter Company
"Big Windy"
- - - -
"GOD IS OUR CO-PILOT", made in Vietnam


180th ASHC, Viet made, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

180th AVN CO, RFU, stained, Used.....(sold)
- - - -

Pelon backing, RFU L-2B Flight Jacket, probably German made, Used...(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Constituted in the Regular Army on July 16, 1965; Activated March 17, 1966 at Fort Benning, Georgia as the 180th Aviation Company
Relocated to the RVN in July 1966 and stationed at Dong Ba Thin, then moved to Camp Holloway, Pleiku and assigned to the 52nd CAB
On 5 August 1969 the unit’s designated call sign “Big Windy” was approved by the Secretary of the Army.
In March 1973 the Company ReLocated to Europe
Redesignated Company A, 5th Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment in November 1987
181st Assault Helicopter Company


181st AHC, Unused......inquire

Anyone know the History of this Unit, patch looks 1960s - early-1970s era?
183rd Reconnaissance Airplane Company



183rd RAC, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
184th Surveillance Airplane (Light)

184th Reconnaissance Airplane Company
- - - -
184th RAC, design used circa 1968 - 1971

scanned at 300dpi = all the nicks show

Viet made Beercan, "184th RECON APL CO", Used....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned: 145th AVN BN August 1966; reassigned 11th AVN Bn March 1967; reassigned 210th CAB
Flew O-1 Bird Dogs supporting: IIFFV, 1st ID, 5th SF, & 25th ARVN ID
185th Reconnaissance Airplane Company



185th RAC, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
187th Assault Helicopter Company

"Blackhawks - Crusaders - Rat Pack"
- - - -


187th AHC, Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, Unused........inquire

187th AHC, Viet made, UnUsed.....(sold)

- - - -

187th AHC, Viet made, UnUsed....inquire

made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

( similar size to the above right patch, ask for measurements if interested )
- - - -
187th AHC "MUNGS"

187th ASLT-HEL Co, Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire  

187th ASLT HEL Co, Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
187th AHC - Maintenance



made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Constituted 2025th Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation) September 23, 1942; Activated October 1, 1942 at McChord Field, Washington
Inactivated January 15, 1946 at Itami Airbase, Osaka Japan
Re-designated 2025th Transportation Corps Truck Company (Aviation) August 1, 1946
Re-designated 187th Aviation Company (Airmobile Light) 18 June 1966; Activated September 1, 1966 at Ft. Bragg, NC
Relocated to the RVN in late-1966 to early 1967
Later Redesignated 187th AHC
Inactivated 14 February 1972 in Vietnam

Unit has a web site:  http://www.187thahc dot net/
188th Assault Helicopter Company

Hand-Embroidered Gun Platoon


( Spider is carrying Rocket Pods on his legs )


RARE Hand-Embroidered Insignia, Vietnam made, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
188th AHC hand-embroidered in Vietnam


188th AHC, UnUsed.....inquire

( see successor unit patches  C/101st AHB  )
 189th Assault Helicopter Company
- - - -


189th ASLT HEL CO, RFU, has glue residue(?) and minor fraying at 0300, Used......(sold)     
- - - -
189th AHC


RFU, looks like a spot of glue on border at 1530, Used.....inquire
- - - -

Gun Platoon


partially Hand-embroidered "GUNS" made in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Constituted September 23, 1942 as the 2027th Quartermaster Truck Company(Aviation); Activated at Lockbourne Army Air Base, Ohio October5, 1942  
Inactivated in the Philippine Islands February 20, 1946
Redesignated August 1, 1946 2027th Transportation Company (Aviation)
Redesignated 189th Aviation Company(AML) November 1, 1966; Activated at Fort Carson, Colorado
Assigned DETs:
6th Signal Detachment
519th Medical Detachment
 604th Maintenance Detachment
Relocated to the RVN in May 1967; Assigned to 52d CAB located at Camp Holloway near Pleiku in MR II (The Central Highlands)
Among units Supported II Corps Tactical Zone was: 4th Infantry Division, II Corps, 5th Special Forces Group, 52nd Artillery Battalion, and Operations Omega and Prairie Fire
Inactivated 15 March 1971 in Vietnam
Activated and Assigned to the 3d Armored Division in Germany on February 19, 1986
Inactivated in Germany July 16, 1987

( good site on 189th AHC history:  http://189thahc dot org/189th_unit_history.html )
190th Assault Helicopter Company

- - - -
scanned at 300dpi = all the nicks show

Spartan pinback Beercan made in Vietnam, Used.....(sold)

190th AHC Gun Platoon "Gladiators", Used.....(sold)
- - - -
190th AHC Grouping
Patch, Aircrewman's Wings, & Doorgunner Picture


190th AHC Pocket patch UnUsed
Aircrewman's Badge hallmarked: "V21" "1/20 SIL. FILLED", Used
picture of Doorgunner

( V21 = Vanguard Company of Long Island, NY )

( picture and wing in site done box )
- - - -
partial History
190th arrived Vietnam July 1967
relocating several times to support: Marines, 198th LIB, 101st ABD, CIDG, and etc.,
departed RVN December 1970
Assigned to 145th CAB, 12th GP, 1st AVN BDE

Slicks = "Spartans"  
Guns = "Gladiators"
 191st Assault Helicopter Company

Bounty Hunters and Boomerangs may have been the Lift Platoons

191st AHC "BOUNTY HUNTER FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE", 4.25" Viet made, UnUsed....inquire

191st AHC "ASSAULT BOOMERANGS",Viet made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.........inquire

