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VERDIGRIS = The natural Patina formed when Copper, Brass, or Bronze is exposed to air over a period of time

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Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!

All Items Sold in the Catalog or this Web Site are
Sold as Collectible Items ONLY!

Not to be used for Protection!

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

Cataloged Army Items
18th Military Police Brigade - Vietnam


2202G   "MP" Brassard, Vietnamese made, subdued patch is an Issue item, some of the stitching has rotted on the "MP", small 9/16" cut above the "P",  a lot of wear but a fairly Rare item, GC.........(sold)

2210B "CP" Brassard for the 2nd Battalion of the 9th Infantry Regiment, Korean made, EC.......inquire
2212A - WWII Issue MP Armband

Black wool/felt, White wool/felt “MP” sewn to the black material
held to the sleeve by a safety-pin (NO pins available)

2212A - Issue 4” x 18” armband, UnIssued.......(sold)

- - - -
 2212C & D - WWII Armbands

2212C - Issue 4” x 16 1/4”, white wool/felt “MP” sewn-on black wool/felt armband, mothing, minor wear, Used.....inquire

2212D - Issue 4” x 17 ½”, Red Cross sewn on a White armband, serial numbered on back, Medic's Last-4 stamped on back(see below), very minor wear, Used...(sold)

Last-4 and armband serial number
- - - -
2212E - “TPN. CORPS. U.S.A” Armband

( see on Arny Ground WWII page, Commands section )
 2250 - U. S. Flag Arm Brassard, circa WWII

Used for sea and airborne operations/invasions

silkscreened and/or printed on an oilcloth type material
- - - -
"used condition"


2250 (Used #1) - D-Day U. S. Flag Armband, 4" x 18" printed fabric, original safety-pins(corroded), typical: smudges, folds, and etc. for an armband from WWII, Used.....(sold)
- - - -

2250 (Used #2) - D-Day U. S. Flag Armband, 4" x 18" printed Fabric Brassard, original safety-pins(corroded), typical: smudges, folds, and etc. for an armband from WWII, Used....(sold)
- - - -

2250 (Used #3) - D-Day U. S. Flag Arm Brassard, 4" x 18" printed Fabric armband, with typical: smudges, folds, and etc. for an armband from WWII, Used......(sold)
( The original safety-pin had heavy corrosion = I threw it away )
- - - -
"New Condition"

2250 (New #2) - American Flag Arm Brassard, used in Europe and North Africa and probably other areas, original safety-pins ( corroded ), New with minor discoloration, UnUsed.....inquire
- - - -
- - - - Sample scan of an Armband - - - -

sample scan done at 300dpi

Years ago I had 4-5 "used" armbands and did a side-by-side comparison;
all were made of different: weaves, weight of material, & etc. = No two were alike

see 5501 for   Blood Chits
2252 - Armbands, circa WWII

#2252 made of soft cloth versus #2250 which are on oilcloth type materials
- - - -
from an 82nd Airborne Division Veteran


2252-2 - Invasion Cotton Arm Brassard (Armband), 3.75" x 17", original safety pins, minor storage stains, Used.....(sold)

2252-2 - French Tri-Color Flag made of a "stretch" material, 2 1/2" x 5 3/8", Used.....(sold)

( I have never discovered why he had this French Flag, it was apparently cut from a long roll of cloth
( top and bottom are rough-cut ), I assume his Unit was issued the roll and cut-off as many Flags as they needed(?) )- - - -

Arm Brassard for Volunteer Combatant
AEF = "Allied Expeditionary Force", "French Equatorial Africa", or ?
 2252-2 - High quality construction (3.25" x 13"), part of the elastic strap still present, Used in Good Condition......inquire

( no info on this one except I found it in Phoenix, Arizona; apparently a GI Bringback )

(  folded so it would fit the scanner bed )
2366 - 2371 WWII Army Stripes

sample of Used and UnUsed Army Stripes available

more Ranks and Construction types, see  Catalog   
Field Jackets

most Field Jackets are on the  Clothing  page

2960D, Private Purchase M-1941 Field Jacket

rare WWII Badged M-41 style Jacket

The Most-Durable Materials I have ever seen used on an M-41 Jacket


 2960D - 35th Infantry Division Corporal's "Combat Jacket" made of water repellant material, GI's name is written on the inside, neck label reads "M", very-high quality materials used (unusual for a private purchase jacket), Talon Zipper with correct "fold-over" khaki tape at the bottom, Gold/Olive Drab shade of embroidered Corporal Stripes, Used......(sold)
( High-Quality WWII era Construction - unusual M-41 style Jacket )
- - - -
2962B, Badged M-1941 Field Jacket

2962B - 2nd Army M-41 FJ.....(sold)
- - - -
3017D - 82nd Airborne Division M43

click on picture for details
- - - -
3036M, Chaplain's M-1951 Field Jacket


3036M - dated January 1952......(sold)
- - - -
3044E - 101st Airborne Division

General Muller's Field Jacket from the 1950s-1960s


3044E - click on picture for details

( Assistant Commander of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam )
- - - -
8950-52, Army Aggressor Field Jackets

styled after the M-1951 pattern

click on picfile for details
- - - -
3106 - 3110, M65s from RVN Era

see on Clothing page
 3290 - General Ridgeway style Cap

( Ridgeway must have hated the GI with a passion )

One of the biggest pain-in-the-butt caps ever invented!

3290F - 7 ¼, a "Spring Up" by Louisville Cap Corporation, not much wear, 2 x small rust stains on edge-of-the-crown (wire is rusted--these hats were worn in the rain),
needs to be re-blocked after being stored for 40 years, Used.....(sold)

shows 2 x rust stains on right-front edge of crown

larger rust stain on right-front edge of crown

( if you did not have one of these (which you had to buy at the PX), you could be in "deep-kimchi" with the "TOP"! )

( also on Headgear page )
- - - -
3290H - White 82nd ABD General Ridgeway Cap

( see on Army Airborne page, 1950s to early-RVN Divisional section )
3300G - Vietnam made Parachutist's Cap

3300G - size Small, LTC's Master Parachutist Baseball Cap, minor wear but the patent leather sweatband has started to crack and some of the brown finish has fallen off,
Excellent COLOR, Used........inquire

( also pictured on Headgear & Army Airborne pages )
173rd AirBorne Brigade Vietnam Tour Jacket

3450R - Medium Long (M/L), 1-Chest Pocket and 2-lower pockets, button front, LARGE Felt 173rd Airborne Brigade Backpatch named to the Airborne Trooper
with his nickname embroidered over the front top-pocket, best quality tailoring I have ever seen on a Vietnam Jacket, Near-New, Used.......inquire

