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New Arrivals

Listed on 130514

(They) "SIMPLY FORGOT US" - insignia depicts a Vulture about to hang himself
This patch is supposed to be for a contigent/detachment that served in Vietnam.
Can anyone verify the Squadron (or part thereof) served in the RVN?

Listed on 130426

HMR-162, circa 1950s, made in Japan
Flew  HRS Helicopters
( HRSs were known as H-19s in the Army and USAF )
HRS = Sikorsky Transport Helicopters

Listed on 130413

Listed on their Respective Pages/Sections

6th Design at El Toro in the 1970s

Marine Aircraft Group-13 (MAG-13)
3rd Design used at  Iwakuni, in Vietnam, and at El Toro

Marine Aircraft Group-14 (MAG-14)
2nd Design used at NAAS Edenton, NC; VMA-211 & 225 were flying A4D-2 Skyhawks circa late-1950s

Marine Aircraft Group-15 (MAG-15)
2nd Design used at Iwakuni circa 1968

Listed on 121203

Listed on their Respective Pages/Sections


Marine Air Base Squadron-13 (MABS-13)


The 3 following Third MARDIV patches came from the same collection, relationship unknown.

3rd Marine Division, 3rd Service Battalion

Large 1st (RE) COMMCO(PROV)

Large 3rd Marine Division, 9th Marine Regiment

Listed on 121116

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362 (HMH-362)
"Ugly Angels"

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 361 (HMH-361)
First design insignia at New River circa 1968 flying CH-53As

Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-361 (HMM-361)

VMFA-232 and VMF-232 4th Design with bottom Tab

Marine Fighter Training Squadron-401 (VMFT-401)
Adversary Squadron based at Yuma, Arizona flying F-21A Kfirs and F-5E/F Tiger IIs

Japan made VMA-311, 4th pattern at El Toro flying A-4s 1960s

Listed on 121004

Listed on 120911

3507AR - Japan Good Luck-Farewell  Flag
His name was Hiramatsu
Listed at top of WWII page

Listed on 120821

1st Marine Division "GUADALCANAL"
Made in Australia or New Zealand
listed on Divisional page, WW2 section

Terms used on the Patch Pages

CE = Cut-Edge (No embroidered Border)
Cheesecloth  =  Gauze
FE = Fully Embroidered by machine
 HE = Hand Embroidered
ME = Machine Embroidery (by Computer or done  "freehand" by the "little-old-man")
ME = also will mean Merrowed-Edge (you should be able to discern which "ME" applies)
PI Made = item was made in the Philippine Islands
Pocket Patch = worn on the front of a shirt/jacket
Residue = from glue/paper/etc. that was used to display a patch in/on a: scrapbook or board
(I will forget to state this on some patches!)
RFU = Removed From Uniform
Scroll = examples: WWII Ranger, many USAF patches, Modern Rangers/LRRPs and others
SEA = Southeast Asia
SSI = Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Tab  or  Arc  = "Airborne", "Thailand", "Guam", "Wolfhounds", "8th Army Band", or etc.

All Patch measurements are approximate!


The Best Reference Material for post-1950 Marine Aviation in One Book

(I have used a similar copy since 1992 - another example of Well Prepared material....not a haphazard grouping of facts)


232 pages of the Best Organized Marine & Navy Aviation Materials you can find, 99% Condition with DJ, Used.......inquire

U. S. Navy & Marine Corps Air Power Directory, World Air Power Journal  by Editors: David Donald & Jon Lake
Aerospace Publishing London  -  Airtime Publishing USA
Published in 1992, Aerospace ISBN: 1 874023 26 3 and Airtime ISBN: 1 880588 02 1


( also shown on U. S. Navy patch page )
47140A and D - San Diego Boot Camp and 3rd Marine Division

47140A is an Excellent Book for Uniforms and Equipment for the RVN Era to include a Large color picture of the M-1961 M-14 Rifle Belt & etc.

47140A - 1967, San Diego Boot Camp, 2nd BN, Platoon, Used.....inquire

47140D - 1953-54, 3rd Marine Division on their deployment to Japan, MG Lewis B. Puller was an Assistant Division Commander (a few pictures), Used.....inquire
Related Items
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Naval Pilot's Badges, Balfour Salesman's Sample Board

( see details see on Main USN Patch page )
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Naval Aviation Observer's Wing for Navigators

authorized from 31 March, 1945 to 18 March, 1947
Worn by Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, and WAVE Navigators

click on picture for details
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From a WWI Marine Recruiting station at “North First & Santa Clara Sts., San Jose, Calif.”