191st AHC "ASSAULT BOOMERANGS"....(sold)

- - - -

191st AHC "BOOMERANGS", Vietnam made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Embroidered on Khaki Twill backing cloth


made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Gun Platoon of the 191st AHC



191st AHC, Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
 - - - -
191st Assault Helicopter Company


Blue Maintenance patch made in Vietnam, if the other patch was yellow I would guess this one would be for the Night Maintenance Crew(?), UnUsed.....inquire

191st Green Maintenance insignia, Vietnam made, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
partial History
191st AHC was organized at Fort Bragg, NC
Unit arrived at Bearcat, RVN 24 May 1967 & assigned to the 214th CAB
Supported the 9th Infantry Division until 1969 when the 9th ID departed Vietnam
Supported ARVN units in the Delta until standing down and being replaced by the 18th CAC in Sep 1971
192nd Assault Helicopter Company

10th Combat Aviation Battalion, 17th Combat Aviation Group

192nd ASLT HEL"We Bow to None", UnUsed.....(sold)

192nd AHC "TIGERSHARKS" and "POLECATS" (Gunship & Lift Platoons), Vietnam made, Unused.......inquire

- - - -
Waldo, the 192nd ASLT HEL CO's pet Skunk, is depicted on this patch

hand-embroidered in Vietnam, maker's glue on upper part of blue shield, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
1st Airlift Platoon, 192nd Assault Helicopter Company


Red patch for the 1st PLT, 192nd AHC, made in Vietnam,ID'd on back,  UnUsed......inquire

Blue patch for 1st Airlift PLT, scrapbook residue on back, Viet made, Unused......inquire

- - - -
192nd AHC "GUNS"

"TIGER SHARKS" Gun Platoon


192nd Gunships, partially hand-embroidered, Viet made, Unused......inquire
 - - - -
partial History
192nd AHC supported the Korean White Horse Division in 1967
Callsigns: "Polecat" and "Tiger Shark"; worked out of Phu Hiep
("Polecat" was in honor of a pet skunk named Waldo)
moved to Phan Thiet and later to Phan Rang
supported units in II Corps: White Horse Division, 3/506/101, IFFV, C/75/173, & MACV
195th AHC controlled by MACV-SOG

( "Full-time Job" = supporting MACV-SOG CCS RECON Teams out of Quan Loi )

Hand-embroidered - notice the details: sandbags & shovel, Bulletin Board even has the "KP" roster, etc.


Headquarters Platoon "F TROOP", HE Vietnam made, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

195th Assault Helicopter Company 2nd Airlift Platoon "Ghost Riders", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

( see other "Ghost Rider" patch, 60th Assault Helicopter Company ) 
- - - -
Night Hawk crew patch

( anyone know when Howell was in the unit? )

195th AHC "NIGHT CREW" "HOWELL'S OWLS", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, Unused.....inquire

- - - -
195th Assault Helicopter Company, AIRCRAFT ARMAMENT


hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
196th Assault Support Helicopter Company

- - - -
196th ASHC, partially hand-embroidered in Vietnam


scrapbook residue on back, Unused......inquire
- - - -
3 x Variations

Light-blue, UnUsed......inquire

Dark-blue, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

Larger USA made, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Arrived in January 1967 and assigned to 268th Aviation Battalion ); supported: 173rd ABN BDE, ROK Capital & Whitehorse Divisions, 1st Cav Div, & 4th ID
Missions included: defoliating, recovery of downed aircraft, & aerial resupply
ReAssigned to Americal Division at Chu Lai August 1968;
Departed RVN 1971; Reassigned to Ft. Bragg, North Carolina

callsign may have been "Flipper"
197th Aviation Company (Armed Helicopter)

successor to the 68th and "UTT",  see  Utility Tactical Transport  Helicopter Company  for Histories

The 197th insignia references the past Unit Designators of UTT and 68th AVN CO(AH)


197th AVN CO(AH) "68" "UTT", Viet made, UnUsed......(sold)

( formerly the 571st Transportation Detachment (Aircraft Maintenance) )
- - - -

197th AVN CO (AH) "68" "UTT", Viet made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........inquire
( "68" = 68th Aviation Company (Armed Helicopter) )
- - - -
2nd Platoon, UTT Armed Helicopter Company Beercan


click on picture
- - - -
partial History
Unit Activated in March 1965 from 68th AVN CO(AH) assets
Initiated the "Lightning Bug/Firefly" missions while at TSN in May 1965
The 197th AVN CO(AH) formed a 4th Platoon)Lift) in 1966 known as the "GANGBUSTERS" while stationed at Bien Hoa AB
InActivated in late-September, 1966
- - - -
".....the First Unit......."

click on picture for detail of the UTT

see    UTT   for details and Unit History
- - - -
WANTED:  571st TD insignia

items can vary in design and color

571st Transportation Detachment (Aircraft Maintenance) assigned to the UTT

(  If you have extra items, contact    Jack@LJMilitaria.com )
198th Light Infantry Brigade (Aviation Section)



198th LIB (AVN SEC), made in the Chu Lai area, ID'd on back, UnUsed.....inquire

( also on 198th LIB Ground Forces patch page )
 199th Reconnaissance Airplane Company

- - - -

199th RAC, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Chain-stitched in Vietnam, UnCut-UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
Is this a 199th RAC Beercan from Moc Hoa or a 22nd TASS Detachment DI?