( as-usual the tailor, or the GI, screwed up the embroidery: "183rd Airborne" )

 3508 Army Souvenirs/Bringbacks
- - - -
3508P - Christmas 1966 at Cu Chi

Presented to "JERRY (PROFESSOR) COLONNA" by the 25th Infantry Division

( Very Tall (20.5") Vietnamese made Plaque for an old timer in the Bob Hope Christmas Show )


3508P - Brass plate reads: "To Jerry (Professor) Colonna from The Soldiers of the 25th Infantry Division We missed you this year.  Christmas Day 1966 Cu Chi, Vietnam", crack at the base of the foilage(you can see it in the left picture; above and to the right of the 25th ID insignia), Used........inquire

- - - -
 3508W - Father Plocki's Party Suit

( Best looking 24th Corps patch I have seen, by Maharajah Clothiers )


3508W - 24th Corps Chaplain Father Plocki, Party Suit made in Ubon, Thailand, minor stains, Used......inquire

(stains may be removeable...no guarantee!!)
- - - -
3508Z - post-WWII 8th Army Souvenir Pennant

3508Z - U. S. 8th Army Souvenir Pennant “TOKYO JAPAN”, made in Japan, Veteran served at the Sugamo Prison after the War (per his family), well made double-sided in Excellent Condition, Used........(sold)

- - - -
 3508AB - Bringback box of RVN Matches

3508AB -  Vietnamese Box of matches(full), ASA Veteran's bringback, “DIEM DONG NAI” “KHU CONG NGHIEP BIEN HOA DT : 3298”, storage marks, UnUsed..........inquire

( also on ASA  patch page )
- - - -
 3508 - B Company, 4th Battalion,
23rd Infantry Regiment


both Neck Scarves came from the same Veteran


3508AC - B Company, 4th Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 47” x 23” triangle made of cotton, 2 x 1/8” and very-minor stains, washed once, Used......inquire

 3508AD - “TOMAHAWKS” Bandana (Neck scarf), 47” x 23” triangle made of cotton, UnUsed.......inquire

( also on RVN to 1975 patch page )
- - - -
 3508AM - 14th AAA GP “Trench Art” Ashtray


3508AM - 14th AAA Group “Trench Art” brass ashtray, made from a British 6 pr “7 CWT( 6 pounder?) dated 1943 artillery case, bullet is skewed (don't know if it was made this way or was done later), Used.....inquire

( also on WWII patch page )
- - - -
 3508AQ - late-1800s Belt Buckle

3508AQ - late-1800s Army Belt Buckle, “187” on back, Used......(sold)
- - - -
 3508AV - 4th ID Umpire's shirt

circa 1951 - 1956

3508AV - 4th Infantry Division Athletic Officials Association Umpire's SHIRT, made in Germany, ring-around-the-collar stain, other yellowish stains(nothing major), Used.....inquire

( also on 1950 to early-RVN page )
- - - -
3508BD - CO of TF Funston Plaques and Door Signs

spans Korean War to Vietnam service with 9th ID

click on picture for details
- - - -
3508CE - "PRO - KIT"  

scanned at 240dpi

3508CE - "PRO - KIT  Issue item No. 9118000, Individual Chemical Prophylactic Packet"  (for protection against venereal disease only), contains: Tube of Ointment "For Army Use Only", Direction Sheet, Soap Impregnated Cloth, & Cleansing Tissue, small tear on end, still sealed, Good overall Condition........inquire
3603A - West Point Cadet's Jacket


3603A - West Point Military Academy, Class of 1987, size small, purchased at the "Cadet Store West Point", Label is Named, small repairs to knits, Used.......(sold)
3619L - Finest WWII era cap available!

click on picture for details


3622B - WWII Officer's Campaign Hat cord, it may have not been worn, as-New.......inquire


3686B - Officer's M-1851(modified) Dress Belt Plate (buckle), verdigris on back, Used.......inquire
3708AG/3710BG - WWII CBI Officer's Jacket & Trousers SET

All Insignia is Original to the jacket - it was snatched immediately after the Seller brought it out of his vehicle at the Flea Market
No time for the "boys" to work it over with USAAF hardware

I will breakup the set as the Trousers are a Great size/length and can be expanded

One of the BEST SETs I have owned


3708AG - Officer's Dress Wool BLOUSE (Dark OD Shade 51 coat), Ribbon Bar and Captain's Rank are pinbacks, Bullion CBI (velvet panel) and Overseas Stripes, Ribbons have a slick finish on them(probably a PX item(?), coat needs to be aired-out (I did not clean it as the insignia would have had to be removed),  Excellent PLUS Condition, Used....inquire
chest = 42
waist = 32
shoulder-to-shoulder = 21+
sleeve = 35 1/2
back = 32+

3710BG - Dress Wool TROUSERS( "Pinks" ), outstanding condition, I don't think they were worn many times, trousers were dry-cleaned, Excellent PLUS Condition, Used....inquire
waist = 32+ ( can be let out at least 2" - see picture below )
inseam 33 3/4 ( extra material to let out the inseam at least 1 1/2" )

left picture has the correct shade - right "back" shot is just a crappy photographer at work

at least two inches of extra material to expand the butt seam

3764 - Army Name Plates worn Green and Khaki Uniforms

circa 1950s - 1970s with "smooth face"

( Medics, Cooks, and others wore them on their White Duty Uniforms )

click on picture for details
3836 - 3840, WWII Hoodless Army Ponchos

3 different materials: Lightweight, RIPSTOP, & Synthetic Resin

(all 3 from one Veteran's Estate)

3836A - Lightweight dated Feb.1945, has an instruction stamp, masking tape residue (can be removed with “GOO Gone”, .5 inch “L-shaped” tear, needs to be washed in warm-soapy water, supple, Used in Good Condition.........(sold)

(Lightweight Poncho developed in 1944, NO Hood, has a drawcord neck-closure, similar to #3838 & 3840 but made with different material. Data Stamp reads in part: "PONCHOS, LIGHTWEIGHT OD  ....URT COMPANY  W 36 030 QM-A14959
22 FEB 1945  SPEC P.Q.D. 438  STOCK NO. 72-P-9780")
- - - -
3838B - RIPSTOP November (1944(?), I believe from books I have read that this would be November of 1944),
Below average wear (probably never was issued), still has the sticky-like coating on the inside, inside has started showing some bubbling and parts of the poncho is getting crinkly, needs to be washed in warm-soapy water,
overall in Excellent Condition for a WWII Poncho, Used.............(sold)

