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Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!

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3506AK - BX Belt Buckle

3506AK - cast Brass Navy BX/PX BUCKLE, will fit a belt up to 1 5/16” wide, it is a reproduction of a USN Diving Helmet manufacturer's data plate, as-New, Used......imquire

- - - -
 3506AR - WWII UnOfficial Photo RECON Badge

Made by Charles Fischer of New York
In early-1942 at Anacostia a special wing was designed and produced by Charles Fischer in VERY-Limited numbers.
  Worn for a short span and then it was decided that Naval Aviation would not go the way of the USAAF with a different badge for every member of a flying crew and discontinued this badge.


3506AR - Navy Aerial RECON Photographer's Wing, stamped “Sterling”, maker's hallmark is only partially visible (from another wing the hallmark reads: "CHAS. FISCHER N.Y.”, pinback with rolling lock, Used.......inquire  

This badge has been examined by 10-15 knowledgable collectors/dealers and all agreed it was the real-deal.
I saw a Grouping at the 2010 November Militaria Show in LA which had a similar Badge.  The Grouping consisted of Pictures, headgear, a pair of Photo-RECON wings, and etc.

( I have scans up to 720dpi if you want to see them, ask )


( also on: htm, main Navy Patch page, & Navy "other sqdns" pages )

- - - -
 3506AT - Junk Beret made in Vietnam

3506AT - size 55, made by Phuoc-Thanh, 95, Cho, Cu Vo Di Nguy Lau 2 Saigon, "HUY-CHUONG QUAN-DOI", the plastic sweat shield has a 2" slit in it (also cut the tinfoil label but the material feels intact), Enlisted Badge has a pin-back with a "J" post closure, some of the fuzz has rubbed off the outer material from normal wear (hard to notice), 1/8" hole (see right picfile at the end of the paper-triangle-pointer) to the rear of the badge(does not show when laying flat-only when worn), less than average wear, Used.....(sold)

( also on Brown Water Navy page )
- - - -
3506AW - Ship Repair Facilty,  Yokosuka Japan

9” high souvenir “Honey Bucket”, made in Japan


click on left picture for details
- - - -
3506AY - VA-22 “Fighting Redcocks”

( see on VA-22 patch page )
- - - -
3506BC - Stoner 63A MANUAL

for Doctor Stoner's Light Machinegun

( see on Brown Water page, SEAL section )
- - - -
3506BD - WWII Japanese Navy Doily

( see on on Brown Water Navy page - WWII and others section )
3506BU - Vice Admiral's Blue Party Suit


( linked from the Main Navy Patch page )

4040B - Women's Mess Dress


4040B - Women's Mess Dress Blue Mohair Jacket &Tiara(coronet) with Bullion Eagle...(sold)

4250A - WWII USN Machete & Sheath

click on picture for details

5008L - Helmet and Oxygen Mask Bag

5008L - click on picture for details
5033 - M-450 Summer Flyer's Helmet

click on picture for details
5038B - NAF Summer Flyer's Helmet

5038B - click on picture for info
5214B - Navy Demolition Charge BAG

click on picture for details
5710V - SEAL Lime-Leaf Camouflage Beret

click on picture for details
 5831A - WWII Naval Aviator's Summer Flying Jacket

Rare early War model
( replaced by 2-Pocket Jacket with the Diamond reinforcements on the elbows )

     ( approximate measurements: Chest = 42”, Sleeve = 33”, Back = 25” )

5831A - Rare WWII 3-Pocket Naval Aviator's Summer Flying Jacket, Medium size (size label faded), Small storage-stain on right-pocket flap area (should clean-up..ask for picfile), minor wear, Excellent Condition+, Used.......(sold)

( Contract Number NXsa-16683, probably 1943 )

( Worn by Marine, Navy, & Coast Guard Aviator's, the 3-Pocket Jacket replaced by the M-421A 2-Pocket Jacket )  
( This is the style John Wayne wore in the movie "Flying Leathernecks" )
( see World Mook #41, page 87 for info on the M-421A Jackets. The 2-Pocket style is Pictured )
( See World Mook #12, page 45 for the Chart on USN Jacket evolution )
5835 - 4-Pocket Naval Flyer's Summer Jacket


     approximate measurements: Chest =41+”, Sleeve = 32.5”, Back = 25.5”