supporting MACV Team 85

If you have info contact: Jack@LJMilitaria.com

( also on the UI  & Air Force 22nd TASS pages )
- - - -
199th RAC "Swamp Fox" patch made in Vietnam during 1967 - 1970 era
 prefer one wearing a Beret; without a Beret is fine.
201st Aviation Company (CORPS)
Callsign "Red Barons"
- - - -


201st AVN CO, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

201st Aviation Company "Red Barons" "AIR SUPPORT VIETNAM", UnUsed......(sold)

201st AVN CO "Red Barons", UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
In 1966 the 2043rd Quartermaster Truck Company (Aviation) was Redesignated 201st Aviation Company (Corps)
Reactivated at Ft Bragg, NC; deployed to Nha Trang, Republic of Vietnam; Inactivated 1973
Reactivated in Korea 1978 (used assets from  3rd AVN DET)
Redesignated B Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment October 24, 1988
203rd Reconnaissance Airplane Company

- - - -
203rd AVN CO (RECON)


Yellow stains are probably paint, RFU, stained from wear, Used......inquire
- - - -

203rd RAC, border frayed on left, removed from a Jungle Shirt, Used.........(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Arrived RVN in 1965, assigned to the 223rd Bn at Quin Nhon; based at Phu Hiep & Tuy Hoa in II Corps)
203rd Assault Support Helicopter Company

callsign "Wildcats"

( also used by A/228th ASHB )


203rd Assault Support Helicopter Company 'WILDCATS' '71 72' semi-stiff from the scrapbook glue residue on back, ID'd on back by a collector, UnUsed......inquire

a similar patch is available without the scrapbook reside, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
203rd ASHC was in-country circa 1971-72
The CH-47 crewmembers site has references of the 203rd Wildcats as being in, or near, Marble Mountain & Danang circa 1971 to May 1972
Assigned to 1st AVN BDE whose records list the callsign "Wild Cat" as being used by A/228th ASHC (probably should read A/228th ASHB)

Anyone know the history of the 203rd ASHC Wildcats?
205th Aviation Company

205th Assault Support Helicopter Company

- - - -
"GERONIMOS" made in Vietnam patch


collector's ID on reverse, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
 612th TC DET/205th ASHC, Japan made Pocket Hanger


Partial History for the 612th TD
Constituted August 31, 1966 in the Regular Army as the 612th Transportation Detachment
Activated November 1, 1966 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma
Inactivated November 25, 1968 in Vietnam
Activated September 17, 2002 in Germany


Large Pocket Hanger patch made in Japan, hanger's seal has seperated on the right side, has tobacco odor,  UnUsed......inquire
 - - - -

205th AVN CO, 3", probably German made 1970s, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Formed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and Deployed to the RVN in May of 1967; stationed at Phu Loi flying CH-47 Chinooks; InActivated in November 1970 and Colors Transferred to Fort Benning, GA where it was ReActivated in June 1971; Deployed to Finthen Army Airfield near Mainz, Germany in 1973 flying CH-47s and Assigned to 4th TRANS BDE (4th TRANS CMD); Unit ReDesignated( or Deactivated?) in 1988
210th Combat Aviation Battalion
- - - -

no markings, may have been made in Northern-Asia, Used......inquire
- - - -

"Straight-Arrows" = Did not cheat on their wives/girlfriends (could have other meanings)

"Chairborne" =  worked at a desk-not on flying status


"RUNNIN 210th" hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
210th CAB originally organized/formed TSN Saigon, RVN as the "Aviation Battalion Fixed Wing (Provisional)" circa February 1966;
Redesignated Capital Aviation Battalion (Provisional) circa July 1966; Redesignated 210th CAB in March 1967
Fly Reconnaissance/Surveillance in MR3 and MR4; Supported: 25th ID, ARVN 5th & 18th Divisions
Served in the RVN circa 1966 - 1971; Served in the Panama Canal Zone circa 1973  - 1987
Some of the Units Assigned to the 210th:
54th Utility Airplane Company     
73rd Surveillance Airplane Company
74th Recon Airplane Company
120th Assault HelicopterCompany
125th Air Traffic ControlCompany
165th Signal Company
184th Recon Airplane Company
USARV Flight Detachment
212th Combat Aviation Battalion



212th CAB, UnUsed.......inquire
213th Assault Support Helicopter Company

Extra-Large "Black Cats", original U.S. made patch that the 213th went to Vietnam with in 1967

213th AVN ASHC "FLYING HIGH & MIGHTY SUPER' C'S", Viet HE, scrapbook residue on back, Unused.......inquire

5 5/8"(horizontal), made in the States pre-deployment to the RVN, UnUsed.......inquire
( one of the largest RVN Era Army patches I have seen )

- - - -
"BLACK CATS" flying CH-47 SUPER Cs, post-RVN, in Korea

Unit moved (or was ReEstablished) in Korea in 1972


probably made in Korea, circa 1972-73, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
partial History
Completed it's Relocated to Vietnam in February 1967; supported the 1st ID (The Big Red One) from Phu Loi
213th ASHC assigned to 11th CAB (listed Nov 1967)
By 710415 the 213th shows up on the 145th CAB ORG Chart
By 720701 the 213th had disappeared from the 1st AVN BDE ORG Chart
ReEstablished in Korea circa 1972

2 units used the "Black Cat" Callsign:
"BLACK CAT".............213th ASHC (CH-47s)
"BLACK CAT"..............282nd AHC(UH-1s)
 214th Combat Aviation Battalion
- - - -
214th CAB Beercan DI