(RIPSTOP Rubberized Poncho without a Hood, has a drawcord neck-closure, similar to #3836 & 3840 until you examine the outside and look at the Data Stamp. (Ripstop lines are approximately 9/16” apart, I have never seen a RIPSTOP)
- - - -
3840D - Synthetic Resin Dated Febrary 22, 1945, with Instruction Stamp, .5 inch slit, less than Average Wear
for a WWII Poncho, rear side is lighter shade (looks like sun-faded(?), see picture),
needs to be washed in warm-soapy water, supple, Used in Good Condition+...........(sold)
- - - -
( first Army Hoodless Ponchos I have found in 5-7 years, not many around any more )

  ( see in Doughboy to GI Book, by Kenneth Lewis, page 139, Upper Right Photo )
44xx - WWII and Korean War Era Khaki Trousers

4409B - Label reads 42 x 33 (cuff let-out, inseam =  31.5”(??)), last-4, worn once(?), NEVER Washed, minor storage stains(washable), 6 small rust/blood looking stains, Excellent Color......inquire
               (No Buttons or Flaps on rear pockets, Watch Pocket, Stock No. 55-T-10545, Spec. P.Q.D. No. 19B Dated Feb. 2, 1943)

4410AT - 30 x 29, Dated 25 June, 1953, last-4 in waistband, Used.......inquire
(Pattern dated 5 December, 1952)                           


( Vietnam Era Khaki Trousers and Shirts are available, see Catalog )
 4442 - Khaki Cotton Shorts

"Bermuda” Shorts


4442A - sample pictures of "mesh-pocket" Bermuda Shorts
( Bermuda shorts had the "Mesh" pockets as-well-as solid white cotton pockets, like the long-trousers )

( Khaki Shorts were worn with a Khaki Shirt (#4480) with Straight shirt-tails with Side-Vents )

( for Bermuda Shorts, Knee-Length "socks", see catalog #6380 for Sand Shade-115  SOCKS )

check catalog  for more items and details

partial History
Issued from 1956 to 1962, AKA "Abbreviated Cotton Uniform"
Bermudas were worn in Thailand to at least, September 1, 1965, by the Seri Court Crew
4479H - Khaki Long Sleeve Cotton SHIRT  

Class "A" Long Sleeves worn until the Spring of 1966
Then, sleeves were cut-off and worn as Class "Bs" (open-neck)
All SSIs were removed, only exception was the Ranger Qualification Arc/Tab


4479H - Medium (15.5 x 31), dated 1960, UnUsed.......inquire
4482 - Vietnam Era Khaki Shirt

4482. - sample picture of a short-sleeve shirt

( for Khaki Shirts and Trousers, see catalog )

( Permanent-Press Khaki shirts also available, see catalog )
5105C - M1943 Overcoat, Parka Type, Reversible to Snow Camouflage

General Information
Developed in 1943 to replace the M41 Parka. Cold climate Coat with OD and White Snow Camouflage sides.  Zipper front with Windflap and 6-buttons.  Fixed Hood has 3-buttons at the throat, draw-cord, and 4 x glove-snaps at the back to gather the hood. 3 x glove-snaps at the bottom in front and one snap at the back which can be drawn between the legs and snapped to the front glove-snaps for added warmth.  2-position cuff  take-up tab which can be used on both sides of the parka. 2 large front patch pockets with flaps plus 2 slash handwarmer pockets above.  Narrow webbing belt similar to the M-1 steel pot chin strap with similar hardware closure.     
A removable (white or brown) Liner can be used with this parka.  
See Doughboy to GI book, pages 141-142 by Kenneth Lewis
Also shown in Henri-Paul Enjames’s GI Collector’s Guide book, page 47 - Per Enjames’ book the Stock No. is “55-O-3132-36/55-O-3132-46”

correct shade is closer to the left picture

5105C - Size 42, (SHELL ONLY), right-lower pocket label loose on 3 sides=30% readable, neck hang label washed-out, bottom-hem has started to turn-up from the differences in the OD and White materials(normal), probably washed 2-3 times, below Average stains, scuffs, etc., White side is better than the average snow camo from WWII, All Buttons and Snaps present and work, Zipper is in 100% condition, Overall in 70% Condition, Used......( Expensive )......inquire

Chest =  56"
Waist = 52"
Shoulder seam-to-seam = 24"+
Sleeve = 34 3/4"
Back (neck seam down to hem) =  44"

5111B - WWII Parka Style Overcoat

styled like the M-47 coat but dated February 1945

click on picture for details
5353A - 1st Design Jungle Warfare T-Shirt

(In the mid-1960s the Army decided that we were showing too much T-shirt with our open-neck Khakis and Fatigues;
so in their wisdom they decided to give us the ugliest t-shirt ever designed; the “U-NECK”...and here it is!)

First came the White T-Shirt (for Class B wear) and then came the Original OG Model

5353A - size Large, dated 1966 (DSA-100-3629), UnUsed.....(sold)
( First New Condition U-Neck I have seen in 15 years! )
5496AB - Scarf and Helmet Cover Cut from a 1944 Canopy


5496AB - Paratrooper's Neckscarf  & Helmet Cover, click on pictures for details
- - - -
5496AG - Deceleration PARACHUTE for the WACO CG-4A Glider
Still in the Government shipping box!
Listed on Army Ground Forces AIRBORNE page
 5708D - Olive Drab Wool Beret

I understand the U. S. Army used Olive Drab Wool Berets on a limited basis in the 1960s(?)

5708D - 7 1/8 (approximate), Olive Drab Wool Beret with Red Flash and narrow Green border, Black cotton lining removed, black leather sweatband, Used.....(sold)

partial History(?)
I believe this was a 43rd Artillery Regiment Flash, assigned to the 25th ID,  unit was later redesignated the 43rd ADA in 1971(?)
5712B - Vietnam era Ranger's  Beret


5712B - Ranger Bring-back, 7 1/4 (at least), Yellow quilted Liner, made by Bancroft, this style of Beret was made in the 1960s, has had a DI or Jump Wings pinned to the left-front, some moth nips, Average: Wear, abrasions, and etc., Used...(sold)
 5714 - Special Forces Beret

Issue Canadian Rifle Green Beret

5714M  -  size 6 1/2, 5th SF Green Beret with Flash and Distinctive Insignia (DI), dated 1969, probably cleaned once, very minor wear, Used.........(sold)
( see 2 x pictures below)