5835BS - M716 (circa 1947-49) Khaki Summer Flying Jacket, New Condition........(sold)

( made by L. W. Foster Sportswear, from the contract number it is a pre-Korean War Jacket )
 5850R and 5854C - Brown Leather Issue Jackets

see G-1s on Flight Gear page
5954CR -  Flight Surgeon's flying jacket


see this and other CWU-36/P 2nd PATs on the Flight Gear page
CWU-36/P Flyer's Jackets

3rd Pattern

5956BH(sold) and 5956FT

( See  Catalog  for other 3rd Pattern CWU-36/Ps )
6608C - WWI to 1920s Grouping from a Navy Doctor

( Items can be purchased individually )

Stand-up collar: Acorns, Cadeceus devices, & Rank

Pair of Matched Shoulder Boards with Maroon Felt between Bullion Rank stripes, Buttons on leather retaining straps reads: "WM. H. HORSTMANN COMPANY  PHILA", I understand these are turn-of-the-century type buttons(?)...........(Sold)


6610B -Size Medium, Dated 1942, made by Lichtenberger-Ferguson CO., label reads “U.S. NAVAL CLOTHING DEPOT DEVELOPMENT DIVISION”, has Knee-Length quilted liner made of Fortisan, for wear in very cold Weather, Used.....(sold)


6670A - Vietnam Era Private purchase custom Navy Jumper, Liberty Cuffs have Gold-tone bullion thread, Sailor's Name and Last-4 on Maker's Label, zipper on side, EC+ (Excellent Plus Condition).........(sold)

6678G - Navy Issue Peacoat, 42R, dated 1981, Used......(sold)
6694C - Flight Deck Preserver Vest

6694C - Flight Deck Preserver, Vest Type, dated 1970, size Medium, used by deck crews onboard Aircraft Carriers, New-with-Storage-Marks.....(sold)

6744B - WWII Era Merchant Marine Lieutenant's Overseas Black Wool Cap, 7 1/4, named inside on Leather sweatband, Officer's Pin Back emblem made by H & H and marked “1/20 10K” and Sterling, Post Back Lieutenant's Rank on right side, very little wear, Used........(sold)
6752A - WWII Navy Officer's Style Baseball Cap

(looks like a Private Purchase)


6752A - 1/8, cardboard inside the visor is broken in 2-places, UnUsed........inquire

Khaki Cotton Cap with 6 equal Panels in the Crown, cheesecloth Hang label has laundry instructions and size
6754 - U.S. Navy WWII Olive Green 6-Panel CAP

similar to the USAAF Type A-3 Mechanic's Cap


( see on Headgear page )
7500BT - Navy Corpsman's P41 HBT Utility Shirt

click on picture for details
7629B - Older Medic's Bag


7629B - Stencilled "U.S.N." in black and "F.H.S." in red (initials are superposed), looks 1930s or early WWII(?), Buckles stamped with a "P" in a circle, a few snags, not much wear, Used........(sold)
(Could "F.H.S." mean Federal Health Service or ?)
7726 - 1940s Coral Creepers

( see Footgear Page for  Coral Creepers )
- - - -
7728 - 1980s UDT/SEALs Coral Creepers

( see Footgear Page for Coral Creepers )
1960s Flyer's Boots

( see Footgear Page for  Flyer's Boots )
7860DX, Officer's OG-107 Badged Utility Shirt


see on Clothing page
7916 - U.S. Navy Jungle Shirt

designed in WWII

These shirts were also worn by the U.S. Army
I have owned them with the "U.S.N." stencil covered by an embroidered Black/Gold U.S. Army Tape on the pocket

7916N  Extra-Large (size 18 with a 56" chest) U. S. Navy Issue Jungle Shirt, contract NXsx 48165, Asian made Tapes, Harbor Clearance Unit One " Salvors" (HCU-1 (?)) patch is Philippine Islands made, I think this unit worked in Vietnam and the PI, Used.......(sold)
- - - -
7916A - Q, WWII USN Lightweight Jungle Shirts
Lightweight, 2-Pockets (NO pocket Flaps) with Button-Closure. "U.S.N." stencilled on Left Pocket, Button cuffs.

