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 101st Airborne Division Support Units

( see   158th AVN BN   for other 101st ABD AVN assets )
- - - -
101st Airborne Division (Air Mobile)



Vietnam made, staple rust stains below "ST" and below the white neck feathers, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
101st Aviation Battalion


Motto also used by the 228th Assault (Support) Helicopter Battalion
- - - -
A Company, 101st AVN Battalion (circa 1965-66 Soc Trang)

"WARRIOR" Slicks

( per Ralph Young's #2 book, page 128 this patch was used in 1965-66 by A/101st AVN BN )

( ID also from an excellent Veterans' site http://comanchero dot org/A101patches.htm )


- - - -
A/101st AVN BN (ABN DIV), circa December 1967 to mid-1969

Call sign "EAGLE"

( ID from an excellent Veterans' site http://comanchero dot org/A101patches.htm )


"WINGS OF THE EAGLE", hand-embroidered in Vietnam, residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
A/101st AVN BN, 101st Airborne Division


made in Vietnam, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
Alpha Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion



stain on upper-right border, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
A/101st AHB, 2nd Airlift Platoon "COMANCHEROS"

callsign "BULL DOG 2"

( 129th AHC also used the "Bulldog" callsign )


Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, staining on front (probably from maker's shop), UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Company A - partial History
4th Light Aviation Section Constituted/Assigned to 8th Army stationed in Korea December 7, 1950; Deactivated November 5, 1954
Reactivated/Redesignated 101st Aviation Company assigned to the 101st Airborne Division at  Fort Campbell, Kentucky July 1, 1956
Redesignated 101st Aviation Battalion December 3, 1962
Company A/101st AVN BN deployed to the RVN April 11, 1965 and stationed at Soc Trang
A/101st AVN BN Colors returned to Fort Campbell; Assets transferred to 336th AHC (may have been an "AVN CO") circa September 1966
After the Return of Colors, A/101st AVN BN was Re-Equipped and Trained prior to ReDeploying to the RVN
Unit arrived Bien Hoa, Vietnam December 1967, later relocating to Camp Eagle in I Corp
( 101st Airborne Division Reconstituted (Airmobile) in July 1968; some Aviation units Reorganized under 160th Aviation Group( later ReDesignated 101st Aviation Group )
A/101st AHB Redesignated F/2/17th Air Cavalry December 1, 1969; Reverted back to A/101st AHB designator March 10, 1970
( some history missing )
( ? In December 1969 the Company was Redesignated A Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion ? )
Unit Returned to Fort Campbell in January 1972
A/101st AHB Redesignated Alpha Company, 4/101 Aviation Regiment (The Comancheros), 101st Airborne Division circa October 1987
In later years the unit has deployed several times to Irag/Afghanistan
- - - -
B Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion
- - - -
B/101st AVN BN(AH), 101st ABD(AML)


callsign "KINGSMEN" circa 1968 - 1972
( also used by the 17th AHC, predecessor to B/101st AHB )


B CO, 101st AVN BN(Assault Helicopter), "KINGSMAN", made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
 B/101st AHB "Recovery Team"

( formerly the 17th Assault Helicopter Company )


"Kingsmen Retrievers Vietnam", Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

(The "Retrievers" were the Recovery Team (a small part of B Company; 1 or 2 aircraft with rigging/securing crews))

Company B - partial History
The 17th AHC was raised in late 1967 and worked in the Long Binh area (it is not connected with the old Caribou unit);
The 17th AHC was one of the Units used to form the 101st Airborne Division's Aviation assets;
Redesignated B Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion in July 1968;
later Redesignated B Company, 101st Aviation Battalion
( Both the old 17th AVN CO (Caribou) and the 17th AHC used a Knight's Helmet on their insignia )
- - - -
C/101st AHB - 1st Design Gray Oval Insignia

late-1968 design (after the 188th was Redesignated C/101st AVN BN)

"Black Widow 69"


Callsign "69", made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
C/101st AHB - 2nd Design Blue Diamond patch

designed early-1970s, before departing the RVN


Viet made, staple holes near the top where it was attached to a display board (at the shop or by a collector), UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
C/101st AHB - U. S. made


C Company, 101st AHB "BLACK WIDOW", cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Lighter-Blue variation


slightly larger than the dark-blue listed above, made in USA, UnUsed......inquire

Company C - partial History
On November 1, 1966 the 2026th TC Truck Company was redesignated 188th AVN CO(AML) stationed at Fort Campbell, KY
Relocated to Dau Tieng, Vietnam, assigned to the 269th CAB “Black Barons”
Relocated to I CORPS assigned to the 308th CAB “Black Adler”, in early 1968
In August 1968 the Company was assigned to the 101st AHB "Wings of the Eagle"
Relocated to Phu Bai in April 1969
Left Vietnam in early-1972 and Relocated to Fort Campbell ,
Unit designated changed in the following years

( see a  188th AVN CO patch )

Charlie Company  has a TOP-10 Web Site, check it out at:  http://www.blackwidows dot net/index.php
- - - -
Company D, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion

"HAWK" Guns


D/101st AHB, made in vietnam, puckered below blade(from tailor shop), UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
( click Picture for  Eagle Dustoff  DI )

- - - -
possible 101st Aviation Battalion Insignia made in Vietnam

large "Cleveland Indian Chief Wahoo" style patch - anyone know the ID of this patch?

( also listed as C/307th ABN ENG BN/82nd ABD on the AIRBORNE page )


possible 101st AVN BN insignia, RFU (still has some of the OG Rigger's stitch threads), Unused......inquire
108th Artillery GROUP (Aviation Section)



"HANOI DMZ PHU BAI SAIGON", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Reactivated at Fort Riley, Kansas as the 108th Artillery Group circa May 1967; Relocated to the Republic of Vietnam in October 1967
Operated in I CORPS(MR-1) in 11 x Campaigns; Departed the RVN November 22, 1971 for Fort Lewis, WA; Inactivated there
114th Aviation Company (Airmobile Light)

114th Assault Helicopter Company

- - - -

114th AHC, "KNIGHTS OF THE AIR", RFU, Used.......(sold)

114th AHC, UnUsed........inquire

114th AHC "Knights of the Air", UnUsed..........inquire

- - - -
UnUsed "white-back"


- - - -
Headquarters Platoon, "Gold Knights"

3rd "GUN" Platoon, Cobra Guns

"Gold Knights" HQS PLT, Vietnamese made, UnUsed.....inquire

"COBRA" Gunship Platoon, made in Vietnam, Unused....inquire

- - - -
1st LIFT Platoon, "RED KNIGHTS"


Been in 3 x scrapbooks, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
2nd LIFT Platoon, "White Knights"

NIce OG burlap backing


made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
Maintenance Platoon, "BLUE KNIGHTS"


made in the Republic of Vietnam, Unused......inquire
- - - -
partial History
The Company was first activated at Fort Sill, OK in 1956 designated as 64th TC (LtHel)
February 1, 1958 it relocated to Fort Knox, KY and was soon Deactivated and Reactivated as C Troop (Air), 17th Cavalry
On January 16, 1963 C/17th Air Cavalry was Inactivated and Reactivated as 114th Air Mobile Company
Arrived at Vinh Long, RVN on May 10, 1963
In July 1963 the 114th AMC joined with 93rd TC(LtHel) and were assigned to the Delta Aviation Battalion (P) at Can Tho
Redesignated 114th Aviation Company (Air Mobile Light) June 4, 1964
Company supported by the 544th TD(CHFM)
Redesignated 114th AHC July 2, 1966
On February 29, 1972 the 114th AHC departed the RVN
post-RVN Service
The 114th Aviation Company was Assigned to Panama Canal Zone; Deactivated at Fort Clayton, Panama Canal Zone circa October 1987

HQ PLT - Gold Knight
1st PLT - Red Knight
2nd PLT - White Knight
3rd (GUN) PLT - Cobras
?4th PLT - "Lancers"?
Maintenance Shop ("Road Service") - Blue Knight
116th Aviation Company

116th Assault Helicopter Company

- - - -
Wasps & Stingers

"WASPS", made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....(sold)

"Stingers", hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed....(sold)
( may-bee the "Guns" Platoon )
- - - -
2nd Platoon, 116th Assault Helicopter Company

"WASPS" Beercan DI

scanned at 300dpi

116th AHC, Used......inquire
- - - -


made in Vietnam, Unused......inquire
- - - -

Vietnam made, UnUsed........(sold)
- - - -
partial HIstory
116th Aviation Company was formed at Fort Bragg in July of 1965; departed for Vietnam in September;
landed at Vung Tau on October 18, 1965;  assigned to 11th CAB at Phu Loi November 9, 1965
Flew combat missions in support of the 1st ID
Moved to Cu Chi in November 1966 to support the 25th ID
Transferred to 269th CAB in March of 1967;
In July of 1970 the Hornets moved to Chu Lai & assigned to 23rd Infantry Division (Americal)
In March of 1971 the Hornets went to Quang Tri to participate in Operation Lam Son 719
Unit moved to Marble Mountain in October 1971
116th stood-down on December 26, 1971

 117th Aviation Company (AML)

117th Assault Helicopter Company

117th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) (1972 - 1982)

 - - - -
117th AVN CO (AM) Beercan DIs

scanned at 300dpi = all the blemishes show

"WARLORDS", made in Vietnam, Used......(sold)

"Air Modile", made in the RVN, Used.....inquire
 - - - -

"WARLORD", RVN made, UnUsed.....inquire

117th AHC, Vietnam Made, UnUsed.............(sold)

- - - -
117th AHC Gunships


117th AHC "SIDEWINDERS" Guns, made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.......inquire
 - - - -
Gun Platoon Sidewinders Beercan DI

scanned at 300dpi = all the blemishes show

117th "GUNS", beercan DI made in Vietnam, Used.......inquire

( symbols on the Cobra's neck are a mini-gun and a rocket pod )
 - - - -
117th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) (Korean Service)

117th AVN CO(ASLTHEL), TOROS, made in Korea, minor puckering from the tailor shop, UnUsed.....inquire

"BALL OF THE BULL" embroidered on naugahyde in Korea (similar to the 82nd FIS patches during the USS Pueblo crisis), Unused......inquire
(this could be a stab at the TOROS as it shows a cow's udder??)