5714P  - 6 7/8, Man's Wool Rifle Green Special Forces Beret, dated 1967(DSA 100-67-C-4130), stock number 8415-082-5644, looks-New(?)......Inquire
( see pictures below)

5714R   -  Older 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Green Beret, dated 1962, made by Fleur de Lis (Toronto, Canada), with Original Green Felt Flash from Veteran's assignment to the 10th in 1962, he traveled around a few years and came back to Flint Kaserine, Bad Toelz in 1967 as a Major (he had gone to OCS in November 1964), I have a hand-printed letter (explaining his travels) and his business card that goes with the Beret, EC+, size 7...........(Sold)
5714M - 5th SF Group

5714P label

5714P right side

5714P  top

5714P left-front
- - - -
5714T, V, & X -These are Rifle Green (better pics below)

 5714T -  size 7 1/4, dated 1968(DSA100-68-C-0965), stock number 8415-082-5647, UnUsed........inquire
(see pics below)

5714V -  7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Green Beret, dated 1965, EC+, size 6 3/4...(Sold)

5714X - 7 1/2 (Uncommon Large size), dated 1969(DSA-100-69-C1462), minor wear(shows that a flash was hand-sewn on), (has the most pliable backing material behind the flash area(feels like a heavy burlap type material?), Excellent+ Condition, will pass for New at 5 paces, Used.......inquire
(see pics below)

5714T label

5714T left front

5714T front

5714T top

5714X label, hard-to-find 7 1/2 in near-new condition

5714X left front

5714X right side

5714X top
- - - -
5714AA - Major General's Green Beret

5714AA - 7 1/4, Major General's JFK Warfare Center Flash, dated 1968, adjustment ribbon cut-off ( very common ), mothing(see picfile below), Used.....(sold)

5714AB  - 7 1/8, dated 1968, sweatband adjuster ribbon cut-off (very common ), (see picfiles below), Used ......inquire

( CloseUp JPEG Picfiles available, ask if serious )

( 5714AA also on SF page )

5714AA - worst mothing

5714AB - bad picture, the color is Rifle Green
- - - -
5714AE - Never worn


5714AE - 7 1/2, dated 1969, burn hole in lining ( see picture - wool not damaged ), UnUsed........inquire
- - - -
5714AG - Rare Size and Date


5714AG - 7 ½, dated 1969 (DSA-100-69-C-1462), stock number 8415-082-5649, minor shadow where a "fashion Flash"(see below pic) was hand-sewn over the left eye, very minor wear, Used......(sold)

minor shadow
- - - -
 5714AK - Special Forces Green Beret

3rd SF GP - circa 1965-1966

( this is the correct shade of Rifle Green - bottom picfile is a poor photo )

5714AK - 7 3/8, dated 1965 (DSA 100 1774), khaki edge 3rd SFGP Flash (DI has been removed), minor mothing on back above the pigtails, minor wear, Used......(sold)

( mothing does not show if beret worn correctly )


( also on: Headgear, & SF pages )
- - - -
 5714AM - 7th Special Forces


5714AM - 6 7/8, dated 1969, Red 7th SF Flash with DI, (flash hand stitched on), pigtail adjuster cut-off (very common), minor wear and soiling, Used...inquire


( also on SF page )
Green Beret with embroidered lining

"Death from Above" "J. A. Musgrave Special Forces", Used.....(sold)
   5933A - White House Duty - Flight Jacket

Army Green Nylon lining with an AG-344 Outer Shell
(the outer shell is made from the same material as an AG-344 Class "A" Dress Jacket


5933A - Medium, No Date on Label, Label Reads: “JACKET, FLYING MN'S  AG 344  INTERMEDIATE W/BATTING  MEDIUM CONT. NO. 7737 NAME_________  RANK________  SER. NO._________  DPSC DIR. OF MFG. 40% WOOL  60% POLY.", Epaulets, Pockets with snap-closures on Flaps, Neck, Wrist, and Waist Black Knits, Zippered Front ("Swift" brand name), Army Green Nylon lining, with an AG-344 Outer Shell (outer shell is made from the same material as an AG-344 Class "A" Dress jacket), 3 ½" White House Patch on the Right Breast, washed once, Neck Label loose on 1-side, starting to wear at the top of the wind-flap (see picture) , wear on the left-bottom-side of the zipper (see picture), otherwise minor wear, Used......inquire

neck label loose on left side

wear on bottom of zipper --------------wear on wind-flap

( also on: Army Main Patch page and the Flight Gear page )
5936 - OG-106 Flyer's Jackets

click on picture for details
7352H - WWII Mountain-Ski Boots


click on picture for details

78xx Sample item with Badges, many OG-107 Fatigue Shirts and Trousers available, with and without badges.

(New Conditions items also available, see  catalog  for listings)
WWII Era Army Fatigues

Good Reference Books for WWII U. S. Army Fatigues:
Ken Lewis' "Doughboy to GI"
Henri-Paul Enjames' "Government Issue..Collector's Guide"

(I interchange the words: "Label" & "Tag" = same meaning)
(Hang Label/Tag = sewn at top edge only)

7822 and 7836 - M1942 Sage Green HBT Fatigues
Pattern dated 3 April 1941 - Replaced the Blue Denim Fatigues

See on the CLOTHING page
7824 - 2nd Pattern OD HBT Shirts

7824G, R, and AC -  Pattern Dated March 12, 1943, Bellows (outside and bottom) Pockets with Square Corners and 13-Star Metal Buttons or Flat Brown Plastic Buttons, with Gas Flap and Hood Buttons behind collar,

( see  catalog  for details and 25+ #7824s )

7825B - Variation OD-7 "Special" HBT Fatigue JACKET

7825B - 42R, Dated May 4, 1945, OD 13-Star Metal Buttons, Label Reads: “Twill, O.D. 7, Special” “Stock No. 55-J-508-75” “Spec. P.Q.D. No. 45E  Dated April 4, 1945”   “Pattern Date 7-15-44”, UnUsual Shirt, Still has the Blue Cutter's Tags, New......inquire

(Similar to Item #7824, has a Gas-Flap sewn-back at the Factory,
Bellows on the Bottom and Outer Sides of the Pockets, Hood Buttons)
7826K - OD HBT Fatigue JACKET (Shirt)


7826K - Modern size is a M/R - M/L, Neck hang label reads: "S" (actual size: chest = 42", sleeve = 24.5", shoulder-to-shoulder = 20"), Military Light-Green Barracks paint inside (does not show when shirt is buttoned), minor storage stains/marks, a few flecks of light-green paint, probably worn once on a painting-detail(?), Never Washed, Excellent Condition.......inquire
                (No data label, only a printed cheesecloth Neck Label with Size)
7828AA - OD HBT Fatigue JACKET (Shirt)