Cougar design "borrowed" from the Mercury Racing Team's LOGO

scanned at 300dpi = all the blemishes show

made in Vietnam, Used.....inquire
- - - -
214th CAB


made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

Viet made, UnUsed.........(sold)
- - - -
partial History
In January 1967 an in-country CAB formed and was known as the "Buffalo Battalion"
In April 1967 the 214th AVN BN from CONUS merged with the Buffalo Battalion; the new unit was designated 214th CAB located at Bear Cat
The 214th supported the 9th ID and 101st ABD in III Corps
The 214th relocated to IV Corps in December 1968 in support of the 9th ID stationed at Dong Tam
 In August 1969 the 214th moved to Vinh Long to support the ARVN 7th and 9th IDs
  Company was known by many names:
219th Aviation Company (Airplane Surveillance Light)
219th Aviation Company (Surveillance Airplane Light)
219th Reconnaissance Airplane Company
219th Aviation Company Surveillance (O-1)
219th Aviation Company (Utility Aircraft)
219th Aviation Company(RECON)
(These designators were taken from the 219th Headhunters web site)


Patch design depicts a Head Hunter holding a Spy Glass(Visual Reconnaissance) and a 2.75" White Phosophorous Rocket(Target Marking) and wearing a Green grass skirt to represent the lush-tall-grass growing in their Area of Operations(AO) in the Central Highlands of MR2
- - - -

Hand-Embroidered, UnUsed.........(sold)

219th AVN CO, made in Vietnam, discolored on right-side, Used.....inquire

- - - -
219th AVN CO


Hand-embroidered in Vietnam on 'pebble' cloth, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
1st Flight Platoon, 219th Aviation Company

Supported MACV Advisory TEAM 36


made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
4th Flight Platoon, 219th Aviation Company


4th Flight Platoon operated out of Ban Me Thuot in 1971 - their AO was SW Darlac Province

(if anyone has more/different info on the 4th (or other PLTs - send it to me)


4th FLT PLT, 219th AVN CO), Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
219th Aviation Company (Airplane Surveillance Light) Constituted on March 16, 1965 and Activated at Fort Hood, Texas on March 25, 1965
203rd Signal Detachment was attached to the 219th AVN CO
Company Attached to the 501st Aviation Battalion, 1st Armored Division on April 7, 1965 which provided training and support
Began deployment to the RVN on June 18, 1965

Mission: Flew O-1 Bird Dogs out of Camp Holloway, Pleiku and many other OLs during it stay in MR2 (II CORPS) from 1965 - 1971

Assigned to:
52nd AVN BN(CBT) from June 1965 to October 1966
In October 1966 assigned to the 223rd Combat Support Battalion(?), 17th AVN GP, 1st AVN BDE
ReAssigned to the 52nd CAB on October 15, 1970

Supported: MACV Advisors & SOG Teams(CCC and CCS), USMC, 1st BDE/101st ABD, 3rd BDE/25th ID, IFFV, 52nd Artillery Group, 4th ID, TF Ivy, and TF-19

Known as:
Redesignated the 219th Aviation Company (Utility Aircraft) on March 19, 1969
Redesignated 219th Aviation Company (Surveillance Airplane Light) on May 5, 1970

4th Flight Platoon, 219th AVN CO(UA)'s last Flight was flown on December 7, 1971; platoon "STOOD-DOWN"  in December 1971

Aircraft: O-1D & G Birddogs and U-6A Beaver

Anyone know more/different information about the unit......email!
UI#327a, "219th MAINT"

Anyone know the ID of this unit, I cannot find a 219th Maintenance unit?


( also on: UI/Mystery and Army RVN Era Army Ground Forces )
220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company

Callsign: "Cat Killers"
( except for 1st Platoon flying YO-3As )

(220th RAC flew O-1s & YO-3As out of Phu Bai AAF in support of I Corps Missions)

220th AVN CO "Cat Killers", Viet made, UnUsed.......inquire

220th RAC, Hand-embroidered "We Observe", RFU, Used..........inquire

220th Surveillance Company (Light), Hand-embroidered "CATKILLERS", Used....(sold)

- - - -
partial History
220th is referred to by many names, I think "RAC" maybe correct in the later years(?)
O-1s were AKA L-19s earlier
- - - -
YO-3A insignia for the "Quite Aircraft" flown by the 220th RAC
( and by the 73rd SAC )

I am not sure who wore, or when, this design was worn; orif it was worn by the 220th:
It was not worn in 1970-71
( Cat's Eye design is similar to the design on the 220th's Prop Covers )

click on picture for details
- - - -
 1st Platoon, 220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company



1st PLT, 220th RAC, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
1st Platoon, 220th RAC

Callsign: "Cat Eyes"


220th Reconnaissance Airplane Company, 1st PLT "CAT KILLERS" "KHE SANH DMZ" "HUE PHU BAI", supported the Marines in I Corps, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

( Khe Sanh also spelled "Khe Sahn" )

circa 1970-71 the 1st Platoon wore a patch described as follows:
"The Dog" looking thru a telescope riding on the back of a black and gray YO-3A
I cannot use the "The Dog's" real name due to copyrights
 221st Aviation Company (Surveillance Airplane Light) (1965)

221st Reconnaissance Aviation Company (O-1) (1966 - 1967)

221st Aviation Company (Surveillance, O-1) (1968)

221st Aviation Company (Utility Airplane) (1969 - 1971)

The above Designations were taken from the UNIT HISTORIES on the 221st's Web Site.

- - - -
early Hand-embroidered patch, 221st AVN CO (SAL)

This patch Design (without the top scroll "Eyes over the Delta") is shown in the UNIT HISTORY of the 221st Aviation Company (Surveillance Airplane Light) dated 1965 March 24, 1965 - December 31, 1965).  You can find the Unit Histories on the 221st Web Site.