7917A - USN Lightweight Jungle Trousers
Lightweight, 4-Pockets, Button Waist Tabs & Fly, Exposed Button rear-Pocket Flaps


click on picture for details
( See  Catalog  for details on #7917 Trousers and other #7916 Navy Jungle shirts )
Brown Dominant ERDL Ripstop Camouflage Jungle SHIRT
NISO = Naval Investigative Service Office, Vietnam
(This is supposed to be an Advisor's Shirt to the Vietnamese Navy, per an old Navy Agent(?))


7950AE - size Small-Regular, dated 1970, Vietnam made 2.25" patch reads: "US NAVAL FORCES VIETNAM" "NISQ", Used.....(sold)

    ( similar patch w/o "NISQ" listed in Verkuilen Ager's "Navy Insignia" on page 3 )
8404 - WWII Era USN Vee-Neck Wool Sweater

Black V-neck Sweater with Long Cuffs (4 ¼") and Waist (6 ½") Knits

                                                                                             right picture has the correct Black color

8404A - size Small (Neck Label cut-off), very minor wear, Excellent Condition, Used......(sold)
8476 - U.S. Navy Issue Crew-Neck SWEATER

Black ( "Blue shade" on the label ) 100% Wool

( right picture has correct Black color )

8476A - extra-large (XL), dated 1988, excellent for Desert Storm re-enactors, UnUsed....(sold)
Used by: UDT, SEALs, ParaRescue, Special Forces and other Special Operations personnel


8740C - 1960s Era AMF Voit Swimaster U.D.T. swim fins, rubber VERY pliable, show very few scuff marks/etc., used by USAF, Navy & Marine Corps swimmers, Used.......(sold)

( see Footgear Page for  Coral Creepers )

9576AA - size 40 Regular, “USS Midway 41”, incorrect U. S. Flag on Right-SSI, & Name Tag with: Gold Naval Pilot's Wing, Name, Rank, and “USN”, name on label has been “blacked-out”, Used.......110.00
( Suit is Dark Blue -not washed-out like these pictures..... bad pictures )
Navy Badged Flight Suits
       9592V   VA-97 Pilot's Suit                                                                       9592W   VA-97 Pilot's Suit

        9592AA  VS-33 NFO's Suit                                                         9592AB   HS-6 Pilot's Suit
9592AP  HSL-37 and HSL-33 Pilot's CWU-27/P Flyer's suit with 13" Dragon on the back
( For Details see Catalog )
9592BA - 42R, CWU-27/P, dated 1984, Excellent Color, 4.75” “U. S. CUSTOMS DEPT. OF THE TREASURY” “FLIGHT CREW” showing a P-3 Orion in flight and a “U. S. CUSTOMS” with a Bald Eagle. Black Leather Name Tag with Man's name and “LOCKHEED” in gold lettering. 2 snags on butt repaired, minor wear, Used...........200.00

(bad picture, this suit is very dark sage green, not washed-out like the picture)
12330 - Naval Binoculars

see on equipment page
49554B - Naval Aviatior's Bullion Wing for Service Dress Blues

49554B - bullion is 2 3/4” tip-to-tip, UnUsed.......inquire

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

UnNumbered Navy
and Coast Guard Items


CARDIV-9 Party Suit, inquire for price
Naval Aviation Observer's (Navigation) Wing

see on main Navy patch page


WWII USN Officer's private purchase Gray Jacket(small) with Shoulder Boards, GC+......inquire
 Wanted Naval Gear:

Flying: Jackets, Caps (with/without Insignia), Helmets, Caps, Survival Maps/Kits, & etc.

WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam to 1975 Eras: Many items = ask


If you have an extra jacket or cap contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com