7828AA - 38R (M/R to M/L), dated May 4, 1945, Printed Label on sewn-back Gas Flap reads: “Jacket, HerringboneTwill, OD-7 Special” “Pattern Date July 15, 1944” “P.O. 22634 Dated May 4, 1945” “Spec. No. P.Q.D. No. 45E”, left SSI removed (very-minor shadow), AS-New...........inquire
Post-WWII Fatigues

I have primarily divided these Patterns & Variations by the Labels(Tags)

 7848AF - ADC Shirt

probably the 9th AAA BN Pocket Patch


7848AF - (no label left) (chest = 42”, sleeve = 33”, back = 28” modern M/R), color patches: Air Defense Command on left SSI, probably the 9th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion's patch on right pocket , Both Tapes, small SP4 Stripes, Used...inquire

( also on: htm,  Army 1950 - early Vietnam, & UI pages )
78xx - M1947 Pattern Olive Green Cotton Utility Shirt & Trousers

                                                                                                    7868A                                  7869A                                   7870D
7848M - Shirt size Small, dated 9 Oct. 1952, MIL-J-3001B, 40th ID (California Unit) SSI, New.......inquire
(Divisional Patch worn during Korean War Era this way)
(Pattern Dated 27 February, 1947, Flat Brown Buttons (1st & 2nd Buttons unevenly spaced like #7850 shirt),
Straight-cut (square) Pocket Flaps, Straight "Tube" Sleeves ("Tube Sleeve" = No Cuff Buttons))    
(Nomenclature Label is Stamped Inside Neck)        

7868A - Trousers size Small, HBT OD-7, dated 7/18/51, New.........inquire
(made by State of New York Quartermaster Divison of Military & Naval Affairs,
Pattern Dated 4 Feb, 1947, Spec # MIL-T-838A, data label Stamped on Inside,  No cloth tags, 4 Patch Pockets
with Small OD Plastic Buttons, Rear Pockets have Square-Flaps, Button Waist Tab adjusters)

7869A - Trousers size Medium, No Date, Still has the Cutter's Tags, New.........inquire
(made by Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot, Olive Drab-7 HBT Cotton TROUSERS (OD Metal 13-star Buttons), data label Stamped on Inside,  White Hang Tag with size "M", Pattern Dated 2-27-47, Spec MIL-T-838A, 4-Patch Pockets, Rear Pockets have Square-Flaps, Button Waist Tabs, (similar to #7868 but have metal buttons and the Pattern Date is different(?))

7870D - Trousers size Small, No Date, Last-4 stamped insided, GC........inquire
(Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot, OG-107 Cotton Fatigue TROUSERS Pattern 1947
(believe Spec # is MIL-T-838B), similar to #7868 but made of Plain Cotton Material...Not Herringbone Twill (HBT),
 Small OD or OG Buttons, Button Waist Tab adjusters)
7850 - 1st Pattern OG-107 Fatigue SHIRT

Probably a variation of the M-1947 Pattern - material is similar to #7870D Trousers


7850J - Shirt size Small, (neck label faded - bottom label removed), 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam made "25TH MED DISP VIET-NAM" Pocket patch, .Used....inuqire
- - - -
7850AA - Unevenly spaced 1st and 2nd Buttons

click on picture for details

1st Pattern per Stanton's Vietnam Book page 73, Similar to M-1947 but Lighter-Weight Cotton (8.5oz.),
OD Flat Plastic Buttons (Top and 2nd Buttons Unevenly Spaced)
2 White Printed Labels:
Hanging Neck Label - Size and Stock Number (No Sleeve Length) Sewn-in Bottom Label - Contract Number and etc.

Trousers 7874 -7882 are probably variations of the 1st Pattern
(which is a variation of the M-1947 Pattern)

                                                             7874A                                              7875D                                    7876A

7874A - Large (37 x 28), dated 1956, EC............40.00
(M-1955 OG-107 Cotton Fatigue TROUSERS Pattern Dated 1 December 1955, Spec # MIL-T-838C,
Label Stamped on the inside, No Tags, 4-Pockets with Small OD Plastic Buttons, Button Waist Adjusters)

7875D - Medium, dated 1958, New......150.00
(M-1957 OG-107 Cotton Fatigue TROUSERS Pattern Dated 11 March 1957, MIL-T-838C,
Small Brown Buttons, Button Waist Adjuster, No Tags...label stamped on the inside)

 7876A - Small, dated 1961, GC.......50.00
(OG-107 Cotton Fatigue TROUSERS (8.5 ounces) similar to Pattern M-1947 except for 2 x White Printed Labels,
Waist Hang Label has Size(No Length) and Sewn-in Label gives: Contract & Date)
                                                          7878Q                                       7880N                                            7882R

7878Q - Small, dated 1963, New...........150.00
(OG-107 Cotton Fatigue TROUSERS Similar Pattern to #7876 except both White Printed Labels(tags) Hang;
Waist Hanging Tag states the Size Only(No Length), small buttons)

7880N - N. 38 x 33, dated 1964, NWSM.........165.00
(Similar to Pattern of #7878 Except Waist Hanging Label gives Waist and Length, Adjustable Waist Tabs, small Buttons)

7882R - 38 x 33, dated 1965, New....165.00
(OG-107 Cotton Fatigue TROUSERS Similar to #7880 Except No Waist Adjuster(Tabs),
small buttons, Similar to #7884 Except the Buttons are Small)
7852 - 2nd Pattern OG-107 Fatigue SHIRTs

( Pattern date unknown - I have one contract Dated 1964 )

( some of these shirts have wrist-tab-adjusters )

7852M - 101st ABN DIV with 173rd ABN BDE Combat patch....(sold)

( see Catalog  for details )
- - - -
Overdyed Insignia  

7852T - size Small (Neck label missing), dated 1964, 1st Cavalry Division, see catalog  

( The Color Issue Insignia was removed, over-dyed, and then sewn back on the shirt. This was the first
Documented 0ccasion of a Major U. S. Army Unit doing Subdueing for the Vietnam War.
Action was documented in one of the 1st Cavalry Tour Books printed for the RVN Era )

7854 - OG-107 Cotton Fatigue SHIRT

No Pattern date - early to mid-1960s

( Flat OG Buttons, Vee-Cut Pocket Flaps with Button Sleeves, Neck Label gives the Exact measurements, i.e., 17 x 34 )