Triangular shape depicts the Mekong Delta.
The tigers' eye indicates surveillance.
The shotguns reflect the units' call sign.
The wings represent army aviation.
he basic colors, green and yellow, denote reconnaissance.

Early-RVN era insignia without the top scroll, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, RFU, Used.......inquire

- - - -
221st Aviation Company (Utility Airplane) (1969 - 1971)

This design with the top scroll "EYES OVER THE DELTA" first appears in the UNIT HISTORY in 1969.

Hand-Embroidered - except for border


Large 221st Aviation Company ("Shotguns"), flew O-1 Bird Dogs (L-19s) in IV Corps, Viet HE, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....(sold)

( exceptionally well-made insignia for this unit )
- - - -
partial History
221st Aviation Company (SAL) "Shotguns" was activated March 23 1965 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Departed for Vietnam 11 July 1965; Assigned 307th CAB; ReAssigned to 164th AVN GP December 20 1967
ReAssigned to 13th CAB and then to the 214th CAB
Stationed at Soc Trang Airfield July 16 1965 with aircraft located at several locations in IV Corps
Relocated to Can Tho when Soc Trang was given to the VNAF
Relocated to Vinh Long to Replace the 199th Aviation Company "SWAMP FOXES"
Unit flew their last mission October 10, 1971 ending Bird Dog support in 164th CAB
222nd Combat Aviation Battalion

- - - -
222nd CAB, USARV asset, made in Thailand & Vietnam

Made in Thailand, UnUsed.......inquire

Made in Vietnam, UnUsed.........inquire

- - - -
222nd CAB DI, made in USA

marked "N.S. MEYER, INC. NEW YORK MADE IN USA" with the Meyer's double shields, Used....inquire
- - - -
Head & Head Company, 222nd Aviation Battalion



HHC, 222nd CAB, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
In early 1966, the battalion was Activated in Vietnam as a Fixed Wing unit with Mohawks and Birddogs, later Transitioned to a Rotary-Wing unit.
Supported: 1st Infantry Division, 5th Special Forces, and the Thai Division in III Corps.
A Skycrane company operated in: II, III and IV Corps.
223rd Combat Aviation Battalion



223rd CAB, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......Inquire
224th Aviation Battalion (Radio Research)

No Insignia available

partial History
On 1 June 1966, the 224th Aviation Battalion (Radio Research) was activated under the command of the 509th RRGP
It consisted of four companies:
138th Aviation Company(RR) based at Da Nang, supported I CTZ AO
144th Aviation Company(RR) based at Nha Trang, supported II CTZ AO  
146th Aviation Company(RR) based at Saigon, supported III CTZ AO  
156th Aviation Company(RR) based at Can Tho, supported IV CTZ AO

On 3 July 1967, the 1st Radio Research Company(Aviation) was assigned to the 224th AVN BN(RR) to provide direct support to MACV flying 6 x RP-2E aircraft from Cam Ranh Bay Naval Air Station, Vietnam
By June 1969, the Battalion, with its HQS Company and five operational Companies, had over 1,100 personnel and eighty aircraft. The 224th BN and the LEFT BANK elements within the two RRCs supporting the 1st CAV & 4th INF Divisions comprised the initial fleet of the Army airborne signals capability in Vietnam.

see this link for details on Left Jab and other ASA(RR) Airborne activities in Vietnam:
 225th Surveillance Airplane Company (SAC)


Velvet panel 225th SAC "PHANTOM HAWK", Vietnam made, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
225th SAC PHANTOM HAWK, Pocket Hanger


Phantom Hawk bottom arc sewn-on, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
225th SAC, Velvet panel


"PHANTOM HAWK", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
"Red Haze"

see below for some history

Velvet panel patch made in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)

made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

The "Red Haze" patch is apparently worn for flying 30 Night Missions, circa 1969-70
( if this is not correct, let me know the reason for wearing the Red Haze patch )
"Red Haze" was a support mission for friendly outposts; possibly did a "counter-battery" trajectory plotting mission(?)
- - - -
Velvet panel "RED HAZE"


Velvet panel patch made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
225th SAC "RED HAZE"


made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
parital "Red Haze" History from a collector:
".......a reference is listed in the text and glossary of Interdiction Over southern Laos 1960-1968 (pub Center for Air Force History, D.C.). This describes the Red Haze program as being "infrared surveillance photography" of the Ho Chi Minh trail.
Page 63 states: "With Secretary McNamara and all service commanders desirous of using the latest reconnaissance technology against infiltration, MACV on May 11 introduced into the YANKEE TEAM program for testing a single OV-1C Mohawk aircraft specially equipped with infrared instruments. (Similar tests had been conducted with the Mohawks in South Vietnam since 1962.) Under the code name "Red Haze, the Mohawk, usually accompanied by OV-1A armed escorts, flew at about 150 feet above ground level over selected areas in southern Laos. The initial test ended on May 25 [1965]. While the infrared
photography was of high quality, Army coordination with the Air Force using units was not, thus vitiating much of its value. The Air Force considered the Army's use of the infrared-equipped Mohawks an unwarranted intrusion into the Air Force's traditional reconnaissance role and mission." This was an early part of STEEL TIGER."