Matador Cobra Gunships, made in Korea, UnUsed......inquire

 - - - -
partial History
The 8th TC   arrived  December 11, 1961 and were loacted at Camp Goldberg, Qui Nhon, RVN and Assigned to 45th TRAN BN Headquartered in Saigon.
Redesignated 117th Aviation Company(AML) June 23, 1963 and Assigned to 52nd AVN BN
Redesignated 117th AHC July 1, 1966; Assigned to 10th Battalion (later CAB) at Dong Ba Thin(?), circa 1967
Assigned 145th CAB January 1968 and moved to Bien Hoa
Assigned 214th CAB April 1968 - March 1969
Assigned 222nd CAB March 1969 - December 1971
Assigned 145th CAB December 1971 - March 1972
Company stood-down circa March 1972; Reactivated in Korea with the 8th Army; Name Changed to TOROS

"Sidewinders" (Gunships) flew cover for the USAF 20th SOS "Green Hornets" Helicopters
Supported Marines in the Dong Ha area

Detachments assigned:
125th ATC (Air Traffic Control)
TDY Gunners from the 25th Infantry Division Shotgun Program

Company Callsigns = "Beachbum", then "War Lords" after February 1968
Lift Platoons = "Pink Panthers", "Annie Fannie", & maybe "Lightship" & "Roadrunners"
Gunship Platoon = "Sidewinders"

partial History - post-Vietnam in Korea
"Toros" and "Matador"(GUNS) callsigns adopted after unit arrived in Korea
Stationed at Chunchon, South Korea, from 1972 to 1982
Assigned to the 52nd AVN BN

Good Association Web Site on this link: http://www.117thahc.org/
 118th Aviation Company (AML) (1963 - 1965)
( formerly the 33rd TC(LtHel) )

118th Assault Helicopter Company (1965 - 1971)

- - - -
118th Air Mobile (Light)


Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -


made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
118th Airmobile Company Beercan DI

scanned at 300dpi

pre-December 1965 insignia made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
- - - -
1st Flight Platoon

scanned at 300dpi = all the scratches show

118th AHC, Vietnam made Beercan DI, heavy patina from smoke or ?, Used..........inquire
- - - -
3rd Platoon "BANDITS", 118th's Gunships

CH-21s replaced with UH-1Bs circa September 1963 and the Armed 3rd Platoon "Bandits" were created

made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
 35th Infantry Regiment Door Gunner

Worn by Volunteer Door Gunners from the 25th Infantry Division (stationed in Hawaii)
when they were assigned to the 118th Aviation Company's Provisional Machine Gun Platoon in Vietnam


118th AVN CO(AML) Door Gunners from the 25th ID wore this unofficial insignia, Hand Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed....inquire

( also: on htm and  in the 25th ID section of page RVN - 1975 )
- - - -
partial History
Designated  33rd Transportation Company (Light Helicopter) from September 17, 1962 - June 25, 1963
Known as the 118th Aviation Company(AML) from June 25, 1963 - December 1, 1965
ReDesignated 118th Assault Helicopter Company December 1, 1965
On March 31, 1971 Assets Transferred to the VNAF 231st Helicopter Squadron
Stood-down August 31, 1971 and Departed for Hawaii

Units of the 118th AHC:
 1st Platoon (Scorpions)
 2nd Platoon (Choppers)
 3rd Platoon (Bandits)
 "Shot Gun" Machine Gun Platoon
 573rd Trans Det. (Bird Watcher)
 198th Signal Detachment
93rd Medical Detachment
119th Aviation Company (Air Mobile Light)

119th Assault Helicopter Company
- - - -
3rd "GUNS" Platoon, 119th AVN CO(AML)


The "CROCS", hand-embroidered in Vietnam, tiny brown spots (probably from the tailor shop), UnUsed.....inquire

made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
119th AHC

"ASSAULT" Vietnam made, UnUsed.........inquire

"RSSRULT" Vietnam made, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
118th AHC "GATORS", made in USA, UnCut


UnUsual UDSA made patch, UnCut-UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
119th AHC "GATORS"


scrapbook residue on back, Unused.......inquire
- - - -
1st and 2nd Flight Platoon "GATORS" Beercans

scanned at 300dpi = all the scratches show

1st Flight Platoon, Yellow center, Viet made Beercan DI, Used......inquire

2nd FLT PLT, Blue center, made in Vietnam Beercan, Used......inquire
- - - -
119th Assault Helicopter Company, Maintenance



made in Vietnam, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
94th Medical Detachment

94th Medical Detachment, 119th Assault Helicopter Company


Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
For Display Only

picfile courtesy of A. J. Sartin
He served in the 94th MED DET, 119th AHC in 1968-1969 at Camp Holloway, Pleiku, RVN
- - - -
545th Transportation Company Detachment

UnCommon 2nd Design - circa 1964

supported the 119th Aviation Company

click on picture for details
- - - -
partial History
The 81st Transportation Company arrived at Camp Holloway, Pleiku, RVN circa August 1962 from Hawaii equipped with CH-21C Helicopters
On June 14, 1963 the 119th Aviation Company (Air Mobil Light) was formed with assets from the 81st TC and converted to UH-1B Slicks from the older CH-21Cs
In May of 1966 the UH-1B slicks were exchanged for UH-1Ds; in December 1966 the older UH-1B Gunships were replaced with UH-1Cs armed with the M-21 System
Unit named changed to 119th Assault Helicopter Company during, or before, 1967
On October 31, 1970 the 119th Assualt Helicopter Company was Deactivated
Assigned to the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion

( anyone know when the unit's name changed to the 119th AHC? )
- - - -
more History for the 119th AVN CO(AML) from a Veteran of the unit, SP5 Phil Wirth, who served with the 119th from February 1964 until August-September of 1964
He received this pocket patch in early-1964
 120th Aviation Company (AML) (1963 to 1963/64)
(formerly the 57th TC(Lt Hel)

120th Assault Helicopter Company (1963/64 to 1970)

120th Command Aviation Company (1970 to 1972)

120th Aviation Company(AH) "ARCTIC KNIGHTS" (1973 to 1977(+/-))


A good reference for this unit is Ralph Young's Army Aviation in Vietnam 1963 - 1966, page 91
When the unit received their UH-1Bs the Company's Platoons were:
1st Flight Platoon = "PACK RATS"
2nd Flight Platoon = "SNOOPIES"
Armed Helicopter Platoon = "RAZORBACKS"
Later, circa 1966, a third Flight(LIFT) Platoon was added "ROAD RUNNERS" using the assets of the USARV Rotary Wing Flight
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
120th Aviation Company


120th AVN CO, puckered at top (from the tailor shop), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
120th Aviation Company "THE DEANS"

Pinback Beercan made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
- - - -
1st LIFT Platoon, "PACK RAT"


1st Platoon, "PACK RAT VIETNAM", Viet HE, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
2nd FLIGHT (lift) Platoon, "SNOOPIES"


small patch, Vietnam made, RFU, Used.....inquire
- - - -
2nd LIFT Platoon DI

scanned at 300dpi

2nd PLT, made in Korea, higher quality than Vietnamese made DIs, Used........inquiire

DI shown in Army Aviation in Vietnam, 1963 - 1966 Book, by Ralph B. Young, page 94
- - - -
3rd LIFT Platoon, "ROAD RUNNERS"
(formerly the USARV Rotary Wing Flight)

- - - -
98th Transportation Detachment (CHFM), "Field Maintenance"

supported the 120th AVN CO(AML)


98th TD hand-embroidered in Vietnam, patch design circa 1964-65, UnUsed.....inquire

( also linked from the 98th TD section )
- - - -
98th TD (CHFM) "Field Maintenance"

98th TC MAINT DET with the 120th, Beercan made in Vietnam, 1 post missing, Used.....inquire
- - - -
3rd Flight Platoon, 120th Command Aviation Company

"The Underdogs"

The 120th CAC acquired the assets of the 120th "Deans" when it changed from an Armed Helicopter Company to a Command Aviation Company, circa 1969-72

3rd FLT PLT, 120th CAC, "HAVE NO FEAR THE UNDERDOGS ARE HERE", Vietnam made, UnUsed......inquire

larger patch made in Vietnam, "The Underdogs", UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
120th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter) (post-Vietnam)



Unit stationed at Fort Richardson, Alaska from 1972 to 1977, probably longer, flying AH-1 Cobras.
Anyone know some History on the 120th after they left Vietnam?