Navy - Coast Guard

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viewers disregard this section:
3506AP - 15th River Assault Squadron
Top - bad picfile (the top is dark like the above pictures)
1920-30s Flight Suit from the Naval Air Station Anacostia, Maryland.....(sold)
U. S. Navy Mobile Unit Three (MBU-3 (?)), with "Explosive Ordnance Diposal" on the Insignia (EOD unit), size Large, made by Jerzees in the USA.....(sold)
9508 - AL-1 Bureau of Aeronautics Flight Suit9508A  Naval AL-1 BuAer Flyer's Coverall, Spec. 55S37 (AER), size 38 (modern 40-42), Contract NO. N-383S-41120 (probably 1950), Alpaca Lining, Mouton Fur Collar, Internal Suspenders (see pic), Near-New with storage Marks.....(sold)  The Navy's Bureau of Aeronautics (BuAer) was the material-support organization for Naval Air Forces from 1921 - 1959; responsible for: design, procurement, & support of Naval aircraft and related systems( Weapons were under BuOrd )
6781 - Navy Jacket from the 1950 - 1960s
USS Triton (SSN-586)
6781B - worn by a SONAR Chief  with "unit serial number 30" on back of Jacket, size Medium, Contract No. N140-62236s-38713B, has 2 ribs on the side(see pic below),
cuff adjustment tab with 1 button, front has Zipper and Buttons, 2 upper-pockets with Flaps, 1" rip in right sleeve,  paint stains, starting to fray at the cuffs and waist hem, missing 1 botton in front, USS Triton patch & large Green Leather Name Tag(most of the paint is missing), stencilled “USS TRITON SSN 586 CPO30” on back, overall in Good Condition, Used......(sold)
5850AF - MIL-J-7823(AER) Jacket
5850AF  dated early-1958, by L. W. Foster Sportswear, size 44, one-repair on waist knit, wristlets replaced (non-issue cuffs but a good match-see right picture), Below Average: Wear, Abrasions, Scuffs, & etc., EC......(sold)6746D - WWII Watch Cap
5838 - M445A High-Altitude Flying Jacket
5838FJ  - WWII USN M-445A Flyer's Brown Leather Jacket, size 40, small Navy repair in armpit (very hard to see), both sleeves have repair patches on undersides (good quality Rigger repairs), Below Average: Wear, Scuffs, and etc., Used........(sold)
5838LJ -  WWII USN M-445A High-Altitude Flying Jacket, size 40, Very Clean Gold-Color Fleece, Aircrewman's initials on inside,  Minor Wear, Used.......(sold)
( see World Photo Press Book, page 16 )
Book title is "Records of Liv ing Officers of the U. S. Navy" (and Marine Corps), printed in 1870
Mare Island, California pamphlet dated 1925
6608C - WWI to 1920s Grouping from a Navy Doctor
5833 - 4-Pocket Naval Flyer's Summer Jacket
    approximate measurements: Chest = 42+”, Sleeve = 33+”, Back = 26.5”
5833B - VRF-31 Ensign's Flying Jacket, model 7758A (MIL-J-7758A is from1956 to 1959), someone washed the jacket and most of the Gold lettering on the Leather name tag has come-off but it is still readable, old-style Naval Pilot's Badge, very little wear, needs ironing, Excellent Condition, Used......(sold)
( Squadron was formerly know as VRF-1 & VR-31 (WWII - 1948) - Ferry Squadron out of Norfolk NAS )
(  see  Catalog  for details and other Flying Jackets )
5854G - MIL-J-7823B (WEP)
"B" models are hard to find
click on picture for details5850 - Naval Brown Leather Intermediate Flight Jacket
Small (#5) Zipper G-1 Style, 1950s to circa-1960
5850BS - size 44, made by CAGLECO,Leather Name Tag for a Navy man, No Cuffs, Original Waist Knit, Used.......(sold)
5850P - size 42, made by CAGLECO, All Original, NEVER WORN, still has some of the Tailor's marks (marks will wash-off), minor repair to knits, Leather is Still Shiny....(sold)
( Belonged to a Flag Officer who never wore it )
5850R - 36 ( chest = 39”+  sleeve = 31.5”(35” to end of knit)  back = 21.5”(25” to end of knit), Reddish-Brown Mouton Collar, made by LW Foster Sportswear, Knits Repaired, Very Minor Wear, Leather is Still Shiny,  95% Condition, Used.....inquire    
(more pictures listed below)
5850T - size 44, made by LW Foster Sportswear, knits repaired, Very Little Wear, 96% Condition....(sold)