7854H - dated early-1965 (DSA-1-8349), New.........inquire                            
- - - -
Hand-Embroidered Stripes and TAPES

patches made in Vietnam

7854P - 13.5 x 30, dated 1965 (DSA 100-1350), subdued: Vietnamese made Hand-Embroidered: SP/4 Stripes, Name & Army Tapes, no other insignia was ever on it, Wash-mama-san marked it in the neck and some has bled-through, about 6 minors stains, Excellent Condition, Used.......inquire

 7860 - Last Pattern OG-107 Cotton SHIRT

Pattern date unknown - entered the inventory in the 1965-66 era
- - - -
CIB 2nd Award OG-107

7860DA - 14 ½ x 31, dated 1966, Color: 1ST Cavalry Division (older OD Border) on Left SSI, Blue-edge 24TH ID on Right (Combat) SSI, 1SG Stripes, Both Tapes, 2ND Award of the CIB (Korean & Vietnam Wars), Excellent Color and Condition, Used........(sold)

( also on the 1st Cavarly patch page )
- - - -

7860DJ - small, dated 1966, Cut-Edge: 101st Airborne Division on Left SSI, 1st Cavalry Division's 1st Brigade(Airborne) on Right SSI, "501 Apaches Geronimo" right breast patch, Buck Sergeant Stripes, CIB, Senior Airborne badge, & Army Tape, Subdued Name Tape, Used......(sold)
OG-107 Trousers without Waist Tabs
(Last Pattern/Style of Olive Green Cotton Fatigue Trousers - matches #7860 Shirt)

7884CC with Button Fly                                             7886AP with Zipper Fly

 ( 40 - 50 Trousers available; see  Catalog )
- - - -
 Rare Brown Dominant Camouflage


7885B - Label reads 32 x 31 (actual size is 30” x 31.5”), dated 1972, named inside, field repairs and 1-hole, left rear pocket has been removed (flap still present), excellent color, Used in Good Condition........inquire

(Styled like #7884 with 4-Pockets, Large Convex Buttons, Button Fly, No Waist Tabs, made by the DPSC)  

(2nd pair of Brown Dominant Camouflage trousers I have seen; both had the same contract number/date,
both pair came from the Dallas area so I assume they might have been tested at Fort Hood(?))

(also shown on Clothing page)
OG-507 Polyester/Cotton Fatigue (Utility) SHIRT
1970s Yellow Label "Durable Press"


7862O - dated 1979, Direct Embroidery: LTC Rank & Infantry Branch (Crossed Rifles) on Collar, CIB, Master Parachutist's Badge, Army & Name, with Vietnamese Jump Wings. Right SSI (SF Patch & Tab) removed, Left SSI (Ranger Arc & a round-patch) removed, Neck Label missing, Used...........inquire

(served as an Special Forces Captain in Vietnam, retired as a Full-Colonel)
(bad picture: Yellow on ARVN Jump Badge is Bright Yellow...not faded)
- - - -
OG-507 Polyester/Cotton Fatigue (Utility) TROUSERS

with Zipper Fly - matches #7862 shirts

7888A - 30 x 33, dated 1979, Yellow Label "durable press", New......inquire
Purchased in the: PX/BX, Locally made, or etc.

Catch-All Section for 1960s - 1970s OG Fatigue Shirts


7864M - Small, Flat OG Buttons, Subdued: Tapes, CIB, Basic Parachutist's Badge, Full-Colonel and Infantry Branch sewn-on Collar. Color merrowed-edge 15th Support Brigade on Left SSI, Used.......inquire
(Background on patch is "Gold" not the Yellow shown = bad picture)
Jungle Fatigues

over 200 pieces of Jungle Fatigues in stock - see  Catalog

7918 - LTWT PX Purchase Jungle Shirt

7918B - Army Senior Pilot, 32nd Infantry Regiment

see other Lightweight PX Jungle items on Clothing page
7930 - Badged 3rd Pattern Poplin Jungle Shirts
7930EL - 1st Cavalry Division and 25th Infantry Division........  see catalog for details and price
- - - -
                                                true color                                                                                    bad photo

7930EM - 1st Aviation Brigade and 82nd Airborne Division.....(sold)   

( see  catalog  for other Badged Shirts )

7936KT  168th Engineer Battalion/20th Engineer Brigade 1LT's Ripstop Jungle Shirt, both patches done in-country, Engineer Branch Insignia is a replacement all other patches sewn-on with same machine/thread, GC........inquire

( see catalog for more details )
USARV and 24th Corps Chaplain's Jungle Shirt and Trousers


7936KX - M/S, dated 1969, Colonel's Direct Embroidered Jungle Shirt...........(sold)
- - - -
3508W - Father Plocki's Party Suit

click on picture for details
9th Infantry Division "RECONDO" Shirt


7940KP - ......(sold)

Special Forces Brown Dominant Jungle Shirt

7950DD - size S/R, dated 1969,  Special Forces SSI with Airborne Arc (both ME), CIB, Senior Parachutist's Badge, Major's Rank and Infantry Branch, washed 2-3 times(?), Used.......inquire
7998C - Experimental BDU Set


click on left picture for details

WWII Khaki "Web" BELT with Buckle

8118G - size 35", no markings, Used......inquire

All Items Sold in the Catalog or this Web Site are
Sold as Collectible Items ONLY!

8812 - 3rd Army Tanker Jacket

click on pictiure for details

8944 - 8952, Army Aggressor Uniform items

click on picture for details

 9314D - D/364th/91st ID Veteran's Uniform

The "Wild West Division"  -  "Always Ready"


9314D - D Company, 364th Infantry Regiment, 91st Infantry Division Veteran's JACKET, BREECHES, and Web BELT with Brass BUCKLE. Green felt 91st ID “Christmas Tree” patch on left-SSI, Red Chevron below 91st patch depicting an Honorable Discharge, lower on the left sleeve is a Bullion Chevron denoting Overseas Service(France), Crossed-Rifles made of Brown Felt on light-brown wool sewn-on right sleeve depicts a Private of Infantry, bronze looking collar devices: crossed Rifles with “364” and “D” and “US”, Used.....(sold)
Jacket: Size 38 ( chest = 38”+  sleeve= 33”  back = 28” ), Veteran's name is neatly printed on lining: “L. O. DABRITZ”, Inside of Neck Label reads: “COAT Breast 38”, inside of tan lining Label reads: “No. 4914 FERDINAND KUNN & CO. Inc. NEW YORK CONTRACT APRIL 29, 1918 CONTRACT No. 2501-N  Spec. No. 1284 NEW YORK DEPOT Q. M. C.”, all buttons present, 2 x front button was smashed in the Press at the Rag-Mill (still functional), 20-30 moth holes, Used   