120th AVN CO(AH), UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
In 1963 the 57th TC(LtHel) was Redesignated 120th AVN CO(AML) flying H-21s; Inactivated 1972
Later served in Alaska
98th TD(CHFM) assigned as the Maintenance Unit
 121st Aviation Company(Airmobile, Light)

"Soc Trang Tigers"

nickname = "Blue Diamonds, Devils of the Delta"

- - - -
121st AVN CO(AML), Hand-embroidered in Vietnam


maker's glue on lower-left, RFU, Used......(sold)
- - - -
121st AVN CO "SOC TRANG TIGERS" and Variation

ID for the 121st Variation is from Young's Book One, page 99


Beercan made in Vietnam, Used......inquire

Variation Beercan with Pinback, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History
On June 25, 1963 the 93rd Transportation Company(Light Helicopter) was redesignated 121st Aviation Company (Air Mobile Light)
Stood-down December 10, 1972 after 8+ years in-country
Gunship Platoon = "The Vikings"
123rd Aviation Battalion (Airmobile)

motto = Faith and Courage

Formed to support the 23rd ("AMERICAL") Infantry Division (formerly TF Oregon)
- - - -
123rd AVN BN (AM) "GRIFFINS"  


Battalion insignia made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
Alpha Company, 123rd Aviation Battalion



A/123rd AVN BN, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
B/123rd AVN BN "AERO SCOUTS CO", Hand Embroidered

Scout and Infantry Helicopter unit for Task Force Oregon/23rd Infantry Division (AMERICAL)

From the same Veteran as the "UnUsed" pocket hanger listed below


"'WARLORDS" Gun Ship Pocket Hanger of high-quality workmanship, top of button slit is damaged from wear(has be stapled), Used.....inquire
- - - -

From the same Veteran as the "used" pocket hanger listed above


Hand-embroidered pocket hanger for the "WARLORDS", UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
B Company, 123rd Aviation Battalion
"Scorpions" and later the "Warlords"

( aka = Aero Scout Company (Provisional), 123rd Combat Aviation Battalion, Americal Division )


Aero Scout Company, made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
( scanned at 150dpi = all the nicks are shown )

Aero Scout Company Beercan made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
- - - -
partial History in the RVN
123rd Aviation Battalion was organized/activated December 8, 1967 from assets of the 161st Aviation Company, 406th TC DET, and 449th Signal Detachment to support the new 23rd (AMERICAL) Infantry Division based at Chu Lai, RVN.
Company A, the "Pelicans", flew "slick" Lift missions.
 B Company "Scorpions" (later renamed Warlords) was organized from the Armed Helicopter Platoon of the 161st Avn Co and additional AVN and Infantry personnel were added to form the Aero Scout Company (Provisional).  The Company was the only Aero Scout company, in the RVN, when it was formed and equipped with its own airmobile infantry section, light observation helicopters, and gunships. It was conceived to provide Reconnaissance support for infantry elements and could also stand and fight the
enemy on its own.
123d Avn BN was assigned to the 16th Combat Aviation Group in December 1968.
The 132d and 178th Assault Support Helicopter Companies (CH-47s) were assigned to the 123rd in January 1969.
In 1969 the 406th TC DET was Deactivated and Reactivated as E Company, 723d Maintenance Battalion.
The 449th Signal DET was also Deactivated and integrated into the 123d Aviation Battalion.
The 123rd AVN BN was now composed of: H&HC, A Company, B Company, E Company, 178th ASHC, and 132nd ASHC.
Battalion Deactivated in Vietnam circa November 1971.

CONUS partial History
Reactivated December 16, 1985 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and Assigned to the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).
Redesignated 3rd Battalion, 159th Aviation Regiment in July 1989; Redesignated 6th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment in December 1989.
123th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)


123rd MED CO, soiled from storage, Unused.......inquire
Troop D, 1st Squadron, 124th Cavalry

"CALVARY" variation from the 1970s


Troop D/1/124th Cavalry, "TEXAS AIR CALVARY" (mis-spelled variation from the 1970s), UnUsed.......inquire

(Troop assigned to the 49th Armored Division, Texas Army National Guard)
125th Air Traffic Control Company

125th Air Traffic Control Battalion (Provisional)


 Runway 04 22, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Runway 30 22, made in Vietnam, UnUsed....inquire

126th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)


126th MED CO(AA), PI made, RFU Nomex Shirt, Used.......(sold)
128th Aviation Company

128th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter)

128th Combat Assault Helicopter Company

- - - -
smaller patch is uncommon for the 128th  

 This design used in Vietnam circa 1965 - 1972

 UnUsual smaller size, 128th AVN CO "TOMAHAWK", Viet made, UnUsed.....inquire

Larger "TOMAHAWK", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire

- - - -

Light-Blue hat and jeans, (specks in white background are from the factory), UnUsed.......inquire

128th AHC Gunship Platoon, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -

- - - - - - - - - - All 4 Witch Doctors are from the same collection - - - - - - - - - -

393rd Transportation Detachment "Medicine Men"

128th AHC "Witch Doctor" (Recovery Section)

393rd TD, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Made in Vietnam, hand embroidered, rust stain at top, UnUsed.....inquire
(  the ASMIC book lists this white patch as the "Recovery Section" )  

- - - -
Witch Doctor Recovery Team


made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
128th AHC Witch Doctor

Hand-embroidered in Vietnam


blemish from the tailor shop on right-side, Unused.........inquire
- - - -

128th Aviation Company "TOMAHAWK", Asian made, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial 128th History while in Vietnam
Assigned to the 11th CAB, 12th AVN GP (Combat), 1st AVN BDE, RVN service 1965 - 1972, based at Phu Loi
 Assigned DETs were 432nd MED DET, 285th Signal DET, and 393rd TD
Relocated to Korea circa 1972

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
128th Aviation Company (Armed Helicopters), post-Vietanm

"TOMAHAWKS" in Korea


 TAE KWON DO Team patch made in Korea probably late-1970s, embroidered on Red Velvet, UnUsed......inquire

partial 128th History while in Korea and Alaska
128th AVN CO(AH) was at Camp Red Cloud at Uijonbo, Korea in 1972
moved to other location(s) in Korea
 In October 1988, unit Redesignated Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 501st Aviation Regiment(C/1/501st AVN REGT) possibly at Camp Page
Relocated to Seoul Airbase (K-16) in Seongnam circa 1995-96
Redesignated Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment, 17th Aviation Brigade
Redesignated A Company, 1st Battalion, 52nd Aviation Regiment (Tomahawks) in April 2005 and Relocated to Ft.  Wainwright, Alaska
129th Aviation Company - variations

( 129th Assault Helicopter Company )

"Bite and Strike"
- - - -
Patch depicts Platoon Callsigns: "Bulldogs" and "Cobras"

129th AHC, Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

Top-Right - 129th Aviation Company, made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

Bottom Center - 129th AVN CO, made in USA, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
129th AHC 2nd LIFT Platoon "BULLDOGS"


scrapbook residue on back, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
129th Assault Helicopter Company  (Gun Platoon)


COBRA, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
129th Aviation Company Constituted July 3, 1965 and Activated on the 5th at Fort Campbell, KY
Relocated to Tuy Hoa, RVN  in October 1965; moved to Dong Ba Thin and to Quin Nhon in 1966
Supported: 25th ID, 101st ABD(AM), Koreans, and ARVN units  
Did the 1970 Cambodian Invasion in 1970 supporting the 4th ID
Departed Vietnam in March 1973  ( I assume they relocated to Fort Bragg, NC?? )
InActivated September 15, 1979 at Fort Bragg, NC
 ReDesignated(?) B Company, 82nd CAB circa 1979
Served in: Grenada, Desert Storm, & Irag

Lift Platoons were the "Bulldogs" and the "COBRAS" were the Gun Platoon  operating in CTZ II from 1965 to March 1973
Based at: Tuy Hoa (1965-66), Dong Ba Thin (1966), Quin Nhon (1966-73(?))
 131st Aerial Weapons Company

Insignia used from July 1965 to April 25, 1966

later known as the 131st AVN CO (AS), see below

Vietnam Made, UnUsed.......inquire

( another patch listed with the 228th AHB )
- - - -
partial History
The 131st Aviation Company (Aerial Weapons) was activated at Fort Benning, Georgia, on July 1, 1965 and attached to the 1st Calvary Division
Inactivated April 25, 1966
131st Aviation Company (Aerial Surveillance)
131st Military Intelligence Company (Aerial Surveillance)

callsign "IRON SPUD"
- - - -
131st Aviation Company "NIGHT HAWKS"