"The other is an account of a flyer involved in this program (the book is a collection of veteran's stories from the library). He said that the name came not just from it being an infrared device, but also from the effect on the eyes after staring into the scope for prolonged periods during the mission (hence I presume the blood-shot eyes)."
 226th Aviation Battalion ( Aerial Surveillance & Attack )

226th "Mohawk" BN  "Hunter-Killer"
- - - -

226th AVN BN (AS & ATK), wear fraying near the left-wing tip, RFU, Used.......inquire

( also on RVN to 1975 in 11th AAD(T) section )
- - - -
Mohawk Hunter-Killer


collector's ID on back, UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Assigned to the 11th AAD(Test) at Fort Benning circa 1963-65
I think the Mohawks were fitted with machineguns and rocket pods and tested as Attack aircraft until the Air Force found out
227th Assault Helicopter Battalion

227th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter)
 - - - -

227th Assault Helicopter Battalion of the 1st Cavalry Division

Left  -  131st Aero Weapons Company, with 1st Cavalry Division from 1965-66, Japan made, UnUsed..(sold)

Center  -  Company A/227th AHB, U. S. made, UnUsed.....(sold)

Right  -  "INFANT DET" "GUNS" "DESTROY BY DARKNESS", (2nd Design), Asian made, UnUsed.......inquire
(This is the 2nd Design for this Insignia: 1st Design had "NETT" vice "DET")
(INFANT = Iroquois Night Fighter and Night Tracker, 3 x UH-1Ms sent to the 1st Cavalry Division
 in Vietnam from December 1969 to February 1970 for evaluation, helicopters later returned to the 1st Cavalry)

- - - -
Company A, 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion


U.S. made, A/227th AHB, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
A Company, 227th Aviation Battalion

ReDesignated 3rd Aviation Company (Attack Helicopter) and Assigned to the 52nd CAB at Pleiku in 1971

( for details see 3rd AVN Co(AH) )
- - - -
B Company, 227th Aviation Battalion(Assault Helicopter)

Company B, 227th AVN BN "FIRST TEAM  ASSAULT FLIGHT", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, Unused...(sold)
- - - -


B/227th AVN BN(AH), Patch made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
394th TD

assigned to B/227th
( anyone know the time frame - when the 394th was with the 1st CAV? )

click on picture for details
- - - -
 C Company, 227th Aviation Battalion
(Assault Helicopter)

1966 era "Rattlesnake" callsign card, handed-out by the Pilots who would fill-in their callsign number and pass it to the senior member of the airlifted troops, printed in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on RVN to 1975 page )

partial History for C Company
C/227th was redesignated 60th Assault Helicopter Company o/a 8/31/71
- - - -
D Company, 227th Aviation Battalion

callsign El Lobo

( also called "D Troop" & "Gun Company" )


D/227th AHB "GUNS", RFU, puckered from washing, Used........(sold)

partial History for D/227th AHB
Constituted February 1, 1963 Company D, 227th Aviation Battalion (Aerial Weapons Company) assigned 11th Air Assault Division(Test) at Fort Benning, GA.  
Reorganized/Re-designated Company D, 227th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter) and Re-Assigned 1st Cavalry Division July 1, 1965
Later Redesignated D/227th Assault Helicopter Battalion
D Company “Guns” supported 1st CAVDIV  in the RVN until De-activated August 30, 1971

( D/227th AHB became E/1/9 (Provisional) August 1971 per one account on the Web )
- - - -
Hand-embroidered 131st AWC/227th AHB

Insignia used for less than a year


131st Aero Weapons Company, hand embroidered in Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

 ( see another  131st AER WPNS CO  patch )
- - - -
partial History for 227th AHB
circa 1963, the 227th Assault Helicopter BN was activated in the 11th Air Assault Division(AAD) at Ft. Benning  
On July 1, 1965 it was Redesignated 227th AVN BN (Assault Helicopter) and Reassigned to 1st CavDiv(Airmobile)

- - - -
227th AHB partial History circa 1971/72
 When the 1st Cavalry Division stood down in Vietnam in March 1971, a number of units remained in-country
( The 229th Aviation Battalion remained in Vietnam with the 3rd BDE, 1st CAVDIV )  
 6 x 1st CAVDIV aviation units were Assigned to the 1st AVN BDE and continued service in the RVN until early-1972  
Companies A/227 (3rd AVN CO(AH)) and C/228 were assigned to the 52nd CAB, 17th AVN Gp
A/228th was assigned to the 11th AVN Gp  
Companies: B, C, & D/227th were sent to the 10th CAB, 17th AVN Gp
Company B/229th was assigned to the 222nd CAB, 12th Aviation Group

1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division "SCOUTS"

Flew OH-13S Sioux, made by Bell

( click on picture for details )
228th Assault Helicopter Battalion

228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion


( supported the 11th AAD and First Cavalry Division (Air Assault) at Fort Benning and/or in Vietnam )
- - - -
228th AHB, Fort Benning era

The best information I can find on the Green Background(BG) "Winged Warriors" patch is, it was used for a short-period before the Blue Background was adopted.

The Chinook web site ( http://www.chinook-helicopter dot com/patch/patch.html ) lists the Green BG patch as the First Chinook Unit patch ever made.
Circa 1964, 228th ASHB, 11th AAD(TEST) at Fort Benning


- - - -
228th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1963 - 1965 era


228th ASHB, RFU, been washed (= has puckers), Used.....inquire
- - - -
228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion

I believe the Blue Background patch is the 2nd Design for the 228th BN.