( see on Divisional patch page, WWI to 1950 section )
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3507AJ - “Do Your Duty”


( see on Divisional patch page, WWI to 1950 section )
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3446D - USMC style Utility CAP

REVERSIBLE Mitchell pattern


see on Headgear page
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see on Weapons page
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4702 - Vintage Western-Pacific made Caps

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4708, 4710, and 4714 - Issue Marine Items

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4736 - 4768, Issue Marine & Navy Covers

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5453A - USMC Life Preserver Accessory Kit

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7712G - USMC M-1936 Khaki Canvas 9-eyelet Leggins, dated 1943
see on Footgear page
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8710A - SHORTS      
     see on Clothing page
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see on Clothing page
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9544 - USN Summer RVN Era Lime-Leaf ERDL Flying Suit

MIL-C-5390G (Weps), made of Cotton POPLIN ERDL Camo, with Sage Green VELCRO and Brass Zippers

UnCommon Flight Suit


see on Flight Gear page
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49010A, B, & C - Cotton Military Issue Tape for making Name Tags

Make your own Vintage Name Tape or Tag

Issue tape from the 1950s through 1960s

see details on Main Army Ground Forces Page

for Generic Aircraft Company Patches and other items

( items that are for a "system" will be under "Aircraft or Weapons" sections )

click on picture

Items Wanted

Vintage Patches I need are not limited to the ones depicted below

Items can vary in: design, color, where made, & etc.
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VMA-121 ( Other designs also needed )

VMA-121(see email 110428)
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Other designs also wanted
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Other squadrons had the "cat" design, interested in purchasing them also.
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 Flying: Jackets, Caps, Boots, & etc.

click on picture for details
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Got an extra Vintage patch?

If you have a spare patch, email  Jack@LJMilitaria.com

Patches I need are not limited to the ones depicted above
Mystery items

If you have Information on the Items,  e-mail:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

UI#90 -  These guys must have had the worst luck?  Japan made, probably late-1950s to 1960s?


UI#326 - "67 NITE EYES", Anyone know the unit(individual) who designed this insignia? I was told the green symbol is for RADAR.
listed on USAF SQDNs page

UI#366 - a "Known" patch for many years but NO ID has been established, anyone know had to arrange the Numbers "437" or "7th SQ, class 43" or ?
                 ( from a Pilot of the 13th BS(T) and 81st FBS, he attended the 3506th PTS(probably 1950s), see the rest of his Grouping in the 13th BS(T) section )  

UI#367 - Hand-embroidered Mirror imaged Horse with RVN National Colors, SEA made
( also on: AVN, NAVY, SQ, WG, SOS, USMC, GRD pages )

If you have Information on an Item,  e-mail:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

I have NO Connection with the sale of this Book

USMC Aviatiors

Marine Corps airmen in the Pacific 1941-1945


With his new book, Gregory Pons invites us to discover the aviators of the legendary US Marine Corps in the Pacific. This volume contains seven chapters, each named for a different squadron, and the personal memoirs, flight log books, and photo albums of the men who served in it. Through these words and photos, as well as many outstanding never-before-published photographs, the author enables the reader to share in the daily lives of these men as they experience training and combat. With its colorful plane profiles, original documents, and reconstructions detailing the flight equipment of these men, this book is the first of its kind about US Marine aviation.

Chapter 1 VMSB-144 : 18 pages
Chapter 2 VMSB-235 : 10 pages
Chapter 3 VMF-222 : 61 pages
Chapter 4 VMSB-341 : 10 pages
Chapter 5 VMTB-143 : 48 pages
Chapter 6 VMF-512 : 18 pages
Chapter 7 VMTB-454 : 15 pages

URL Link of the publisher:  http://www.eden-mili-arts dot  com/index.php?lang=english
I have NO Connection with this Artist

This section is provided to assist the Veterans and Collectors who ask me if I know where they can have a patch made

He has some decent leather patches from what I can see in the pictures he supplied - I have never physically seen any of his work

see below for contact email address





email Johnny at: webeemblems@aol.com


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Viewers Disregard this section:

UI#325 - Pegasus Maintenance, anyone know which unit used this design?

7590D - Pilot's Dress Blue Jacket with Badges, dated 1963
see on Marine Gear page