131st AVN CO  hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
131st Surveillance Airplane Company

"WOLF MAN" callsign for U. S. and Vietnamese mixed crew Missions


131st SAC, Vietnam made, UnUsed.....inquire

( I believe this patch was used after the Company was redesignated SAC )
- - - -
Grouping from a "Night Hawks" Flyer
5 x Thailand made patches
Black K-2B Party Suit with embroidery
Unit Bandana
( also in this Grouping is a  245th AVN CO (AS)  patch )

( small red felt residue on the backs = were mounted on a felt pad in a picture frame )

These patches have been encased in glass and are in Mint Condition

131st AVN CO "NIGHT HAWKS", Hand-embroidered Thai made, UnUsed.....(sold)

RARE "Tiger Hound" SPUD (AO in Laos on the Ho Chi Minh Trail), Thai made partially hand-embroidered, UnUsed.......(sold)
( "The Dog" hunting Tigers )

OV-1 Mohawk, Thai made partially hand-embroidered, UnUsed......inquire

"VC" "SLAR, Thai made, UnUsed.....(sold)
( Side-Looking-Airborne-Radar looking at the Viet Cong(?) )

"VISUAL RECON", Thai made, UnUsed....(sold)
( no electronics = using your eyeballs(?) )

131st Surveillance Aircraft Company, Black K-2B Party Suit with Bandana, "SPUD" callsign, Eagle, Aircrew Wing, "U.S. ARMY",  and his name directly embroidered, minor wear, Suit in Excellent Condition....(sold)
( label removed = very common with mis-appropriated military gear )

(Military Intelligence -Mohawk- Company)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
131st Aviation Company (AS) - Motor Pool


131st AVN CO (Aerial Surveillance) "Motor Pool", Viet made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
 131st Aviation Company (AS) Grouping, 1968-69 Era


"DOPPLER" "Happiness is being out of Memory"

"SLAR" and "VISUAL RECON" patches

"Homing Pigeon Eat your Heart Out" and a Rare "SPUD" Maintenance patch


131st AVN CO (Aerial Surveillance), an Excellent Grouping of Thai made patches from ONE Mohawk Pilot....(sold)
- - - -
131st Military Intelligence Company (Aerial Surveillance)


Redesignated 131st MI CO in July 1971

131st MI CO(AS), UnUsed......inquire

made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
partial History
The 131st AVN CO(Aerial Weapons) was activated at Fort Benning, Georgia July 1, 1965; attached to the 1st Calvary Division; Inactivated April 25, 1966
131st Aviation Company (Aerial Surveillance) was Activated in Vietnam June 1, 1966 using the assets of the 20th Aerial Surveillance and Target Acquisition Detachment (20th ASTA) based at Nha Trang
Redesignated 131st Surveillance Airplane Company April 1, 1969
Redesignated 131st MI CO (AS) July 1, 1971

Flew OV-1 Mohawks in support of Tiger Hound Missions as the 20th ASTA and afterwards as the 131st AVN CO
Relocated to Hue/Phu Bia Airfield circa February 1967
Flew Operation Night Hawk missions in the Rolling Thunder area of operations
Operations: Tally Ho, Night Hawk, & Sea Dragon were supported by OV-1B's
Operation Tigerhound received support from OV-1A's, B's, and C's
Since most of these operations was accomplished during the night, the Unit was nicknamed "Night Hawks"
 134th Aviation Company (AM - FW)

134th Assault Helicopter Company
- - - -

Flew CV-2B Caribou aircraft


134th AVN CO(AM-FW), RFU, uncommon patch, Used.....(sold)

( comes with this small grouping, no value placed on extras, if you want the extras you will pay the additional s/i )

- - - -
from same Caribou Pilot as above Grouping


134th AVN CO(AM-FW), RFU, uncommon patch, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
260th Transportation Company Detachment

'BUCANEROS" Caribou Maintenance for the 134th AVN CO who flew CV-2s out of Can Tho & Soc Trang

scanned at 300dpi

260th TC DET Beercan DI, paint missing, uncommon DUI, Used......inquire
- - - -
134th Assault Helicopter Company



134th AHC "DEMONS", Vietnamese made, scrapbook residue on the back, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
134th AHC 'DEMONS'

variation of the above patch


cheesecloth backing, made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
2nd Platoon, 134th AHC



2nd Platoon, 134th Aviation Company, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

134th Assault Helicopter Company callsigns: "Demon" and "Devil"
- - - -
partial History
134th Aviation Company (AM-FW) Activated in July 1965 at Fort Benning, GA
Received CV-2Bs Caribou aircraft; departed for Vietnam December 18, 1965
Operation Red Leaf (turnover of Caribous to the USAF) started August 1966
Deactivated July 1, 1967

Redesignated and Reactivated as 134th AHC February 17, 1967 at Fort Bragg, NC as a Huey unit
Went to Vietnam November 24, 1967; served until 1971

134th AHC Supported:
173rd Airborne Brigade Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols (LRRPs)
22nd and 23rd ARVN Divisions
MACV J-2 (“people sniffer” missions)
Special Forces “A” Teams
Special Forces“Mike Force” units
4th Infantry Division
52nd Artillery Brigade
Korean 9th (Whitehorse) & the Capital Divisions

( see this site for 134th info http://webdev.loyola dot edu/hunder/History.htm )

 135th Assault Helicopter Company


U. S. & Royal Australian Navy(RAN) Aviation Unit, only USA & RAN integrated Helicopter Unit in Vietnam 1967-71

Callsigns:  "EMU" & "TAIPAN"
- - - -
135th AHC

maker's pucker on border at top, Vietnam made, Unused.......inquire

Vietnam made, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
135th EMU Beercan DI

scanned at 300dpi

Beercan DI made in Vietnam, Used......inquire
( mistake was made at the maker's shop-many of their DIs read: "139" vice the 135th )  
- - - -

"TAIPAN", pre-May '68 design w/White background

partial History of the First Design patch from Veterans:
White background patch made in Vung Tau circa October 1967
Changed to a Blue background in May of 1968

White "TAIPAN, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

Viet made, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -

Any extra 135th patches?    

email:    Jack@LJMilitaria.com

135th AHC - Royal Australian Navy - Helicopter Flight Vietnam(HFV)

another patch I need

( also on main Army Patch page )
- - - -
"First Kill" Plaque presented to Taipan members

NOT for Sale - thought you might like to see one

picture from a 135th Veteran who was presented the plaque in Vietnam
- - - -
135th AHC Commendation Badge was given to Americans at the 2002 Reunion held in Australia. Australian Veterans had the Badges made and gave them to the U.S. Veterans who attended the Reunion.  This action was taken as the Australian Government would not authorize an award for anyone except Australian personnel.

- - - -
partial History
Organized at Fort Hood February 1967; arrived Vung Tau October 1967; Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Helicopter Platoon merged into the 135th to form the Experimental Military Unit (EMU); moved several times; RAN contingent left the 135th in June 1971; final mission was in support of the ARVN 25th ID on January 20 1972; stood down.
 138th Transportation Detachment

138th TD, from the Burns Collection, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
138th TD patches


RFU Flight Jacket, pucker at 1930, Used.......inquire

- - - -
partial History
Supported the 31st Aviation Company in the late 1950s, maybe until 1963
 138th Radio Research Company (Aviation)

Army Security Agency Unit supporting the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force in I Corps

Flew from DaNang and Hue Phu Bai Airfields - 1966 to 1973 in Military Region One
- - - -
138th Aviation Company(RR), 224th Aviation Battalion(RR)

Some history on this patch from a Veteran of the 138th
".......we wore the Red patch at Danang.....when the 138th Relocated to Phu Bai the Round BLUE patch was worn.
When we moved back down to Danang in August-September of 1972 we started wearing the original Red Danang  patch and on the left-shoulder wore the MACV patch."
( I have changed and rearranged some of his original email message/111224 )


138th RRC(AVN), 224th AVN BN, made in Vietnam, dark line in the upper-right parallel to the border is the pencil mark from the tailor's layout, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
138th Aviation Company (Radio Research)

An Army Security Agency Aviation Company in Vietnam

Both puckered - very common in the Viet Tailor shops

138th AVN CO(RR), 224th AVN BN(RR), puckered (done at the tailor's shop), part of the paper backing remains, UnUsed......(sold)

138th RRC supported the 509th Radio Research Group in Vietnam, puckered at the maker's shop, Unused.......inquire

- - - -
 Project Laffin Eagle Beercan

In 1968 Project LAFFIN EAGLE entered service with the Army in Vietnam
It used the Army Beechcraft RU-21Ds with improved mission gear to include an automated direction finding capability

138th AVN CO(RR) Project LAFFING EAGLE Beercan DI, Vietnam made, Used.....(sold)

I think it is sometimes spelled "LAFFIN EAGLE"; forerunner to Project Left Jab

partial History from a Veteran
".........It was referred to as both “Laffing Eagle” and “Laffin Eagle”. I believe we generally used “Laffin Eagle” ,
which referred to RU-21D aircraft missions which we flew out of Danang during 1969-70. The missions were the responsibility of the 138th Avn Co. (RR) in Danang, which was under the 224th Avn Bn (RR) in Long Thanh North....."