228th ASHB "WINGED WARRIORS", Viet made, UnUsed....inquire

Large 228th ASHB, rare Hand-Embroidered Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed...(Sold)

- - - -
228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion


"WINGED WARRIORS", UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Companies of the 228th ASHB: A, B, and C

( CH-47 companies )

A Company, 228th ASHB, "WILDCATS" "SLING THE WORLD", Vietnam made, Unused.....inquire

B Company, 228th ASHB, "LONG HORNS", Vietnam made with Olive Green burlap backing material, Unused.....inquire

C Company, 228th ASHB, "WHAT MORE CAN WE DO", Vietnam made, Unused.....inquire

( all have scrapbook residue on the back )

- - - -
B Company, 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion



B, 228th ASHB with OG burlap backing-material, RFU, Used.....inquire
 ( patch was stored flat for many years=needs the edge folded-under=above patch depicts how this one looked when new )
- - - -
507th Maintenance Detachment (CHINOOK)

Attached to the 202nd Helicopter Company circa 1964 at Fort Benning
202nd HEL CO assigned to 1st CAVDIV circa 1965; 202nd Redesignated C/228th CAB; shipped to Vietnam

Supported the First Cavalry Division (Air Mobile) in Vietnam

( click picture for details )
- - - -
This patch moved to the 52nd CAB section

C/228th ASHC


click on picture

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1st or 53rd Aviation Detachment patches



partial History of the 1st AVN DET(formerly 53rd AVN DET)
The ACH-47A Chinook was first designated Armed/Armored Chinook (A/ACH-47A)
  In late-1965 four A/ACH-47A were built for the Army by Boeing Vertol and Tested at Fort Benning, GA
A new unit, the 53rd Aviation Detachment, was formed to field test the A/ACH-47As in the RVN for a 6 month period
         Unit Re-designated 53rd Aviation Detachment, Field Evaluation (Provisional) April 19, 1966
    Three ACH-47As deployed with the 53rd AVN DET while one aircraft was used for Systems testing at Edwards AFB, CA
Unit sent to Vung Tau, RVN in June 1966 for 3 months to conduct Field Operations
(a source states the 53rd was attached to the 147th AVN CO (ASH) "Hillclimbers", while in Vung Tau?)
(another source states the 53rd was attached to the 10th AVN BN?)
One helicopter was lost due to a ground accident and the aircraft left at Edwards was sent to Vietnam
53rd AVN DET(P) Re-designated 1st Aviation Detachment (Provisional) in December 1966 & Attached to 228th ASHB, 1st CAVDIV
Unit relocated to An Khe
On May 5, 1967 another aircraft was lost
On February 22, 1968 during the Battle for Hue another aircraft was destroyed
"Easy Money" (64-13149) was the only ACH-47A to survive the Vietnam War; it has been restored and on display at Redstone Arsenal, AL
Anyone know the date the "A/ACH-47A" designator changed to "ACH-47A"?
- - - -
partial History
At Fort Benning the 228th AHB consisted of Companies: 132nd, 133rd, and 202nd which were Redesignated Companies: A, B, & C
All Companies were active in Vietnam until the 1st CAV left for Fort Hood in April 1971

On June 30, 1971 at Camp Martin Cox (Bearcat), B/228th ASHB, 1st CAVDIV (Airmobile) was Reorganized/ReDesignated 362nd Aviation Company (ASH).
It was assigned to the 229th AHB, 3rd BDE(Separate), 1st CAV DIV (Airmobile)
After the 3rd Brigade stood-down, Task Force Garry Owen remained in the RVN supported by the 362nd
In August 1972 the 362nd AVN CO(ASH) ceased operations
The 362nd Aviation Company was the last American CH-47 Combat unit to serve in Viet Nam

( If you know the date(s) the Numbered Companies changed to Letters, let me know )

- - - -
partial History for 228th ASHB for 1971 - 1972
 When the 1st Cavalry Division stood down in Vietnam in March 1971, a number of units remained in-country
( The 229th Aviation Battalion remained in Vietnam with the 3rd BDE, 1st CAVDIV )  
 6 x 1st CAVDIV aviation units were Assigned to the 1st AVN BDE and continued service in the RVN until early-1972  
Companies A/227 (3rd AVN CO(AH)) and C/228 were assigned to the 52nd CAB, 17th AVN Gp (see 52nd CAB for more C/228th information)
A/228th was assigned to the 11th AVN Gp  
Companies: B, C, & D/227th were sent to the 10th CAB, 17th AVN Gp
Company B/229th was assigned to the 222nd CAB, 12th Aviation Group
C Company, 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment


Operated in Central and South America in the 1980s


plastic covered gauze backing with a long pigtail, RFU, Used.....inquire
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228th AVN REGT Pilot's Grouping - includes:

Group consists of:
Dog Tags and Leather Name Tags
Weapons card when he was a Ranger
138th MI Company/etc. patches

( for details see on Ground Forces, ASA/MI page )

 229th Aviation Battalion (Armed Helicopter)

229th Armed Helicopter Battalion

"Stacked Deck Battalion"

Made in USA, double-pigtail with cheesecloth backing, UnUsed......inquire

229th AVN BN, 1st CAVDIV(AML), RFU, minor soiling, Used......inquire

- - - -
 Company A, 229th Armed Helicopter Battalion

callsign "Black Bandits", circa 1967 - 1972

UnCommon 229th patch


made in Vietnam, not many patches exist in this style, UnUsed....(sold)
( also on Rvn era page in 1st CAV section )
- - - -
A Company, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion

callsign "Black Bandits", circa 1967 - 1972

A Company, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion "Black Bandits", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
C Company, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion

callsign "NORTH FLAG", circa 1968 - 1972


CO C, 229th AHB, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
D Company, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion

callsign "Smiling Tigers", circa 1967 - 1972


D Company, 229th Assault Helicopter Battalion, "SMILING TIGERS  GUNS", Vietnam made, UnUsed.....inquire

partial History of D/229th AHB
D/229th AHB in Quan Loi which became F/1/9th Air Cavalry(Provisional) November 1970(probably 1971) located at Bear Cat
- - - -
partial History of 229th AHB
Supported 11th AAD and 1st Cavalry Division(AM)
The 229th AHB remained with the 3rd BDE when the rest of the 1st CAVDIV stood-down in 1971 and returned to the States