             5850W - ( see below for pictures and verbage )
5850AC - 44 (chest = 46”,  sleeve = 34”+, back = 23 ¾”),  contract number N383-48082A, made by CAGELCO Sportswear, wrist knits repaired(see pics), waist knit = 1 minor repair(see pic), Name and Rank(“Lt.”) written on lining with black marker (very hard to see), minor wear, 95% Condition, Used......(sold)
( ask for pics, if serious )
5850AF - see pictures and description below........(sold)
5850W - MIL-J-7823 (AER)
 5850W - size 38 ( chest = 39”+  sleeve = 33”( 35.5”+ to end of knit )  back = 21.75”+( 25.5”+ to end of knit ) ), old style waist knit ( horizontal and vertical knit ), Brown Mouton Collar, contract N383-22356A, made by LW Foster Sportswear, Very Minor Wear, Leather is still Shiny, 97% Condition, Used......(sold)
stencilled “USN” behind the collar  &  old style waistband
5850AF (sold)  and  5858VS - Flight Jackets
5858AH - Mouton Collar, size 40, dated 1968, I don't think it was ever Worn!  New, but knits repaired.......inquire - - - -
5858AM - Mouton Collar, size 40, dated 1969 (MIL-J-7823D (WP), knits replaced (non-issue but looks good), Below Average: Wear, Scuffs, Abrasions and etc, Used.......inquire
6608B - U.S.S. ILLINOIS Cap
Battleship hull number 7
Spanish-American War era
6608B - USS llinois (BB-7) sailor's Donald Duck style hat, shows average wear for it's age, one tassle missing on inside drawcords, Good overall Condition, Used...(Sold)
6782E - United States Coast Guard, Small, dated 1965, wrist knits repaired, 5 x Asian made Color Patches: USCGC Sebago WHEC-42, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung-Taiwan 1969, Philippine Islands Luzon Straits Manila Subic Bay 1969, and Tonkin Gulf Yatch Club.  Excellent Color, this is the older style A-2 with the "loose-weave" cotton outershell, Very Rare USCG Vietnam Era Jacket, Used......inquire  ( also on: Clothing and CG Patch pages )
6782 - A-2 Deck Jacket
replaced the old N-1 Deck Jacket
Jacket is in Mint Condition; I had to unfold it so I could get a full-lenght picture
MINT, folded, Jacket pictured below
6782A  -  Olive Green A-2 Deck Jacket, dated 1986, size Small, MINT Condition.......Inquire
This is how a Navy MINT A-2 Deck Jacket looks when removed from the Government Box!
( How unkind of the Navy not to press the Deck Jacket before Issue! )
( See  Catalog  for details )
 6782H - 24th DESRON A-2
6782H - Medium, dated 1964, with 24th DESRON patch, not much wear, Used......(sold)
partial History
Destroyer Squadron 24 (formerly Escort Destroyer Squadron 6) established July 1, 1956
The "Keystone" squadron named for Pennsylvania (The Keystone State) as most of the ES-6 Officers were from PA
( also on: Clothing page )
6782K - Vietnam Era A-2 Deck Jacket
see on clothing page
6760 - Black Baseball Utility (Fatigue) CAP
( Worn for the Last 25+ years with the U. S. Navy Work Uniform )
(Cap is BLACK - bad pictures)
sample of 6760A - dated 1980 - 1990, sizes: 6 1/2, 6 3/4, 7, UnUsed....(each)......inquire
sample of 6760B - dated 1980 - 1990, size 7 3/4, UnUsed......inquire
(Label reads: "Blue", actual color is Black)
6766 - BaseBall Caps
6766K & L  USS HANCOCK CVA-19 Wool Caps, sizes: 7 1/2 and 7 5/8, older caps with cotton stitching and cheesecloth size labels, from same Navy Veteran, New Condition..........(Both have Sold)
VP-4 Crew-10
click on picture for details on VP patch page
6780A  - USN Experimental Deck/Flotation Jacket, Rare item, Excellent Condition, Used......(sold)
( See  Catalog  for details )
6720 - Navy Officer's & Chief's Long Overcoats
pictures bad - coats are a very dark Black/Navy Blue
6720A - 40 Short, Winter Long Coat, half-belt sewn on back with 2 x Brass Buttons, made by James S. Lee and Company, no eapulet loops or sword slit = a Chief's coat?, Used.......inquire
6720fB - 42 Long(approximate) ( chest 44”  sleeve 36” ), Captain's Shoulder Boards, half-belt sewn on back with 2 x Brass Buttons, Good Quality Private Purchase made by Thorngate of Norristown, PA, has the sword hanger slit on left waist, Used.....inquire