( also on ASA(RR) page  )
- - - -
Uncommon JU-21A Aircrew patch

no consensus on where this was made - I am going with "made somewhere"


made in US or Asia, RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
see this link for details on Left Jab and other ASA(RR) Airborne activities in Vietnam:
- - - -
partial History
Flew RU-8D, RU-21D, and 3 x JU-21A(Left Jab) aircraft for the 224th AVN BN(RR)
relocated to Hue Phu Bai Air Field in late 1970(?)
Inactivated in RVN March 1, 1973
- - - -
138th Army Security Agency Company (Aviation)

Reactivated in CONUS in 1974

( not sure how this insignia is oriented )


138th USASA CO(AVN) "Orlando, Florida", UnUsed.........inquire
- - - -
138th ASA AVN CO, Black Border

anyone know the difference in the Red and Black borders, maybe Platoon colors?


Black Border, UnUsed.....inquire

( anyone with more, or corrective/different, information let me know )
- - - -
138th Military Intelligence Company(AE) Pilot's Group

started out as a Private in B/2/75th Rangers circa 1980s

1 patch has sold - see below

B Company, 1-228th Aviation Regiment, Fort Kobbe Panama, UnUsed.......inquire

Bravo Company, 4th BN, 228th AVN REGT, El Salvador, Honduras, "BORN UNDER FIRE, UnUsed....inquire

HAWK 31 callsign, "AIRBORNE RECONNAISSANCE LOW-M" "CRAZY HAWK", UnUsed......inquire

Upper-Left, Crazy Horse.............(sold)

15th MI BN NIGHTHAWKS, UnUsed........inquire

Lower-center, SKY HOG........(sold)

( linked to Ranger and 228th AVN Regiment/Battalion pages.....also on ASA page )
140th Transportation Detachment (Cargo Helicopter Field Maintenance)


Got any extra Vintage patch(es) similar to these, or the one below?


If you have an extra, email  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

( also on main Army Patch page, Want SECTION )
- - - -
 140th Transportation Detachment (Cargo Helicopter Field Maintenance)

early patch with a CH-21 Shawnee "Flying Banana" slung
117th AVN CO flew CH-21s until March 1964


140th TD(CHFM), Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, , RFU, Used......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Stationed at Fort Bragg in the 1950s
Arrived in Vietnam in December 1961 assigned to the 8th Transportation Company (Light Helicopter)  which was Redesignated 117th Aviation Company (AML) in June 1963
142nd Assault Helicopter Company, NIGHT MAINTENANCE



142nd AHC MAINT Shop, made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire
144th Aviation Company (Radio Research) TIGER FLIGHT

144th Army Security Agency Company(Aviation), stationed at Nha-Trang, Vietnam

Metal Plate for a Wooden Plaque, made in Vietnam

144th AVN CO(RR), removed from plaque, lays flat, residue glue on back side, a few scrapes, Used.....inquire
145th Aviation Battalion (Combat)

"Ready and Capable" = motto used 1963 - 1964

 "FIRST IN VIETNAM" = motto used 1964 - 1972
- - - -
145th Aviation Battalion, First design circa 1963-64

First design, Beercan made in Vietnam, Used.......inquire
- - - -
Early 145th Aviation Battalion Beercan

Symbols on the DI depict the 3 original Companies: 117th, 118th, and 120th Aviation

scanned at 300dpi

comes with 2 x red-clutches, excellent condition, Used.......inquire
- - - -

145th Combat Aviation Battalion "FIRST IN VIETNAM", Viet HE, Used and colors have run.......inquire

145th Combat AVN BN, "Made in Japan" label on back, UnUsed....(sold)
- - - -
Viet Crosshatch embroidery and a Japan made

Quilted patch made in Vietnam, Unused......inquirer

Japan made, RFU, Used......inquire

- - - -

145th Combat Aviation Battalion, Vietnam made, quilted background, scrapbook residue, UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
145th CAB's "HUNTER KILLER" Team Patch


made in Vietnam, Unused.......inquire

Vietnam made, collector's staple mark on top border, puckering on top-right from the maker's shop, Unused.....inquire
(this collector had hundreds, if not thousands, of patches - all held to cardboard with a staple

- - - -
4 x Vietnam made Beercan DIs

Initial Design, circa 1963 - 1964, 145th CAB "Ready and Capable", China/Burma/India shield and Korean & RVN Flags, Used......inquire
( this design was submitted to Institiute of Heraldry on November 28. 1963 )

145th CAB "FIRST IN VIETNAM", Used......inquire

145th Aviation Battalion, Used........inquire

145th Aviation Battalion, Used.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
45th TRANS BN (Transportation Aircraft) assets used to form the 145th AVN BN September 24, 1963
Assigned to 12th AVN GP, 1st AVN BDE
Departed RVN April 2, 1972
 146th Aviation Company (Radio Research)

flew out of Long Thanh North Army Air Field

Callsign Vanguard
- - - -

Both from the same collection
(see the early 3rd RRU(AVN Section) 4-Balled Cat patch from the same collection)
(He also had: 138th AVN CO(RR), 371st Left Bank, and several "Guard Rail" and Mohawk(MI) patches)

146th Radio Research Company (Aviation), SNOOPERS hand-embroidered patch, Unused.......inquire

Very Hard to find "WHISPER JET" Seminole insignia, named to the Pilot(by the Collector) and date of RVN Service, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
146th Radio Research Company (Aviation) plaque PLATE


large 6 3/8"(horizontal), removed from plaque, damage around the nose, Used.....inquire
- - - -
"Snoopers" caricature is a DOG or Bird

146th Aviation CO "THE SNOOPERS" with "The Dog",  Viet made, UnUsed....(sold)

( scrapbook residue on the backs of both patches )

146th AVN CO(RR), "THE SNOOPERS" with a Bird, high-quality embroidery, Viet made, UnUsed...(sold)
- - - -
Tiger Stripe "SNOOPERS" Patch

A hand-embroidered and a Machine made Insignia

The Tiger Stripe background may be from the 509th RR Group influence(?)


"VANGUARD", Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, puckering from the tailor-shop, UnUsed....inquire

Well made Hand-Embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

 partial History while in Vietnam
146th RRC(AVN) was assigned to the 224th Aviation Battalion (Lonely Ringer)
Activated in Vietnam June 1, 1966 - Deactivated in Vietnam February 17, 1973
Flew: RU-8Ds (Seminoles), RU-21Ds, and Beavers

another version of the partial History while in Vietnam
146th Army Security Agency Company (Aviation) (Forward) was Activated at Long Than, Vietnam June 1, 1966 flying RU-6 and RU-8 Special Electronic Mission Aircraft in support of US Forces in Vietnam. Deactivated in Vietnam on February 17, 1973. Awarded 3 x Meritorious Unit Citations & 2 x RVN Cross of Gallantry w/Palm for service through 15 x Campaigns.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - start Korean Service  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

146th ASA CO(AVN) Reactivated in Korea in 1974

Also see the 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) for more patches
- - - -
146th Army Security Agency Company (Aviation)

146th USASA CO (AVN), circa 1974 - 1982, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
GUARDRAIL IV, with Teal Blue Shield


embroidered on black poly-twill, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -

circa 1975 - 1978


146th USASA AVN CO, Guardrail IV, Korean era, UnUsed.......(sold)
- - - -
146th Army Security Agency Aviation Company, GUARDRAIL IV


I have never seen an arc on one of these


146th USASA AVN CO, made in Korea, Teal Blue ASA Shield, circa 1975-78, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -


146th Aviation Company, United States Army Security Agency (146TH USASA AVN CO), UnUsed......inquire
- - - -


medium blue center, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
146th Aviation Company

NOT sure where this patch fits into the grand scheme of the 146th's history

Aerial Surveillance in Korea - "RV" may mean "Visual Reconnaissance" (Binoculars/etc.), I think that term was used in Vietnam


U.S. BORDER PATROL in Korea, "OV-1 RV-1 RU-21", UnUsed......inquire
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
146th ASA Aerial Exploitation Battalion

"Aerial Exploitation Battalion" could be an interim Designator between ASA and MIB???
- - - -


pre-June 1983 patch, made in Korea, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
 B Company, 146th AEB - GUARD RAIL

( Could be the unit that adopted the lineage of the 542nd Military Intelligence Detachment???? )


United States Army Aerial Exploitation Company in Korea, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
146th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) (Provisional)
- - - -
A Company, 146th MIB (AE) (P)
( formerly the 704th Military Intelligence Detachment (Aerial Surveillance) )

"OV-1 RV-1 Aerial Surveillance in Korea, ROK"


- - - -
See the 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion for more patches
- - - -
partial Korean Duty History
Reactivated July 1, 1974 at Taegu Air Base, Korea as the 146th ASA Company(Aviation)  tasked with special electronic missions.
The unit received the RU-21H aircraft in the Guardrail IV configuration in January 1975.
Upgraded to Guardrail V Configuration in November 1978; Unit Relocated to Camp Humphreys and was attached to the US Army Field Station, Korea, 501st MI GP.