Breeches: size 34” x 29”, “Specification No. 1266”, “Contract March 25, 1918” “Philadelphia Depot Q. M. C.” “Woodbine Children's Clo. Co. Woodbine, N. J.”, outside waist label reads: “U. S. A. BREECHES Waist 34  Inseam 29”, laces still present, 3/8” moth hole above left rear pocket(see picture), 1.5” tear at bottom of left-leg (see picture), 1 x belt loop needs to be resewn, I don't think there is any mothing, worn a few times, inside of pockets and waistband soiled (I think it was packed away in 1918 and was never cleaned after the Veteran returned home after WWI), remarkable condition, Used

Belt: Brass Buckle by “Waterbury Company”, brass tip stamped “QUMSD”, Khaki webbing in excellent condition, Used

wool/felt Insignia and "U S Army" button and Web Belt Buckle

Coat and Breeches Labels

felt 91st ID insignia and Breeches outside (under the belt) label

lower-front moth holes under coat flap & tear at the leg cuff on the Breeches

3/8” moth hole above left rear pocket

( also on: htm and WWI patch page )
- - - -

364th IR partial History
Constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army as the 364th Infantry and assigned to the 91st Division
Organized in September 1917 at Camp Lewis, Washington
Demobilized in April 1919 at Camp Kearny, California
Reconstituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves as the 364th Infantry and assigned to the 91st Division
Organized in November 1921 with Headquarters at Los Angeles, California
Relieved 30 January 1942 from 91st Division; Converted and Redesignated 364th Coast Artillery
Disbanded 2 April 1943
Reconstituted 29 October 1998 in the Army Reserve as the 364th Infantry
Redesignated 17 October 1999 364th Regiment; Reorganized to consist of the 1st, 2d, and 3d Battalions, elements of the 91st Division (Training Support); 3d Battalion concurrently allotted to the Regular Army
Campaigns in WWI:  Ypres-Lys;  Meuse-Argonne;  Lorraine 1918

 9597 - Sky Divers Coveralls & miscellaneous items

Humphreys District Sport Parachute Club
( colors of the 8th Army patch(?) )


9597G - approximate size Medium, no labels, probably made in Korea, Color patches: “Humphreys District Sport Parachute Club” with Freefall emblem, “Mangil-san Marauders”, and “USPA Affiliated Club”,  subdued Name Tape, It is a heavy-duty gray suit with "GI issue" double front zippers, stirrups still have elasticity(rare), not sure what color this suit started as (probably blue), minor rust stains, less than average wear, Used.....inquire  
( also on SF patch page )

49012A Tapes & 49078AG MSG Rank

older Army Tapes and cut-edge Rank

mid-1950s to late-1960s


( see catalog for details and pricing )

Vietnam Era Issue Stripes

Olive Green, cut-edge, Border

Sample picfile of #49080x.....Cut-edge Olive Green Border Buck Sergeant (SGT) Stripes

( rarer than the Black Border "cut-edge" stripes )

OG and Black Border stripes (most Ranks to include some Specialist) available, see  Catalog  )

UnCataloged Army Items

older PX Purchase Soap Box

Best quality I have seen - OD crinkle finish paint - possible WWII era

had a label on the inset that left the impression: "UNITED STATES ARMY", excellent overall condition, Used.......22.00

( stored in site done box )

Officer's CIDG Grouping - inquire

 Beo-Gam (Leopard) SPOT Camo Set    -    3 x Tiger Stripe pieces

All items have sold

WWII Shooting Badge


Found with a Helmet full of NAZI medals/badges, GI Bringback from WWII, rough-casting with the older "J" pinback closure, Uszed.....46.00

Army Enlisted Collar Disc with photos inside

(made by Ira Green, "SIGNA-PHOTO")


I have never seen or heard of Brass made like this; one picture is Veronica Lake and I don't know the ID
on the other Movie Star, other Branches available: if you have questions, e-mail:   TheTinSoldier@Worldnet.ATT.Net


Nice Rigger made Belt pouch, cotton canvas material with OG Nylon thread, circa 1960s - 1970s(?), Used.....30.00

25th Infantry Division's
25th Infantry Platoon Scout Dog's Cape

( 27th IR "Wolfhounds" IPSD's cover )

 Scout Dog Naugahyde cover with a "Wolfhounds" (27th Infantry Regimental DI "NEC ASPERA TERRENT")
and ARVN Sergeant's Rank on the front, Unknown stamps on the inside (see lower-right picture)...(sold)


( I owned this cover about 10 years ago and recently re-acquired it....sold again! )

Vietnam Era, 3 x Sergeant First Class (SFC) or PSG metal pin-on Collar Rank, Marked ". G.I.", Used.......(set)...20.00

(his "Notched" Dog Tags also available, see on Dog Tag page )


Samplings of WWI - WWII era Army Stripes, Inquire for your needs


WWII - Korean War Era: Stripes, Overseas Bars, Discharge Badges (Ruptured Ducks),
Bullion Bars, etc., Inquire for Stock and pricing


Subdued & Color U. S Army Badges & Rank, Issue and Asian Made   

( Inquire for Availability and Prices)

(see  USAF  and  Flight Gear  pages for more Rank and Badges)

a few 1990s Desert badges in stock

U. S. Army Embroidered Desert Subdued Badges, Inquire for Availability and Prices

Large Officer's Cap (approximate size is 7 1/2), named to a Lieutenant in the 149th Tank Battalion, newspaper article states they are standing in front of a M-26 General Pershing Tank. Other articles explain the "Army Day" that will be held at Fort Ord. Salinas Californian dated April 8, 1949.  Cap has 2 rust stains and is in GC...all for....45.00

( see Pictures page for some of his Photos )


Samples of WWII - Korean War Era U. S. Army Stripes and Patches in stock


4 x items from the same collection, I do not know the use of the 2 x Blue items (Military Intellegence and U. S.) or the round 1LT Rank, same items listed on the Army WWI - WWII Patch Page - Inquire for pricing

 ( See Souvenirs  page for Army Dog Tags and etc. )

see   Catalog   for complete listings and prices

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Modern Army Aviation patches

click on picture for details


Flyer's Jackets and Caps (with/without Insignia), Helmets, Caps, Survival Maps/Kits, & etc.

1900 - 1949 era: Sweatshirts, Undershirts, Patches, Boots, Mountain Jackets, Knives, & etc.

1950 - 1975 era: Patches, Uniforms, Jackets, Knives, Boots, & etc.