( see 362nd Aviation Company (ASH) (formerly B/228th ASHB for another Company assigned to the 229th AHB )
 235th Aviation Company

235th Attack Helicopter Company

235th Aerial Weapons Company

235th Armed Helicopter Company

"Delta Devils"
- - - -
235th Armed Helicopter Company


probably U.S. made, not as common as the Viet made patches, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -

235th Armed Helicopter Company "Delta Devils", Vietnam Made, UnUsed...........inquire
- - - -
1st ("SATAN") and 3rd ("VIPER") Platoons

1st Platoon, 235th AHC "SATAN", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire

3rd Platoon, "PEACE MAKER" "VIPER", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
( I believe the tailor made a mistake ("PLACE" versus "PEACE" )

- - - -
2nd ("DEATH DEALERS") Platoon


made in Vietnam, residue on back, Unused......inquire
- - - -
3rd Platoon, "VIPERS" Beercan DI
scanned at 300dpi

3rd PLT, larger DI, Used......inquire
- - - -
235th Attack Helicopter Company, "ARMAMENT SHOP"



made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
235th Aviation Company departed Fort Benning September 1967 with the 608th AVN DET, a Signal DET, and an Ordnance DET
Detachments were merged into the 235th in early-1968
Assigned to the 13th CAB and 307th CAB while in the RVN
Later the name changed to: 235th Attack Helicopter Company, 235th Aerial Weapons Company, 235th Armed Helicopter Company, "235th Combat Assault Unit", unit commonly called "The Delta Devils"
236th Aviation Company (ASH)



236th Aviation Company (Assault), 1970-71 era, U. S. made, flew CH-47s in Alaska, UnUsed.........(sold)
238th Aerial Weapons Company


The238th AWC was an all Gunship company and was normally assigned as general support for II Corps
- - - -
238th AWC


RFU, scrapbook residue on back, Used......(sold)
- - - -
 238th AWC with 4 Tabs: "I CORPS, II CORPS, CAMBODIA, LAOS"

 Outside Arcs denote AOs the 238th operated in:
I Corps - during the lead up to Lam Son 719
II Corps - Regular Area of Operations(AO)
Cambodia - early-1970 when U.S. units went into Cambodia near Pleiku
Laos - Cross-Border operations.
These operations were flown in the "Bravo" and "Charlie" model Huey gunships

Road Runner firing a mini-gun, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
This "C-Model GUNS" patch was seen, in a picture, being worn by a member of the 238th during the transition to Cobras.
If you have more information on this please let me know.

click on picture for information

( C-Model Gunship patch listed on 1-99th page)
- - - -
partial History
Activated at Ft. Riley, Kansas prior to September 1968; moved to Vietnam in March 1969  
Assigned to the 1st Aviation Brigade flying UH-1Bs
 During most of the time the 238th was stationed at Phu Hiep, near Tuy Hoa AB, or on the airbase in support of II Corps
Started Transitioning to UH-1Cs in June 1970
During early-1971 the unit moved to Dong Ha, near the DMZ, and took part in the Lam Son 719 operations in Laos
 In mid 1971 the unit converted to the AH-1G Cobras flying them until deactivated circa December 1971
239th Aviation Company (ASSAULT HELICOPTER)


Well made metal "CREST" (a DI to collectors)

metal insignia for the 239th AVN CO(ASLT HEL), "First in Korea", Korean or Japan made, Used......(sold)

partial History
Unit was in Korea at Camp Casey in 1969-70


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SLAR = Side Looking Airborne RADAR
225th Surveillance Aviation Company "SLAR CAMBODIA LAOS VIETNAM", Asian made.......(sold)
225th SAC "HAWKS OVER NAM",  Asian made, came with "SLAR" patch....(sold)
worn while supporting the 11th AAD at FT. Benning
patch moved to 52nd CAB section
3rd AHC
formerly A/227th AHB
click on picture
patch arrived - will have the picfiles later
UI#325 - Pegasus Maintenance, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, possibly the Maintenanced Section for: 183rd RAC, 228th ASHB, or a Marine Squadron?
If anyone knows more information about this patch - email
UI#325 - Pegasus Maintenance, is this for the 228th???
178th ASHC
The 238th AEW Patch has arrived but my scanner went South - waiting on a new scanner  to arrive.
Expensive - inquire
170th AHC 2nd Platoon "RED BARON"
notice the black Maltese Cross on his chest = nice touch!
Hand-embroidered "2nd Flight" made in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)
174th AVN CO, 3rd PLT
178th ASLT SUP HEL CO "BOX CARS" Vietnam Era insignia, Used....inquire
post-1972 era 178th AVN CO (ASH) "Box Car  ANYWHERE - ANYTIME", 3 7/8", minor glue residue on back, UnUsed.....(sold)
223rd Combat Aviation BN "LEAN FORWARD", 4.25" Viet MM, UnUsed.......(sold)
225th SAC  patch moved below
Vietnam made, collector's tape on back with the unit written on it, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)
150th Transportation Detachment (CHFM), Supported 175th