Question to anyone: Is the "Aerial Exploitation Battalion" Designator an Interim name between the ASA to MI conversion?

On December 15, 1979 the 146th Army Security Agency Company (Aviation) (Forward), the 704th Military Intelligence Detachment (Aerial Surveillance), and the 542nd Military Intelligence Detachment were Consolidated and Redesignated the 146th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) (Provisional).
- Headquarters and Service Company (after transferring the aviation assets to B Company) continued the lineage of the 146th ASA(AVN) (FWD).
- Company A, 146th MIB (AE) (P) continued to carry the lineage of the 704th Military Intelligence Detachment (Aerial Surveillance).
- Company B 146th MIB(AE)(P) adopted the lineage of the 542nd Military Intelligence Detachment.

On June 16, 1983  the 146th Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) (Provisional) was Redesignated 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation) continuing to provide intelligence on a daily basis.
 147th Assault Support Helicopter Company

- - - -

Vietnam era patch


USA made, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Made in Vietnam - Removed from Uniform


RFU, Used......inquire
- - - -
147th Aviation Company (Medium Helicopter)



147th AVN CO (MDN HEL), brown spot between the "T H" is rubber-cement, light stain area in front of the elephant, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -


Viet made, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
"ROTH" style patches made in Vietnam

Dark backing material, UnUsed......inquire

Yellow backing material, UnUsed.......inquire

- - - -
171st TD attached to the 147th

click on picture for details
150th Transportation Detachment (CHFM)

see on  175th AHC  Section

151st Transportation Detachment


151st TD "CHFM", Beercan DI made in Vietnam, Used.......inquire

151st Transportation Detachment (CHFM)

The 151st MAINT DET provided H-21 support for the 13th TC(LT HEL) in Korea

part of the bird's breast is missing - see below for outline

( see email 100206 )

( also on Main AVN and 13th TC pages )
 155th Aviation Company (Attack Helicopter)

155th Attack Helicopter Company, U. S. made, UnUsed......inquire

155th AHC "First Combat Aerial TOW Team 72" flew UH-1Bs with the XM-26 Weapons system, insignia made at the PX on Camp Holloway, RVN, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

( the "First Combat Aerial Tow Team 72" is mis-identified in the ASMIC AVN Patch Book;
listed as a 1st AVN BDE )

( link to a follow-on TOW Team  assigned to 1st AVN BDE )

partial 155th AHC History from a Veteran
The 155th Attack Helicopter Company was stationed at Ft. Ord, California & attached to CDEC.
Aircraft: UH-1s, OH-58s, and AH-1s fitted with experimental equipment that was later used in the Middle East.
Equipped with: Tow Missiles, Hell Fire Missiles, Laser Guidance Systems, & Night Vision Systems.
You name it, we experimented with it.
We were a Cavalry Unit and wore Black Baseball caps. During parades and functions we wore CAV Hats.
Officers actually had sabers. We wore gold ascots with our flight suits.
Our aircraft were the only ones in the Army with U. S. Air Force camo paint jobs and they were beautiful.
We always had the latest and newest equipment.
another Veteran added
The 155 AVN. CO. ATK. HEL. Resdesignated D Company, 7th Combat Aviation Battalion in 1981
Stayed at Ft. Ord in the 1980s and did more "fly-away" missions in C-5As
partial History of the TOW Team from a Veteran
Consisted of 12 personnel from Ft. Ord, California who were TDY at Ft. Lewis, Washington
to conduct European environment experiments against an Air Defense Artillery Group.
From there we were suppose to go to: Ft. Riley, Kansas, Ft. Hood, Texas, and then back to Fort Ord.
While at Ft. Lewis the NVA started using tanks and we didn't have anything that could stop them short of destroying an
entire village. The TOW Team deployed overnight to Vietnam in March of 1972.
We accompanied our aircraft (UH-1Bs with XM-26 Weapons Systems) on a C-141 to Saigon, RVN.
After we put our aircraft back together they couldn't decide where to send us. The choices were An Khe or Kontum.
They decided Kontum so we flew to Camp Holloway, outside of Pleiku, where we were based.
Our Area of Operations(AO) was Kontum and we were there until the press found us.
The next day we were sent home and the aircraft were turned over to another local team to finish.
Our aircraft were later used at Ah Khe, RVN
The TOW Team patches were made at the PX in Camp Holloway and worn on the right breast.
This Army website ( http://tri.army  dot mil/LC/CS/csa/xm26tow.htm ) shows our Team our last day in Camp Holloway.
The civilians were the Hughes Aircraft Developement Team.
partial History from the Army's Redstone Web Site
2 May 1972 - 1st Combat Aerial TOW Team, equipped with the XM26 TOW subsystem entered combat in MR II

( I have taken the liberty to: add, delete, & rearrange words and sentences )
A Company, 1st Aviation Battalion(1st ID at Ft. Riley)

155th Aviation Company (AML)

155th Assault Helicopter Company


Supported 5th SFGp B-50's across-border RECON Missions by inserting 6-man Teams composed of 2 x SF and 4 x SCU men.
( SCU = Vietnamese Special Commando Unit )
- - - -
155th Aviation Company, pre-1967


155th AVN CO hand-embroidered in Vietnam, ID on back, minor stain on upper-right of yellow section, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
155th Assault Helicopter Company - post-1966

155th AHC, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

155th AHC, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
155th AHC Gunship Platoon, "FALCONS"

Support 5th SF in Vietnam

Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, collector's ID on back, UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
partial History
Constituted October 23, 1963 as A Company, 1st Aviation Battalion, 1st Infantry Division and Activated at Fort Riley, Kansas
A/1/1st ID arrived in Vietnam sometime in 1965
ReDesignated 155th Aviation Company (AML) November 25, 1965
(Company A, 1st Aviation Battalion (Colors?) were returned to the 1st Infantry Division and the former 155th AVN CO was assigned to the 1st INFDIV as Company A, 1st AVN BN upon it's arrival from Korea)
By January 1, 1967 the Company had been Redesignated 155th Assault Helicopter Company (155th AHC)
However, on 26 Dec 1969 a new CO took over and referred to his new command as "155th Aviation Company (Assault Helicopter)"(?)
The 155th Assault Helicopter Company ceased operations December 14, 1970 after 5 1/2 years in the RVN.
Company Deactivated sometime after December 17, 1970
The 155th worked with many units while in Vietnam: ARVN Airborne, 4th ID, USSF, and many others
The 165th TD supported the 155th.
Slicks = "Stagecoach"
Gunships = "Falcon"
Excellent site for information on the 155th AHC:   http://155thahc dot com/
 156th Aviation Company (Radio Research)

156th Army Security Agency Aviation Company (1973-1978)

Army Security Agency Company (Aviation) flying for the 224th Aviation Battalion(RR);
part of the 509th Radio Research Group, Vietnam from 1966 to 1970s out of the Can Tho Army Air Field.
- - - -
The DELTA, Stalking Grounds of the 509th's RRGp's Tiger

The Tiger's paw imprinted on the Delta, Vietnamese made, the 156th AVN CO(RR) flew Beavers out of Can Tho AAF, UnUsed......inquire
(puckering on the right-side as the tailor-shop ran-out of backing material)

The "DELTA", the Tiger's stalking grounds, UnUsed........inquire

- - - -
156th Army Security Agency Aviation Company

Redesignated 156th ASA CO November 5, 1973

( 3 x variations )


156th Army Security Agency Company (Aviation), cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.......inquire

156th USASA CO(AVN), cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.......inquire

156th USASA AVN CO, cheesecloth backing, UnUsed....(sold)

- - - -
156th Army Security Agency Aviation Company


156th USASA AVN CO, RFU, puckered from washing, Used.....inquire
- - - -
156th ASA CO(AVN), Fort Bliss, Texas

(  later Redesignated "C CO, 15th MI BN" per the ID label on the reverse )


- - - -
Stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas in the 1970s
156th ASA CO Redesignated Company C, 15th Military Intellengence Battalion in 1978
( fini ASA )

Anyone with different, or more, info sent it.
 158th Aviation Battalion (Assault Helicopter BN)

supported the 101st Airborne Division

A Company = "Ghost Rider"
B Company = "Lancer"
C Company = "Phoenix"
D Company = "Redskins"
- - - -
158th AVN BN(AHB)

callsign "Lightning 41" ?


made in Vietnam, "CHALLENGE" "LIGHTNING 41", UnUsed....inquire
- - - -
 A Company, 158th Aviation Battalion(AHB)


"An Lo to the A Shau  -   Da Nang to the DMZ"

One of the largest Army Aviation Patches you will see


VERY-Large A/158th AVN BN made in Vietnam, UnUsed........inquire

( One of the largest Army patches going....will not fit in a 5" x 7" sleeve )
- - - -
A Company, 158th Assault Helicopter Battalion