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Wanted - Fatigues similar to these


If you have: 2-pocket shirts, 4-pocket Jungle Jackets, trousers, caps, and etc. with a similar camouflage pattern,  contact: Jack@LJMilitaria.com

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If you have extra, or unwanted, items contact:   Jack@LJMilitaria.com

Items with Wool parts are stored in “moth balls” to protect against Moths!
I try to “air-out” the Item before I ship but some “moth-ball” odor may remain.
Be prepared to hang the Item someplace where you don't get “bitched-at” for 4-5 days!



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CIDG "Striker" Caps
CIDG = Civilian Irregular Defense Group
Striker = Rifleman from a Vietnam Ethnic Minority
CIDG Companies = Commanded by Special Forces NCOs and Officiers         
Asian Made Military Policeman's (MP) Rig, some of the parts have "Phuoc-Hung" stamped on them, looks Vietnamese(?). Baton has a chunk out of the handle (see picture), some of the plastic (on some of the pouches) has started to tear, some of the stitching has come loose, small piece of plastic missing from holster near the hammer area, etc. This rig has been used a lot but is still good for Static Displays or light-reenactment use, GC........(sold)
(Will fit up to a 37+" waist, parts are: swivel .45 holster, belt with shoulder strap, swivel baton holder,
.45 magazine pouch, 2 x pouches that could carry bandages or etc.......found with 18th MP BDE Jungle Fatigues)  
Korean War era Ranger Grouping
click on picture for details
Samples of Items Available
Most items are "one-of-a-kind"
Color and Sudued U. S Army & Name Tapes, Issue and Asian Made, Inquire for availability and Prices
45th Infantry Division Veteran's Grouping
1945 Duffle Bag with movement tag to the 45th Repl Co. (Pipeline), 2 x HBT Shirts with the Name Tape on the Left, M-1951 style Field Jacket with SFC Stripes, all items are in Good Condition..........(sold)
( I think he must have been "RIF'd" back to SFC(?) )
WWII Combat Medic's Badge
WWII Combat Medic's Sterling Badge
9330C - WWI 3-Button Shirt
             "Jeffersonville Depot Q. M. C.  4"                                              "Jeffersonville Depot, Q. M. C.  Corps  B. C. Roberts, Inspector"
9330C - Medium-Large (chest = 48”, neck = 15”, sleeves =  33.5”), no Date,
Extremely Rare Condition & Size,  UnUsed......(sold)
AG-44 and AG-344 Dress Uniforms
37xx – 39R, dated 1961, Velvet panel 101st Airborne Division left SSI (referred to as a “Fort Campbell patch”), wide SP4 Stripes, Infantry Travel Braid, PUC with Oak Leaf, Expert Qualification Badge with “MORTAR” & RECOILESS RIFLE” bars, 187th PIR DIs on epaulets, (NO collar brass), 1 hole on the right shoulder(probably hidden by the travel braid), minor wear, Used....inquire
37xx - 11th Airborne Division Veteran's AG-344 Coat and Trousers, Glider Badge looks old, GC+.......(sold)
37xx - 46 Long, dated 1972, ME Patches: “Special Forces” Arc, “Airborne” Arc, & Special Forces SSI on Left Sleeve; “Airborne” Tab and Special Forces SSI on Right Sleeve. 9 x Combat Bars (4 ½ years of Combat Zone Duty) on lower right, (Had 4-5 rows of Ribbons and some Badges on left Breast & a few awards and Jump Wings on right breast)sleeve, inside label needs re-sewn, no markings except for laundry tag, Used.........(sold)
11th Airborne Division Ike Jacket
(Last-4 of serial number in neck area on liner)
3738M - pattern dated 5/10/44, 3 small moth holes on back, 1 button per sleeve, Used.......(sold)
(previously had 2 x U. S. and 2 x Infantry Discs - you can see the impressions on the lapels)      
PUC and Philippine PUC with Star                        Last-4                                 Jump Oval - pinback Parachutist's Badge  
( for 11th Airborne Divisional patches )  
SSI stitching done in Japan
( shown on WWI to WWII Army patch page )
8th Army Security Agency Field Station
Phu Bai, Vietnam
7936DE -  S/S, dated 1969, "8TH RRFS NORTHERN MOST" (Security Agency Station established near the Vietnamese DMZ in 1962-63 Era) on left Breast Pocket with JGS (Vietnamese Joint General Staff) on the right, Issue Twill MACV on right SSI, 2 previous Unit patches neatly removed from Left SSI (very common among ASA men in Vietnam as they were frequently moved to Units that needed them), small snags and stains, overall in GC+..........(sold)    
      (the 8th Radio Research Field Station was closed o/a April of 1972)
( see other ASA (RR) patches on this page )
5938T - Rare Army Flyer's Jacket
dated 1969, Earliest Date I have seen!
Aero Weapons Platoon, B/7/1st AIR CAV
"Dutchmaster Guns"
5938T - XS/R, dated 1969,  Vietnam made: 1st Aviation Brigade & "FROM THE DELTA TO THE DMZ  DUTCHMASTER GUNS",  CE 1st Cavalry Division, CIB, & Pilot's Wing, field-repair on inside of pocket, Minor Wear, Used.....(sold)
JACKET has 4 Major Differences from the Regular Lightweight Army Pilot's Jacket:  
Knits are OG (Not Olive Drab), Lining is Very Shiny, NO Pocket Flaps and it has a Bi-Swing Back
Made by the Defense Personnel Supply Center, contract number 7915-69
6528AA -  Large size 16 x 32 (chest = 48", shoulders = 18", and sleeve = 22.5"),  still has the Gas-Flap, 29th Infantry Division left SSI, T-5 embroidered OG-on-Black wool stripes, data label has faded, EC+.......(sold)
8470 - U. S. Army Wool SWEATER, with Epaulets
late-1980s to Desert Storm era
Never an Issue item; but were Authorized for wear while on duty
High-Quality UK made Sweaters;
before everybody and his brother jumped into the market
8470 - sample of British Commando style with re-inforced: Shoulders, Elbows, & Name Plate, all were made in “England” or “Great Britain”,  UnUsed....inquire
( sample labels from the "good-old-days" )
( “New-Old-Stock” (NOS) from the late-1980s to Desert Storm era )
5109B and 5110C - early WWII Parka style Overcoats1st & 2nd Patterns
3710AC - Officer's Shade-51 Elastique Jacket(Blouse), Army Ground Forces Replacement Depots on left SSi, size Small (chest = 40”), “US” Lapel Insignias, no belt, Used......(sold)