A/158th AHB, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
 B Company, 158th Assault Helicopter Battalion (Airmobile)


with "I CORPS" on horse and pedestal

B,158th AHB(AMB), made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

Viet made, Unused......inquire

- - - -
C Company, 158th Assault Helicopter Battalion (Airmobile)


Charlie Company, 101st AVN BN, 101st Airborne Division(AML), Viet made, UnUsed......inquire

made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire

- - - -
Company D, 158th Assault Helicopter Battalion



"CHALLENGE U.S.", Vietnam made, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
158th AVN BN (Assault Hel) was activated July 25, 1968 at Fort Carson, Colorado
Organized from the 246th and 247th Aviation Companies at Forts Carson & Riley
HHC, A, B & D Companies were stationed at Ft. Carson; C Company stayed Fort Riley
Sent to Vietnam February 1969

part of the 160th Aviation Group;  later the 101st AVN GP
159th Aviation Battalion (Assault Support Helicopter) (Airmobile Division)

Supported the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)
- - - -
Bravo Company, 159th ASHC



B/159th ASHC, scrapbook residue on back, puckered on right side (very common for Viet machine embroidered patches), UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
327th Transportation Detachment (Aircraft Maintenance)

Supported Charlie Company, 159th AVN BN

Both items from same Estate - the 327th DET patch is very UnCommon

327th TD(AM) "Chinook PLAYTEX AVIONICS", rust around pin-hole at top(common among RVN items), Viet made, UnUsed.....(sold)

U. S. Flag made in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on 327th TD section and "WANT" section on MAIN page )
- - - -
partial History for 159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion

( This history from the Geronimo web site: http://www.geronimos dot org/Liftmaster/Liftmasterx.htm )

The 159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion was formed on 1 July 1968 from the  dissolved 308th Combat Aviation Battalion.
Organized as the medium and heavy lift Assault Support Helicopter Battalion of the 101st Airborne Division.
Pachyderms - A Company, formerly  the 200th Medium Lift Helicopter Company....flying CH-47s
Varsity - B Company, formerly the 272nd  Medium Lift Helicopter Company...flying CH-47s
Playtex - C Co, formerly 293rd Medium Lift  Helicopter Company...flying CH-47s
Hurricanes - 478th Heavy Lift Company....flying CH-54s

 From January 1969 through February 1972, the battalion provided lift support to the 101st  Airborne Division (Airmobile) in Operations: Kentucky Jumper, Massachusetts Striker, Apache Snow,  Campbell Streamer, Montgomery Rendezvous, Lam Son 719, Jefferson Glen, & Lam Son 810.
The Battalion conducted artillery support, troop movement operations, flare and  flame drops, fire-base insertions and extractions, IFR airdrops, and flight suport and
 aircraft recovery missions.
The 159th ASH Battalion received the Valorous Unit Award for service in the Republic of Vietnam, 1 January 1970 through May 1971.
In February 1972, the 159th ASH Battalion returned to Fort Campbell Kentucky as the only CH-47 Chinook Battalion in the United States Army.
159th Medical Detachment (RA)


This insignia was designed in 1968


159th MED DET(RA), Hand embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Arrived in Vietnam 27 October 1967; Departed 30 November 1972
Royal Australian Army

161st Independent Reconnaissance Flight


161st Independent Reconnaissance Flight(161st IRF), Royal Australian Army Aviation Corps, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed....inquire
(I believe the scroll reads: "Army Kiowa Flight" ?)

1st BN, Royal Australian Regiment(RAR) arrived RVN 1965 and deployed with U. S. Army’s 173rd ABN BDE Bien Hoa
In September1965 the 161st IRF was formed in Australia and deployed to support the RAR
Aircraft consisted of 2 x Sioux LOH and 2 x Cessna 180s
Their radio callsign "Possums" was to become their nickname for the duration
Early-1971 the Sioux Loachs were replaced by Bell OH-58 Kiowas
This Unit lost 12 aircraft and 3 Pilots during their deployment to Vietnam

( see this link for a more complete history of the 161st:   http://airwarvietnam dot com/raafno161.htm  )
161st Aviation Company

161st Assault Helicopter Company

"PELICANS" = Company

Served in-Country from 1965 to 1968
- - - -

Hand-embroidered in Vietnam, excellent quality workmanship, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
161st AVN CO, Hand-embroidered in Vietnam


- - - -


GUNSHIP Platoon, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)
- - - -
partial History
Unknown when unit was REDES 161st AHC
Pelicans and Scorpions of the 161st Assault Helicopter Company, 406th Transportation Detachment, & 449th Signal Detachment were in Vietnam from 1965 - 1968.
The  161st AHC Deactivated in 1968 and Redesignated A/123rd Aviation Battalion which supported the 23rd (Americal) Infantry Division
162nd Aviation Company(AH)
162nd Assault Helicopter Company
- - - -
162nd AHC "Vulture Copperhead" = Lift and Gun Platoons


made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Unusual High-Quality workmanship for a RVN Beercan

162nd AHC "STS" "VULTURES", Large 1 7/16" Vietnam made Beercan, Used.......inquire
( see below for meaning of "STS" )
- - - -
2nd Flight Platoon


2nd FLT PLT, 162nd AHC, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -

162nd ASLT HEL CO "STS" "Vultures", Vietnam made, UnUsed.........inquire
("STS" = Set the Standard or Slicker than s--t - for the Lift Platoons)

162nd Aviation Company(AH) "Die Bastards Die" "Copperheads",  4.75" Vietnam made, probably an older patch as the unit later became the 162nd AHC, puckered from tailor shop, UnUsed.....inquire
(tailor's marks still around the "Bastards")

- - - -

162nd AHC, Vietnam made, scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
Hand-Embroidered White Copperhead

"COPPERHEADS" = Callsign for the Gun Ship Platoon

162nd AHC "NO WARNING" "COPPERHEADS", HE, scrapbook residue on back, Unused......(sold)

162nd AVN CO (AH) "DIE BASTARDS DIE" "COPPERHEADS", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire

- - - -
758th Medical Detachment


758th MED DET, (around and below the "VULTURE S 162AHC" line the tailor shop slopped some rice-glue on=most of it I removed), UnUsed.....inquire

( also on 758th MED DET page )
- - - -
162nd Aviation Company HANGER RATS



162nd AVN CO, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
partial History
Arrived RVN February 1966 and located in Phouc Vinh, north of Saigon
Assigned 11th Combat Aviation Battalion supporting 1st Infantry Division in III Corps AO
Relocated to Dong Tam in November 1968 Assigned to 214th CAB supporting 9th Infantry Division
After 9th ID left country circa August 1969 Company was Reassigned to 13th CAB in Can Tho
Supported ARVN: 5th, 9th, and 21st ARVN Infantry Divisions; Stood-Down in April 1972
It was last AHC to serve in the IV CORPS
N Troop(AIR), 163rd Armored Cavalry Regiment
Montana Army National Guard

"exitus est nullus"

RFU, glue residue under the yellow post-it, Used.......inquire

163rd Aviation Company(GS)

The Road Runners supported the 101st Airborne Division in Hue/Phu Bai, Vietnam

The 163rd flew the only Fixed-Wing aircraft in the 101st, a U-6A DeHavilland Beaver.


163rd AVN CO "Hue Phu Bai RVN", scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed......inquire
- - - -
confusing partial History
The 163rd AVN CO(GS) along with the 23rd Infantry Division(AMERICAL) Infantry Brigade flight detachments and Battery A, 377th Field Artillery were joined to form the 123rd AVN BN in Vietnam
At some time the 163rd Aviation Company (General Support) supported the 23rd ID(AMERICAL)
Then it supported the 101st ABN DIV in the RVN
Deactivated in November 1971 while still in Vietnam
Reactivated as the 123rd Aviation Battalion at Fort Campbell, Kentucky December 16, 1985
Later redesignated 6th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 101st ABD

More History from a Veteran of the 163rd
The 163rd AVN CO was stationed at Camp Eagle (between Hue and Phu Bai), circa 1969; Assigned to 160th AVN BN
Flew UH-1Ds for the Generals, utilized 3 x Command and Control helicopters for Combat Assault Operations, and operated 2 x Fixed Wing(FW) aircraft

More History from a Veteran of the 163rd (from email 111222)
"I served June 1969 - June 1970 with the 163rd Avn Co (GS) at Camp Eagle RVN as a 67B20 Single-Engine Observation Utility Fixed Wing Aircraft Mechanic. The only fixed wing aircraft in the entire 101st Airborne Division was at Phu Bai and it was a U-6A DeHavilland Beaver. The 163rd had 5 aircraft mechanics assigned to this unit, but only one could be the paid crew chief. So I was put in the Hangar as Operational Readiness Clerk and worked in the Company Motor Pool as assistant Motor Sgt. We had 2 ea 1/2 ton M274A5 Army Mules, several M37B1 3/4 Ton Trucks and M35A1 2-1/2 Ton Trucks, and 1 ea M151A1 for the Commander!
I wanted to set the record clear that the 101st Airborne Division did have a Fixed Wing Aircraft."  

( If anyone knows additional, or different, History on this Unit, send it! )
164th Combat Aviation Group

"DELTA Aviation Group", made in Vietnam


164th CAG, RFU, Used.......inquire
- - - -
268th Field Artillery, RADAR Detachment, 164th Combat Aviation Group   

circa 1970, located at Vinh Gia,Vietnam

This RADAR detachment is not listed on the 1st AVN BDE site as being part of the 164th but the "mobile RADAR" web site ( http://www.mobileradar.org/army_units_index.html ) shows the 268th as being part of the 164th AVN GP, anyone know who is correct??

( see on the Army Ground Forces, RVN to 1975 page, Artillery section )
- - - -
partial History
Units Assigned: 13th(Soc Trang) CAB, 214th(Vinh Long) CAB, & 307th CAB (Can Tho)
164th Combat Aviation Group ("DELTA") was activated in Vietnam in December 1967, stationed in Can Tho
Supported: 9th Infantry Division, ARVN units, & Special Forces in Military Region 4 (IV CORPS)
165th Combat Aviation Group



165th CAG, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, UnUsed.......inquire
- - - -
partial History
The 165th Combat Aviation Group (CAG) activated February 17, 1969 at Long Binh assuminmg  the Air Traffic Control (ATC) mission in the RVN
The 165th CAG replaced 58th Aviation Battalion(58th deactivated February 17, 1969) and assumed all assets and responsiblities
Units Assigned to the 165th CAG were: 125th Aviation Company (ATC) at Bien Hoa, 120th AHC at Long Binh/Saigon, the Command Aircraft Company equipped with U-21s at Plantation, and 36 x Aviation Detachments operating Army airfields at 36 locations in the RVN. Aviation Detachments assigned to Army Divisions had the word (Divisional) added to their Unit designator
In January 1972 the 165th Group was disbanded with the remaining airfield operations reporting to the 1st AVN BDE
165th Transportation Company (Aviation Direct Support)

"Sword Sharpener"
- - - -
( One of the 165th TC detachments  supported the 155th AVN CO, anyone know which DET? )

( anyone know which DET the center or right patch represented? )

 165th TC(ADS), ("PIRAGAHUS" should read PERAGIMUS which means WE ACCOMPLISH), made in Vietnam, UnUsed......inquire

165th TRANS DET (CHFM) "SUPPORT THAT SHADOWS THE SWORD", made in Vietnam, UnUsed.....inquire

165th TRANS DET "WE HOLD UP OUR SHARE", made in Vietnam, Unused.....inquire
(anyone know what the black outlined figure on the brown "cargo-net" represents?)

- - - -
partial History
165th Transportation Company(formerly the 357th TC(ADS)) was assigned to the 520th TC BN(AM&S) (GS) along with the 20th and 539th Transportation Companies

see this link for 520th Transportation Battalion (AM&S) (GS) history: http://hexmate.homestead dot com/files/520History2000.html
 166th Transportation Detachment


Supported A/82nd AVN BN and 335th AHC "COWBOYS"


166th TD, hand-embroidered in Vietnam, lower-right border indented from rough storage(can be fixed), UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
partial History
The 166th TC Detachment was activated at Fort Benning, Georgia and Designated "Cargo Helicopter Field Maintenance"(CHFM)
Departed April 10, 1965 and Arrived in the RVN May 1, 1965 via sea transport and Assigned to 1st Log Command at Vung Tau
166th brought the First UH-1Ds to Vietnam
Relocated to Bien Hoa to support A/82nd Aviation Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade (probably assigned to the 145th AVN BN?)
166th Relocated to Dak To in February 1967
( end of history - got some, email it )
167th Transportation Detachment
supported A Company, 101st Aviation Battalion 1965-66

Early Vietnam Era Insignia


167th TRANS DET "Soc-Trang, Vietnam", looks Japan made, UnUsed.....(sold)

( patch shown on Army Aviation in Vietnam 1963 - 1966 by Ralph B. Young, page 128 )

Folded into the 336th Aviation Company  (Assault Helicopters) November 1966


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Viewers disregard this section:
138th Radio Research Company(Aviation), 224th AVN BN(RR), 509th RR GP
Left Jab is the carry-on Mission from the "LAFFIN EAGLE" Project
"LEFT JAB" U. S. ARMY, 3" ME, US made, flew JU-21As out of Phu Bai, last ASA plane lost in the War was "VANGUARD 216" in March of 1971 (to my knowledge only three JU-21As were ever built)......(sold)
135th Assault Helicopter Company, "USA RAN",  Vietnam made.....(sold)
135th AHC "EMU" (Experimental Military Unit) "RAN" (Royal Australian Navy), Viet made........(Sold)
C Company 101st AVN, circa 1969, Vietnan made, UnUsed......(sold)
"WINGS OF DESTINY" 101st Combat Aviation Group, 4.5", UnUsed....(sold)
"WINGS OF THE EAGLE", 101st AVN BN (ABN DIV), Viet HE, UnUsed......(sold)
120th Aviation Company, "The Deans", UnUsed.....(Sold)
120th Aviation Company
120th AVN CO, puckered at top (from the tailor shop), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed.....inquire
C Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion
  112th Transportation Detachment (wrong ID - changed to 1112th TC and moved)
California Army National Guard
112th Transportation Detachment, removed from left pocket of an old PX OG-107 shirt, Used......inquiire
A Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion
A/101st AHB, RFU, glue around the "man"(probably from maker's shop), Used......(sold)
WANTED, Got an extra 121st patch?
146th USASA AVN. CO "GUARDRAIL IV", 4" U. S. made ME, UnUsed...(sold)
146th USASA AVN CO "GUARDRAIL IV", CE cheesecloth backing, UnUsed.....(sold)
146th ASA COMPANY  "GUARDRAIL V", CE, UnUsed.....(sold)- - - -
146th Aviation Company, United States Army Security Agency (146TH USASA AVN CO) "GUARDRAIL IV".....(sold)
165th Transportation Detachment
166th Transportation Detachment
165th TD "WE HOLD UP OUR SHARE", 4.5" Viet ME, UnUsed........inquire
 2nd Brigade Aviation
callsign "BRANDY"
Items made in Vietnam and removed from the same Jungle Shirt
Vietnam made 101st Airborne Division SSI with khaki backing material, RFU Jungle Shirt left-SSI, Used.......(sold)
2nd Brigade Aviation, "Brandy 473", "101st ABN DIV", harness rub on the "2" area, RFU Jungle Shirt left-pocket, Used.......(sold)
( also on RVN-1975 )
138th Aviation Company (Radio Research), part of the 509th RR GP, Unused..(sold)
138th AVN CO(RR), puckered at the top (maker's fault), UnUsed......(re-scanned)  
made in Vietnam, scrapbook residue on back, minor discoloration by rocket fins, UnUsed....(sold)
135th AHC "TAIPAN" with Olive Green Burlap backing material
RFU, washed once(??) and mama-san put some heavy starch on it(very common), you can still see the tailor’s pencil outlines drawn near the Rocket fins and Cobra’s head areas, Used.......(sold)
118th AHC "IT SHALL BE DONE", Vietnam made, UnUsed......(sold)
118th AVN CO "BANDITS", Vietnam made, minor soiling on front, UnUsed....(sold)
HUEY era
RFU, Used.........(sold)
3rd Platoon
"The Razorbacks"
U. S. Made (UnCommon), scrapbook residue on back, UnUsed........(sold)
(I have talked to 3 "Gurus" and none have seen a Vintage Razorback that was made in the U.S.)
(Tan colored back of the Arcs(tabs) is a "Paper-like" material)
57th Transportation Company (Light Helicopters)
click on picture for details
128th AVN CO "GUNS" Platoon, Larger Vietnam made patch, UnUsed.......(sold)
3rd Gun Platoon Crocodiles Beercan
119th Aviation Company DI, Vietnam made, Used.........(sold)
A/101st Aviation Battalion
Motto also used by the 228th Assault (Support) Helicopter Battalion
147th ASHC, Viet made, UnUsed.......(sold)  
Tiger Stripe "SNOOPERS" Patch
A hand-embroidered and a Machine made Insignia
well made HE in Vietnam, UnUsed.....(sold)
"VANGUARD", Vietnam machine made are uncommon, scrapbook residue on back, minor puckering from the tailor-shop, UnUsed....(moved)
( The Tiger Stripe background may be from the 509th RR Group influence(?) )
138th Aviation Company(RR), 224th Aviation Battalion(RR)
Some history on this patch from a Veteran of the 138th
".......we wore the Red patch at Danang.....when the 138th Relocated to Phu Bai the Round BLUE patch was worn.
When we moved back down to Danang in August-September of 1972 we started wearing the original Red Danang  patch and on the left-shoulder wore the MACV patch."
( I have changed and rearranged some of his original email message/111224 )
138th RRC(AVN), 224th AVN BN, made in Vietnam, UnUsed......(sold)